Date: 24 Mar 1999
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Subject: [RichMailList 233]: Rich and Mitch win Dove!

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They won!

I'm not really sure why I'm so surprised, but they actually won! Rich and Mitch both won Song Of The Year for "My Deliverer." David Mullins and Mitch both thanked everyone - Myrrh, Jim Dunning, The Ragamuffins, and all for making it happen. Mitch struggled just a bit to fight back the emotions, but did well. In his usual modesty Mitch thanked Rich, "cause he deserved it, and I don't." I don't know about that, Mitch, you are rapidly becoming one of my top favorite songwriters. Congratulations to all! Jim Dunning also made the trip, but did not speak. I spoke to Alyssa Loukota earlier today, and she said that the other family members were trying to figure out how to watch or listen online. However when I called Doug & Wendee McVicker, Mitch's mom and dad in Ohio (visiting their daughter Andrea - Mitch's sister - and family for spring break) they had just returned from dinner, having not jumped through the hoops required this year to get the Doves live. Anyway, they hadn't heard - of course it was just minutes after the announcement. I had the opportunity to hang out in a local TV control room at KCTU TV-55 and watch the live feed being recorded for later broadcast (even got to listen to the Dove's show director chatter the whole time in the background - VERY intersting).

So enough chatter on my part - here's the results that matter and a few others.


Song of the Year
"My Deliverer"; Rich Mullins, Mitch McVicker; Liturgy Legacy Music, Word Music(ASCAP), White Plastic Bag Music (SESAC)

Songwriter of the Year
Rich Mullins

Hard Music Recorded Song of the Year
"Awesome God"; Skalleluia; The Insyderz; Rich Mullins with additional lyrics by Joe Yerke; Squint Entertainment

Recorded Music Packaging of the Year
The Jesus Record; Rich Mullins and A Raggamuffin Band; Beth Lee, Jimmy Abegg, Ben Pearson; Beth Lee, Ben Pearson; Myrrh Records


The only nomination Rich received and didn't win was Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year, which went instead to "Live The Life," Michael W. Smith (Which interestingly enough includes "Song For Rich").

Steven Curtis Chapman barely squeaked by with an award this year (he shared the "Long Form Music Video of the Year" award for "My Utmost For His Highest" with several other artists). Almost an upset for the man known as Mr Dove (he's won 37 over the past few years). Steven won Songwriter of the Year every year since 1989 except for 1996 (Smitty won) and, of course, this year (finally Rich's). I really like Steven's songs, but I am one person who is totally amazed that Rich was nominated many times but never been recognized til now (not even nominated last year!) Though I must say I'm not surprised Rich won this year, for one of the finest, most inspired examples of songwriting ever. Do I sound biased at all? :-)

Chris Rice won Best Male Vocalist - his first Dove Award. That one completely surprised me, considering the competition, and even he was astounded. However, definitely one of my favorite new artists.

Beth Lee, co-winner of The Music Packaging Dove for The Jesus Record also won last year for her work on the Sixpence None The Richer self-titled package.

Michael W Smith won Artist Of The Year (Rich won last year - his first Dove ever), and even though this was Michael's 18th Dove Award, it was his first Artist Of The Year award. Michael shared his heart in his acceptance and prayed that these awards and the whole Dove Award program would do nothing but glorify God and unify the body of Christ.

Jennifer Knapp, a former Chanute Kansas girl, won Best New Artist. Quite frankly I thought Burlap To Cashmere would win, but after seeing Jennifer live last week, it was much less surprising. Burlap (who will be here in one week - watch for pics on did win Rock Album. And Jennifer also won Rock Recorded Song for "Undo Me."

One last Rich related item was the Dove Award for Special Event Album Of The Year, which was awarded to Smitty's Exodus project. It, as you all know, included Smitty's arrangement of "I See You."

Well that's all for now. I'll post again when I get the scoop on the after-parties from Rhonda Miskowski. She called from the Word party at the Wild Saloon in downtown Nashville a little while ago, and everyone was pretty excited. David & Robin Mullins were there, as were Mark Robertson and Rick & Linda Elias. The Ragamuffins chose to follow their normal routine of not attending the award show live (but watching on TV) and just going to the after parties. So she'll get some pictures and report back to us. One interesting tidbit she did share was Mitch and David, after accepting the Dove Award, got stuck backstage because they didn't have their passes, and the guards wouldn't let them back into the crowd. I guess it took quite a while for them to convince them that they were who they said they were. Ha!

A complete list of Dove Award winners can be found on the Dove Awards Page at
Also on that page you are able (for the first time ever) to purchase a video of the broadcast.

The complete Dove Awards television re-broadcast schedule can be found at

Check out the page. Their webcast of the entire broadcast is currently available on-demand at, as are exclusive backstage photos and complete award results.

Rhonda's pictures from Word Records Party after the Doves are at

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