It was one of the biggest blessings of my life to have spent some time with Rich Mullins; 78 Eaton Wood Green in Dublin, Ireland; a trailer in Window Rock New Mexico; his then home in Wichita, Kansas; a freeway from Wichita to Greenville, Indiana; and then back to a tent in Co. Armagh, N. Ireland. They were not long times, they were not life changing times for Rich but for me their memories and their realities are still so alive that today I feel a deep deep pain and emptiness within my life that in this life I will not get another short time with this unbelievable man.

What we have lost in Rich's untimely passing is much more than flesh and bone. At that moment when he slipped into the presence of his best friend, Jesus Christ, on that road in Illinois, we lost glimpses and clues of truth, an understanding of the wonders and mysteries of faith that no one else in my life has ever been able to articulate. I think of the next five albums that now I will never have the joy of buying, rushing home, listening to and feeding into the bloodstream of my soul. I think of the possibility of having him over to Greenbelt to listen to that voice that recording studios were never able to fully capture. I think of just another cup of coffee where he could throw out from his eccentric, almost through other, but wise wise mind just another sentence that I could chew on for another few lifetimes. I think of how between meetings he'd always forget my name but remember my world and be so interested to catch up and though I was never going to be close to him, how he always made me feel so.

I put on his albums and hear even more lines that drop like depth charges deep within my character. From the beauty and grace of Sometimes By Step, the praise of Color Green and Calling Out Your Name, the joyous peek into his own unique journey on What Susan Said and Land Of My Sojourn to the honesty and tenderness of Wounds Of Love and We Are Not As Strong to the challenge and correction of Hard and even Hold Me Jesus ("Surrender don't come natural to me"). What a legacy he left us and all the time urging us to see past the singer and take hold of the truth and the God that he so deeply deeply loved.

And I have those personal memories. I can remember, in our Dublin home, the first time I'd ever seen a hammer dulcimer and he played for us a song he'd just written, Land Of My Sojourn, and the instrumental that he would name after our house, 78 Eaton Wood Green. I can remember when he and Beaker left us in their Wichita home without a key or any clue what to do with their dogs, Jordan and Bear, but with a great book collection in which I discovered Chesterton and Manning and a rough mix of A Liturgy, Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band without strings on it - great! I can remember driving him across a couple of states and trying to tap into his mind but he'd answer my questions in one word and then give me an hour on GK Chesterton, Madonna, politics and the naivety of America - I was driving and couldn't take notes! I can remember trying to interview him at Summer Madness in Ireland but he was only interested in the visuals of Star Wars that were up on the screen behind him. I can remember, now best of all, sitting in his trailer in Window Rock, on the very border of Arizona and New Mexico, watching his favourite and maybe the movie that most influenced his whole life, Brother Sun, Sister Moon about St. Francis of Assisi. Maybe in those two hours I got as close to Rich Mullins as you could get.

American writer Frederick Buechner who influenced Rich so much once wrote that a saint was someone who made you feel alive. He would never have wanted the tag, saint. Indeed that was one of the amazing things about him. In a world where success and being a star was the god of the age, Rich Mullins realised that the devil was more interested in those things than God, and his following of Jesus was the upside down discipleship that is such a rare, if not weird, thing in our age - especially if you are as talented as Rich Mullins. However, in Buechner's terms Rich was the one saint I can be sure that I have met in this life. He leaves me the legacy of the vitality and dynamism of his life. Rich Mullins truly is the world as best as I remember it.

BIG MOMENTS (for Rich)

There are sweet moments of grace
and times when saints come touch us
Chance meetings that seem so meant to be
Coincidences far too obvious
And I can hear the water falling
The ocean crash on New England's shore
The brown brick spine of some dirty blind alley
The shaving that fell on the carpenters floor
I can feel that hammer dulcimer move me
That voice proclaim truth and love
Giving me glimpses and clues of this life on earth
And inklings of the promise above
Like just a spec upon my time line
That the son caught to make shine bright
Such big big moments in tiny seconds
Leaving me to follow in your traces of light
How I longed to spend more time with you
Maybe someday that time will come
You've left me a legacy to think on til then
Thoughts to fill my life and then some
Someone said that you know a saint
By how alive they make you feel
Not by how much they show to you
But by how little they conceal
You left us with broken hearts and souls
Our hope is feebly attempting to temper it
We lost so much more than skin and bone
You are the world as best as I remember it.

Steve Stockman

Rich Mullins was blessed by God with a beautiful and unique gift, which he always used for the glory of our Creator. He was one of the few Christian artists whose writings in the lyrics of his songs were inspired by the word of God alone and for His glory alone. I shall miss him, but I am confident that he is with the Lord now, and that we shall see Him again someday when the Lord Jesus Christ is pleased to take us Home too. My regards and sympathy to his family and friends.

God Bless,
Rick Rindt
Kankakee, Illinois

In many ways, I feel as though I've lost one of my own brothers. As a growing Christian, his music has always had a profound impact on my life. I was fortunate enough to meet him backstage at one of his concerts a couple years ago. The simplicity with which he communicated the gospel and the conviction with which he modeled his faith had a way of making you examine your own walk with God. Simply put, he was the type of person that just made you want to get closer to Jesus! As I reflect on Rich's untimely death, and all he has meant to me, I can almost hear him whisper, "There's bound to come some tears up in your eyes, but that ain't nothin' to be ashamed of... reach out to Jesus... you'll find He's there."

God Bless,
Rick Rindt
Kankakee, Illinois

I had never met Rich Mullins, but I knew him. He opened his life and his thoughts and put them onto albums to share with the world. His music went right to the center of my life, inspiring and at times rebuking me. Through it all I grew to know a brother in Christ. He affected my life in ways I will never realize on this earth. Rich Mullins was put on this earth for a reason, and he had a gift to use. I doubt anyone would disagree on what his gift was. Rich used God's gift and he used it to the glory of God. He accomplished that which he was predestined to do, and God met him on a highway in Illinois and took him home. We've lost a brother for the rest of our lives, but we shall see him again... when we get home. Rich, what do the stars look like from there?


Hello, My name is David Walls and I live in Sachse, Tx. I had the privilege to see Rich when he came into Dallas. This concert was one of the greatest experiences in my life and by far the best concert that I had ever been to. I remember wanting to see his face because it seemed as though he didn't like to show his face very much. There was a cloud of steam and then I saw him. He was dressed in a pair if jeans and a tee-shirt with no shoes. Rich was a man that did not care much about his image, he just cared about getting the message of Jesus around the world. I can almost remember every song he played at that concert, and I also remember that he let the people that opened the concert for him come back out at the end and sing with him. I will always remember that concert and I will always remember Rich Mullins. He was a living example of what a christian should be.

Thanks for the memories Rich,
David Walls

Rich came to CBN in Va. Beach back in February, 1993 for a songwriters' conference. At the time, I was hosting "Heartsong Magazine" for the CBN radio network. Rich and I spent the better part of a Saturday afternoon together. I was moved by his honesty and his willingness to share what was on his heart. At the time, his current song was "Growing Young." The song was a modern day story of the prodigal son. As he shared his relationship with his father, I was moved to tears. At that time, my father was ill and our relationship wasn't what I wanted it to be. I remember Rich telling me that he would pray for that situation and for me. The extra time that Rich spent with me inspired and challenged me. I believe the words he shared and the compassion I saw on his face helped me look at myself and work on ways to better open up the lines of communication with my father. Dad passed away two years ago. Before he left this earth, he accepted Jesus as his savior. Our relationship also had time to blossom and grow. Rich Mullins was not only a great singer and songwriter, he was a wonderful human being. The Christian music industry and the world is a better place because Rich was here. May the Lord comfort his family, friends, and all of us who are sensing such a deep loss and emptiness.

Greg Fentress
Princess Anne, MD

I was merely a misguided young man on the wrong road to eternity when I first discovered Rich Mullins. The first song I heard was "If I Stand." In the four or so minutes of that song, my life was dramatically changed. Tears flowed freely as the simple message of God's grace and his unrelenting mercy came to me from that old cassette player. My life has never been the same since. Rich's songs have forced me to think, to laugh, to pray, and to cry. I envy his position now: in the Throne Room of the Awesome God that he so humbly served and so visibly praised while he was with us.

Jason Ford
Conway, AR

Rich Mullins was a great man of God who loved to sing praises to Him. Now he is praising Jesus face to face! Rich touched many lives though his life, music, and through his ministry. He was such a down to earth guy, and those lives that were touched by him, will miss him, but we know that he is where he has always longed to be, with his Maker!

Toni Edgington
Portales, NM

Rich was someone who touched me deeply through his music & lyrics. He was authentic, vulnerable, and always spoke what was on his mind. He wasn't afraid of what people thought of him, which allowed him the creative freedom to take us into new heights. Sometimes existential, yet profound, other times funny and completely laid-back... always Rich. He went out like Elijah...walking with God. Even though it didn't break his heart to say goodbye, we are suffering a great loss, and will miss him deeply.

Darren Sloniger
Elgin, IL

In 1984, I was an awkward teen trying to be cool enough to be somebody. Rich, long before Dove awards and hit albums, was spending time with dear friends at Deep Valley Christian Camp. He was an older "camper" who also gave a little concert on a barely tuned piano with a sticky "D." As always, he talked a lot between songs. Words about life as it is, truths about living this life. The point he made clear was that we are nothing without Christ. We can try to be cool, try to make ourselves out to be something. But we will fail. We must humble ourselves, and attach ourselves to something great, Jesus Christ. Rich was where people are in life and, with all his being, pointed them where they need to be. That week at camp I realized that I needed Christ. My eyes and heart were opened. I became one of Christ's children. Rich was so generous in sharing his life with others. He didn't present his life. He lived his life, struggled openly with what it is to live life. He made real the life of a yet imperfect Christian in a fallen world. He was you and me. He kept pressing on, so that so many others, would too, keep pressing on. Now he is home, and I keep pressing on.

David McNeil
La Habra, CA

From the very first time I heard a Rich Mullins song, I was hooked. I think that I was so spiritually depleted when I first heard him, that his words that were straight from the Father allowed the Holy Spirit to enter me and convict me. I first heard Rich at a time in my life when I was listening to a lot of heavy metal music, and though I denied it, this secular music took a lot away from me spiritually. But it was Rich's pure music and words from God that helped me see God like I have never seen Him before. When I found out that Rich had passed away, I cried. It felt like I was losing my father all over again. Besides my father, who passed away in December of 1994, Rich was the biggest Christian influence on my life, and I never even had a chance to meet him. But I know that Rich now has what he has lived his life for, I know that he will meet my earthly as well as my Heavenly Father, and his songs still fill me with hope and strength that one day I will receive the reward that Jesus Christ has promised me. And whether I go out like Elijah or not, just like Rich sings, it won't break my heart to say goodbye.

Josh Griffin
Jackson, MO

Some of my personal memories of Rich:

The joy he expressed when he got his first recorder. And how quick he picked up any instrument. One week a beginner, the next week he would be making beautiful music.

Going to the midnight "Dollar Flicks" in Cincinnati. Staying over at Rich's apartment which was nearly bare. Rich never had many worldly goods. But what he left behind were treasures beyond measure. His witness will shine in our hearts for many years to come.

Rich never wanted to grow up. I remember the first time we went to a movie about St. Francis of Assisi. That simple man, maybe even a "simpleton" who left all worldly goods behind became Rich's role model. As St. Francis kept that simple goal in front of him, so Rich Mullins

Playing music with Rich was an incredible experience. So much creativity and talent in one man. He certainly found his niche. His ears were tuned to God's leading. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. Maybe that very exuberance contributed to his death, but if he hadn't lived more cautiously, it wouldn't have been Rich.

I think back to the shock of hearing Keith Green's name over the radio that morning so long ago. First disbelief, then shock and grief, then the healing comes. And the resolve to more fully follow ourselves. Selah.

Richard Mullins was our Audie Murphie, our William Wallace. He challenged us to far greater depths that we imagined possible and was our inspiration. Yet, realizing the incredible talent he had been given, he never pointed to himself, but went to extreme measures to keep the focus on Jesus. As we mourn his passing and celebrate our loss, let us keep that in mind, that Rich never wanted "fans" but disciples. Yet never wanting to take the place of the great "Teacher" but only to point us *to* the great Teacher.

Rich, we'll miss you. Thanks for everything. You've been a friend to us all. Give Peter, Paul, Keith, Francis and the rest of the "Saints of old that have gone on before" a big hug for us. And pray for us still down here. Our stories about *your* faith will help keep us strong!

Jon Hagee

Its been a week now. When the radio station paused between Rich's songs to announce the accident. Had to pull over to avoid another. Ten minutes latter I stopped sobbing enough to thank Jesus for giving us a wonderful musician and brother. Rich (on tape) & I sang praise to the Lord and gained His strength while running many miles. We ran across the Grand Canyon, around Mt. Rainier, 50 & 100 mile marathons. Others would comment on my strength, however, it was Jesus who allowed me to walk after my accident, and Rich (through his music) was always the praise and worship leader for the endless hours of running. I made it to one of his concerts in Seattle and found it so encouraging that he was the real thing, a natural, gifted servant who loved singing to the Lord. I could tell he'd be doing this music even if no one listened! You son will be missed.

May the Lord's grace and strength be abundantly yours,
Marshall Craw
North Bend, Washington

In our rush to prepare for a concert we are giving tonight, we gave ourselves a night off last night. I chose to spend mine with a friend and with my son. On the way home from dinner we heard an inordinate number of Rich Mullins songs on the radio. As we sang, my friend began to go on about how lucky Rich was to be with our Lord. I felt puzzled as he began to tell me what had happened. Then I felt ill. How could this have happened? How could one who walked with Jesus so closely and worked so hard for Him and influenced so many lives be taken so soon. I soon began to realize that in my sorrow... in my selfishness of missing the man and his music... in my wondering how many more lives may have been touched my music that will never be written... I was forgetting that Rich is, right now, where I yearn to be. Rich's legacy will live on forever. Many more hearts will be touched and many lives won over for our Lord. Perhaps though, God simply needed him there more than he needed him here.

I have yet to call my band mates and give them the news. Tonight though, as we perform "Step By Step" once again... we will say a few words to our audience... and perhaps sing the words with a whole new meaning.

Paul Cole

Farewell old friend. You have touched our lives in so many ways; probably more than you really knew. The words that you spoke made us think, question ourselves, and see the wisdom of God You were not a Prince, but a servant. Your life was simple, but powerful.

I look forward to seeing you again.

My first thought was "What is the deal with God taking so many cool people (Diana, Mother Theresa) home this past few weeks?" My next thought was how much Rich's music has impacted my life. I saw him once in a church in British Columbia, Canada. He had been scheduled for a concert somewhere nearby, but they canceled, so he gave a free concert in this church instead. That seemed very "real" to me, and I think his genuine love of Christ came through in his music. I hope that I will be in the same choir as Rich when I am called home.

I pray that God will give Rich's family & friends the "Hope to Carry On" through this time of pain and grief.

C.S. Klassen

"What does it mean to be human? I cannot help but believe that it means that we are spiritual -- that we are responsible, and that we are free. That we are responsible TO BE free."
-Rich Mullins 'Higher Education and the Book of Love'

My family and I wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Rich Mullins. We were deeply saddened to hear of his passing last week. Our prayers go out to them in this time of grief.

While it may be difficult to understand why tragedy strikes, we do know that God causes all things to work together for good. This was evidenced this past week in a personal way. Last Monday night I was listening to one of Rich's CDs, crying and reflecting on why such a tragedy could occur. My two kids, meanwhile, were enjoying themselves dancing to the music. I discussed with my 4-year old daughter that the man who sang this music had just died and was now in Heaven with Jesus. As she began asking questions, we discussed how we can get to heaven and what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross. To make a long story short, she eventually accepted God's plan of salvation that night.

May the message of Rich's music continue on to reach a lost world.

B Chycho

Rich had been my husband's absolute favorite singer for as long as I've known him. We were lucky enough once to get to see him in concert. It was on a Sunday evening, an hour's drive each way, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. We were just thrilled that we even ended up in the very back pew of the church.

I sing and play keyboard (sometimes trumpet, etc.) for the contemporary service at my church. Our senior pastor has a 4-year old son, and 2 weeks prior to Rich's death, Bill (the pastor) asked if we would play "Awesome God" for Taylor (his son). We hadn't practiced it that week, and the leader didn't want to sing it if we hadn't rehearsed. So instead I offered that I could play it post-service and Taylor could come up front and sing with me. We've sung it a number of times, so I already had an arrangement for it etc. and practiced it on my own before church started. Only I forgot to reset the keyboard before church began, and when we started the first song, the instrumentation for "Awesome God" came out instead of the scheduled first song. Bill explained the story of how it happened during the opening comments and we continued with the service.

After church was over, I got up to play the song for Taylor, only I hadn't noticed that everyone had stayed around. Because of the explanation, they all stayed to hear this 4-year old boy singing, loudly, "My God Is An Awesome God". Taylor was overwhelmed, his dad was; certainly I was to see Rich's song lifted up by a little boy who loves the Lord so much.

We have 3 pastors, but as it turned out Bill was in charge of the service the next week; 6 days before Rich's untimely death. Bill's not the most musical guy, but he knows what he likes. Rarely does he request (especially ahead of time) for certain songs to be played. But as it happened this week, he requested 3 of Rich's songs for us to sing. I'm not even sure if Bill knew who wrote them, much less that they were all from the same individual. We also did something new, and I brought several CD's with me to play for pre-service music. The individual in charge of the sound equipment listened to the dozen or so that I had brought, and decided to play one of Rich's CD's that I had brought with me for the 45 minutes or so before church.

So we had Rich singing to us before church, and then sang 3 of his songs during church. We were planning to drive from Houston, Texas to southwestern Indiana the following weekend and only have a tape player in the car, so my husband set out to copy to tape some of the CD's we have. Needless to say, every one that we have of Rich's were at the top of the list. We set out Friday at noon and listened to tapes for the next several hours until we stopped for the night. Looking back, it was almost surreal. Walter, my husband, talked about what his favorite song was on each tape, I'd talk about my favorite, but mostly we just talked about how much we liked Rich's songs because they were so unique and didn't sound like mainstream contemporary Christian music. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of 4Him, Amy Grant, etc. but I know you know what I mean when I say that Rich had a style all his own.

Walter commented that the song he was best known for seemed the song most unlike his own style of music. We arrived safely the next day at my parents' house. It wasn't until Sunday when we were reading the paper that we saw the article in the paper about the tragic car accident. It's just unbelievable. I was so excited the previous week when all these people in church were hearing his music, seeing everyone just really get into it. And in a matter of six days later the reality hit that the songs we had from Rich were the summation of his life.

This might make more sense if I told you we belong to a Missouri synod of the Lutheran church. Extremely conservative, stick to traditions since the 1600's. The fact that we even have a contemporary service is amazing! I spent the last week saying I can't believe that with such an enormously talented man, this is all the music we'll ever hear of him. I think I'm finally able to say I'm SO glad we have the music that we do from him. If it were not for grace, we might not have ever had the opportunity to hear him sing at all.

Barbara & Walter Boone

Although I never met rich, I was on the same wavelength sometimes. His music has touched me and helped me get out of my valley. I know he's shinning like a candle in central park right now!! My prayers are with you.

God bless.

I have experienced much loss in the last two years of beloved spiritual brothers who were, "taken before their time", if such a thing was possible. One of them was my spiritual mentor who died similar to Rich and he had many of the same selfless traits. At his funeral an elderly lady seen a 35 year old stranger sobbing at her sons casket and said what seems now an almost prophetic word. "You must be one of Billys' Sunday school boys", she said referring to the years I sat under his teaching as a teenager. She continued, "Billy's race is finished and you must carry on his work here on Earth." The one I went to comfort comforted me. So it is with the news of Riches loss. I feel so unworthy of Gods love and mercy when my devotion to Him is measured in the light of a life like Rich Mullins, beloved mentor Bill Huff, and Gods servant, my uncle, Bill Martin. My prayer is that the seeds of selfless service and unconditional love we have seen planted by Rich that has been demonstrated by the outpouring of grief by so many people will cause us to reach for that standard. May God bless Rich's family and comfort us all. Only He can.


In reflecting over the past week what Rich's life has meant to me, I am left with nothing but the fact that he was a first-rate example of the Christian/Human experience. His tireless and challenging desire to glorify God through his music and missions has inspired me to dig deeper into my own realm of impact in a needy world. I am deeply saddened at our loss and look forward to singing with him in heaven. Even though I never met him personally, I miss him. My nine-year-old daughter, Anna, comforts me with, "well Mom, that makes sense, you never personally met Jesus [in the physical sense] and you miss him too..." I think that says it for all of us. May God bring peace and healing to both Mitch and to Rich's friends and family - and to us, the Body of Christ.

- Ellen Rohwer, Wheeling, IL

I live in Pennsylvania, I'm married with 3 children and just turning 40. Over the last 10 years the music and witness of Rich Mullins has been a big and important part of my life. I'm so sorry for the loss, especially to those closest friends and family, however please know we all will all meet again.

II Cor 4: 16-18.
May God bless.
Bob Auld

While I am deeply saddened by his passing (and he did not truly die, his existence just changed state), I also am happy. I am happy because he now has the joy which he wants everyone else to experience, the joy of being in heaven with God. I am also glad that, in a sense, we still have him with us, in his tapes, CDs and videos, which spelled out so much of his heart, and drew us all closer to God.

