Date: 04 May 1999
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Subject: [RichMailList 236]: Upland, IN 04/17 review

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Subject: Upland Review
From: Tim M Francis
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 06:59:35 EDT


The Ragamuffin band played Rediger Chapel at Taylor University April
17th, 1999.  It was a cold and rainy Saturday night, but things got hot
inside real quick.  They opened with the song of the year My Deliverer
and moved quickly to Surely God is With Us.  Mark Robertson then shared
they had gone high tech and all had these little personal monitoring
devices in their ears.  The only problem he said was they couldn't hear
the crowd very well.  So he asked us to be twice as loud when we were
heckling or cheering.  They introduced the next song as a hillbilly song
"not that there are any hills around here" and played an incredible
version of You Did Not Have a Home switching vocal parts back and forth
quickly and flawlessly.  Rick then shared about the week before Rich
died.  They spent some time together in the hogon that Rich built with
his own two hands and listened to Rich's demos for the new album.  The
first song Rich played him was Hard to Get.  They played it beautifully. 
It was very moving.  Next a woman from the audience (Angie) joined them
on stage as they played Boy Like Me / Man Like You.  Angie played the
penny whistle part.  It was great.  Rick made a joke about her being a
trio as she is pregnant with twins!  She did a great job.  It really
added to the night.  Next up was The Color Green.  Rich's intro was
played on a recording and then cut out as the song began with Rick's 12
string filling in nicely.  Next they shared some disturbing news about
Reed Arvin.  Doctors just removed a cantaloupe sized tumor from his body.
 The news was not as bad as it could be, but not as well as they hoped. 
They asked us to pray for Reed and then dedicated Nothing is Beyond you
to him, saying nothing was beyond God including physical healing.  Rick
also said that the Ragamuffins did not sing this as pretty as Amy and
were not as easy to look at either.  Still it was a fine rendition of a
great song.  Mark then introduced Man of No Reputation as a song Rich
refused to sing.  Rich felt it was a song that could be sung only by its
writer.  Mark said we were in luck because its writer was here and Rick
began the song solo, but by the end everyone was playing along.  Aaron
then came out from behind the drums and quoted from Ephesians Chapter 6
about the armor of God.  He led the crowd in a powerful version of If I
Stand.  Kathy Sprinkle then came out and talked about Rich's continuing
work through the Legacy and the Kid Brother's of St. Frank.  There was a
short intermission and then the band came back with Screen door.  Aaron,
Jimmy, Carl, and Mark stood at the table with the cups.  It wasn't quite
flawless.  Let's just say before the end of the song Jimmy had his face
down on the table pounding it with his fists.  And I think you'll
understand who had a little problem.  It was hilarious.  When they
completed the song the crowd roared and Rick said "Don't do that.  It'll
only encourage them."  they then shared how Rich had a fear of rehearsal.
 2 days before a major tour Rich would give them a list of 60 songs to
learn and then after they learned them change 58 of them.  Next the band
played Here in America.  I think Rick might have had his capo on the
wrong fret and there could have been some other problems as well.  Jimmy
jumped to the mic claiming he had one other thing to share. (laughing) 
And the band stops and Rick looks at him and says "Nice save!"  It was
funny.  they did play it beautifully though and followed it with Sing
Your Praise to the Lord.  carl then did a solo version of Elijah.  It was
great!  I think he might have the best voice of the bunch.  Jimmy then
led us in singing Hold Me Jesus.  Next was one of my very favorites:
Peace from the Liturgy/Legacy album.  Then another intro recorded for
Calling Out Your Name.  I missed Mitch and Michael on that one, but I got
to see them the next night!  But that's another review.  I See You was
next with Aaron's drums beating right through you.  Then Mark sang
Awesome God and Rick sang Creed.  Then as Mark was talking someone yelled
a request for Monster Truck.  There was some joking and Rick said wait
till you hear their next album.........then you'll be sorry.  Kidding of
course.  Then they taught the guys and girls parts for That Where I Am. 
It was good to sing along with that one.  They closed with Sometimes by
Step and the Doxology.  It was a great night.  A great show.  The sound
was near perfect.   A night to remember.  Thanks guys!

Tim Francis

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