Concert Transcripts

Rich's concerts were always special occasions. As much worship as they were performance, the audience was always a part of the music and a part of the celebration. Two things were always certain at his concerts - you were going to hear some great music and the focus at the end of the night would be on God and never on Rich. And some of the best parts came between the songs, when Rich would share little nuggets of "Rich-isms" with us. It was a great experience, and one that can't be found in many places. These transcripts attempt to give some idea of what attending a concert of Rich's was like. I attempt to keep this list as complete as possible (while being somewhat discriminating!) by doing a thorough search using all of the available net search engines. If you know of a transcript I have left off, please let me know by writing me a note.

Concert Transcripts:

July 3, 1998 Cornerstone Festival concert

August 15, 1997 Plymouth, Michigan concert

July 19, 1997 Lufkin, Texas concert

July 4, 1997 Cornerstone Festival concert

August 10, 1997 Green Bay, Wisconsin concert

April 11, 1997 Wheaton, Illinois concert

September 21, 1996 Upland, Indiana concert

November 19, 1995 Toledo, Ohio concert

November 16, 1995 Anderson, Indiana concert

Summer 1994 Joy Jam '94

September 15, 1990 True Tunes concert in Wheaton, Illinois

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