May God bless his family, and keep them forever in His hand. May He comfort them with the knowledge that He loves them greatly.

In Christ,

Through their music, Rich and the Ragamuffins have been my Christian brothers who have helped me almost daily follow Colossians 3:1-2.

I will be praying for you,
Ann in GA.

Rich, though he didn't know it, helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.

His song with the lyrics, "Hold me Jesus, for I'm shaking like a leaf, You have been my King of Glory won't You be my Prince of Peace" saw me through many a night of horrific panic and anxiety attacks.

I am now set free by the Power of God from this terrible sickness, but I look back and thank God for Rich Mullins and the help he was to me.


Dear Mullins family,

I and my family have embraced God's truth via Rich's songs for the past 7 years or so. Every time we take a trip in the car we put on Rich's music, because it always made us feel free. My daughters practically know every word and certainly is storing God's word in their heart. We also just suffered the loss of my mother-in-law who, like Rich, was a true servant of the Lord. We take comfort only in the fact that they are in the presence of their dear Lord. It has also occurred to us that Rich has been called home to ready the Lord's worship team.

God Bless,

Brian, Karen, Heather and Sarah Lucy
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dear Family and close Friends of Rich,

Rich shook my heart as someone who kept reminding me of what's important in this life and how His love is just aching to grow us into the next. Thank-you for the rearing, companionship and love that you modeled to Rich during his time with you. Thank-you that you released him to serve God as radically and honestly as he was called to -- thank-you for your testimony to us as you release him now into God's very presence. May we run onwards as Jesus and Rich himself would want us to :)!

Dear Mitch,

Thanks for your ministry and for your fire for the Lord. We're praying for your recovery and that God would be free to do whatever He desires in your life for all your days.

Finding comfort in God's power and promises,
Ondrej, Jakub, Miriam, Ester, & Leos Hron (Czech Republic/Canada)

... death has no victory and no lasting sting. Hallelujah.

It's nice to know God cares so much more than we ever could ... My wandering Thou hast counted, Thou -- place Thou my tear in Thy bottle, Are they not in Thy book? (Psalms 56:8 Young's Literal Translation)

words cannot express the emotions i felt when i heard the rich had died and the Mitch had been critically injured. i have just recently started listening to Rich's music, because we in San Diego just recently got a contemporary Christian station. over the past few months i have enjoyed listening to his music on the radio. earth's loss is god's gain. i liken rich to Keith green, uncompromising in his faith and love for god and humanity. it seems that god always takes the ones that make the most of what they have been given by him. Jesus it seems meant the most to rich. i admire the fact that he was unconventional by living on a Navajo Indian reservation. Rich's music and spirit will live on in our hearts. may god bless those who have heard his music and seen him in concert. i pray for his family as well for comfort and peace.

god bless us all that believe in him,

Saddened by the death of Keith Green yrs. ago, the verse that gave me peace was "Enoch walked with God;and he was not,for God took him."(Gen.5:24)...I knew God was ready for one who loved Him so,to be with Him...This same verse came to me at the death of Rich. It also made me think, "Lord, you know it took years for me to 'find' someone who's music meant so much to me."..."Oh, do You like it too? Do we like the same guys?... Cool!" :-)

Mike Zoellick

What else can be said? Except thank you Lord for the gift of Rich's life and music. The following is a song that I wrote for another friend that God chose to take home, sooner than I thought He should have. Said goodbye just the other day, to a man who gave his heart away for free. Don't understand why he went away, I pray some day Lord You'll make it clear to me. The tears come easy as the memories, rolling through my mind and down my face. Knowing that I'll never find, anyone who could ever quite replace. The tears I shed are not for him, for the place he's in is better than can believed. But for those who he left behind, for all those he made feel like family. There comes a point in every life, when reality comes too close too avoid. We try to force things our own way, but we never make it far with out the Lord. There's one hope left within my soul, and in my heart left one prayer grant I plead. That one day I'll be half the man, as this one that You've taken home from me. I'll fly away O'glory, I'll fly away. When the dead in Christ shall rise, we will meet them in the skies and fly away.

Said goodbye just the other day, to a man that gave his heart away for free. Don't understand why he went away, I pray someday Lord You'll make it clear to me. I rejoice in the knowledge that some day soon, I will get to meet Rich and come to know him in a way that I never could have here. So I will say goodbye, until the day of the Lord.


I was saddened to hear about Rich Mullins. My heart and prayers go out to his family especially his Mother, brothers and sisters. Rich's music was from the heart, his lyrics showed his love for his Savior and he always glorified God. He is now home with his Lord whom he loved so dearly. He will be missed


Peace, Love, and Freedom

When it all comes to an end will get to see are family, friends, and are brothers and sisters.

Love ya! Keep Praying~
Jim Henderson

I never met Rich, but feel a tremendous loss at his death. I went to one of his concerts about a month ago in Milwaukee, WI. I can't even express how Rich's music has affected my life.

God gave him a tremendous gift and he used it will all his heart and soul. This is not a tragedy, but a VICTORY!! He has gone to the Home that he longed for ("if i weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his Home..") Thank you God, for Rich and the time that you allowed him to be with us. We are different because of him, you used his music to strengthen our faith and show us the joy that we have in You.

I began listening to CCM my first year of college. It was new to me and I couldn't believe what I was missing! I grew up in a rather conservative Christian church where I wasn't exposed to this kind of music. I checked out a few CD's from our library, one of them being Rich's, "if I stand" instantly became my favorite song and still is. I joined a campus CCM group that same year and cannot express how the experience has changed my life. Now, five years later (and still in college!), I am finishing a music major and someday hope to touch people's lives through CCM.

I can't wait to meet Rich (and everyone else!) in heaven! Can you imagine the music in heaven?? The music that we have here is EARTHLY. We have no idea what it will be like. Imagine that the most beautiful and most meaningful music we have is only one chord in God's music. I can't wait!! Thank you Jesus for giving us that hope of eternal life with You!!

Sarah Kutz

Rich Mullins was an inspiration to many. His prophetic words and AMAZING talent in music was phenomenal. I know he is in heaven. God wanted him to sing with his angels. He will be watching over all that take those steps or leaps of faith, with those who sing for the glory of God. My prayers are for the family and friends of Rich. I never knew him personally but with every song I heard his voice proclaim, I felt I was beginning to.

Gary Pick

Just a note to tell you the effect Rich had on my life. Several years ago I was about as far from my God as I could get. One evening, for some reason, I turned on ZMusic and they were playing a video called Here In America by someone called Rich Mullins. His music pulled me into the message of his song - that God loved me.

I had never been to a Christian concert, but when I found out that Rich was coming to Morris Hills Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. I immediately made plans to go. My wife and I both agree that this concert was the best we have ever been to.

A few years later, Rich came to Birmingham, AL. My wife gave me tickets as a birthday gift.

When i was adrift on a stormy sea, Rich was my lighthouse. I never met him personally, but he pointed me home. I will miss him.

May God bless you in this time of sorrow.

Don Dodson

My dad died suddenly on September 17, 1997 at 9:15 p.m. A few days later, in the midst of this, my sister heard that Rich Mullins had died. Mother Teresa, too, went Home recently. I thank God for the gift of Faith, because, despite all this sadness for us here on this side of eternity, we have found joy in imagining Heaven's rejoicing over all the faithful sons and daughters returning Home. Is it odd to feel a wee bit of jealously along with grief, sadness, joy? My dad, Rich, Mother Teresa have met Jesus face to face! I'm sure they recognized Him immediately, after recognizing Him in their brothers and sisters for years and years.

+ Eternal Rest grant unto all of them, Lord, and let Your Light shine on them. May God grant us strength in accomplishing our tasks on earth, in His Vinyard, before He calls us Home for the celestial Reunion.

E Brady

God used the man we call Rich Mullins mightily. As I selfishly began to continue with this message I realized my fault. Forgive me. I did not know Rich personally. I send my deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I do believe though, we will see him again, only this time in the Paradise of the One who made Rich, and me! Remember.....................................

Reatha Valera

...I'm a little surprised at the intensity of my reaction to his death. I just can't stop crying. I never met him, personally, or even attended one of his concerts, but his life and his music have touched me so deeply I will never be the same. In addition to his musical artistry, the honesty, humor, delight, despair, passion with which he wondered at this life we live with God, was so real. I can only say that his words are alive. This barefooted bard painted pictures with his music and his poetry that reached into the corners of my soul, met me wherever I was and prodded me toward Jesus.

...I admire the beauty of his gifts, but moreso I admire his humble, relentless pursuit of Christ. Time and again a sentence in an article or a line in a song would admonish me, challenge me, inspire me, remind me to stop worrying about all that stuff and just "Be God's." We stray, we stumble, we fall, we get scared and tired and angry, but "step by step" we follow. I am far from it, but I want to be as real with my faith as Rich was with his.

...I know Someday I'll get to see a Rich Mullins concert and shake his hand and tell him how groovy he was, but right now my heart is of my heros is gone...he quietly slipped off stage while my eyes were, I'm gonna miss him.

Thank you for this place to share these thoughts and read the thoughts of others who have been touched by Rich's music and ministry.

Dawn Wyatt

My husband and I have loved praising our King with Rich Mullins on the radio/CD/tape for several years now. His music is good for listening to in the outdoors. As we live in Colorado, "The Color Green" and many others on that album have and will continue to bless us as we go into the mountains, and as we gaze upon God's glorious creation.

His humility in concert as we went to see and hear him in Chattanooga, TN at a church,and his dress was humble, and he drove up to the line to get in to the concert with his dog and talked to people in the line, amazed us!!!

We will miss further music, and a prayer will be lifted on the behalf of his family!!! Praise God, though we often don't understand His ways, that Rich is with his Father!!! My husband and I were camping this morning (in the mtns.), talking about Rich's death, and how it could have just been that God said Rich has done a good work for Him, and He was ready to hold him in His arms, as the song says "Hold Me Jesus." He is holding His precious and faithful child. As many have stated, we will see him again one day if we are faithful, too.

(John and) Nikki Hammel

Encounter at a Wisconsin Rest Stop

Whoever thought a pink elephant with shades
would lead us to this place... I kneeled to set the camera,
looked up and saw his face. It had to be a dream,
I've dreamed of it so long, But there he was in front of me
The man who writes the songs. "I'm a big fan",
I said He smiled at me so sweet "Have a cookie", he said
as he offered me a treat He laughed, it was a good laugh,
beautiful like his songs He made us feel like friends
so easy, like we belonged. We took pictures and talked a while
then it was time to go But this wasn't a chance encounter,
somehow in my heart I know I'll see this man again
whose music thrills my soul (To buy him lunch at Taco Bell
soon became my goal). I don't believe in coincidence...
I believe in fate Goodbye dear Rich, we'll meet again
When I too reach Heaven's gate.

R Buss.

As a "baby Christian" I had just discovered the music and am still searching for answers. Rich's way with words reached me and inspired me. I will try to pray but my inconsistency is my problem. I really learned a lot from him and will never forget him.

KM Nesco

What a difference Rich Mullins has made in countless lives. This is terribly sad yet joyful at the same time. Remember that "we mourn not as those without hope". It seems to me that Rich Mullins strived to live out Paul's exhortation in that "For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21) And it is an encouragement to this Christian girl. In the words of the famous hymn...

"Sing the wondrous love of Jesus sing His mercy and His grace, In those mansions bright and blessed He'll prepare for us a place. When we all get to heaven what a day of rejoicing that will be when we all see Jesus we'll sing and shout the victory!"

We'll miss the light the Rich cast, but rejoice in knowing he is at the feet of the blessed Savior now.

Kelcey Hall

Please accept my condolences. I was shocked and saddened to hear of Rich's death on weekend. I didn't know him, and I never had the chance to see him in concert. God certainly used his music to influence me as a young Christian, though. My prayers are with you and your family.

Rob Clements,
Vancouver, B.C.

Rich's music has ministered to me in some dark times, providing hope, encouragement, genuineness, and honest faith in the midst of struggles. I had the privilege of meeting him when he played at my church in Columbia, SC in 1991 and again a year later. His humility and genuineness were refreshing. His depth of love for and faith in God were inspiring. He will be missed, and yet what a glorious thought that he is revelling in the presence of God forever!

Patrick Connelly

Rich closed his eyes in death to this world and in the same instant opened his eyes in the very presence of the Christ he fervently and unreservedly served. How exciting to be experiencing the reality of actually being in the very presence of Christ the almighty, the sovereign God of the Universe. Now he KNOWS that this world was not his home..we rejoice with you, Rich for you are where we all so desperately long to be. The message for us in Rich's life is that for the short while we live here, we focus on living, loving and humbly serving the Bread of Life to others as our brother so faithfully did. You are safe in the arms of Jesus, Rich!

Rebecca Riley

Rich was a God given gift to many. Many people were touched by his music. I and 3 of my siblings and 2 of my cousins all have been at a point where Rich's music has given us new hope, faith, and love. Two of my brother and a cousin were going to see him at Tabor College last weekend. It was hard to hear. Thank You Lord for the man, Rich Mullins!!! We are praying for all involved!!

Daniel Lynch
Acton, MA

if you had the choice, right now, to die and be with Jesus or to live your life and then die and be with Him later, which would you choose? i'm almost positive of rich's answer. he's gone, and he's still teaching me about perspective and my relationship with my Lord Jesus.

delphine poellot

Rich helped me grow big and strong through some tough times. I can only hope to help someone as much.

I don't know what to say when it comes to these things, but I did want to say that I have been deeply touched by Rich Mullins and his songs. I admired his humility, and dedication to God. I have been inspired and challenged in my faith. He was an incredible person with a heart that beats for God, and he probably has no idea how many have been touched by God through him. Thank you Rich, for giving to the Lord.

Deanna Mann

Many people are mourning the loss of such a wonderful man. But the hardest thing that we must try to remember, is that we should be praising God that a man such as Rich has finally gotten what he worked for all of his life. All of my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Rich, and also the family of Mitch as he continues to heel. I also send still more prayers to God, praising and thanking Him for sending Rich to us for such a short but wonderful time. PRAISE JESUS FOR RICH!!!!!!

Steve Saffle

I never new him personally, but his music touched me deeply. It mirrored my own struggles and victories in my walk with the Lord. I could never put them into words like Rich could! I thank God that He gave us someone like Rich to inspire and encourage us, if only for such a short time.

A friend in Christ,
Kathy Coyle

I simply want to say that Rich has ministered to me in multiple ways through his music. I attended one of his concerts and was amazed by his humble presence. I know that I cannot say anything to ease your pain and sorrow, but I am truly sorry for your loss. Please know that Rich was and is a special light in the Father's eye. May God richly bless you as you carry on.

Robin Miles

I will miss him much his music had a profound effect on my life. He can sing his praises to the Master in person now.

In Christ
Joe Moser

I heard the news while on the way to work last Saturday. I was shocked to learn of it. I have a vivid memory of a concert he was at here In the Houston area several years back. He sang Awesome God! He had all of us join in! KSBJ, our Christian station here had the concert, and a friend in Christ and I were working Security for that concert on the corners of the stage area to back stage. We both sang Awesome God, and we both shared our experience of this event afterwards. It was a great night!

Rich was in my top 10 list of Favorite Christian Artists and his songs are among my all time Christian music songs, of which I have been listing to for about 27 years now.

David Dunn
Pearland, Texas

I first encountered Rich's music shortly after becoming a Christian in the summer of 1996. I attended his concert here in Green Bay this summer and I really enjoyed the experience. My wife had taken ill that day, but she insisted I go on my own anyway. I am glad I did. Mitch McVicker opened for Rich and I was incredibly impressed with his music and musicianship. I pray for his recovery. I will miss Rich and his music very much even though I never met him in person. I am deeply saddened by his passing and I look forward to meeting him and playing music with him someday in heaven.

Steven Kopischke

Rich Mullins was a true source of inspiration for me when I became a truly, dedicated christian my Junior year of high school. What fascinates me is how music is the key to bringing walls down. Rich did that for me in his music as well as allowing me to do this with others. I continually use his music for my non-christian friends. His music is a great tool for witnessing. It has also been deep encouragement and passion to continue my walk with God. I am so glad that he is in heaven and I will miss his chance to continue to write music and sing for us. God gave the world many special people with talents and I am glad that Rich was one of those people who obeyed and enjoyed his gift. Thank you, Rich for giving to the Lord. ;)

Dionne Melton

Praise God for giving us 41 years of Rich Mullins. Praise God for giving him a wonderful gift. And Praise God for Rich Mullins utilizing his gift from God.

September has been a "tragic yet rewarding" month for the Christian World. The tragic death of Princess Diana, the death of Mother Teresa, the earthquake in Italy and the death of Rich Mullins. I don't want this to seem like he was a saint - he was a man of God trying to do God's work with the God given talents he had. Likewise, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. All have made a difference in the lives of many and will always be remembered. Let us take time to stop our own "pity party" (mine included) and Thank God for the life of Rich Mullins and for the legacy of music he leaves behind. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. The rewards of this month are in the knowing that all 3 are home with God and are keeping the watch for each of our own "homecomings". We will see them all again.

All my thoughts and prayers are for the Mullins family and the McVickers family. There lives will be forever changed and may they all come through this with a greater relationship with our Lord and Savior.

Peace of Christ to you all.

Nancy Gray
Rich Mullins fan since "Hold Me Jesus" was released.

I was never much of a CCM fan...I'd always rather dug the alternative variety of Christian rock, etc. But Rich Mullins was different. His was not the music of bumper sticker slogans, pat answers and shallow faith. His music spoke of the struggles, the wonder, the human-ness of the Christian life. It also spoke beautifully about the God we can know. I liked "Liturgy, Legacy" the best. It had a sound like it had been recorded in a big, open room amongst friends, rather than in some cold, sterile studio. I liked it so much I turned it on to one of the most discriminating music listeners I mom. She loved it, and it was a great joy in my life the night I took her to see Rich in concert. It was her first Christian music concert, and somehow, even though we were seated way back in the back, I got the sense that Rich knew she was there and he made it really special for her. I'll always be grateful to him for that.

I'll always be grateful to him for his simple, honest, wonderful life that he shared through his incredible music and writings. Only recently, my pastor and I were at the Cove, Billy Graham's Training Center in N.C. We were checking out the beautiful chapel they have there, and as we entered the sanctuary, I noticed a dulcimer up front. I told my pastor, "Man, wouldn't it be awesome if Billy Graham preached this weekend and Rich Mullins led the worship on that dulcimer?!" Awesome indeed! Thank you, Rich. Thank you, Lord, for letting us have him down here for a while. The world's a little heavier without him, but I know we'll see him again....and it will be under much better circumstances, believe me! Praise the Lord!!!

Jane Gruber

Thank you for bringing Rich into our lives. We have lost 3 christian young men in our community within the past 2 years. I am sure they were waiting to welcome Rich into the gates of Heaven.

As I heard the news of Rich's death, I cried in remembrance of one of these young men - Mike Pettet. He loved Rich's style of music. I cry at our tragic losses and your personal pain. And I cry when I hear the music, because I will forever miss Mike.

But I trust in the Lord, and know that he will use my pain to his gain, I pray that in time, you will allow him to do the same with yours.

Karen Smith

I am 41, the same age as Rich. I pastor a small Baptist church in upper east Tenn. My 16 yr. old son and I believe Rich Mullins was the best songwriter in the world. I have grieved with much tears in the passing of Rich Mullins. He was scheduled to be in our area in October, at Milligan College. The impact of his music on my life was due to it's unvarnished truth and the ability to put man where he belongs and God as kind and supreme. We will never forget Rich Mullins and long for the day when we meet in the Master's house. I too can say, "it won't break my heart to say goodbye".

Jackie Bradley

I never heard as much about him as I do about all the big stars, the Michael W. Smiths and Steven Curtis Chapmans, but everything I heard of him and from him was incredibly uplifting in the Lord. His talent and his unique perspective and way with words will be sorely missed.

I have recently taken up playing the guitar (a month and a half ago!), and was overjoyed to find that "Step by Step" and "Awesome God" were so easy to play on guitar... I shall be practicing those all the more, and as Mr. Mullins is among that cloud of witnesses I hope he'll enjoy this girl's humble attempts to reach his quality of praise to God and honesty with God--and I know that he's on the praise and worship team up there, so I'll look forward to singing with him in another fifty years or so (or sooner).

Virginia Kathleen Cailleteau

Rich Mullins was my lyrical hero. He saw things just a little bit clearer than others around him in Christian music. He seemed to engage the Kingdom of God a little more deeply. When I listen to his words, sometimes it's as if the veil between earth and heaven somehow grows thinner. I will miss his spirit and his way of seeing God. I heard about Rich's accident while driving to church Sunday morning. They played "All of the Way My Savior Leads Me" (I don't recall the exact title at the moment) and my spirit cried out in joy. It was as if I could see him singing before the Father these songs that I listen to here on earth, and that very fact lent them a deeper anointing. I will miss Rich.

I met a girl in a bookstore yesterday who had just discovered Rich's music. Needless to say, there was none to be had. We talked for a long time about Rich, missions, what God was doing in our lives, and even the fact we both remember where we were when we found out Keith Green died 15 years ago. I happened to have Liturgy, Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band on tape in the car. I tried to give it to her (I have the CD at home) but she wouldn't take it. In the end, she wanted it badly enough that she borrowed it and a scrap of paper with my phone number so she can eventually return it. Driving home I thought about how good it felt to have fellowshipped like that and to have been able to encourage a complete stranger who also happened to be a sister in Christ. Perhaps that conversation would never have happened two weeks ago but because of Rich, I was blessed and I hope she was as well. I expect there to be much more fruit like that to come from Rich's life. I can't wait to get to know him better someday.

