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Rich Mullins

October 21, 1955 - September 19, 1997

Updated May 3, 2018

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The Rich Mullins Mailing List Archive Page is an online version of the Rich Mullins Mailing List, so that subscribers may view past messages and posts. Since Rich's passing in September 1997 it has undergone many changes, and continues to do so. It is now also a subset of Brian William's offering to Rich's memory - Calling Out Your Name - which contains pertinent information and archives on Rich's music and ministry. While for years the two pages were physically separate, Brian and I worked together from the beginning to integrate them virtually. Now by the gracious permission of Kid Brothers, we are together at

In 1998, the Mitch McVicker Web Page was spun off this page, and in 2008 experienced another major upgrade.

In December 1999, A Ragamuffin Band Web Page was spun off this page as well. However the group disbanded in July 2001. In 2010, much to our excitement, A Raggamuffin Band experienced a revival. Go to the A Ragamuffin Band Appreciation Society Facebook Page for the latest...

--Danl Blackwood, List Moderator and Webmaster.

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The Jordan is no longer waiting for Rich to cross thru ...
Our God is still an Awesome God!

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