Date: 04 July 1999
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 240]: Richland, WA 05/27 review

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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 13:52:20
From: Keith
Subject: Ragamuffins

Richland, Washington May 27th, 1999

I have no idea where to begin and exactly how to put into words the
blessing and blast we had at the Ragamuffin's concert. One thing needs to
set straight though, it wasn't really a "concert", it was more of a worship
service led by the Ragamuffins. Rick shared that yes, the tour, Homeless
Man tour, was in honor of Rich Mullins but was more then that. He went on
to explain it was about praise, honor and glory to God, the God that Rich
served and loved. The concert was in a local church, I guess about 250-300
folks were there.

       Started out trying to take some notes but that was pretty much gone
by the third or fourth song as we got into the worship. At times the
Ragamuffins would stop playing and listen (and let us hear) to the crowd
singing whatever they were singing. All during the concert (service) the
Ragamuffins encouraged us to sing and worship with them.

       Rick, Jimmy A., Aaron, and Mark did such a great job! They also did
a "drill routine" with plastic water glasses, sort of a Mr. Pringles cans
thing, you know, popping, slapping, and slamming them, as they sang "Screen
Door", passing the glasses back and forth as they sang. They did great!

       We posted a few pictures from the concert at the station's web site
( and click on the concert link. And
there's more on the way as soon as I get them developed. I had asked to
take pictures for the web page and all, their response was "sure, all you
want". The reason I mention that was as an example of their
"personableness". Some artists have said, "you can only take two or three"
or have said "no pics!" but these guys were so approachable. All of them
have been around a long time and could easily tire of all the attention but
they hung out even before the concert as well as after. And speaking of
"attention", Rick went on and on about encores , he said bands that do
encores should be arrested and put in prison for a long time. We'll jump to
the end, when he said, "this was the last was". But they ended it
in the usual Rich fashion (so I hear since I never got to see him in
concert), as we sang and worshiped, they stopped playing and walked off the
stage. It was dramatic for me as I had my eyes closed and when I opened
them, they were gone.

       I like concerts with all the glitter, smoke and lights, the rotating
drum sets and all but you know; sometimes we can be blown out of the water
by the simple set. And this one does just that. 

      So, if you get the shot to see them, don't miss it! And call those
radio stations! I had a chance to chat with Rick E. a little and he was
saying that some of the Nashville stations said they were not going to play
Ragamuffins as they didn't have a listening base but as Rick said, "Rich
and his music was and is pretty much "industry proof" and they didn't
really care but would continue to do what they were doing".

Lord Bless & Abide (He promised)

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