Andrew Giddings

A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.
(C.S.Lewis: The Problem of Pain, p. 52)

Hello, I wanted to take a moment to remember you in my prayers. I have been listening to Rich Mullins music for many years. I have also been blessed to see him perform live on occasion. His music has inspired many like me, and will continue to do so. I pray peace and rest for your family.

May God Bless You Always
Tim & Christy Edsell
Fairbanks, Alaska

He was a great example to our children of today. His music, his walk with God. He will truly be miss, we can only hope he prepares a way for us."Step by Step to Our Awesome God in heaven" All his music touch all of us. And for those of us that met him, we were truly blessed. Thank you Rich. And hurry back Mitch. We love you.

Danny & Dani Longo

to rich mullins family:

thank you for instilling in rich a faith that lasts forever....he will never be forgotten...his music will continue to touch lives to the glory of the God he loves.... he is now with mark heard, keith green, and king david.... singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and dancing before the Lord... my heart aches with the longing to be there.... i never knew him... only thru his music... he was truly a man after God's own heart

tho the rain falls....down tho the wind blows....cold tho my falling in around me i still believe

shannon darling

One Friday night Rich Mullins opened his eyes and he was in the presence of the Lord God. That is so exciting and wonderful and sad. To know that Rich has gone home to be with the Father...makes me smile. Yet, his loss to a world that needs more people like him is very sad. He was certainly light and salt to this dark place. I pray for comfort for is family and his friends. And I am grateful for the legacy that was left. God smiled on Rich, and I know that when Rich opened his eyes that Friday night God said to him..."Well done, good and faithful servant".

Michelle Premuto

He impressed us all by saying so simply what we all felt but couldn't express because it is so complex. I never met Rich, or even got to his concerts, but I felt his 'realness' through his music, and like so many others I'm sure would have felt totally comfortable to sit down and talk like old friends at first meeting. Somehow he felt more like a friend than an artist. Anyway, until the day comes when we do meet for the first time, and do talk like old friends, his music will challenge, comfort and remind us all.
Paul and Rachel Dettmann
Victoria, Australia.

Rich wrote some fantastic songs. All his music and lyrics were more than meets the eye, and always more that could be discovered. I would have loved to have met him, but sort of feel I know him because his songs tell a lot (Though I did think Aiden was his son) God really did bless Rich with many gifts and blessed us all with Rich himself. Gods ways are not our ways. It is hard to understand why God had other plans for Rich, but we trust him, even though it is hard. We are praying for you all at this time that God's peace and love will surround you.

God Bless.
Michelle Dettmann

These are words I wish I had said to Rich Mullins but never had the chance. For the past six years since I became acquainted with his music it has been a constant companion and comfort. It seems that no matter what I would be going through at the time there was a song of Rich's that put into words what I was feeling. I don't understand the gift that he had that he could speak in such deep ways what I was going through but I am so grateful. When I heard of his going "home" I wept and I'm walking through a time of mourning that I don't entirely understand.

How can someone become so precious to you when you haven't spent time with that person? It may be selfishness but I know that my tears are for the lack of Rich's presence in this world, for the songs that he would have written and for all he would have continued to show us.

My husband and I are missionaries and at the time we are serving in Siberia where we have been for four years. This spring we happened to be in the US for a time of rest and I remember telling my husband that if I could see Rich Mullins in concert before we left that I would feel our rest had been complete. That day friends of ours called to say that Rich would be in Grand Rapids on May 6th if we were interested. I felt it was a gift from God and our evening there at the concert truly was a blessing I'll never forget. Others have said, what I can testify to, that Rich in humbleness almost was invisible on stage in his glorifying the Lord and gift of music.

He left a great gift to this world and his compassion for others, his heart for God, and his quietness of spirit challenges me to arrive at the gates of heaven and be welcomed in the same way I'm sure he was. It must have been a special "day" there! I just wish so desperately that he was still here and I wish so desperately that I could understand why he isn't. I do trust in that the Lord had decided Rich could now do more for Him in heaven and that his ministry on earth was done.

My prayers are for his family, for Mitch and for all of us who feel the loss of a Singer-warrior and Poet-of-Poets. "?when you find something worth believing that's a joy that nothin could take away and so we meet again after all these years?" Heaven will be a true reunion.

In thankfulness to God,
Laurinda Douglas

His music so richly touched me over the years. I am truly sad that his insightful lyrics, wonderful melodies and positive example is gone. Thanks Rich. You will never know how many lives you touched

Douglas Brown Mirabel,
Quebec, Canada

With shock and sadness we received the news of Rich's death. Our loss is Heaven's gain. Our prayers go out to his family and many friends, and for recovery and healing for Mitch. We can't help but think that Rich is ministering face to face to the One he cherished the most on his short earthly journey.

Rich & Liz Wanser

I only recently discovered the music of Rich Mullins. But, I feel like it's been the inspiration I have needed all my life. My life was touched with my greatest joy in finding him and my greatest sadness at losing him. I will never be the same and I hope he is happy with our lord.

Marie Delahunty

It is painfully clear that Rich Mullins' impact within the body of Christ has been enormous. His songs have made lasting imprints upon the lives of believers for over a decade. "Awesome God" and "Step By Step" are regularly sung by congregations across the country. Other artists have reaped the benefit of his composing and performing skills, from the earlier days of Amy Grant's career to the modern sounds of Third Day. One of my own first memories of Rich Mullins includes being brought to tears after hearing the song "These Days" from his debut album so many years ago.

I suspect, however, that what Mr. Mullins would want us to do at this point is to take the focus off of him and celebrate the God he so earnestly sought to love, worship, and understand. Today is an age where we are so easily tempted to place individuals on pedestals. Certainly there are few people more deserving of such an honor as Rich Mullins. But if we are to truly honor him, we must hear the underlying message which was so prevalent in his music; a testimony that honored God above all else, a legacy that recognizes the frailty of our own lives and glorified the Lord of all life. His presence in public life--rather, his display of Christlike humility despite his popularity--was a living example of such a legacy. None of his albums may have gone platinum; his touring schedule may not have landed him in Madison Square Garden or Wimbley Stadium; but the rewards he now receives from his heavenly Father greatly exceed what fading accolades the media or popular culture could ever conjure up. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Let us not forget the legacy Rich Mullins left behind. It is a legacy of truth, of real faith, and of what Jesus can use each and every one of us to do to serve His Kingdom.

--Glenn R. Molina

Rich touched many people with his music, we are all very sad to see him leave this earth but the one thing that all of us do know is that he is in a much better place with his Creator. I'll never forget singing Awesome God in church for a youth service one Sunday and just realizing how our God is an awesome God. Also the other song I will never for get is Sing Your Praise to the Lord, a friend and I were listening to it on the way home from another concert the night after Rich's death. He did a great job of singing praises. I never saw him in concert but I'm sure I will see him in Heaven some day. You'll always be remembered as an awesome man of God Rich.


I want to thank the Lord and Rich's family for the music, the ministry, and the way his work here on earth inspired so many of us believers in Christ. In my 10 years as a believer, Rich's music has been some of the most meaningful and heart-stirring that I have listened to. Most recently, the song "Let Mercy Lead" has spoken to me as my wife and I just had our first child. Rich had such a special way of calling out to God for His grace and encouraging us to give all we have to Him. I now ask that you, Rich's family, would be able to fall upon the Lord's grace in the midst of your loss.

God bless,
Rob, Donna, and Sarah George

It is a just over a week after I heard the news, and I am still thinking about it, the emotions are still there. I am saddened at the loss, but fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear the music and the message. I first heard about Rich when the video to "The Color Green" late one night after I got home from work. I then bought the album and later got the chance to go to concerts in Wausau, Wis. and Brookfield, Wis. There are volumes that can be said about him, but for me it all comes down to this: he was real, he believed what he believed and his thoughts and his actions centered around his belief. He pushed himself and was never content with sitting in box, but thinking and asking and searching and growing. The Gospel was always first, and he was a brilliant messenger. He will be missed, but his music and the message will live on. I pray for his family and wish them the best through this time.


I had the opportunity to book Rich twice in Manhattan. The first time was with the Sparks, Avenue G, Jeff Sack and a special appearance by Bryan Duncan. This was the concert of a lifetime. It was a blessing to see all these people of God praising the name of our savior Jesus Christ. Not only was this concert a time where I talked to Rich, Beaker and my good friend Jeff, I was ministered to by the Sparks and Bryan. Rich did this concert for free. It was a blessing to have this young man in Manhattan Kansas doing a benefit concert for a Christian Radio Station. What a great man and a great ministry. Please be assured that of all the people who should be remembered, it is Rich. Because of his passion to help people and to minister to them. Thank you God for Rich's life on earth and we will truly miss the ministry he was called into.-

Tim Dykes,
Manhattan, KS

I just want to thank Rich's mother for raising such a compassionate, uncompromising Christ-centered young man. Thank God for men like Rich & thank God for mothers like Mrs. Mullins, who was such a great influence on her son. One of the things the Lord used in my life as a new believer to grow me up was her son's music & the example of his life. I will daily pray for you, Mrs. Mullins, and your other two sons and Rich's friend Beaker & many other close, dear friends. I know how deeply you will miss this extraordinary man of God.

Thanking the Lord for his life,
Charlotte Moore,
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Dear Mullins Family,

My heart is so full, my eyes full of tears. Such loss! Such loss!
How can I describe to you how much I loved your son? He was as close to me as any could have been in spirit, though I never met him. His music touched the very core of my being. I imagined so many times meeting him and knowing him heart, soul and mind. I longed to converse and share life experiences with him. He was so real. Very much as I see Jesus, he was to me a humble, godly, spiritual man with very human feelings.

I had asked God to give me the opportunity to wash his feet some day. Now, that will never happen. But it would have honored me greatly to have washed his feet, a man who was a servant to all.
The way he spoke of loneliness, and joy, often in the same sentence, is forever etched on my heart. I, too, am celibate, and the intimacy with which he sang and wrote with regard to his own desire for love and companionship, made me want to marry him, myself.

I loved him. I will never forget him. Because of his death, I will be allowed to play his music at my job for the first time in the presence of people who don't know Jesus. But they are allowing me this because I have shared my grief over his passing and they are now curious about hearing his work. Glory to God in the highest...Rich, I will see you soon enough.

Now that you are gone, the past for me will only be, "the world as best as I can remember it..."


Rich compared himself to Elijah, but I always saw Rich's similarities to Paul. He wasn't ashamed of the gospel, but proclaimed it day and night. He chose ministry over marriage, knowing a wife would be a distraction. Mostly, however, Rich allowed God to speak through him. He was a vessel, and his songs
were pure scripture.

Chelsea Caivano

To quote my radio disc jockey: "...we on earth have experienced a great loss, but Heaven has greatly gained..."

I will miss Rich and the impact he has left will stay forever.


On the day I found out that Rich was gone, my best friend and I cried together over the loss of man whose heart and life and music has touched us more than words could ever express. I have been to many of Rich's concerts and I went to them as much to hear what he had to say as to hear his music. His zeal for the truth no matter how hard it can be has encouraged and challenged me over and over. Heaven's gain is our loss, for a time, but I look forward to meeting him when we are all home. Rich's family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers, as is Mitch McVicker. We love you Rich, thanks for all you gave to us.

Anne Connolly

We have lost a good singer! I wish I had heard him in concert. My sympathy goes out to his family in this loss, we met his brother at a wedding in Tampa last year (our daughter was a bridesmaid and Dave was a groomsman at Shannon's and Jason's wedding) and if Rich was anything like his brother, his mom should be proud! I'm thankful for his music he left us!

Kenneth Arnold

I am so sorry to learn of the death of Rich, his music was such an inspiration to me. It was his concert that brought me back to my faith after living in a void for so long. I will be eternally thankful to him and his life as God's messenger. He is missed.

Rick Dawson

Although I, like so many others, never met Rich personally, his music has had a tremendous impact upon my life and my Walk. Through his music, I came to feel that I _knew_ him, because every song was him, and it was from the heart. I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few days, and although he is and will continue to be sorely missed, I find it hard to grieve for Rich himself- rather I grieve for his family, his friends, etc.

Also, please continue to pray for the driver of the truck- I pray that if he is not a Christian, he will come to know the LORD, and that if he is, he will turn to the LORD and not away. I get the feeling that GOD is not done using Rich to minister and impact others' lives here on earth.

Also, i can't help but wonder: what impact will this have within contemporary Christian music? Not being a fan of a lot of ccm (some of it I find to be shallow- too happy happy joy joy, not enough impact, if it doesn't make you think when you hear it, what is the point???) I have always found Rich to be a refreshing, inspiring change from the mundane. Who will the LORD bring forward now for those like myself? Well, I have rambled on quite enough. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Rich, Mitch and the driver of the semi. Peace be to you all.

Steve McGhee

We were honored to have met Rich while he was music intern at Kentwood Christian Church in 1982-83 in Kentwood Michigan. We enjoyed many super times with Rich at camp, church, and home. Last Wednesday, we had a very uplifting memorial service for him at church. People came from all over West Michigan to speak of Rich. Our prayers go out to his family but rejoice that he is in a place we both hope to join him. A place of no pain only joy and comfort.

With Christian Love,
Mary and Bob Palmer.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to see a little of what made up Rich's heart and soul. I was able to attend his concert this past summer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and it has positively impacted my life every since.

It was through his music and mostly his words of wisdom that I learned how important it is to be content in life. Philippians 4:11 is the verse that has been brought to my mind time and again since that concert. Rich stressed how important it was not for us to worry about where we are headed, but to be so utterly content where we are so that we can affectively serve our Lord and King.

I left that concert with my heart so full of joy that I felt as if I would burst. Never had I been so refreshed by music as I had that night.

My heart is greatly saddened by Rich's death. If it is of any condolence, I would like you to know that I have grown spiritually through Rich's ministry. I will always treasure that concert where I truly saw God at work.

Jennifer Pillath

I considered Rich Mullins be one of my most influential teachers in the faith. I belong to Worldwide Church of God. The teachings until recently were very legalistic. I didn't have a good view of God as a God of grace and love, but viewed God more in terms of a God of rules and laws that was constantly displeased with me and my efforts to obey Him. I was introduced to Rich's music by a member in my church, and before long, I purchased all of his works. His music and especially his video 'Pursuit of a Legacy' helped release me from an impoverished relationship with God into a richer, closer relationship. I look forward to meeting Rich Mullins in the future.

Robert Sparkman

I am truly saddened to hear about the passing of Rich. I only trust in the Lord's wisdom and know that He wanted Rich with Him. Although I never personally met Rich, he was my friend and my encourager. His music always made me focus on the Lord. Rich had that special gift of pointing others to the Lord with His music. While many, I believe, in the contemporary Christian music scene water down the gospel message, Rich was a bright and shinning light. His songs made one think about his relationship with the Lord. I am a Christian school teacher and in my PE class I use Rich's song "Every where I go I see You" to warm up. The children love that song. When I heard of the accident I told my students and let them know that now Rich really does see the Lord everywhere he goes in glory. I want you to know that we are praying for Rich's family. Sometimes I must confess that I feel as though God doesn't make any sense. Rich's passing is one of these times. I only know that God has a purpose and rest in that knowledge. I look forward to the day that we will all be in glory. When we leave this crazy, sin sickened world, and see Him face to face. May the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with his family and friends during this time. I'll miss you Rich and the music that you never got the chance to sing for us. I guess the Lord wanted you to sing it in heaven.

Mike Macbeth

Mullins family,

I've been thinking all day about Rich and playing his music. I realized that he was the Keith Green of my generation--gifted with musical instruments, unmistakably clear lyrics always pointing to our Lord, and a humble spirit that was taken tragically too soon. His music and ministry had an impact on my life that touched me so deeply and encouraged me in my walk with my Savior. Although Rich will be greatly missed here on earth, I look forward to worshipping with him someday in heaven. On that day, we'll all meet again. Until then, my prayers are with you, his earthly family.

your sister in Christ (your Church family),
Jennifer Irani

The loss is unspeakably profound. And from where I sit the void left behind appears unfillable. God has called home a man of unique and unmatched talent. The gift God gave him to speak to the hearts and souls of people through music was unprecedented. His willingness to use that gift to its fullest blessed us greatly, and so, great will be his reward in heaven.

His song "If I Stand" was a monument to the time in my life when I turned back to Christ. Ever since, his songs have expressed the joy, longing and sorrow of my soul in ways I never could. He painted pictures with his words, so simple and yet so profound. "all those drainpipes dripping out the last Sons of Thunder", "over Kansas the whole universe was still", and "I awoke in the house of God, where windows are mornings and evenings stretched from the sun, across the sky north to south.". His songs transcend time just as the classic hymns of the faith do. Who will paint those pictures and touch our souls now, Lord? I pray you will raise someone up.

But I know in all things God is good. Though I will always have some sadness in my heart when I hear his songs, I rejoice for a brother called home. It seemed to be the deepest desire of his heart and God has fulfilled it. The celestial choirs rejoice for the talent that has been added to their ranks. Thank you Lord for the time you allowed us to share with Rich. We have all been abundantly blessed. Please Lord, comfort his family and friends. I look eagerly forward to hearing Rich's latest work when I get to heaven. Come quickly Lord Jesus. See you soon, Rich.

Jack Brothers

P.S. Rich, I always here the water falling and the oceans crashing in your songs.

When I heard the news, I couldn't help but listen to the music. When I first saw Rich, it was at a concert at church. The building was way too small to handle the crowd, but we managed to get seats close to the front. He came out wearing worn blue jeans and chewing gum. I thought, " What a card! What a character!" I was quickly awed by his gifts. God gave him the ability to make wonderful music -- even out of ordinary cups. I'll miss you. See you on the other side...

Linda Rinkel

The first time I heard STEP BY STEP, I knew it had to be shared with anyone who would listen. I am so grateful to Rich for allowing God to work through him and using his incredible talents for our Lord. It is not just Rich we admire, but God in Rich that is so special. I thank God for Rich.

I am saddened by the loss of Rich on this earth, but I am indescribably happy that Rich is in Heaven. He is in the presence of our Lord. He has seen Him face to face. What a joy that must be! May God comfort all in this knowledge and may God grant all grace in our sorrow.

Finally, I am delighted to say my husband and I were married on Rich's birthday in 1995 and we used STEP BY STEP in our ceremony. That memory has come to be even more special now. Thank you God!

Joan Luaces

We in the music ministry at Westlake Baptist Church have used Rich's music extensively. Westlake is a seeker targeted church, that is we devote our prime time services on Sunday to reaching out to the lost and disenfranchised, after Christ's example. The music Rich wrote gives a message of joy and hope to a group of people who do not have that joy and hope. The impact of his music will live on past the loss of his life. Thanks to God for allowing us to share in Rich's ministry here on earth. We pray that God will heal the lives of those Rich left behind.

WW Tarpley

I would like to convey my sympathies to Rich's family and vent my sorrow, too. I can't imagine ever forgetting the emotional impact his music has had on me. Many times (Our Father in Heaven knows exactly how many times) I would put on a Rich Mullins CD and without setting-up a reserved "worship time" find myself at God's throne, pouring out my thanks for rescuing me from the miry pit, which I deserve. The immediate task at hand would go unaccomplished and I would sit in grateful tears at the words to songs like, "If I Stand", "Here To Carry On", "My One Thing" and a testimony to my own life, "Growing Young". I will continue to worship God with the aid of Rich's music, but I am selfishly sorry that the additional ones are gone. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Rich at the many concerts of his I attended, I can't help feeing that I have lost a good friend. It is a bittersweet position to be in, isn't it? I will continue to remember Rich's family in prayer.

In Sorrow and Joy,
Eileen Manning

My husband and I first heard Rich at a small coffee house type setting,(the Dandelion), in Wichita. He had a tremendous impact on our lives. He set an example before everyone of how a man of God should live. He was real, gentle, personal. Praise God for allowing him to enter into our life if even for a brief moment.

We will miss him.

Lori Myrtle

I praise God for the mighty works this man did in the power of Jesus Christ and I look forward to spending all eternity with him. I lift up his family and loved ones before the throne of grace, that they may be strengthened in the struggles of this world. We know we have a better world to look forward to and our gain is to spend all eternity with our heavenly Father who will never leave us nor forsake us.

When I was a very young and wayward christian, Rich's music spurred me on to go back to the throne of Jesus. I know that his music lifted me out of depression caused by many difficult times. God uses men like these to bring the babes in Christ and even nonbelievers to a life walked with God. That is what Rich did, he walked with God and he lead others to do the same. God bless his ministry and may it continue to do the works of Christ. I know he is blessed in the almighty presence of God to the point that I am envious. I am excited and full of joy at the mere thought of a place with no pain, no tears, no struggle.

Lord, may we live our lives in the spiritual realm of your presence and let us not be distracted any longer by the gains and struggles of this world. Bless Rich's family with your reassuring presence. Bring Mitch to completely restored health. Thank you Lord Jesus that you took stripes on your back for his healing and he shall be restored. I pray for his family and I ask that you give them supernatural strength and endurance. Praise the Lord Always!


