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This webpage has been an ongoing project for the past two years, and in addition to presenting Rich's music and message, interactive aspects have been created as well. This portion of "Calling Out Your Name" presents the aspects of the webpage that are unique to the internet. Through close collaboration with Danl Blackwood's "Rich Mullins Mailing List," an informational network has been developed and a community of more than 1,500 persons has resulted. In addition to the archived messages of the mailing list, the survey allows webpage visitors to voice their opinions by answering questions about Rich's music and about COYN. The Frequently Asked Questions provide responses to the common questions received concerning both Rich and the webpage itself. To express appreciation for the more than 150 webpages linking to COYN, the reciprocal links provide pathways back to each one.

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In addition to the copyrights on the material presented here, the html code is copyrighted by Brian William, 1997. Please ask permission before electronically reproducing it.