Date: 29 September 1997
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 171]: Memorial - Peoria, IL

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Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 12:59:18
From: Jennifer Hall
Subject: Peoria, IL Memorial service --review

September 27, 1997, The First Assembly of God Church in Peoria, IL held
a memorial service for Rich Mullins. It was held with the hope of being
able to minister to the McVicker Family who remains in Peoria, as well
the many others in the area who had been affected by Rich's life and

Doors opened at 5:30, giving people a chance to come early and write in
a memorial book that will be sent to Rich's family, as well as a book of
encouragement for Mitch and his family. There was also opportunity to
donate money to the McVicker family to be of help during their stay in
Peoria for expenses such as gas, food, etc. (Their housing and hospital
expenses have already been addressed). The lobby was filled with
articles and pictures--including some recent photos of Mitch and Rich
and some friends from the band during Mitch's recording in Chicago.
Rich's video "Pursuit of a Legacy" was playing as well as many of his
other songs in the background.

The service opened with an invocation by Pastor Stewart, and we were led
into "Awesome God" by musician Chris Summer.  Then Jeff Mayfield from
Lincoln Christian College came to give a short tribute to Rich, "The man
God used for His glory".  He had several opportunities to work with Rich
at the college, telling how this man that he had grown to love also
could frustrate him like no other.  He told how on one occasion, when
Rich was playing for them during a college recruiting week, that he and
Rich had just spoken back stage about how the main goal was to get kids
to attend a Christian college.  Rich went out on stage, and during the
concert he stopped and said, "You know, you don't have to go to a Bible
college to please God." Jeff said he wanted to strangle him.  He also
talked about how when the concerts were over, all Rich and Beaker wanted
to do was to hang out and eat junk food and play basketball all night. 

Next they played Rich's song "One Thing", followed by a message by youth
minister Eli Beltram, who asked us the question, "Is God Your One
Thing?"  We then heard "Home" by Rich, followed by a prayer for Mitch
and family.  They shared that Mitch had been taken off the respirator
that day, and his condition was steadily improving.  Tracey Moushon
shared about her experience in meeting Rich and Mitch this past May
during a concert here in Peoria.  She said that during the intermission,
while she was working at their sales table, dozens of people were asking
who Mitch was, so after the intermission she caught Mitch backstage to
find out.  She said, "Mitch, we have a problem.  there are all these
people asking who you are and how to find out more about you and I don't
know what to tell them."  He thought for a minute, then said. "I know,
as of right now, we'll start a mailing list."  He then took the legal
pad that Tracy was holding, and numbered it from 1 to 10 and handed it
back to her. "There we go."  She just laughed and handed it back to him.
"Mitch -- there are MORE than ten!!!"  It appears that our brother Mitch
shares some of Rich's humility.

Then Jill Fisher from the local radio station spoke about God's perfect
timing, and how God had used Rich to minister to her during her college
days through one of his concerts. We then heard some clips from the
local tribute which aired on WCIC, which included recordings phoned in
from fans who spoke of the impact Rich had left on their lives, or
perhaps a favorite Rich memory. the service then concluded with
congregational singing -- "Sing Your Praise to the Lord", "Step by
Step", "If I Stand", "Hold Me Jesus", and, following in the tradition of
Rich's concerts, closed with "I See You".

I was surprised to see only about 200 in attendance, but then again,
you're talking to the fan who camped out over night once for his concert
tickets because I was sure that it would sell out in hours. I never
could figure it out.  I always have said to my friends who laughed at my
obsession with Rich's music, "If you can't comprehend the depth of his
artistry, you shouldn't even be allowed to listen to him."  It's like
some people just never "got" it.  I am just thankful that I was one of
many whose lived were made Richer...

I sure do miss him...

Jennifer Hall

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