Dear Mrs. Mullins,

I am praying that God will give you and your family an over abundance of peace. On Sunday, August 31, 1997, I lost my only child in a tragic auto accident. He was 21, and had just finished a Christian Concert in Washington, the Tom Festival. Kevin was just filling in as the band Forthwright's bass guitarist. Kevin was an awesome young man of God, and shared his faith with everyone. I would just like to share that God has been with me and my husband through this trial, and he continues to bless us daily. When we learned of your son's death, we knew the pain that you felt and our hearts went out to you. We will continue to pray for you and your family. Your son had a wonderful ministry, and the Lord will continue to use him to minister to those who listen to his music.

God bless you,
Lora Glass

It's taken a while to put this tragedy into any kind of perspective. I have thought of the countless days that I have carpooled my children back and forth around town while holding back tears as I sang along with Rich's songs. They cut to my heart like no other. We sing him almost weekly at my PCA presbyterian church during praise time. He is a part of countless lives....or should I say he opened countless windows for the Lord to enter the lives of so many. I was raised a Christian, and I have raised my family to be Christians. It's amazing as we feel so "intuned" with the Christian world...that someone could come along to take us a step higher. He was a Christian's Christian. I listened to him, and I was brought to a higher level in my walk.

I know the Lord will provide new ways for me to grow, but my heart is heavy, and I wish I could be a part of his memorial in any way. My older son has his CD playing at Wake Forest University...where I think, Rich, would be surprised to know how many students are deeply affected by this loss. InterVarsity Fellowship is available to talk with students who need to talk. I think we'll hear about the ground swell of mourners that are all over the as time goes on.


Dear Mrs. Mullins and family:

I am so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers for you will carry on for a long time. Your son's music has inspired our family for many years. I never would have imagined that the death of someone "I did not know" could have hit so hard. I thought I could handle death, even when it's sudden, since I lost my mom, dad and brother far too soon. However, it has been a week since I've heard of Rich's death, and I still feel lost.

After some reflection, I have realized that I did know your son. He had a gift of being able to take my thoughts, feelings, even my groanings that seemed far too deep to verbalize, and craft them into beautiful music.

He was able to sing of the complexity and mystery of God, yet I was inspired to pursue Him even harder. He would sing of our wretchedness and failures, yet I was overwhelmed by the Grace of God. Convicted, but never condemned. His songs provided such a spiritual feast, but I always left with a deep hunger and thirst for more. He opened my eyes to God's handiwork in nature and in people, especially "the least of these". His music could sweep me before the Throne of God, but not leave me there. I always could hear his admonition to spread God's Love in this short time here on earth.

We only had the privilege of seeing him in concert twice. Our children enjoyed being able to participate with Rich as he sang. He asked everyone to take their keys out of their pockets and jingle them. These ordinary items were transformed into instruments used to offer praise to God. I was blessed more by what he had to say than by his songs. He appeared to be a very humble man who truly cared about those he met. He was one of the very few who lived their life here knowing this was not his home.

Well the road now seems steep and uneven. A little harder to see. But I pray that God will raise up another. For we all need someone to remind us that "God is in His temple, and there is still a prayer that can make the mountains move".

Paul Zubrowski

Hi to the family of Rich Mullins. I like to introduce myself to you. My name is C. E. Prince. I am hard-of-hearing and am male. Also, I am a music director at Deaf Mission Baptist Church in Shreveport, La. I am a fan of Rich Mullins. I am deeply sorry to hear that you lost your love one. Even though I never met him, I feel really miss him. I think he is a great singer. I bought the first CD of Rich Mullins. The album of the first CD is "SONGS". I think it is great. When I heard that Rich Mullins passed away, I felt really bad. I know that I should be happy that Rich is with the Lord forever and I still miss him.

Anyway, the real reason I write this email is because I want to honor him by signing one of his song with a sign language. I wanted to signed the song to keep his "flaming memory" alive. As I mentioned earlier, I am hard-of-hearing. I am able to hear the songs with certain deep voices like Rich Mullins and Carman. I didn't use my voice to sing the song, but I used the sign language to sign the song. On September 28, 1997 (today's date), I signed one of Rich Mullins' song called "Sometimes By Step" for the special song service at the deaf church. I think that this song is beautiful.

Also, I will pray for Rich's family that God will care for his family and to continue to comfort. I hope that this letter clear to you because I am not good on grammar. On other words, I hope that you understand this letter, but just want to let you know something I did for Rich Mullins. That is all. May God bless and continue to comfort you.

C. E. Prince

I'm sitting in the dark with my newborn son beside me, trying to find adequate words, knowing I will not. Zachary Paul came into this world three hours before Rich left it. I found out about Rich the following Wednesday. I came home and told my wife. We ate our supper in silence, too hurt to talk. I raised my head to speak and she beat me to it. She said "Do you want to call him Rich?" I looked at her in disbelief and said "You read my mind! Yes!" Zachary Paul Richard is an angel from heaven.

Rich, my dear friend, mentor, idol whom I loved, followed, left awful big shoes to fill. I know what you're going to say...follow Jesus like you followed me. That's what's hitting me through all this, and I know that you're probably hoping and praying right now that that's what we'll all do. I will try Rich. I honestly will. My favorite song of yours is The Love of God, and you know, you just may be the flame that finally melts my heart of stone. Ironic isn't it? I know you're still alive, Rich, you're just not one of the "remaining" ones like I am. I'm comforted by that, knowing I'll see you again some'll be the one in bare feet.

Thanks for everything, Rich. I love you. Thank you Father, your ways I know are best, even though they are past finding out. I love you too.

Your friends,
Paul and Deborah.

I have cried buckets, oceans even, over the thought of not seeing him again till the other side. His leaving left a hole in my heart the size of Kansas, but one very good thing has happened to me because of it. I had settled into a daily grind of life, and Richard's dramatic exit got me thinking about my commitment to God. Yes, I'm a Christian. But not the kind that Richard was. Even tho' I had wept for days, all I could see was Richard's face when I cried out to the Lord for comfort. Then last night I saw the Lord step in front of Richard and ask me "Why do you not weep and long for Me like that?" Talk about your reality check!! So I got out my Bible and started my long journey home. Richard is home. I'm the one kicking and screaming about this, not him! I'll never forget Richard. And I'll never forget the whimsy of him, his awe in the world of nature, nor his delight in the unfathomable mysteries of God. Even as a teenager, he had the same mysterious magnetism that drew people to him till the end. He gave us so much, and now I need to carry on while he enjoys his rest and reward.


Rich's heart for God displayed in his music, will always live forever. His music has ministered to me many a time. Although he was taken away so quickly, when I heard the news I instantly thought, "Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of His saints." I praise God that the grave has been defeated and that your son, brother, friend staring into the beautiful face of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you all, may you rest assured in your time of grief that there are many there bearing your loss.....God bless.


Dear Neva and Family:

I know God doesn't make mistakes,and I know where Rich is now, but that doesn't stop our hurting here on Earth. I also know that Rich touched people's lives all over the world, and a few out of this world. I knew Rich for 10 years, first meeting and getting to know him while he was at CBC. When I met him I didn't want anything to do with God, I had a "not-so-hot" relationship with my father, and the last thing I wanted to do was go to a "religious" concert. I'm glad I did though.

Rich took the time to explain to me what it meant to have God as, not only a friend, but as my true father. I had a lot of anger inside me and Rich seemed to know just what the Holy Spirit wanted him to say, and he said it - he didn't pull any punches - he told me that I needed to "wise up" and then he gave me a great big hug.
I needed that hug. I think he needed that hug too. I have to tell you that when I heard the news of his going home, I thought the person who called and told me was wrong, or had gotten her information wrong (which I knew was unlikely from this person). But for some reason I just sat down and felt numb. When I last spoke with Rich, a few months ago, he told me that he would be in Wichita for the youth concert and that we'd hook up after the concert for a sandwich and that I'd finally get to meet "this Mitch guy". I was so looking forward to that sandwich! But I'd rather Rich eat his sandwich with Jesus.

Neva, please know, as a mother, that you do, indeed, have every reason to be proud of your son, and know that he always took the time to reach out, be himself, and show people just how much they needed God in their lives, whether they wanted to know that or not. I will miss Rich and his gift, but I won't say "goodbye" I'd rather say, "until later" God Bless. I know God's blessing Rich right now with all of the knowledge that Rich so longed and searched for....So long my friend, save me a seat (and a sandwich!- and don't lose it this time!)

With Love In Him,

I've been a musician/songwriter for many years and I really appreciated the great talent in this man. The night he went home we were at an Insyderz concert with the youth group we lead and the last song they did (even though it was a Ska version) was Awesome God ; We didn't find out about his going until sunday and then it dawned on us that that friday night we were ushering him into heaven with his own song. Praise God! Monday night on KLOVE they ran a tribute to the man and afterwards late that night God inspired me to write this poem/song, so I humbly submit it here. It's called "Brother Rich"

When they told me that you had gone home to God, I think I was a bit numb How you had inspired us all and challenged us to sing our praises to the Lord Man you were a bright star! Shining forth the love of an awesome God Step by step you led us through your world of praise And you said it wouldn't break your heart to say good-bye, but it sure did ours

My brother to be as inspired as you, to have your gift of song Must truly have been a blessing and a joy to pass along I only saw you on time, with your t-shirt and bare feet But the Truth of all you were that night, was oh so very sweet

I pray that I'll be as faithful with the little I've been given As you were with your great task of sharing to the world all that God gave you to share I too want to stand on the promise, I too want to fall on the grace, and I too want to sing for the joy But now I weep because you have made it home, and we remain behind

B Solas

Hi, I just wanted to say that the music of Rich Mullins has had a very profound effect on me. His music was very much anointed by God and what a blessing it has been. Our radio station in Chico, CA KLOVE has played a lot of Rich's music in memory of him. I have two of his cd's and plan to get more. Praise God for folks like Rich who live for God and share their talent with everyone else. Heaven surely must be rejoicing at his arrival.

In His Love.
Dottie Gillespie

Rich found his favor with God; he shunned the rewards of the world, and sought what God offered at the cost of the fame that would have brought him the attention (I feel) he deserved. Tozer was right: the godly man is little valued in this world. How much more, then, we need to strive to be men who are little esteemed by the world and valued only by our Father in heaven. Rich truly lived "He must increase, and I must decrease." What a great honor it has been to know a man who tried to live this out.

Chris Klahn
Aviano AB, Italy

I never heard Rich sing live - it was a funny twist in God's plan: I was at Summer Madness here in N. Ireland. He was to be on stage on Saturday night after taking a 1 hr seminar in the afternoon. I was at the seminar and heard him speak. He was very nervous at the start but still blessed us so much. So many speakers come to N. Ireland and give us their opinion of what we're doing wrong and how to sort out our problems. You'll not be surprised when I say Rich was different. He came and told us about God, and how he sees so many people using the christian music industry as a vehicle to fame and fortune, not the cross. (We smiled every time he said vehicle, with our different accent it sounded really funny - we pronounce it with a silent 'h' , more like "ve-ache-le" but Rich said "ve-HAKE-le". I don't think he even noticed our reaction).

This theme led him onto his point that God doesn't always call us to worldly fame, popularity and success but some of us will be called to financial poverty, hardship, and sacrificing things we desire so much.

At the end Rich was really going well and he slipped into the prose that touches deep down in you. The couple of Irish people who'd heard of Rich knew that they were about to be hit for 6, but the majority of the audience never seen it coming! We could really feel God's spirit as he moved through Rich's prose.

The hour flew by and then I suddenly had to be called away! I was really upset but it took me a few weeks to realise that this is what God was talking about - missing things we desire so much. If I'd seen Rich perform I would probably have started following him and looking at him, not Jesus. Rich wouldn't have wanted that, and most of all God didn't and in His wisdom I didn't see Rich. Realising that comforted me a lot and then, in his great provision I stumbled upon the mailing list. I've read so many reviews of Rich's concerts that I feel like I've been to one. Thank you for your work - God does use the mailing list and minister to us through it. I believe it to be a vital part of mission in your life.

Before Rich came to N. Ireland only a dozen or so people had heard his music. People couldn't understand why we were all nuts about his music. After the concert they understood.

His Protestant/Catholic beliefs put him in a unique position for ministering to the proud, splintered people that we are in N. Ireland. The fact that he had an inkling of Catholicism itself was a massive challenge to the Protestant church. That challenge is still there today.

Please pass on my condolences to Rich's family and my thoughts for Mitch and his family. Also Beaker and Rich's manager.

Adrian Lester
Northern Ireland

Wish I would have taken the time to send this letter. Maybe God will see that Rich knows how much his obedience to God has helped so many. For Rich; Many times I've run far from God, seeking dark places to hide my dirty soul. Too ashamed to open my bible and ask for God's forgiveness. But your music is embedded in my bones. It creeps out in the middle of the night and pervades my thoughts until my troubled spirit cries out for forgiveness and God in his goodness wraps me in the mercy and the grace that you sang about. It cost you much Richard, to walk the path God laid before you. But Jesus said "lay down your life and follow me." You did. Thank you for the light that you have left showing me the way. See you on the other side my friend.
Dale McClellan

Our sympathy goes to the family and many friends of Rich Mullins. I was greatly impacted by his ministry, for you see Rich was the very first contemporary artist I have ever heard in concert. I was raised by a legalistic church and found little joy therein. A friend invited me to attend a concert of Rich's in Indiana, and I was amazed that young Christians could praise God in such a beautiful way. This was the beginning of learning to worship God in spirit and in truth. The thing that impressed me so much about Rich Mullins was his honesty in worship. His focus was truly on God and he seemed to send all the praises he received to the Father himself. I truly admire him for giving the praise to the one who deserved it. A special thank you to the family of Rich Mullins for the sacrifices you gave in order that others could be ministered through his gifts. The seed was planted and continues to grow on and on in a lot of individuals.

With my sympathy,
a Sister in Christ.

Mrs. Mullins and others in Rich's family -

I am so sorry to hear of the death of your son Rich. I'm praying for you all.

I first heard of Rich in 1981 or so when Zion played at our high school in Anderson, Indiana, as part of the Great Escape. I enjoyed his music then and was thrilled when Dave Wheeler asked him to be part of our week at church camp at Pearson's Mill Christian Assembly (now Rainbow Christian Camp) in Converse, Indiana. The week spent with Rich was the best week I ever spent at camp. He didn't play a whole lot of music that week. Mostly he spoke to us about reverencing the Word of God and applying it to our daily lives. I thank God for the impact Rich had on my life that week and through the years with his music and testimony.

I'm sure you wouldn't remember me, but I visited your church in Richmond with the Christian Campus House ministry from Ball State. Carlye Harris, who grew up in that church, was with us that day and introduced us to you and your son Dave. You mentioned that Amy Grant had just recorded another of Rich's songs - Doubly Good to You.

Through the years, I've benefitted from Rich's music in many many ways. It has *always* encouraged me to draw deeper into God and His word. Thank you for giving him life.

Most recently, my husband and I saw Rich in concert in South Bend, Indiana. The next night we saw the premiere of Canticle of the Plains. One of my best friends, Shelly Yoder-Wray, played Frank's love interest. Again, your son's words and music touched my life and encouraged me to pursue the important things in life.

This has been a fall of many deaths touching my life in one way or another. In particular our pastor died a month ago. Our church spent a great deal of time grieving together, but we rejoice in knowing that "we sorrow, but not as those who have no hope." Someday, we will see Rich again. We *know* where Rich is now - with his Savior that he loved so much. In his death, he still encourages me, Mrs. Mullins, because I know Rich is in Heaven with Jesus.

Thank you again for giving Rich life and giving him such a firm foundation in his faith. I know you are grieving right now, and you and all your family are in our prayers.

We loved Rich, and because of that, we extend our love and prayers to you.

Sincerely in Christ,

Anni and Chuck Welborne
West Lafayette, Indiana

What a great loss for us not to be able to hear more wonderful music from him. What a great blessing to Rich to finally be in heaven. My husband Ron and I had the opportunity to hear Rich in concert at Crystal Evangelical Free Church in New Hope, Minnessota . It was a wonderful worship experience as well as being a concert;and meeting Rich in person after the concert was also a really positive experience. He is definitely missed.

Julie Rakke

I have been trying for days to find the words to describe the sense of loss that I feel at Rich's death. I met him several times and found him to be one of the most unassuming and humble men I had ever met. His music and life have had a profound influence on my life, and for that I am eternally grateful to God. Rich had a way of knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. Many times in my life, usually during the darkest times, I let Rich and his music speak for me. I began praying for Rich about three years ago--praying for him personally, for his band, his travels and tours, and his musical influence on today's youth.

Rich Mullins will be missed by a great many people. He was a man after God's own heart. I will miss him greatly.

Dawn Thomas

My first response at the news of Rich's death was one of selfishness. I long to be in heaven, and I was jealous that God would allow him to come home while I still have work to do. Shocked, I was in a state of disbelief that God, knowing how inspiring he was to me, would actually take him from this earth where he touched so many people.

But I'm glad for him. And began to ponder the reasons I was so touched by a man I never knew.

The first and foremost was his relationship with God. He definitely passed on that fact through his writings. I also admired how he could express those feelings so clearly and prolifically. God had truly blessed him with a gift of eloquence, creativity, and the ability to communicate so thoroughly what an awesome God he served.

And in my passing I would like to have touched others in the way Rich did. Thru an obvious relationship with my Master. my Maker, my God!

Michelle Shaw

Some eight years ago before I ever knew of Rich Mullins, I attended a Christian singles music concert. I don't recall who came and played, but what stands out in my memory is that during the preparatory time, they played "Our God is an awesome God." A good portion of the audience, if not most, was sincerely praising God while singing the chorus. That was the best part of the whole night.

dave nelson
Sacramento, CA

The news is indeed both happy and sad; Rich is Home but he and his inspiring songs will definitely be missed. "Awesome God", THE youth group song, was my first Rich Mullins experience although it would be years before I learned he was the man behind the tune. "Sing Your Praise to the Lord", definitely one of my favorites on Amy Grant's Collection album is a similar situation. I familiarized myself with the NAME Rich Mullins after hearing his excellent cover of the late Mark Heard's "How to Grow Up Big and Strong" and shortly after bought Brother's Keeper and A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band. The latter has the honor of being one of my very favorite albums.

I'm a deejay at a community station. We're not supposed to play Christian music but I sneak Mullins' songs in as often as I can. I will be featuring him on an upcoming show and if you can send me any information about his life and/or music, I would greatly appreciate it. I did have the honor of listening to a syndicated special about Rich on Seattle's Christian station and was touched by his stories about teaching young children music. I wish I could remember more of the show but I do remember one specific quote: "No one is won into the Kingdom of Christ through snobbery." I think this stood out because I was still in high school, where snobbery is alive and well, but if only more people would think that way!!

Mr. Mullins was obviously very loving and selfless. Two other very gifted, Godly CCM men went to heaven a little earlier than the rest of us: Keith Green and Mark Heard. Rich appeared on both of their tribute albums and now I'm happy to know that he's with them singing his praises WITH the Lord AND to the Lord. I send my deepest regards to his friends and family and look forward to expanding my Mullins' collection and keeping his music alive.

Tammy Tillinghast

I never met Rich Mullins and yet it is as if my best friend just died. I pray for his family and everyone effected by this. I know death is different from God's point of view; it's not a parting but a reunion. His music touched my life so, because everything that I ever wanted to say to God and could never find the words for he said for me. These songs are my prayers and promises. I know that Rich was an ordinary man like anyone of us. His "greatness" if you will, came from his simple love and devotion for God. All he did was follow God; his devoted walk on this earth has stirred the fire in my heart to live a life as devoted to God as Rich's and to follow Him to the end's of the earth and beyond, just like Rich.

"...I am home anywhere, if You are where I am..."

He is finally home...forever.

Aaron Taylor

As someone who has been blessed so much through Rich's music, I can truly be thankful he is still with us in that art form. As a Compassion sponsor myself, I know his love for the needy children he gave much of his life for will increase through his passing. Rich had a way of sharing what true compassion and righteousness truly were, and rarely are these seen in someone as well known as Rich. He spoke to me, but more importantly I saw a Christ radiating through his life. When you can see Christ in anyone, then you know what is truly special about a person's life. Rich's was truly special. Jesus is still so good.

Lee Shed

I have know Rich now for 12 years. I met him in Missouri at CIY. He always hung around our youth group. I am 28 now and I will miss him very much. His music was always listened to in my car, house, and anywhere I had a tape player. Your family is in my and my churches prayers. He is in a better place and as he said in one of his songs "if I weep, let me weep as a man who is longing for his home". Rich you are home now.

With Love

Dear family of Rich,

I'm sure you are no doubt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people that have responded to the news of Rich's going to be with the Lord. Knowing that this is the goal for all of us who live for Christ doesn't seem to make this loss easier. Those of us who he left behind are grieving.

I know that he touched many, many lives. My son and I met him backstage at a concert here in Raleigh last November. I was almost embarrassed looking back to have bothered him. He was very kind to us and humble in the Lord, and didn't seem comfortable with the attention. We were near the front and he smiled at us when he came on stage, I think more comfortable with the crowd than with individuals.

His music, lyrics and melodies touched so many and led so many to the Lord. He always pointed to God. I still have my ticket on which he signed "Be Gods" I will never forget him. I feel in a lot of ways like he was the big brother (in the Lord) I never had.

