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One of the best kept secrets (hopefully not for much longer!) about Rich has been the quality of his written expressions of his faith. For a number of years, Rich contributed an article to Release Magazine. The inside back cover of every issue featured Rich struggling with another facet of life. Whether struggling with a fear of the dark, with the "Enlightened Age" we live in, or with turning forty, Rich met every challenge head on. His pen tackled each of them armed with his faith, his mind, his heart, and his books (C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton are often drawn from). They express the same honesty and sincerity that is evident in his lyrics, and the profound truths revealed in them equal the insights in the best of his songs.

Considering the Lilies - Summer 1991

23rd at 32 - Fall 1991

The Pursuit of Happiness - Spring 1992

Reunion Turns Ten - Article by Robyn Kindlund - Spring 1992

Washing at Dusk - Summer 1992

The World According to Rich - Article by Roberta Croteau - Summer 1992

Making/Being Made - Fall 1992

Boats and Burning Bushes - Winter 1993

The Way We Were - Spring 1993

The Flight of the Philistine - Summer 1993

Attics & Temples - Fall 1993

Rags to Riches - Article by Beaker - Fall 1993

Three Things, Four - Winter 1994

Playing Second Fiddle - May/June 1994

Virtue Reality - July/August 1994

His Master's Voice - September/October 1994

Invisible Things - November/December 1994

For Children Only - January/February 1995

Play It Again - March/April 1995

Pictures In the Sky - May/June 1995

The Sound and the Worry - July/August 1995

The Divine Obsession - September/October 1995

Where Mercy Leads - Article by Phil Newman - September/October 1995

The Big 4-Oh - November/December 1995

Joking Matters - January/February 1996

Never Alone - March/April 1996

Momentary Pleasures - May/June 1996

Growing Still - July/August 1996

The Communion of Saints - September/October 1996

Poet Cornered - Article by Reed Arvin - September/October 1996

Pretty Good Genes - November/December 1996

Rich Mullins - A Poet Goes Home - Article by Kim Hurley Benson - December 1997/January 1998

Gone, but Not Forgotten - Article by Chris Well - June/July 1998

The Last Words of a Ragamuffin - Article by Tony Cummings - August/September 1998

A Man of No Reputation - Article by Brian Newcomb - August/September 1998

Still Changing Lives - Homeless Man Review by Tony Cummings - August/September 1998

More Than Music - Home Review by Serena Haneline - August/September 1998

And the articles from the special ReleasExtra issue that featured Rich:

ReleasExtra - Article by Roberta Croteau

ReleasExtra - Another Mile Farther Down the Road

ReleasExtra - In & Out of a Ragamuffin's Diary

ReleasExtra - The Other Side of the World

ReleasExtra - Rich Music, Rich Memories by Reed Arvin

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