Date: 26 Sep 1998
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 222]: Cleveland, OH 09/18 review

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From: Louann Terry
Subject: [ragamuffin] Cleveland concert
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 22:02:11

  Last night I attended the Homeless Man Tour concert.  It was really an
awesome experience.  The concert was sponsored by TeenLife which is a youth
ministry for Catholic teens.  It was moving to see teens unashamedly
worshiping God.  They even had hand motions for "Awesome God".

The format for the concert was similar to what others have posted, but the
location was changed three times...the last change was so sudden that even
though I had tickets I would have missed the concert if I hadn't noticed an
orange sign pointing me to the new location.  Because of that the concert
was about an hour late starting.  They had some trouble with the sound
system which I am sure bothered them much more than us.

This Train did the opening set.  It was the first time I had ever heard
their music.  I enjoyed it...they are great musicians and very funny.

Next was Mitch McVicker,Michael Aukofer (WOW), and Eric Hauck.  I really
enjoyed their music.  The Lemonade Song made me laugh and Only Love Will
made me cry.  I bought the CD and am in the process of wearing it out.
Mitch's voice was great, I am certainly not an expert, but he seemed to have
great range and was under control.  He sounded like he does on the CD and
didn't he record that before the accident?  Michael is obviously not only
beautifull to watch, but also extremely talented...what a smile!!!  Eric
looks like a homeless person, but plays like he could be in any great
symphony.  I saw him ministering to a man in the lobby and he oozed love and
compassion...a glimpse of Jesus.  They had fun and were joking about the
sound system.  Every time Eric would move his cello would hit the mic and
after a couple times he looked like a puppy and said he was going to get
kicked which Mitch replyed that it would be his foot print on his
behind.  They had fun together, it's as if they let Mitch pretend to be the
boss.  I wish they would have played longer.

Next was The Ragamuffins:  Jimmy Abegg, Rick Elias, Mark Robertson & Aaron
Smith.....who was that on the keyboards?(a fifth member of the band).  They
opened with My Deliverer, then they did Hard To Get,Heaven In His Eyes,Man
of No Reputation,Surely God is with Us,and You Did Not Have a Home....not
necessarily in that order.  I wish they had done All the Way to Kingdom
Come, because it rocks and would have been fun.  They mentioned about today
being the aniversary of Rich's death but did not dwell on it.  A black man
(maybe it was Aaron Smith, but then, who was on drums?) came up and read
Eph. 6:12-18 and then they went right into If I Stand.   They did the Screen
Door song with the cups on a table....(I would love to learn was a
riot).  Lots of Rich's songs...all the really popular ones....the crowd
finally got into it and sang along.  They ended with the Doxology....very
Rich like.

If you can make it to a concert you will enjoy it if you liked Rich in
concert. I was moved and had a great time :-).

Be God's,


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