Thank You List


This webpage would never have been possible without the help of all the people who have cared enough over the past four years to contribute to it:
Joyce Bright for typing a number of the Release Magazine articles
Joseph Anderson for helping with the html code and for checking the lyrics
Jeff DiNanno for helping me figure out html and the scanner
Danl Blackwood for the mailing list, help with the audio clips, the concert date listings, the Wichita, Kansas concert reviews, and all the great publicity
Dave Hollandsworth for sending me the issues of CCM Magazine
Brian Fisher for sending the Behold the Man album
Steve for the Toledo, OH concert tape
Jenny Wesner for the help with the Behold the Man lyrics and info on Zion members
Karen Small for providing the web space for the scriptural references and the video clips
Julie Bolles for being my first guinea pig to try out the survey (she was just lucky)
Ann Raper for typing a bunch of the Release Magazine articles and the great advice on the photo gallery
Douglas Kinzinger for sending the Awesome God midi file
Richard West for sending the Calling Out Your Name midi file
Mike Chang for the guitar chords at his site
Brock Griffin for typing a few of the Release Magazine articles
Kathie Scott for the account of the Agape Fest seminar
Dawn Huth for the Langhorne, Pennsylvania concert review
Sandy McMullen for the Two X 4 and Brother's Keeper music videos, the Jesus Record scriptures, the WETN interview transcript, the Temple Baptist Church concert transcript, the Music and More interview transcript, the WCBW interview transcripts, the Release Magazine article, the Premier Magazine interview transcript, and the Charlotte Christian News article
Deb Rieselman for the Cincinnati, Ohio concert review
Martia Wilson for the Birmingham, Alabama concert review
Dave McLaughlin for the real audio clips
Matt Ritzenthaler for the Kissimmee, Florida concert review and Rich's description of Canticle of the Plains
Gina Blanchette for the Canticle of the Plains review, the Chicago Tribune article, and the Naperville and Elign, Illinois concert reviews
Steve Busey for the Stone Mountain, Georgia concert review
David Wang for the Catholic Register interview
Chemito Rodriguez for the "If I Stand" midi file
Michael Peterman for the "Creed" midi file
Angie Knight for the Fort Wayne, Indiana concert review and the 1984 demo tape
Katherine for the Canticle of the Plains and 1984 demo tape lyrics, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin concert review, and for proofing the lyrics
Steve Harris for the "You Are All", "Such a Thing as Glory", and "A Few Good Men" guitar chords
Paul O'Donnell for the web space for the sound clips
Jeff Lewis for the web space for more sound clips
Eric Townsend for the Canticle of the Plains and the Cornerstone concert videos and the timeline

Patti for the updates on Mitch McVicker's condition
Tom Laughlin for the Zion demo tape and lyrics and the Cincinnati, Ohio memorial service review
Matt Black for the Lufkin, TX concert tape and lyrics
Ward Anderson for the use of Adobe Photoshop 3.0
Beth for the help with Zion information
Chris Lyons for the Zion recording
Jase for the Credo articles and the Syndicate interview
Julie Maples for the Window Rock, Arizona memorial service review
Jennifer Hall for the Peoria, Illinois memorial service review
Scott Rice for the Nashville, Tennessee memorial service review
Jeannie Goins for the Johnson City, Tennessee memorial service review, the Release Magazine articles, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune interview
Joan Slonecker for the "20: The Countdown Magazine" tribute transcript
Carl Conti for the "If I Could Make it Work" chords
Rhonda Miskowski for the Chattanooga, Tennessee concert review
Christine Hansen for the 1995 Liturgy album review
Kenneth More Cam for the Group Magazine Interview
Stacey Stamps for the Wichita Eagle article
Jocelyne Davis for the web space for the sound clips
John for the Christ in Youth tape
Donita for the sheet music to make the midi files and guitar chords
Alex McVey for the "Did Not Have a Home" guitar chords
Wayne Walden for the Re:generation Quarterly article
Tony Zubrowski for the Indianapolis Star article
John Parker for the Wichita Eagle article
Rick Johnson for the Jesus Record scriptural references
Denise for the Ragamuffin tour review
Michael McNaul for the Ragamuffin tour review
Paula McClellan for the CreationFest 96 interview and Liturgy promo tape
Chris for the Indianapolis Star article
Daniel Boucek for the St. Paul, Minnesota concert review
Brian Rhinehart for the Anderson, Indiana concert transcript
Janet for the "What Trouble Are Giants?" guitar chords
Tracy Guynes for the real audio files
Dave Kitabjian for the Boy Like Me/Man Like You guitar tab
Hillery Krebs for hosting the chat room on her computer
Scott for the guitar chords for "It Don't Do" and "Heaven is Waiting"
Mark DeShazo for the guitar chords for "Jesus"
Robin Woodson for the St Louis, Misourri concert review, the WCBW interviews, the 20: Countdown Magazine interviews, and the Fire By Nite interview
Tim Francis for the Upland, Indiana concert review
David Sparks for the Dallas, Texas concert review
Shannon Belcher for the Austin, Texas concert review
Sharon Bjorck for the Calendar Magazine article
for the Richland, Washington concert review
Todd Dufek for the Phoenix, Arizona concert review
Kelsie Woodson for the Fire By Nite interview transcript
Tom McSorley for the Songs II album cover graphic
Forrest Cramer for the Songs II album cover graphic
Wyatt for the merchandise info
Beverly for the merchandise info
Brian A. Smith for The Cross Examiner article
Kevin Paddock for the Brother's Keeper, Verge of a Miracle, and That Where I Am, There You... guitar chords
Rino Adamo for the Awesome God midi file
? for the If I Stand midi file
Ricky Duval for the Hope to Carry On and A Few Good Men midi files
Sharon Frasier for the Wheaton College Chapel Service transcript
Ruth Hollingsworth for the Caedmon's Call album containing "Oh Lord Your Love"
Eric Hauck for the Scripture suggestion for "Madeline's Song"
David Woodard for the info on the re-issue of An Arrow Pointing to Heaven

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