I remember when my dad died, it was so hard to read the condolences and sympathy cards, I ended up just putting them in a box because it was just too painful. I had no idea how many lives my dad touched. I did read them a few years later, and it was a very sweet release. I hope these letters from Rich's fans are the same for you dear family, even if after some time goes by.

I don't think people want to intrude, but we all feel the loss, while at the same time the anticipation of also going on to be with the Lord. I know you are all hurting very much. I don't think we can fathom what it means to be absent from this earthly body, but oh to be with Jesus, as Rich surely is now.

I am sorry for your loss, I know it is a hard thing to lose some one so dear. Please know that many, many people are praying for you.

Patti Whitworth
Raleigh, NC

I am sad to hear of Rich Mullin's death. He'll be sadly missed. May his music live on forever and continue to reach souls.

I listened to the music of Rich Mullins often. I especially like the song "Awesome God." It is a very powerful song. I was shocked when I heard the news of his death. He is indeed in a better place. I am praying for his family that God will comfort them during this time. There was a song that came to mind when I heard about his death. It is a Truth song entitled "If You Could See Me Now." That is a great song and has a great message. Even though he is gone from the people who love him, he is in Heaven singing in God's choir and we wouldn't want him to leave Heaven.


I'm sure the Father has already welcomed Rich home and has said, "Well done, my good and faithful servant." We will never understand God's plan--that must be why we're not Him. My prayers are with Rich's family and friends, I'm so sorry! --

Kathy Cross
Edwards, CA

the shock and anger is finally wearing off and i am just plain sad. rich's music has been with me through such hard times in my life. i can't imagine a world without rich mullins in it. i miss him. i have been listening to rich since i walked into a christian bookstore and heard his first album. i thought, "hey, this guy is different" and i bought the tape and have been hooked ever since. it has taken me over a week to work through the anger i have had at God for taking rich. it doesn't make sense. i am finally getting to a place where i can feel some slight feeling of joy for rich. i am selfish, yet, his death leaves me with the desire to love more, to share Christ with more people through loving them. we have nothing to lose, so why not give it all? thank you, rich, for risking it all and leaving us with so much.


He's given me hope to carry on. His hope carried him to eternal life. Let's never forget the cross and it's meaning.

On September 24 I wrote a poem about Rich Mullins in my poetry workshop. It wasn't until later that same day that I learned of his death, so you can imagine how it struck me. For the past six years, his music has helped me through many spiritual struggles. Somehow I don't feel that he is really gone because he was never fully here. He was suspended somewhere between heaven and earth on his beloved Jacob's ladder. Just think of how phenomenal it must have been for all of heaven when Rich finally met his One Thing. I only regret that I couldn't witness it. He is now surrounded by the sound which he found so elusive on earth--that sound that expresses completely the fury of God's love, mercy, justice, awesomeness, and glory. He has left for us music that comes as close to that sound as is possible on earth. I think he would want to be remembered as the man who gave his life to sing His praise.

--Mary Scates

rich mullins put more intensity into his lyrics than any other christian artist today. his heart bled through onto the verse and music that he wove together so well for so long. he has been a part of the greatest calling man has ever know God and to make Him known. may his life encourage us and his passing challenge us to live each day in step with the one who wants to give us the hope and abundant life that rich sang about. God bless you rich; you were an inspiration in your life and even more so now in your passing


Words can not express to you how Rich's music has touched my life.
I live in Houston, Texas and our local Christian radio station KSBJ devoted the morning show to Rich the Monday after his death. I cried as I drove to work listening to songs, thoughts and prayers that were shared. I heard about Rich's death sunday afternoon. Tears rolled down my face. I did not know him personally, but his songs have touched my heart. Saturday evening I was going to listen to KSBJ, but the radio signal is weak right now and did not come in to well, so I decided to listen to a CD. Out of all of my choices of music to listen to I chose Rich's songs. That is why I was so shocked sunday afternoon when I heard the news. It made me realize how precious our lives are. I am sure Rich is singing his praises with the Angels in Heaven.

My heart goes out to his family, along with my prayers.

Misty Phillip

I am astonished by the man who we know best because of lyrics that lead us to the Lord God Himself. It is a marvelous thing to be known as the man who drafted the lyric like Our God is and Awesome God, or O God you are my God. I am sure that the Lord has this man and says " Well done good and Faithful Servant".

I was talking to my sister who lives in Wichita and is a member of Central Christian Church, Friday night just before she was leaving to attend Rich's memorial service. She and I both first heard of Rich after she had been attending Central for a few months. It was 1988 and CCC like now, didn't like to bring a whole lot of attention to the fact that they had this very unique individual in their midst because they wanted Rich to feel like one of them and because Rich wanted people to come to Church to worship God, not him.

As we spoke we remembered how "different" we noticed Rich's music was from the rest and remembered times that we got to talk to him. For me It was only about 4 or 5 times. The last was in '95 just before he graduated. I was singing at the Fri. night alive service at CCC and he was playing piano for Praise & Worship. Although I made no fuss, the sound was not right. As I was singing Rich, who was sitting right in front of me, got up and went to the back. The sound got better and I knew that he had caught on and went and fixed it for me. His presence there did not make me feel nervous. He was just a guy who loved the Lord like me and used what talent he had for God's glory.

When I think back I wonder if I should have been more in "awe" of being in his presence. But no. I believe he would have been embraced and probably disgusted with it. Any way as my sister and I spoke of such a great loss we both began to cry. I told her I didn't know why I was taking this so hard and I don't know when there would be a day that I wouldn't cry. I told her I feel like there is a whole in my heart and I didn't even really know him. She started laughing through her tears and she says "you know, me too. And everyone I talk to says the same thing." I told her I thought most of my tears were for a world who is hurting and he ministered to them and he isn't here anymore. (especially the children on the reservation) She interrupted me and said "I believe the biggest part of Rich's ministry is NOW!" I had to agree.

I for one will donate to a charity I probably never would have donated to before (compassion USA) I am going to complete my collection of his music and I understand that some proccedes will go toward his charities. People are sitting up and taking notice. Who was this Rich Mullins? When they discover it I don't think they could ever be the same.

It seems the saying is true, "you don't know what you got 'til it's gone." I mourn with you but take comfort in this which the pastor at the memorial in Wichita said; "there's a ragamuffin loose in heaven! He walks of streets of gold barefoot! Heaven will never be the same!"

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.....a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance." Eccl:3

This is the season. We must do them all. We weep because we lost him. We laugh because we remember him. We mourn because we miss him. We dance because he now dances. He is home! "Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall to the ground and die, it abideth alone; but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." Jn:12:24 That fruit is already springing up. It is challenging this songwriter to be true to my calling and to remember what really is important. Not recognition, not awards, not myself, but in showing others Jesus Christ the hope of glory. I've been through all of the above emotions and now l I'd like to say "Rich! You lucky dog!" *Laughing Out Loud*

God bless you.
Renee Reneau
Junciton City, KS

Our hope is in Jesus Christ, the same that called our brother home. The hope of life eternal with Jesus Christ just became a little bit greater. Oh what a minister through song. It would not be right for us not to lift up our brother's family and friends in this time of need. As Rich song said, " I will be my brother's keeper." I pray for peace and healing for the family and friends of Rich Mullins. He is truly experiencing what he wrote so much about in song.

Todd Woodall

I never attended any of his concerts and I never even thought to look up this page on the net before now.... However, Rich's music truly ministered to me and I want to be counted as one of the many who will miss him. His lyrics challenged me to keep a heavenly perspective and cling to Jesus at every step of the way. I am reminded of his song "If I stand" - . "If I weep, let me weep as a man who is longing for his home" - Welcome home Rich.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Carrie Olson

To Rich's family...

I would like to thank you for sharing your son, brother, uncle with the rest of us. I'm grateful for the foundation you gave Rich to become the man that he was. I believe families provide the ingredients that make us who we are-- and when you add God, you have an amazing individual like Rich Mullins.While this loss is still painful, rest assured that God has great plans for you, as well as for all of us whose lives he touched. May you feel the countless prayers that people all over the world are sending to our Father for you.

To Rich... Thank you for the love you had for God and for this world. Thank you for teaching us more about how to love. Your example has left a life-long impression on me. It was my privilege to see you in my first Christian concert, then again when you came back to San Antonio. Thank you for following Jesus the way you did. Having a gift like you here on earth is yet another reason to sing "Awesome God." We will always love you!

"Am" God's,
Joanne Martin
- San Antonio, Texas

Rich's death has finally become a reality to me. i really don't understand why anything like this would happen to someone like him. he was a great inspiration to me, because he totally sold his life to God. all that he accomplished was for the glory of God and was totally from God. like i said earlier, i still don't understand why this happened, and i probably never will, but all i know is that God will be glorified by this in some way.

may God bless you beyond measure with his comfort and peace.
i'll miss him a lot.
in Him,
brent collier

When I became a Christian about 5 years ago, Rich was the first Christian artist to impact me the way that he did. I always thought of Christian music as kind of shallow, but his ability to let God speak through his words captivated me. As I've grown and learned more about God and His word, I came to know Rich more as the godly man that he was. His songs became to me a channel through which I could worship and learn more about the God that his songs pointed to. His love for Jesus Christ was evident in his songs as well as his lifestyle. I will remember him with the utmost respect and admiration for his ability to let God work through him the way that he did. May this world never forget him and may the heavens ring with the songs he wrote for the glory of the Almighty Living God!


Our prayers are for Richards family and love one's God Bless. Richards music has helped myself and my church in coming closer to the LORD.

Thank you

Kerry Spero
North Queensland Australia

dear rich: music, appalachia, teaching Native children, knowing Christ -- we are linked as kindred souls in so many ways. how is it our paths never crossed? how is it i am lonely for you tho' we never met? my childish heart wants to argue with God that we need you more down here than He can possibly in heaven. brother Rich, your life and music brought heaven closer to us, and your passing causes us to long more deeply for " things not seen." while we wait, let's be challenged by your example to embrace not the shackles of "piety," but the freedom of radically loving God and His kids. from one ragamuffin to another--i'll be missing you 'til we meet at His feet.

mp galeotti

His lyrics were so simple and earthy, which made them so spiritually profound. I am saddened that this servant will no longer be ministering here on this earth, but am happy for him that he is truly "home" and am sure that all the heavenly hosts and God himself are enjoying Rich's worship. Rich's music has truly been a blessing to me. I am thankful that I have tapes and CD's of his music to remember him by. My prayers are with his family and friends and all who loved this man of God.

Josie Dirkes

He was only God's. He now is with Him. His music will live in my heart until I can sing it with him around God's throne. Praise to the Lord for what He did in my heart with Rich's music. Really it was God's music.

Grace and Peace


Rich Mullins to me was a godly role model. His heart for people and his heart of servanthood showed in his songs and his love for the lord. To his mother, I was proud to be one of his fans of his music and that the lord loaned him to us for just a little while. Take comfort in knowing that Rich is now with his "Awesome God" and soon we will be joining him. If he were here now, I would want to thank him for giving our praises to the lord and for the lord to hold us when we are scared and shaking like a leaf. Much love to the family and I'm praying for you in the days ahead.

Gayle Thurmond-Lecus

Rich touched my life through his wonderful music. My prayers are for his family and friends.
Alison Nelson

I didn't know him, but he touched my life. That a man could touch so many, change the lives of so many, is a great testimony to the power of God in Rich's life. His reward in Heaven is great. I feel as if I have lost a friend that I never got a chance to know.

I miss him sorely and I never met him. Step by Step, Song by Song God has spoken to me thru Rich's works.

I didn't hear of Rich's death until Sunday morning on my way to church. The news grieved me. I will greatly miss his ministry, his music, his life and all the songs that are left unwritten. His music blessed and ministered to me in a way that no others did. Heavens choir is blessed to gain him, but the world is indeed a poorer place without him. I am now reminded of a song by Twila Paris; I pray that in some way it might minister peace to the hearts of all of us who miss our dear brother Rich.

"A visitor from heaven, if only for a while
A gift of love to be returned. We think of you and smile.
A visitor from heaven,accompanied by grace,
Reminding of a better love and of a better place.
With aching hearts and empty arms, we send you with a name
It hurts so much to let you go, but we're so glad you came.
We're so glad you came.

A visitor from heaven, if only for a day.
We thank Him for the time He gave, and now it's time to say
We trust you to the Fathers' love and to His tender care.
Held in the everlasting arms, and we're so glad you're there.
We're so glad you're there.

With breaking hearts and open hands
We send you with a name
It hurts so much to let you go, but we're so glad you came.
Yes, we're so glad you came."

The Tidwell's

We will all miss Rich deeply and we are all praying for Rich's family and Mitch and his family. His songs and his compassion for people have always inspired me and now the he is gone to his true home he will affect me and many others for the rest of our lives. We miss you Rich.

Karen Place

There is no way to express how God used Rich's music in my life. I suppose that most of us could recite story after story of how his songs spoke deeply into our lives at various moments in time throughout the years and challenged us and comforted us-- made us aware of the profound hunger inside our souls and of the only One who could fill that hunger. In 1995 God gave me a little moment after a concert to try to express to Rich what could never be expressed in a moment (but which I am grateful for nonetheless)--how in each of the darkest pockets of my life, such as my father's death just before my high school graduation in 1987, when I listened to "Elijah" on my walkman in the backseat of my aunt's car driving home after my father left this world--God filled my heart with hope and longing in the midst of the night through his songs. That is only one small example. There were the many times, driving in the car at sunset or sunrise or at night, that I wept to the point of almost not being able to drive, as I joined with Rich in crying out for more of the God that I long for... but hardly know (The Color Green, Be With You, Elijah, If I Stand, Sometimes By Step, Hold Me Jesus, etc.).
I am now 28 years old, and I have lived from one Rich Mullins album to the next since I was 17 (two weeks after his debut album hit the bookstores). Rich has felt like a close friend, though, of course, I never knew him in the way that his family and friends knew him. But perhaps I knew, as we all did, the deepest part of him: his longing to know God and worship him with every cell and fiber of his being. I never saw Rich stumble, as I am certain those who knew him did, but I felt like I saw a glimpse of the deepest part of him: the DESIRE of his heart to know and love and serve his God. So maybe in his strength and in his weakness both, he spoke to us at the most profound level. Maybe he was like King David: a man after God's own heart in the depth of his longing and in his motives. And, like David, he reminded us of our thirst in a dry and weary land where there is no water. This week we have lost a prophet and a poet; even more we have lost our precious brother (who probably never thought of himself as either one of those things). But we've only lost him for a little while. And now Rich, together with all the saints who have gone before us, can intercede for us who are left here until God calls each of us home: that we would, by God's grace, yield ourselves wholly to Him so that He can accomplish the work he has called us to in these precious, fleeting days. " Thy Kingdom Come, Father. Thy will be done... Thank you for using Rich to help us pray this prayer..."

Marla Kranick
Augusta, GA

P.S. One odd side note: The night Rich went to be with the Lord I was back home in Santa Barbara, CA for the funeral of my uncle. I was walking on the pier of one of Santa Barbara's beaches with a close friend. I stopped to soak in the beauty of that night: the moon reflecting on the water, the cool breeze, the stillness of the moment. I began singing "If I Stand" quietly, but loud enough for my friend to hear me and join in. As I sang the melody, he harmonized. It was about 8pm CA time. I found out the following day that Rich rose up to meet his heart's desire at about 10pm that same night, Chicago time. It might have simply been a coincidence, but maybe it was more. Maybe God allowed me to sing for Rich as he met his Father, as he finally saw the "face of love," just as God has allowed him to sing for me all these years, that I might better know Him.

We all loved rich so much.when I was 7 i saw him in concert.I admired him so much.I Wanted to do the same thing he was doing.Will be praying for the people he left behind.Rich is now with his one true love.if i ever have a career in music i will acknowledge that he was a big influence.

for life is a dream and heaven's a reality
and though it seem's this world had everything
it's never more than a dream....

god bless you,
kyle o'leary
(age 14)

what a man Rich was.....i fell in love with his music.his music always seemed to hit the very heart of the matter and always uplifted me and tons of others.i can say Rich is and will be missed GREATLY!!!!! Sometimes my life just don't make sense at all when the mountains look so high and my faith seems so small,hold me Jesus cause i'm shaking like a leaf you have been my king of glory want you be my prince of peace...we can honestly say that Jesus right now is holding Rich.thank you God for this mans life.


When I first came to the Lord, it was the music of Rich Mullins that transformed me and welcomed me into the family. The lyrics to "Waiting" were on the door of my dorm room and his song "Growing Young" continues to make me cry. Rich used his gift to reach so many of us. We mourn his death and yet rejoice in his passage. He has truly shown us "to live is Christ and to die is gain". Praise God for allowing us to know him through his music and his message.

Kevin Burke

As I write the word, "Rejoice!" I can hardly see through the tears...I'll miss him music and humor and sharing of faith so very much. But I WILL rejoice in the Lord, knowing Rich knew Him and that He now is there with our Lord and Savior whom He loved to His fullest right to the end. May we all rejoice in the Lord...come quickly, Jesus.

Mimi Festerling

When I heard about Rich, I was overwhelmed with sadness. He was such a great man of God and had such a powerful ministry. I know, however, that God is sovereign. He wanted Rich home with Him. And isn't that what Rich wanted? Isn't it what we all are really longing for? I'm not sad for Rich...I'm sad for those he leaves behind. I'm sad as I feel the emptiness his death has caused. But Rich? He is so happy. The more I've been listening to his music today, the more I hear it. That longing in his voice becomes so plain. The awesome love for an Awesome God just drips from his every word. Imagine the concert in Heaven tonight as Rich does what he's always wanted to...praise and love God perfectly! It gives me such peace to know where he is. I was listening to "Creed" and realized that there is absolutely NO doubt as to where Rich stood and what he believed. We do not mourn like those that have no hope.

When Diana died....I was sad. I was grieved because we do not know where she went. I was sad for her children and family, but, also for her soul. When Mother Theresa died...I felt bereft of an ever present icon, but, she was old and ready to go. When Rich died...I felt as though another soldier was going home. "Strike up the band, assemble the choir. Another soldier's comin' home...Be sure that Heaven's table has room for at least one more because another soldier's coming home." (Janet Paschall) He will be definitely missed. But, he has left his mark and a legacy for those that follow behind. He patterned his life after Christ so that we may see him and do likewise. His music will live on as will his ministry. He has greatly influenced me, and I know I'm not the only one. He's home.

Home. Doesn't that sound wonderful. The weary traveller has left the land of his sojourn and has found rest in the Father's arms. I can't wait to join him!

Christy Solly

words could never express the strength, encouragement and joy his music gave me. he was so bold, and he will be so missed.

but i think i can hear the bagpipes and guitar in heaven....


I am deeply grieved over your son's death! He inspired me to pick up the Hammer dulcimer and learn how to play it. But I come not only to thank your son, but also what I believe to be a bigger picture. Your son could be called a martyr. I believe Diana, M. Teresa's death and your son's was used to wake up the world and the Christian Church. God used celebrities in a sense of word to get the worlds attention. It was a heck of a way to go, but I guess the real question is what is God trying to say to us? Who are we to argue? I hope you will not be sad but rejoice that your son was the finest Christian artists I knew. He was not into it for the popularity and I admire him for that!!!! So many Christian artist's get carried away with becoming a celebrity, and not enough glory to Christ.

Peace. My prayers are with you...

Teresa Fazzolari

To the Family of Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker

I never had the opportunity to meet him but I feel like I lost my best friend. At first I was angry. I can't tell you enough of how much his music and his heart and soul that he put into it means to me. But, if anyone was ready to meet God it was Rich.

My prayers continue to be with you, his family and his co-writers family. I hope that you do not lose faith or direction. I am as lost as you. I don't have the answers why God Called him. But I know Rich trusted in God for every thing and I think in our loss of Rich we as well should trust that God has a purpose and we may never know it.

I would like to leave you with some of his lyrics that mean so much to me.

When you love You walk on the water...
Just don't stumble on the waves...
We all want to go there something awful....
But to stand there takes some grace.....
Oh we are not as strong as we think we are....

My soul will miss my brother in Christ until the day we get to meet. Rich you were definitely a man who when he wept was longing for home. You are home my brother. The rest of us will carry on and try to make an impact on others until God calls us as well.

God bless you his family and friends Love in Christ
John Rehkop

I have never seen my father cry in my nineteen years on this earth...not even when his own mother died. He has never gone to church with our family and yet he has always been spiritually whole. Rich Mullins is responsible for my father's relationship with God. On Friday, September 19, I witnessed my father cry for the first time because a total stranger had died. I shared his sadness. Rich made God seem like a real person...someone who you could walk hand in hand with on the beach. His lyrics comparing Jesus' life to his own touched me deeply. "Did you ever make angels in the winter snow?" "Did you try not to cry when you scraped your knee?" etc. I often wonder about what Jesus was like ever since that song was placed on my heart. Tomorrow in Speech 101, I will give a presentation on a person of my choice. I have chosen Rich Mullins. This is my tribute to you, Rich, because I too want to go out like Elijah.

W. Snow

I like the many thousands across this land, was saddened to hear of Rich going home to be with Jesus our Lord. This is a poem I wrote in memory of Rich and the impact he has made on my life, even in death.

Yours in Christ,
Richard J. Koenig...

