Date: 07 April 1997
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 126]: More reviews - Langhorne/Denton

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*** Yet another Langhorne, PA 03/21 review ***

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 11:06:58
Subject: Rich in Philly

Hi Danl,
  Just thought I'd give you my take on Rich at the Phil. College of 
the Bible. I went with two friends, both of who are new to Rich. We 
drove up from north of Baltimore and made it in record time ("Just 
how fast does this car go, Lowell?") We got there at 5:30 and had not 
eaten. I had to pick up my tickets which were being held at the 
bookstore and passed a cafeteria on the way in. So rather than fight 
the traffic that was pouring out, we had dinner in the cafeteria. 
Very nice! The food was very good and cheap! Rich was making his way 
in as I left the bookstore. He had a small gathering behind him, so I 
didn't stop. 
  Before the concert it was announced that you could take pictures, 
but use no flash. Right near the beginning someone did and it looked 
like some type of security guy walked a woman out with her camera in 
his hand. I guess they weren't kidding! They started off with Hallelu-
hallelu...which he required audience participation, then onto "I'm 
gonna sing, sing, sing." The song list was: 
I Will Sing     Where You Are     Last Time I Saw Charlie (which he 
said his record company wouldn't accept)     
I think it was then that Mitch's guitar string broke and had to go in 
the hall to get a new one, so Rich did a kind of "request time." He 
said that they were reading Lamentations because it's Lent and you're 
supposed to be sad. He went on to do:  Screen Door     Hold Me Jesus  
   If I Stand     Other Side of the World.  Next was Let Mercy Lead, 
explaining that Beaker wanted a song for his son, but out the the 
bunch they did, none were good enough. He then did the story of the 
Irish sweaters (but saved the best for later.) They did:  Ready for 
the Storm     Brother's Keeper. Rich then hammered out Sing Your 
Praise to the Lord - which just had me mesmerized watching him play 
the piano. Then there was a song something about "If You're Ever in 
New Mexico."  The two of them played a Bach and Schaumann piece on 
the mandolins as a duet. Rich mentioned that they weren't really in 
tune, but why spoil a perfect record. Rich left and Mitch did a few 
pieces, the first which he had the wrong keyed harmonica, but did his 
best to fake it. The names are my guesses: I Don't Know Much     Hope 
to Hang My Hat On (which was new and never before done) and   I Can't 
Get My Broken Heart to Mend.
   Rich came back and they did:   Calling Out Your Name     Creed     
Growing Young     John's Song (which he wrote for his father)     78 
Eatonwood Green     First Family (or Never Picture Perfect)     
Elijah     Awesome God.   At this point he started talking about the 
love and grace of God,  and brought up the Irish sweater again...just 
when he said (and this is severely paraphrased) that when we've done 
all we can here and our bodies wash up on the shore of heaven, Christ 
will see our sweaters and know by the love stitched in them that He 
knit those sweaters and we are His and takes us home. By this  point 
the tears were streaming out of my eyes. It didn't help when he 
started into "Sometimes By Step." He walked off and after some 
calling, he came back on. He sat at the piano and did my two very 
favorite hymns,  My Jesus I Love Thee and When Peace Like a River. He 
told the people to start singing a hymn and he would join in. We did  
All the Way My Savior Leads Me   Old Rugged Cross     How Great Thou 
Art     Great is Thy Faithfulness. He left on the Doxology. What a 
high! To hear all of those voices singing these beautiful hymns. I 
think it must have touched him as well, because he would lean away 
from the mic and just listen.  
   A couple of quips: I know the Bible has to be inspired because no 
man could have written a book that crazy.  And: Talking about how he 
and his great-grandmother loved the story of David when he cut 
Goliath's head off, he said: David didn't mean to cut Goliath's head 
off  (long pause) What he meant to do was take sandwiches to his 
brothers. (Well, I thought it was cute.) The whole evening Rich was 
in a very up mood. He did make a couple of cracks about charismatics. 
He talked of his family a lot. If folks came away with anything it 
should have been "Read Your Bible!" He really emphasized that several 
times. He said about being single that people always ask him isn't it 
lonely. He says he knows married people who are lonely and he 
couldn't imagine being lonely in a marriage and having a lonely wife 
to worry about as well! 
  We couldn't stay since we had a 1 1/2 hour trip home and it didn't 
end until around 11pm. I would do it all over again. I was not able 
to get reserved tickets (or three in one place) but we were 2 rows 
behind the reserved and just left of center (and that was so I could 
watch him play the piano) - so we saved $5 a seat and had the perfect 
view.  I believe I heard him comment to Mitch about a guitar and when 
he gets a real job, he's gonna get one. Well, that's it...if not too 
much. I jotted most stuff down, but I don't think I will soon forget. 

In Him,
Ephesians 1:2-6

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*** Another Denton, TX 03/23 review ***

Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 14:19:10
From: Pam Luster
Subject: Rich's inspiring appearance in Denton, Texas


I've been to several RM concerts, but none has been quite this
enjoyable.  My reluctant brother accompanied me to the show, and came
away a fan.  I explained to him that I'd attended some of his "strange"
concerts in the past, and he should reciprocate and see this "strange
man" with me.  As I said, he was pleasantly surprised, and I think I'll
have a "date" for the next "Rich Mullins Farewell Tour".

The concert's setting was perfect, and I loved the intimate feel of Rich
and Mitch going it alone.  I'd pick this acoustic version over a
full-band any day!  Do you know if Mitch has anything recorded? His
songs were great, and I'd like to hear more from him.

The one thing that surprised me was Rich's attire.  Very, very spiffy! 
I don't think I've ever seen him fully-clothed, and have always been
able to get a peek at his knees during earlier appearances.  Again, the
concert was wonderful, and I know God blessed us all that night.

Thanks for the ear!

Pam Luster
Fort Worth, Texas

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