Friends They Come and They Go

friends they come and they go
but when i hear that you had left,
i hurt deep inside.

at this i wondered why?
i barely knew you,
and yet you meant so much.
not only to me,
but to all of those you touched.

was it the songs you wrote and sang?
it was this, but so much more.
you got us to raise our voices so loud and clear,
surely you can sill hear them now.

you gave of yourself
not only in your words of songs
but to others who had so little and yet so much,
because you had blessed them,
not only with your presence,
but that of our god most high.

yes, friends they come and they go
but you will be remembered
long after you are gone.

rjk 9/25/97

Rich touched my life in a deeply personal and spiritual way. I'll miss him and his zeal for the Lord very much. The things he sang and wrote about profoundly challenged me. The way he has lived his life, has challenged me to live my life more openly and obediently way. I pray that the Lord blesses his family with His peace.

Peace be with you,

My birthday is one day before and three years after Rich's (ie Oct. 20, 1958 and his was Oct. 21, 1955). On Sept. 11, 1996, it was diagnosed that the worsening health problems that I've had for over ten years was a "rare and serious disorder" that is "uniformly fatal' and "progressively lethal if unchecked" --- and the surgery I had in April, which cures 90% of the patients, was unsuccessful for me. The good news? I had the opportunity to donate The New Testament on cassette to the hospital ward, witness to the doctors and nurses, leave Christian magazines and daily devotional guides in the lobby, etc.

When people were surprised that I didn't come unglued at the failed surgery, I was able to explain that I am weak --- which is why God is able to show how if a person who can't watch horror movies because she has nightmares from them and who cries at Disney movies (even if she's seen them a dozen times) can place her faith in Him knowing what's best for her, then anybody can! I am not "strong", just smart enough to realize that He is smarter than me, and I can trust His wisdom. Which is why that although we don't know why Rich "had to go" now, when it seems so soon and we can think of so much more we wanted him to do here on earth, we can only accept the FACT that God makes no mistakes. Satan does try to get us down, but God provides the way to make all things end up to His glory.

Sept. 2, 1997 was the first and ONLY favorable test result since my diagnosis one year ago. The doctors are not very hopeful, but knowing that I may have a brief reprieve before joining Rich, I am trying to get some things accomplished. One thing was volunteering for being coordinator of the annual charitable fund drive at the place where I work (my doctors say no one in my condition would be working, but if I'm going to be in pain anyway, why stay home and dwell on it, where lying around on the couch or in bed would limit the number of people I can share the good news of God's love with?). There will come a time, unless God chooses to heal me, when that is all I can do, but for now, I can and will go to work.

I had dreamed of coordinating the drive before, but as one of the newer employees, thought I should leave it for more experienced staff, and I'd do it some future year. God made it very plain that I might NOT HAVE any future years, so I needed to do it NOW. I wish all Christians would realize that the time to tell family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers about God's love for them is NOW. We never know how long we, or they, will be around. I put on my scheduler at work, as a recurring daily appointment, "Good Morning! Make today count for eternity!" From what I have heard of Rich, that was how he lived, too.

I doubt I'll ever have the talent or opportunity to reach as many as he did, but every life counts --- to God, and so should to us, as His children. None of us has the excuse that we can't make a difference in someone else's life. We can plant seeds, water seeds, add light --- but the growth and end harvest is in God's hands and we quite likely will never fully know if our attempts will be fruitful, but that's not up to us. The doing is our responsibility. The results are in His hands, and to His glory! Will the Bible-on-cassette at the hospital simply gather dust on a shelf? Or will one or more even find salvation because of it? I don't know, and have no control over it. But I planted the seed, as I felt God wanted me to. To any and all who may read this: Rich planted many seeds. Keep watering them, and plant more yourself.

Tamara de Blauw Good

For every person that writes "Rich was the genuine article." or "Rich touched my life." there are probably 1000 people who never saw this opportunity to express their feelings. Please understand how much your son meant to so many.

For me, Rich was a Christian guide. His music and words laid the path and lined it with flowers. His actions and life was the friend walking beside, yet showing me the way. I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS THIS!

Perhaps a true story. When he played a concert in Midland, MI, I took a friend and my mom. Mom has never been too keen on my Christian beliefs and Christian music, but she went to this concert because I came to town just for this. So she dresses up and prepares for a typical concert. With blue jeans and bare feet, Rich gave no ordinary concert. After a two hour concert, Rich just goes on and plays requests. Every once in a while, he'd mess up and comment on how all his songs start the same or some other quip and just keep on playing. Every once in a while he would play some hymns. That got Mom into it. Rich made sure there were quiet songs and reflection time. He said people shouldn't listen to music more than an hour a day. Mom LOVED that. Three hours and some change later, the entire audience felt a personal bond with this amazing man who gave God all the glory. As we gave him a standing ovation, the clapping was for both Rich and our awesome God.

Rich turned my mom. He gave her the gift of understanding. I can't thank him enough for showing her a glimpse of true religion. I can't thank you enough for raising Rich the way that you did. I can't give enough glory to God.

Rich will forever be my favorite singer and songwriter. His ministry went beyond music; his ministry will live on. Your Rich entered heaven on my birthday. This is significant only in that Rich made real the joy and need to live for God before we join God. I pledge to live for God as your son did.

With absolute deepest sympathy,
Jeff Fosnaugh

I had the privilege of attending several of Rich's concerts in the Columbus area over many years. His music deepened my walk with the Lord and I thank him for it. Once or twice I was able to speak with him and was glad to learn that he was the same on stage or off. But it's his lyrics that most profoundly influenced me. What a legacy they are!


My thoughts and prayers are with Rich's family at this time. For Rich, well, he's finally found somewhere he can call his country. He's no longer "lonely for his home". Goodbye Rich, thank you.

Fraser Speirs

Rich was ripped from our fragile planet and I know he landed in the arms of Jesus. This helps of course but our selfish human nature wants him hear, to listen to his message, to hear his words, to feel the presence of God in a room filled with concert goers. I may have felt sadness with the losses of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa but my heart was torn apart when I learned of the going home of Rich.

What joy his music brought to me and my family. His words and music helped to bring my husband to his knees before God. My Edward professed his faith in Jesus Christ and he preferred to watch and listen to Riche's music over the thousands of albums, CD's, and videos he possesses. We wept as we watched on video Rich perform "Hold Me Jesus" and repeat the words...Hold me Jesus, cause I'm shaking like a leaf. You have been King of my glory won't you be my Prince of Peace. We turn to you Jesus, please ease this horrible shock and hold Rich in your arms until we can all be together at the greatest concert of all...heaven.

To Riches family, friends, and band members we pray for Gods peace for each of you as you grieve the empty place in your lives. I know my evening drive home with a Rich Mullins tape in the cassette deck will never quite be the same.

God Bless,
Zana Castillo
Garden Grove, California

Thank you will never know how much your God inspired words touched my life and my heart over and over again. Thank you for being God's chosen beacon in the darkness. Thank you Lord for Rich..thank you Rich...


After many hours spent in delight and tears listening to Rich's music, I got to spend a few hours talking with him and working with him. He came to Indianapolis for a workshop production of "Canticle of the Plains"--Sam Howard acted as the producer. It was a great blessing to share time and thoughts with Rich, and to see him in the twists and turns of the creative process. It was great to have the chance to tell him how much his work had ministered to me.

My wife and I began to sponsor a "Compassion Child" many years ago because of Rich's involvement with that organization.

I had often thought, before meeting him, that Rich would certainly understand me if we should meet. His music seemed to make that clear to me, and it turned out to be true in many ways. "Behold how good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity" comes to my mind. It was GOOD and PLEASANT to see the ideas and experiences I had in common with Rich--sometimes even startling. It was also good to observe our differences and the gaps between us.

I loved him then, after a long time of loving his ministry in music. I look forward to seeing him again, across the border and beyond the boundaries.

Jim Stark

A week has gone by and there are still no words that can express my sadness over the loss of one of the greatest Christian singer/songwriters that ever lived. Rich never placed himself above the common people in the audience. He remained one of us and wrote songs that could inspire and challenge us to live the life God wants us to live. God gave him a gift and he used it for God's glory. The message never got lost in the "show." Though I never had the opportunity to meet Rich personally I feel as though I know him through his music and I thank God that the message of the music will live on. Rich left a legacy that I hope will be a challenge and an encouragement to all of us. We never know when we will be called home and what kind of legacy will we leave? We may never have the opportunity to reach thousands of people at one time but all of us do have the opportunity to reach one at a time. Mrs. Mullins, thank you for sharing your son with us. His ministry was and will continue to be a blessing and his music will continue to reach the lost for Christ.

Kathleen Bierlitz

The news that Rich Mullins had been fatally injured in a car accident stunned me. I had the opportunity to work with Rich one night when he first began going to small church's in 1986, I think it's when it was. I ran the sound for Rich while singing for the congregation at the Mt. Washington Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio. I still have the tape of that concert. AWESOME!! Rich's talent and love for God will be missed by many. Please know that you, his family are in my prayers.

May God bless you RICHly
Donald L. Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rich Mullins is a gift from God. The world is a better place because of the contributions which Rich gave. We love Rich and will miss him! May God continue to bless Rich and his family always! His music is like food for my soul and I thank God for the blessing of Rich Mullins in our lives.

Joseph Prosser

I only knew Rich Mullins through two songs, through renditions by other vocalists ironically: "Awesome God" and "Sing Your Praises To The Lord." Through Rich's songs, especially these praise classics, Rich will continue to minister to young people down through the ages, and that is a legacy that befits this man of God. I know these songs have touched me, as they will continue to touch others.


The death of this great man who did so much for so many through his uplifting music is a shock to me and many others who live in Columbia, MO. We will miss him, but knowing that he has passed on to a much better place eases the pain that we all feel in our hearts. Through his music, I came to know Christ better. His powerful words combined with beautiful music brought me to Christ.

Even though he is gone, he lives on in the hearts of many. Many people miss him and will miss him. His music will continue to play in my heart forever. My prayers are with his family and friends and all who loved him. Mr. Mullins, I will miss you. And thank you for what you have done for me.

Ryan Grindstaff
Columbia, MO

My name is Kirby Francis, I am a 21 year-old History and French Major in New Brunswick, Canada. Rich's music has meant much to me at times in my life when decisions needed to be faced, or times at which I had a profound sense of the Lord calling me to deepen my relationship with Him. I never found his work melancholy or dark--his songs are simply expressions of a man who missed his home, and wanted others to have the hope he had, of one day returning to the Lord who gave us birth. My deepest condolences on the loss of your son, and many thanks to our Master for allowing us to be blessed by him.

In His love,
Kirby Francis

sad to hear of mullin's death, there have been so many this year... and everyone seemed to touch our lives... all I know is life can be so cruelly short and we have to redeem the time by serving God, in the service of man..."God please help me be a person of destiny fulfilling the goodness of your heart, maybe then death by any means will not be that hard to bare!! Love you god Help us all serve you better...Rich you will be missed till we meet again before HIM.

s bewaji

This is one of those bittersweet experiences that we all go through. We're happy that he's gone to his reward, we're sad that we have been separated at least temporary. But, this is all according to plan. His passing, our grieving, in his death we should all redouble our efforts to pick up where he's left off and become active members of Christ's body. God allows me to feel sadness and for now that will have to do. I will miss his music and his ministry a great deal.

--Kevin Bushman

For the last 10 years the music of Rich Mullins has inspired and encouraged me in my Christian walk. One song in particular comes to mind as I mourn his passing. A year ago, my mother was in a near fatal car accident. As she lay in the Critical Intensive Care Unit for over a month, I listed to "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" every morning on my way to work. At that time, I couldn't understand God's plan, but I could lift my voice in praise to an awesome God. I know that that is what Rich is doing now. Thank you Rich for being God's instrument. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Mullins family.

Sharon Schuster
Charlotte, NC

Words can not do justice to the impact Rich Mullins has had on many believers walks with the Lord, including mine. "If I Stand" is my favorite song. Rich had a great Holy Spirit-inspired gift to reach people where they were with the joy and struggle of living for Christ.

M Nienow

I want to send out my condolences in the loss of Rich. He will we missed by many people.

Sincerely in Christ,
Frank Kinehan

My husband interviewed Rich at Sonshine in Willmar Minnesota a couple of years ago-My job is to edit the video. What touched us was his humility, and his joy in praising the Lord-he was truly a happy man in his ministry. We grieve his loss, but we both rejoice that he is now with the One of whom he sang praise!

Bonnie & Ray Gauthier

I was never able to attend one of Rich's concerts, and I never had the opportunity to shake his hand. Physically we never met, yet he has inspired me, he challenged me, he has made me laugh and he has made me cry and this without ever meeting...and I feel the loss. How much greater the loss to those who truly knew Rich Mullins, to you go my deepest sympathies.

Peter Gallagher


I am very aware that as I write to you, my words inevitably will be clumsy, fumbling all over themselves. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to write some note of condolence at this sad time....

I never met Rich. But I, like so many others, have mourned for him. As a graduate student in Theatre, I've paid close attention to the quality and integrity of his art. And while his artistry certainly deserves admiration, he always seemed to re-direct focus away from himself as "performer" towards God the Creator. He was unpretentious in his expertise.

As a fellow disciple, I resonated with his honesty. I so much appreciated the way he admitted his struggles --- while at the same time continuing to grapple all the same, "working out his salvation." He had this way of exposing the fleeting frailty of this life, simultaneously revelling in its extreme richness and beauty. Two of my favourite songs are "Green" and "Hold Me Jesus."

He spoke the truth --- gracefully, lovingly, beautifully. He was someone obviously in love with Christ. And this fragrance of a life offered to God permeated his music and concerts --- as he "poured out" his strengths, and acknowledged his weaknesses.

I guess I'm saying that I will miss the encouraging, challenging way he held out the Word of life. And the beauty of his music. And the spontaneous sense of fun and joy he exuded.

I am grateful for the way God used him in this life. And I definitely will be praying for those who were closest to him.

Yours as a sister,
Julie Gonnering

there are things that people don't talk about because they feel so out of step with the rest of society, certain feelings and needs we just don't have the words to express, like the way I felt God when living on the plains, and the power of the "howling" that when I look at creation, that which pulses on the ocean...Rich had the words to express what I felt, and I felt so much less lonely. These past few years have been so difficult spiritually, Rich's music has been the only connection that I have had with the faithfulness and love of God. There have been times when, with tears pouring down my face, I have held my breath to hear Rich sing to me Truth... It breaks my heart to say "good-bye". But our God is faithful, He will continue to provide for us. Rich was if anything and honest man, and we know by his music, that he is rejoicing!

Leeann Kelley

To Rich's family and friends

I just learned of Rich's passing, and I am so sorry. The trueness of his words and heart shone through like so few others. His loss to the Christian music world equals that of Keith Green or Mark Heard. My wife and I send our condolences to all who knew him. Thanks, Rich, for showing us your heart, and a little piece of the place you are now in.

Darren Friesen

I, too, wake up each morning hoping it's all a bad dream. There's a hole in my heart for a man I've never met, a man I saw once in concert in Jackson, MS, and have grown to love through his music, his words. I remember listening to "Hold me Jesus" as I drove to the hospital where my dad was having open heart surgery, and I remember listening as my daughters (my step-daughters) played "Hold me Jesus" over and over and over during a particularly hurtful time with their alcoholic birth-mother. I remember dancing in my kitchen to "creed" and singing "you gotta get up" again and again with my children as we drove to my mother's on Christmas.

But, not only was there the ministry of his music, there was the talent, the extraordinary musicianship--he was a musician's musician. There are those who write wonderful words with decent melodies, or beautiful melodies with decent words--he was one of the precious few who could do both, and exceedingly well. "Oh, Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight, The clouds be rolled back as a scroll. The trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend-- 'Even so,' it is well with my soul."

"When all of God's singers get home, Where never a sorrow will come, There'll be no place like home When all of God's singers get home."

In the sweet by and by, we shall meet on that beautiful shore, Rich, auf wiedersehen!

Greg Russel

I don't even know how to express what I am feeling but I wish I could change what happened that night. I am sure if Rich had to choose between his life and Mitch's, he would gladly give up his life for his friend. Again, he is only doing what the Lord said we should do. I never met Rich personally but I went to every concert he had in Pa. and wished I could have met him personally. He is truly an inspiration and a man who loved our Lord. I loved him like I never loved anyone. One couldn't help but love him. I pray daily for his family and for Mitch and his family. I realize I have eternity to spend with Rich and just talk with him. I am so touched by all the people who also cared for Rich. I didn't realize how many others there are. I am ready for the Lord to come back now! I keep reminding myself that he was only on loan here for a little while and that Jesus wanted him back. I've never cried so much especially for someone that I never met .

To Rich's mom- thanks for raising such a wonderful godly man.


I knew Rich Mullins from Rock Lake Christian Assembly, a christian church camp in Vestaburg, MI. Rich was our choir director for one very special week in August for years. We got to know him quite well. Every summer for years, I looked forward to going to camp. He was a ball to be around. We all loved him and admired him. The times that I spent up at RLCA are some of my fondest memories...a big reason as to why I still follow God (not to mention that God is faithful! :-)

One time that I can remember is that we were in the middle of some serious praise time. I mean serious. The boys sat on one side, the girls on another--serious. Rich gave a small concert; spoke; then we all just prayed together, and if someone felt like breaking out in song--you just went for it. Well, it was really quiet. People were crying. So my friend and I decided to sing "Just as I am"...only it came out in the tune of "Amazing Graze". Rich stood up, busted out laughing, pointed us out to everyone, and said something like, "isn't it just like put a little laughter in our hearts at heavy times."

God truly blessed this man. May there be many more like him! And to Rich, "I am so jealous! You did great things for God and now you are with HIM! I'll be missing you for now."


To the Family of one of the greatest men of God,

I found out about Rich's death the Sunday after it occurred. I spent the entire two hours before church in tears. At church, a young girl sang Awesome God accompanied by the piano. I had to bow my head to hold back the tears as they began to flow once more. Rich was greatly loved by all Christians. His music has been the most touching and "real" that I've ever heard. My 2 most favorite are "Let Mercy Lead" and "If I Stand." I will miss his work greatly, as will all of the Christians in the world whose lives were touched by his music. As my mother told me to comfort me in his death, God finally decided that he needed one of the best there with him in heaven to hold an eternal concert for him.
Blake Hill (Wichita, KS)

By faithfully sharing the incredible gift God had given him, Rich left this world a better place than he found it. While I mourn his homegoing, I'm so thankful God loaned Rich to us for this brief time.


I can hear in the distance of heaven, the joyous sound of Rich's voice in harmony with Jesus's choir. Please let your heart feel the joy of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Although we feel sorrow and grief at this time, we know that one day, a very joyous day, we will be united as one big family. No pains, no sorrows, only joy, joy, joy!!! Praise God for the time you had to share with Rich on this earth! Praise God for the Eternity you'll share in heaven. May the peace of Jesus give you the strength to smile tomorrow.

God Bless You.
In Christian Love,
Sheila Brown
Channelview, Texas

Today, Rich sings in "His" presence. I can imagine a host of angels backing Rich singing "Awesome God".

Rich Mullins will be remembered as a very compassionate man in Macon, Ga. He came here to perform a concert at Mable White to raise money for the major flood we had in July 94'. I will never forget how he ran thru the crowd singing a song about seeing God's face everywhere he goes. His music has touched my life and "broke me" even at my most calloused state.

Kip Dekalb

I was dumbfounded when I heard the news, a week late. The local radio station was scheduled to do a tribute to him but I had missed the reason why. In the music industry we get sent all kinds of promotional interviews and such from the record company and I guess I figured that this was one of those things. I mentioned the lyrics to "Elijah" to my fiance and thought it fitting. I listened to the tribute and did okay until they played it. Then I did nothing but bawl the rest of the way to work. His work meant so much to my friends and I when we were in college, especially "Awesome God" because it is so true. Please accept my deepest heartfelt sympathies on the loss of an incredible Christian brother, and fellow teacher. I never met him personally, but like many others knew his heart by the lyrics he wrote. He will be missed but the knowledge that he is where he rightly belongs continues to comfort me.

Brandy Myers

But if I say, "I will not mention him or speak any more in his name," his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot. --Jer 20:9

This verse reflects the life of Rich and my dear friend and favorite writer Hudson Russell Davis who was greatly inspired by Rich. I know he was only one of is what he wrote after Rich's death.

I'll Carry Onn
A hero has fallen and a prince has gone home
This world, far from being able to contain
Could hardly restrain the heart of an artist
The bursting eloquence of a poet
The soulful songs only hearts could interpret
Beneath the sky of hopeful promises
Beneath stars as numerous as sand
Canyons and cliffs oceans and caves
Not a crevice, crag or corner exists
From which sorrow does not seep
And still, it is the sound of joy which arrests me

So now there are stories untold and songs unsung
..they will go untold, and will remain unsung

More than just a poet and musician
He was a man of God, real and honest
He sang of sorrow, pain and frustration
The reality of living, the real struggle of real hearts
In a real world that is often unforgiving
But nothing was more pervasive in his music than faith and joy
Infectious, idealistic, joy of a real life set to music
And a real God, existing in the mist of it all

A sentinel, a herald, a lighthouse and a beacon
It is as he would have wanted it I think
That his beacon did not lead to his music nor to himself
But to The One whom he called "The Maker of Noses."
To the Gospel of which he said,
"I did not make it, No it is making me.
It is the very truth of God not the invention of any man."

I couldn't help but see in his life a hope
A lived promise, an enduring faith
And wisdom sucked from life at every turn
He ran the good race and finished well
If I have learned nothing else from Rich Mullins
I have learned to seek the source and not the vessel
The Master not His matter how great the servant

For all you have given, for all you have done
A fond farewell...till we meet again...

"But I'll carry the songs I learned when we were kids
I'll carry the scars of generations gone by
I'll pray for you always and I promise you this
I'll carry on, I'll carry on" Rich Mullins

Hudson Russell Davis

I Would Like to sent my condolences to the Mullins Family, and to thank them for sharing the life of Rich with all of us. We all were truly blessed by the music and ministry of Rich Mullins.

I first saw Rich (and Mitch) in concert on August 15th 1997 in Plymouth, Michigan what a wonderful evening it was. I really feel blessed that I along with my family to have been able to attend that concert, when I think of Rich I think of Rich I get a vision of that night and the Joy that he had as he sang the songs that gave praise to God. I was really impressed with the life of Rich he wasn't a phony he was true to his God not only through his words but through his life and today it is really hard to find people who are in the public eye that don't promote themselves but promote the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we all that miss Rich would pick up his causes what a better world this would be, and what great joy Rich would have in heaven as he looks down from above at us. Let us not just say how sad it is that Rich is gone from this world, let us say that through the things that we do that He through his Ministry lives on. It is my prayer and challenge to everyone that we work in the memory of Rich Mullins to see to it that his works are continued, yes we will always have Rich through his music, but we need to keep up with his mission in life.

I also wish to send get well wishes to Mitch, It is my prayer that you are soon restored to full health and that you continue to sing your praise to God, You are very good so I pray that you continue to sing and that we are soon enjoying more of your music and some day that you might write a tribute to your friend and mentor Rich. I really believe that this is what he would want for you, May God Bless you and return you to perfect health real soon. We love you Mitch, get well

Pat Seyuin

Rich Mullin's music was truly an inspiration to me and my family. It helped bring us closer to God and closer to each other. The world is missing someone who provided so much simply by doing something that he loved- praising God.

Matt Steele
Cincinnati, OH

My sincerest condolences to the Mullins family, to Beaker, and to Rich's sponsored children, students and friends. I pray for God to send his soothing balm to Mitch McVicker and Gregory Lea. And I want to send a warm embrace to my brothers and sisters in Christ with whom I have shared wonderful evenings in the Spirit with Rich. I have warm memories of graduate school at Kent State and of the important part Rich's music and concerts played in the structured lives of myself and my friends. My most cherished memory is of the night Rich taught us how to make it rain. Rich, I admired you very much and I will miss your presence in this world.


Dear Family and Friends of Rich Mullins,

Rich was an important person in my life. For at least the past 6 years I have listen to his music. I found that there was a person in this world who thought and prayed a lot like myself. I can't tell you how many times his music would transport me to the heavens. I know that I have grown deeply from his music and I will miss him very much. I will always remember him and you all in my prayers. I feel for your lost of such a beautiful man.

Jesus Bless you!
Pat Wardega
Russell, Ohio

The death of this great man who reached out to those who needed reaching out to through his wonderful music is a tremendous blow to the lives of many fans. His work touched the hearts of so many. We are all saddened by this loss, but we must also keep in mind that Mr. Mullins is now in a better place. He is home. And when our day comes, we shall be reunited with this fantastic man who did nothing but good. Not to mention our Lord. He would want us to get on with our lives and continue to serve the Lord.

This man who I never met, helped pull me out of a raging sea of sin. His beautiful words lifted me from the treacherous waters and into the arms of the Lord. Without this man, I would probably still be drowning in the sea of sin. This sea that swallows up the lives of so many people. We should all do what Mr. Mullins did. Go out into the world and offer our hand to those in need of help.

Mr. Mullins, to you I give this message. You helped pull me out of something that was beginning to destroy my life. I thank you with all of my heart. Without you, and a few others, I would have never come to know the Lord. Your music touched my heart. It reached in through all of the hate, anger, and confusion; it pushed aside all of the things that were killing me and helped me to see the Lord. It helped me to see your "Awesome God". Thank you for all that you did for me. Your influence has pushed me to be a better Christian. Thank you.

Mark Grindstaff

Like countless others, Rich's songs touched me deeply and, most importantly, urged me to think about the wonders of God and my relationship to Him. From what I understood of the man through his songs, Rich was a true disciple whose first priority was fixing his eyes on his Savior. His songs will continue to inspire that kind of commitment for decades to come. Thanks again Rich and praise the Lord for how You worked through his life.

Derek Persson

Its been quite an honor to know and work with Rich through the years. Truly, a genuine God - fearing man to the core, he always had an almost "untouchable" humility that was awesome. His generosity with his songs and with his life will be missed.

Gary Lunn

My first Rich Mullins experience was singing the song "Awesome God" at a youth group when I was 12 or so. It would be years before I learned Rich was the man behind the tune! I learned of Rich himself through the album Strong Hand of Love, a tribute to the late Mark Heard. Shortly after, I bought A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band and from then on was a true fan. I'm unable to put into words just what Rich's music meant to me (at the risk of sounding sappy or "uneloquent") but Liturgy, with its thoughtful, spiritual lyrics and folksy, Celtic-ish melodies holds the honor of being one of my favorite albums. And I am a deejay, so I've heard a LOT of music!!! I also own Brother's Keeper, another treasure and I look forward to expanding my Rich Mullins collection and to keeping his music alive. (and playing it constantly on my radio show even though we're not supposed to play Christian music). From what I knew of Rich Mullins the person he was an extremely loving, selfless, Godly man and although I'm deeply saddened by his passing I'm glad to know he is with two other gifted CCM musicians, Keith Green and Mark Heard, singing his praises at the Lord's side.

tammy tillinghast

I've had the wonderful opportunity to meet and play with many people from the world of CCM and I have to say that of all of them Rich was the most sincere and down to earth and yet still so completely consumed in God's love. I wish I'd been able to get to know him more. His passing is a very sad loss to us all.


Rich Mullins was the greatest man alive. he saved my life with Awesome God


I first became aware of Rich's music by hearing "Screen Door on a Submarine" on a Tulsa-area radio station; however, it was several years later after his release of "A Liturgy, Legacy ,..." that I really came to appreciate and purchase his albums. I will certainly miss his music and his obvious heart for missions; his is a voice we sorely need in this materialistic society. It is a voice I need to hear...

Jim Barnette

When I was a young teen living in Kingsport, Tennessee, our youth group prepared for a weekend retreat at the local church camp. One of our ministers at the time, John Turner, had arranged for a group called Zion to provide the music and devotional material for the weekend. We weren't quite sure what to think of this one guy who came in with a stretched out white t-shirt, holey jeans and bare feet. This guy turned out to be Rich "Chard" (from the second half of Ri-chard) Mullins. Long story short, he and the group Zion ended up making a great impact on our weekend with their music and their message.

When it turned out he agreed to become our interim youth minister the following summer, we were greatly blessed to get to know him and his music. I can still remember him working on "Praise to the Lord" on the church piano, bare feet and all! He stayed with my family part of the time he was our minister. On weekends, he would travel back to Cincinnati for retreats and concerts he was already committed to with Zion. During the week, he had one on one meetings with each of the members of our youth group. He had us memorize scripture. I still have notes in my Bible from that time "memorized with Chard".

He was a special person. His life and his music had a great effect on a lot of people not because of who he was but because Jesus Christ came through so clearly in his music and his life. I will miss his music, but I truly look forward to hearing more of it in heaven someday!

Debbie Sams Poe

I am still having a hard time believing that Rich is gone. But I take immense comfort in knowing where he has gone-- I can't wait until I meet him there!!

Lea Williams

Hold me Jesus---We just can't believe he is gone. His music meant so much to us, and his example......well, he was a humble man, and man of truth, and he never wavered from that truth. We know God has His reason's for taking him, and we as humans cannot understand. We want to think selfishly, and keep Rich with us for as long as we could. I guess in God's eyes, this was enough. It must mean that their is a bigger purpose for his leaving. We pray for Mitch McVicker, for his healing of his body, and his heart. And we pray for the other band members who must deal with this loss. And of course, for the Mullins family who have lost a son and a brother. God will heal their hearts and ours. That we know.

Linda and Heather

Rich changed my life...he woke me up to my relationship with the Lord and CCM. He will be missed.

Kevin Kitchens

I feel like I've lost a friend, even tho I never actually met Rich in this world. I Know I'll meet him in the next and that brings me comfort at this time of sorrow. Every time I look up at the stars I will remember Rich, and the fact that one of those stars is lit for him, and another for me. I will always be grateful to him for pointing that out to me!

Lisa Hewitt

The spiritual depth, beauty, and originality of Rich's music will be greatly missed by us. Rich's life was a great example of living out one's faith.

Andrea & David Felcyn

Rich Mullins was a true source of inspiration for me when I became a truly, dedicated christian my Junior year of high school. What fascinates me is how music is the key to bringing walls down. Rich did that for me in his music as well as allowing me to do this with others. I continually use his music for my non-christian friends. His music is a great tool for witnessing. It has also been deep encouragement and passion to continue my walk with God. I am so glad that he is in heaven and I will miss his chance to continue to write music and sing for us. God gave the world many special people with talents and I am glad that Rich was one of those people who obeyed and enjoyed his gift. Thank you, Rich for giving to the Lord. ;)

Dionne Melton

Rich Mullins music touched the lives of many, mine included. After the concert I hung around for a little while and actually got to talk to him for a while and what I seemingly under understood from the conversation was that I was speaking with a man who had been worn weary by life in this world. I sometimes think that is the one common thing I can say he and I shared. He spent years writing wonderful, spirit inspired music and I wonder if he thought it was useless and not reaching anyone one. I think like a lot of us Christians he wondered if what he was doing for Christ was having any effect on the world. I know more times than not I wonder that. When ever there's someone you work on whether it be to win them to Christ or to help strengthen their walk with Him and it just seems they fight all out as hard as they can you often lose sight of what God has already done through you. I thank God for Rich's life here on earth for without that blessing to all of us I know some was not know the Lord that Rich lived his life and sang his music for.

Matt Baldwin

Rich's music really touched my heart and always helped me work through trials that were occurring in my life. I remember at every one of his concerts that I went to, that it was like an intimate moment with a friend and Rich always had time to talk with you as a brother. I am truly going to miss his music and his personality, but I rejoice in knowing that I will see him again, soon.

Brian Morros

Lord, You gave me Rich's music when I needed You so badly; "Home" and "The River" and "Step by Step" and all the other ministry oriented, worshipful music made You real to me in that long night. Thank You. Now I learn to live with the music he left, in the knowledge that he will make no more for this age, but in the surer knowledge that he makes Music Eternal even now. I look forward even more than before to singing for You with him in the age to come. I miss him, Lord, but I know he is where he always longed to be, and I am grateful that You let him walk with us for a little while. Deep is the night, and dark here where we walk. Rough road, steep climbing, But You wait at the summit, so we walk. Rich, your walk is over. Rest, at Jesus' feet. Listen as He answers all the questions you put into words for your brothers and sisters. and SING YOUR PRAISE TO THE LORD!

Sunny Ruley

First Baptist Church of Oroville will miss Rich, his songs are some of our favorites both as special music, and congregational singing. I personally feel the loss of such a great writer and performer. He has been an inspiration to me these last few years, and I will miss him very much. The worlds loss is heavens gain, and I'm sure Rich is happier there.

In His Grip,
Jim Lightle

I was lucky enough to meet Rich on a couple of different occasions and was impressed by his true humble spirit. He was not into the whole celebrity thing-he was a true servant with a willing heart to serve God. He was blessed with such incredible musical talent and it was so awesome how he used it for God. To his family: thank you for sharing him with us. To his mother: you raised an incredible son. You are blessed!! I will always remember Rich's legacy and can't wait to meet him again in Heaven.

cheri henley

Rich was an inspiration to us all Rich came to our store on june 20th and was very moving then later that night, put on(along with his ragamuffin)the best concert i have ever seen. I have always been so impressed with his simple but profound ways he had about him and made you feel like a long time friend. Thank you Rich for sharing your gift and may it continue to touch souls for years to come! Thank you for reminding us that Our God Is An AWESOME GOD!!!!!

melissa beeks

I've loved Rich's music from the first time I heard it. In 1995 on a trip to Arizona and New Mexico my wife and I found ourselves in WindowRock for church. After being invited home by some wonderful people (the Harpers) we found out the "guy" next door just left on a tour or something out of this country. I saw the place next door and couldn't imagine anyone "Rich (sorry) and Famous" living there! After they told us Rich lived next door , I must've had a surprised look on my face because they said they always got that reaction, but if I had met him I would've understood he belonged there.....what a silent testimony.... I'm looking forward to going back to WindowRock soon...I loved it there and can see how Rich was inspired by his Savior......."and it didn't break his heart to say goodbye"....

Rick Koontz

I remember the first time that I saw Rich Mullins in concert I thought he was incredible. His song "Hold me Jesus" meant so much to me when by 4 year old cousin died 3 years ago. I will truly miss his ministry and talent. He was one of my favorite artist. He just seemed so real and genuine. God is truly being blessed by a great man and a great voice. He went out like Elijah.

Shelley Weaver

I was surprised and saddened to hear of Rich's death. My husband was the same age, and just went to heaven on April 4th of this year. I 'm sure they are enjoying being in God's presence without all the weights of this world. I will be remembering his family in prayer - it is hard to stay here when your loved ones are gone, but we know that we have said goodbye one last time to them - next time we see them there will be no more goodbyes!!

Linda Downey

I was real sorry to hear of the tragedy I will hold the family up in prayer, it such a pity that Rich's life was snatched away at such a young age. Makes us all need to sit back and evaluate our own lives and standings with the Lord Jesus Christ. I can't wait till that day when we will hear all his new releases on that great and glorious day that we too will get to go home to be with our Lord. Rich you will be truly missed, but you have fought a good fight and you have finished the race, and oh what an impact you have caused in the hearts of many and will continue for years to come. Lord, I lift up the family to you right now show them the love that you have for them wrap your arms around them and comfort them during there loss, and Lord I thank you for the talent you gave Rich and that he was a willing vessel to be used by you to further your Kingdom, Amen

David N Rice

I really like the song, "Our God is an Awesome God"--it reminds me of the majesty of God. I heard it also on the Brownsville Revival CD, and it brought a special anointing. My friend, David Rhodes really liked Rich's music, in fact he had ALL of his releases!! That's how I really became acquainted with who he was. He will be sorely missed. I also like, "Step by Step".

Carol J. Dennis

I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news of Rich's earthly death. At the same time, I wanted to celebrate that he is Home with the God that he loves. Rich's music ministered to me when I first became a Christian and continues to do so now. "If I Stand" and "Hold Me Jesus" still bring me to my knees when I hear them. Rich's songs put words to my own thoughts and feelings that couldn't find a voice of their own. Thank you God, for Rich's life. Thank you for using him to reach out to others and call them to you. Thank you for using him to reach into me. I pray Your Peace, Your Love, and Your Blessings for Rich's family and friends. Also for Mitch and his family and friends. You are an AWESOME God. Thank You. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen.

Dona Kenly

Since I became a Christian, Rich's music has inspired me. I have felt the Lord working through him gently saying "I'm here." Thank you Rich for your music, and God for his talent.

Emily Hill

He was a man of simplicity and humbleness. He taught me what really mattered in life. My life will always be better because I knew him; he brought me closer to Jesus.

Lyndsay Walker

I feel that Rich Mullins left a varied and heartfelt collection of music. The world will mourn the loss of a great Christian and artist, but he is Home!

Tom Potter

I had the privilege of seeing Rich in concert just 7 weeks ago. I had never been to one of his concerts before, but I was familiar with his music. His concert had an impact on my life. Of all the Christian concerts I have been to, his was by far my favorite. I loved the live band and Rich's personality and love for God and other people was inspirational for me. I only wish that other people could have the opportunity that I had to see his concert. I praise God for the songs He inspired in Rich. I am disappointed that we won't be blessed with more great lyrics, but I thank God for those we do have. The family and friends of Rich and Mitch are in my prayers.

Alisha Mathews

Rich, Your music meant a lot to me and my family. "Screendoor on a Submarine" was such a cool song and with a refreshing difference. Then, there was "Awesome God" - 'nuff said. The most incredible album you ever put out was "The World as best as I remember it, Part I" - "Step by Step", "Where You are", "Calling out Your Name", "Who God is gonna use" and "I see YOU", are the most memorable songs to me and spoke volumes of Rich's faith and musical genius. Too many songs to remember. Thanks for all the inspiration. May God comfort all of Rich's family, friends and fans during this terrible time of trial. May the Peace of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you all, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Allan Chesshir

Rich is experiencing everything he worked towards right now. We will all miss him. I used to sit for hours just reading his lyrics. I don't think any other artists' death could have so much of an impact. He was a real person, told us he was real, showed us he was real, and was such a great teacher. He is gone, but we shall be with him in Heaven...all of God's children who are waiting for their hope to be revealed.

Allison Courtney

I have been touched. I share the pain of his friends and family. I know what it is like to lose a brother. Now I have lost another brother. I will miss you, Rich

peter timothy nikkel

so God has saw fit to take Rich home. We are without a wonderful songwriter and story teller now. His was the only christian songwriter I really liked. He was so honest and it came form the heart when he sang. God bless you Rich. We pray for Mitch's recovery and both of their families. Thank you God for Rich.

david and deborah steele

I knew Rich when we attended Bible College in Cincinnati. He was older and I was just a freshmen. We never even talked but I always felt I knew him and we had many mutual friends. It's a sad, sad day. Yet my faith is in a loving Lord who will use Rich's life as a catalyst for a much greater good. I love you Rich.

Chris Irwin

His music touched me in special ways because you could tell Rich really knew God and understood what a relationship with him is supposed to be.

Cindy Vaughn

In the twinkling of an eye, Rich Mullins experienced that Awesome God that we can only dream about!


Our prayers and thoughts go out to the Mullins family. All we can do is thank the Lord God Almighty for the short time we were blessed with the gift He had given to Rich. His music brought healing, life and joy to our hearts. God bless the Mullins family, and may the Holy Spirit comfort as only He can.

Allan & Becki Chesshir

I was truly inspired by the music of Rich Mullins. From the first time that I heard him with Hold Me Jesus, to listening to the older sounds of his Awesome God. I still have a copy of his personal article from a year ago in Release Magazine when he talked the about the Momentary things of life. That still to this day makes me stop to think of how precious this moment of life is. His words and music have inspired me to continue to write my own, and to do the work that God wants me to. Thank you Rich for your life. And thank You God for letting me hear you through his ministry. I will never be the same!

Eddie Irwin

Over the years the group I sang with, THE JOYFUL NOISE, used a lot of Rich's music. He was a blest and "awesome" composer. He must be enjoying singing his "praises to the Lord" around the throne.

With love,
Wendy Geagan

I was very inspired and touched by Rich. I performed his songs many times. A dear brother that is now in a far better place. This world will miss Rich Mullins.


We loved Rich Mullins very much. He was one of the primary influences in our spiritual lives. He ministered to us both and was an instrument of God's mercy and love through his music. Although I personally have had several problems with the Church I have never failed to be blessed by Rich's music. He displayed a wicked sense of humor and a joy that will be sorely missed. I am praying for his family and friends in their time of a much greater personal loss. Because of the struggles I have been having with religion, Rich will be sorely missed. He was truly a voice in the wilderness that pointed to the Truth. And like Mark Heard is gone too soon.

liza murdock

Rich Mullins- what can you say? He was one of the few modern Christian musicians that kept a servant's attitude and put his Lord before his career. I've seen many concerts but sadly, never had the privilege of attending Rich's. And yet ,death where is your sting?? I'll see you Rich with a choir of angels backing you up whenever we meet in heaven! Thank you for your inspiration.

Music always says so much about a person. Christian music usually says a lot about a person's walk with the Lord. I was always impressed by the way you could put the truth of the Word into songs, that really touched and at times really convicted me. You will be missed, but your music lives on. Thanks brother for a wonderful legacy. I look forward to meeting you in glory.

Marilyn Cryder

Having recently seen Rich Mullins in concert, what amazed me about him was not only his love of music and the heartfelt lyrics that he was inspired to write but it was his ability to make even the most amazing! How many of you ever were a part of the audience when, with your help, he made it sound like it was raining indoors by just having us use our hands and clapping or snapping? He was able to teach me to love the rain because God made it for a purpose. Without it, grass would wither and flowers would not grow. For this simple thing, Rich will be remembered fondly by me.

Miriam da Luz

Spiritually, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, but musically I must say that you(rich) were one of my greatest teachers. Your boldness to speak the truth-not american christianity's truth of who Jesus is but the biblical truth of who he is. Also the truth concerning the normal christian life- Although we talked for merely 2 minutes behind some curtain with your music playing in the background I count it a privilege to have met you- I pray that someone else will pick up the mantle that you left here.... maybe me, maybe many of us. Hopefully many of us.

Rob Reider

We would like to thank Rich Mullins' family for sharing him with us. God has deeply blessed us through his ministry and we are saddened by your loss.

Jared and Leah

Rich's music blessed a lot of people. He will be greatly missed.

Tammy Novak

Sing for us the praises unto God for us at His throne. Tell others we'll be there soon. God Bless.

ann m. maner

His music has helped me get through some hard times in my life. He was one of a kind. There will never be another Rich Mullins. He was a truly humble man. His love for the lord spoke loud and clear in his music. I loved to listen to him talk. His voice was so cool!! I have seen his concerts several times. I will miss see him. I know he is with the lord.

Renee Mancuso

words and lyrics were and will continue to be beyond meaningful in my life. I'm only 21 years old but I can see the rapid decay of people's hearts and minds in this world. However, Rich, through his music, brought the realness and truth of the Scriptures into the lives of so many people -- something that is a rare thing today, even in some Christian music. It has been refreshing for me to have known of this great man and to have seen Christ's victory in his life... and to KNOW that Christ still has the victory, even in his death.

Julie Wimmer

I love you Rich and want to let all know that your music was a daily inspiration to you.

samuel shea

I hardly know where to begin. I did not get to see him in concert because he rarely played in this area. One night he played in Richmond and I had called the church to reserve tickets at the door (they didn't take credit cards). I had to work that day and left work as soon as I could get out at 6PM. The instructions given us to get to the church where the concert was held were so poor that when we got there they had given our tickets away because we were late and the tickets were naturally in great demand. I actually took a chance and sneaked past the "guards" to the balcony to catch a glimpse of Rich on stage. My youngest son who was about 10 or 11 then had followed me and reprimanded me for doing something that was obviously, even to a child, dishonest. Of course we had to leave.

I know Rich is with the Lord and is experiencing the ultimate in peace and joy and for that I am grateful. I lift his family and those who knew him on a more personal level up because I can imagine how they feel. I feel cheated because I never saw him in concert, I had actually hoped to meet him some day. I had written a couple of letters and in one had invited him to drop in for dinner anytime he was in our area. I sent him a note years later and told him the offer still stood. I guess I didn't expect to hear anything back but he seemed like such a regular guy that I thought I could just ask and he'd stop by some time.

His lyrics were so thought provoking and his music original. The arrangements of those songs were some of the most creative I have heard especially in Christian music. I never tired of his music and always looked forward to the latest album. A few years ago my cat of 5 years had to be put to sleep and I cried like a baby. My husband went out and bought me the latest CD "Brother's Keeper" to comfort me. That was the first time he, my husband, had bought a Rich Mullins release before me. I'll have to wait to introduce myself to him in eternity... I was a big "fan" from his first album and will miss his music so much. I don't know why the Lord took him now instead of later but I guess no one needed my opinion, I see through a glass darkly...

Kathy Tatler

Although I had just gotten into the Contemporary Christian Music in the past couple of years, I Really liked the message that Rich conveyed. He really had the Heart of Christ, and he showed it also. I think that he will be greatly missed because of his love for christ. We will all miss him.

Kevin Abner

Rich Mullins was my favorite CCM artist for two reasons. Firstly, I always felt that his music was written as praise, not as entertainment. There are very few artists (even the CCM ones) that I believe write ALL their music as praise to the Father. I believe that every song that I have ever heard Rich sing was a praise, and that he would have sung them to the Lord even when he was by himself. Secondly, his lifestyle backed up his music. His passion for ministry and his humble servanthood was a shining example in the industry. I never heard of Rich Mullins doing anything that would have destroyed or even damaged his witness for his Savior. In short, he was a godly man, bent on serving his Lord with his actions and his music. My prayers go out to his family, friends, and fans who are hurting. May the Lord use his death as effectively as He used his life. Adios for now, Rich!
Casey Harl

I just wanted to say his songs showed so many different facets of his love for God and God's love for us. I will miss his messages, but we do have the songs he left behind. Just imagine being able to "sing praise to the Lord" face to face!

Mary Dulaney

I have been a Rich Mullins faithful ever since "Winds of Heaven..." in '88. To hear that he had gone to be with the Father was a hard blow at first. The Jordan is no longer waiting...he is home. I will miss anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new album. I remember before I asked my wife to marry me, the last stipulation I had was that she like Rich's music. We both shed a tear to "Maker of Noses" together. It was the first time she had heard him. The conclusion of the matter of him passing on for both my wife and I is that with the knowledge of how Rich blessed our lives with his faithfulness and talent, it would be an injustice not to carry on his "simple yet profound" type of Christianity.

God blessed us with him for a short while, now those of us who are left must be an example to those who are to come. Having the privilege to meet Rich on many occasions, the one thing that I would say about knowing him is that the value he placed on other people as well as himself was based on one fact, that there was a God who pursued us all tirelessly and with passion, and that as believers we all wore the same blood.

Peace of Christ to you all until we meet on the other side of the Cross...

Stacy and Mendy Warner
Dallas, Texas

Rich Mullins was not only a great musician but an incredible minister. He spoke and people tended to listen simply because he spoke from his heart. He will be truly missed because he was truly loved.

Shannon Ballard

I loved the music Rich wrote. I never heard anything that didn't touch me in a special way.

Pam Haden

I discovered Rich's music about a year after I became a Christian Since then, many of his songs have lifted my eyes to Jesus. His faith was simple, yet deep. And his honesty about life and confidence in God's unyielding grace have encouraged my own walk with Christ. I will miss him.

Mark Zeigler

I never really allowed myself to be introduced to Rich's music other than by the radio. Even then, I never paid it much attention. After working at Kanakuk one summer, I gave myself another chance to commune with the Spirit through Rich's music. Ever since, "Calling Out Your Name" has held a special place with me. I only own one CD of his so I guess you wouldn't call me a true "fan". But I was, and still am, a fan of the discipline and courage Rich put himself through just to serve God to the best of his ability. What a soldier! Even though the shell for his soul is gone, we know he is just having a blast singing praises in the Heavenly chorus. Let it be of some comfort that he left behind his music to continue his ministry for those of us who knew him, knew of him, and for those who have yet to hear the first note played on Rich's hammer dulcimer. Thank you, Rich. See you in heaven!

Michael Haden

Rich Mullins has been my favorite Christian musician for years. I always marveled at his sincerity, and that his heart never grew to desire fame and fortune despite his success. I feel confident that his ministries to the Navajo people have made a significant eternal difference already. What a kind man, and what a kind God we serve that he gave the gift of music in the first place. See you on the other side, Rich.

Lewis Burton

I became a Rich Mullins fan just less than one year ago. I never met the man or attended one of his concerts. But, he was without a doubt my favorite CCM artist. Rich's obvious passion for Jesus was what caught my eye. I can see Jesus through his music. No matter what I am feeling, I can always find a Mullins song to minister to me. I know Rich had a love for teaching children. He never knew it, but I frequently use his songs in my Bible study class to help my students (youth) grasp the lesson for the day. Rich touched my life and the lives of the youth I teach through his music and he will continue to do so. Rich left a beautiful of eternal things. Rich...I'll see you on the other side of the Jordan one day. Trish Patterson New Orleans, Louisiana

Trish Patterson

What do you say when you lose someone who meant so much? I never knew Rich personally, but I loved him and his music. He touched my life in a way no other individual has. I will miss him greatly! But I know that he is right where he always wanted to be and with that I rejoice with him. This is our loss, not his. And heaven is better for having him. In Christ, Janet "When You start this world over again from scratch Will You make me anew out of the stuff that lasts Stuff that's purer than gold is and clearer than glass Could ever be Can I be with You? Can I be with You?" Rich Mullins - Be With You Your prayers have been answered, Rich. See ya when I get there.


Rich Mullins was a profound artist whose music touched me greatly. He is now with our Living God in Heaven. Praise be to God for his music and ministry. "The Jordan is waiting for me to cross thru" -- he has. I pray for his family and his friends.

In Mourning & In Christ,
Bob Agans

I am deeply saddened by the loss of this humble servant of God.I now consider him in the ranks with Keith Green,we will enjoy his music for many years to come but no one will be able to replace him.

Terry L. Richardson

I didn't know much about Rich, but love the song "Our God Is an awesome God" It will live on and on and on

Karen Anderson

The song "Awesome God" that Rich wrote explains it all. That our God is an Awesome God He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!!! I know that Rich will be missed, but I am glad that he is singing in God's heaven choir! Love and Blessings, Melody Highnote

Melody-Anne Highnote

Rich Mullin's music lives on as a testimony to a man who loves God from the heart and serves Him with his life. May we learn much from this servant's legacy - his songs truly are a liturgy to a legacy, left behind by one of Jesus' faithful ragamuffins!

Tim Gibson

As we have ministered to children across this country Rich's music was a tool we had the privilege of using to minister to children, he will be missed but we rejoice that we will see him again.

Rich & Kathy Hartman

I have enjoyed Rich's music for years. I have enjoyed the depth and different levels that are in his music. Other than his most famous "Awesome God" some of my personal favorites are: "If I stand", "The Other Side of the World" and "Screen Door". I will miss him and his music as I know many others will also. One thing I do know, he is bringing joy to the angels and to God. Godspeed Rich!

Dale Crow

We never know when our days upon this earth are over, but we have a place that Jesus went to prepare for us and Rich is there now. Having listened to his music for years and seeing him in concert you could sense the love he had for his savior. He seemed never to chase the spotlight, but was like in his own home when he came to the concert halls. I remember the RAGAMUFFIN concert where at the end we were singing a chorus of one of his songs, and the band members quit playing one at a time and left the stage and the audience was left singing a capella at the end. It was one of the most awesome feelings I have had during my spiritual journey.

Thanks Rich, and our prayers are with the family, friends, and all fans of Rich Mullins. We long for the day when we are to see the glory of Heaven!


I've been reading the messages here, and reading through them has been an incredible time to weeping over a man who touched so many lives, laughing over the joy he brought us, and contemplating what to do next. He inspired me so often in his life and music. I can honestly say that I will be one, actively involved in carrying on.

It's so true what one message said. After crying over our loss, they wrote that they did not know Rich personally. However, they cried because they knew his heart. How very true. It is more than we can say about most people we spend each day with. He was an incredible example of God's love lived out in the real world.

His life touched mine so resoundingly, yet so intimately. I have grieved. I have shed the tears. Now, I have to carry on.

Thank you.

like all christians who have been touch by rich's ministry i am terribly sorry sad to know that he is no longer with us. however, i am also happy because of the obvious, i know God wanted to give rich his reward. the devil has no authority over the children of God, nothing happens to us that has not been planned by our savior. i just wanted encourage his family as they cope with his absence and also stated that i'll pray for a speedy recovery of mitch.

God bless you all.
rafael a. calderon

Rich's music reached the deepest levels of my soul, and ministered to my heart like no other Christian artist ever has. His music was a gift from God to the Body. Praise God for the life he lived...a life led by the guidance of the One who created him. My heart is broken for a man I never met, but felt I knew him in a very personal way. That kind of love can only come from the One who binds us all together in the love of Christ.


My husband had only listened to Southern Gospel until I introduced him to Rich's music. From then on we had Rich with us everywhere we went, in the car and in our home. We still can't believe he's with the Lord and not here. We're thankful that God shared Rich with us even for this short time.

Love in our Lord,
Darrell & Debbie Friend

Rich's music was the breathe of GOD through a human. Music which looked me in the face and said, "What do you need to change" or "You never realized that awesome aspect of GOD before". The song which impacted me the most was "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are". While this song revealed my weakness in the light of GOD, it also reminds me that Rich now has strength immeasurable.

Timothy Veeck

To the Family of Rich Mullins

I never met him. I don't think he ever came to Arizona. He didn't even know that I existed. Yet his music left a lasting imprint on my life. Truly God can use us when we don't even know we're being used.

Your loss is my loss. Your grief is mine as well. Yet we share the same Hope: I will meet Rich one day and thank him for his music.

Stay faithful.

When I first started listening to Christian music, there were a handful of artists who helped to woo my heart for Christ. Rich was one of the first and a personal favorite. The following is a sonnet I wrote as a tribute.

Hold Him Jesus

Your insights tickle my trembling spirit
Your piano soothes my grieving heart
Your gentle voice, I soar when I hear it
We are not as strong as we think we are
But my life's greater for all you've given
I'm wiser for your melodies and words
Inspiration wakes me as I listen
To some of the most joyful sounds I've heard
Flashing, crackling like child of wonder storms
Poking their way through a curtain of clouds
To proclaim victory in a life reborn
I kneel to give thanks, declaring out loud
My God's an awesome God, I know it's true
For the souls He's touched through His gift in you...

To the family of Rich, thank you for your sweet son and brother!

--randy moomaw
Nashville, TN

Thank you Lord for an artist who celebrated that "There IS such a thing as GLORY!" And now Rich is with you, his One True Love. All we Redfords - JAC, LeAnn, Jessica, Jerusha, Jonathan and Ian are deeply grieved at this world's and our own personal loss. Good-bye to the Stuff of Earth and ride now on the Winds of Heaven!

JAC Redford

We are deeply saddened by the loss of someone who so faithfully served the Lord he loved. The first date with my wife was at a Rich Mullins concert in 1993. Not only did that concert rekindle a desire to draw closer to God, but it also allowed me to begin a relationship with the woman who God had chosen for me. I also lost my brother in April of this year in a car accident so I understand your grief and your desire to have him back. It's not selfish to want him back. God has made the world better by putting people around who makes life richer. Once again we are praying for your family.

Love in Christ,
Travis and Beth Dunlap

You know it's weird how things happen. I just 'found' his old albums I had bought years ago (Never Picture Perfect, The World as Best as I Remember it vol 1 & 2), and was beginning to listen to them again. A couple of days ago when I was busing to work and listening to his music on my walkman, I really felt his love and his heart in his songs more than I ever did, and it was so surreal. I remember thinking "wow I had forgotten how good this guy is!"

A few days later I heard about his death (from my brother) and I was shocked beyond belief. I was thinking "I was just listening to him! How can this be?" But it was true, and I couldn't help but think that maybe I *did* hear him that day on the bus... The timing is so weird!

I saw Rich in concert many years ago; it was truly enjoyable! The 3 things I remember most about it was his unusual instruments, the intimacy, and the rain-sound-simulating exercise we did with him (by clapping our hands).

If Rich intended to bring people closer to God with his music and ministry, he certainly did it. He sings of the Love of God, and I have felt it, especially recently when I heard him sing it in my ear. What a truly remarkable man! I have been blessed! Thank you for your music, your ministry, and mostly your heart for God. You'll be missed!


I was only introduced to Rich Mullins this year, primarily through his anthology album, Songs. I missed my one chance to see him in concert here in Omaha last February, and am writing to say that if you are or become aware of any video tape of him in concert, whether commercially produced or privately, that could be copied or purchased, I should very much like to at least have that opportunity to become aware of some of what I have missed.

Thank you very much. --
Ellyn Grant

My husband and I both consider Rich among our heroes. His love was both real and readily apparent, his music personal and intimate. His loss was an incredible blow. Our prayers go out to his family as well as his friends and the millions of people who feel the same way we do. Believe me, there is no exaggeration in that number. For every person who contacts you, there are silent hundreds who will miss him.

We pray also for Mitch McVicker and his family.

I can draw some comfort from my personal belief that of all the friends I have lost over the years, Rich was probably the best prepared to meet Jesus.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our feelings. We are so blessed to have had the Rich Mullins experience in our lives, but sad that it had to end so soon.

Mikki Brower

I am yet another who profoundly feels the loss of a "friend" and brother, a mentor and teacher, a comic, a theologian, a mind that boggles me, and a man, oh so human. Isn't that why we all miss and feel the pain of him, who many never got to meet. Grief is real, as is his homegoing. What peace we have knowing he's there, singing on our behalf to the king we all love more because Rich helped us see him clearer. Mrs. Mullins, I am so truly sorry for your pain and rejoice with you as you see a glimpse of his commitment and love for his lovely, beautiful Savior.

Stacy Kronemeyer

I thank God for the time and talents that Rich has shared with so many.He was a great blessing and inspiration to me and many people I know.He accomplished so much in his life,for God and the gospel, he will surely be very greatly rewarded.

I never knew him personally. I never had the privilege of attending one of his concerts. I never read articles he had written, or heard his radio interviews, or saw any of his video's. But for the last 10 years I have listened to his music more than any other. His songs said the things that were in my heart, that I thought were inexpressible. I have laughed, and cried, and rejoiced, and repented, praised and prayed to his music. I took his music as my own - his songs, the songs of my own heart. Only now am I beginning to see the person he was. Oh, but what a gift he gave me - what a gift God gave us all in Rich Mullins.

Jay Garner

On earth he composed and sang to One he had never seen but had known mightily through faith, almost as from a distant shore. Now he sings to Him he sees, face to face. No longer from a distant shore, for his course now finished has brought him home. With songs so powerful and touching penned only through faith, what must the songs be like now as he sings before the Throne, the angels, and the redeemed from all the ages. I can only wonder ........ as from a distant shore.

The Ward Family

When I heard of Rich's death, at first I was alarmed. By the time I could asked what had happened I began to weep uncontrollable tears of joy. My response to my friend was "I'm so jealous!" He is home where he has always wanted to be, where we yet hope to be. Let us rejoice with him!

Debbie Miller

I am just one of the many nameless faces you may never meet...but that was touched by your son's music. In the bleakest hours of a marriage that was ripping apart, shaken by the threat of AIDs, and trying to adhere to Jesus' promises, I would hear your son's conversations with his heavenly Father, and I'd say I can do that too, God. Courage, devotion, forgiveness, love, and empathy are the gifts your son gave me two years ago. And I now have a happy, healthy family that has been given a second chance. Thank you Rich...and thanks to you, his family, for the gift of his life. He did make a difference.

Ellen Gillis

To the dear family of Rich Mullins,

I want to offer you my sincerest condolences at your loss. I heard of Rich's death last week, and I have been praying for all of you since I heard the news.

What can I tell you of what he meant to me? He was a true inspiration, and his songs have been woven all through my life... In collage I walked around campus singing "...And her sky is just a petal pressed in the book of a memory of a time he thought loved her and they kissed..." and the sky over Mount Humphreys would be a cloud hanging softly close to the ground. And I would think what a cozy world and I would thank God for pouring His beautiful thoughts through Rich Mullins Rich could speak of the loneliness and longing for God and wonder of His creation in a way that touched a deep part of me. The part of me that couldn't bear the same old re-hashed boppy little themes in so much of Christian music.

I loved Rich because he wasn't afraid to be REAL and honest. I loved him for his little white trailer out by Window Rock (A friend and I drove out there once on a whim to find him. We tracked him down, but unfortunately he wasn't home. We both wanted to marry him but that's another story.) I loved him for his old truck and his dog, and the way he quoted C.S. Lewis in his interviews, and I loved him because true poets are so rare. I loved him because in his music, the best part of his heart was apparent and transparent, and in it I could see a man pressing on to live ever closer to the most precious of all things, Jesus Christ. That's why we all loved him.

I believe that Rich is still writing songs even now. How glorious it will be to hear his collaborations with King David and Fanny Crosby and Keith Green when we arrive home!

To you, his mother, I want to thank you for your part in his life. Thank you for teaching him and loving him and raising him the way he should go. I know you will share in his reward in heaven. You are a very special sister in the Lord and I look forward to meeting you someday. I pray that God takes even this, what Satan meant for evil, to draw you ever closer to our beautiful Savior. God bless you!!!!

Betty Miller

Just wanted to add my thoughts to those remembering the ministry of a truly unique and special man. I am the same age as Rich and I have enjoyed his music for the past 10 years of so. I have been deeply moved and touched by Rich's music on many occasions. He spoke to me as no one else in contemporary Christian music has ever been able to do. I never had the pleasure of meeting Rich but did get to see him in concert in Seattle about 3 years ago and my family and I enjoyed it immensely. I'm sure that he's in a better place but I also know that this world was a better place with him in it.

In His Grip,
Scott Schleiffers

In spite of the fact that most everything that could be said already has been by others, I feel compelled to add my thoughts on Rich.

"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. (1 Cor. 15: 55-57 NIV)

Like so many others, I too was eagerly awaiting the day I could hear Rich sing in person. His 1995 tour had a date two hours away, but my wife had just given birth to our third child and we couldn't make it. I guess I'll just have to wait a little bit longer. That's fine. I'm sure the acoustics will be much better.

I too felt the connection that so many others felt with his music. The time that it spoke to me most clearly was during a two year stretch during which my wife and I lost my mother, her grandfather, and our firstborn son. While I had lots of questions at the time, I never questioned God or his love. Rich's music helped keep me focused. "If I stand" and "Bound to come some trouble" are etched in my brain, and I'm the richer for it. Now I have one more reason to weep as a man longing for my home. I understand Rich enjoyed basketball. Maybe he can teach my little guy how to dribble and shoot. I expect some pretty good one-on-one match ups by the time I arrive.

Some feel Rich's music was under-appreciated. I have no such feeling. Elijah felt under-appreciated, too, but I'm sure the 7,000 faithful would have disagreed, as did the Lord, and He's the only one that matters anyway. It's obvious that countless lives were (and will be) touched and the impact of that is immeasurable. Rich was a faithful servant whom God used in a marvelous way. My prayer now is that God will raise up an Elisha to follow in Elijah's steps. No one will ever have Rich's unique talents, but I'm confident God will inspire other gifted songwriters and singers to touch our hearts and souls. In the meantime, through God's gift of technology, Rich continues to sing, to inspire, to challenge, and to uplift.

To Rich's family, I pray that our God lifts you up in His loving arms during this trial. Rejoice that the words spoken to Martha are spoken also to you:

Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again." Martha answered, "I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. (John 11:23-26a NIV)

Yours in Christ,
David P. Hochmuth
Rohnert Park, CA
October 2, 1997

Shocked but not shaken are the words I will use to describe my feelings. Yes I am deeply saddened but ever thankful that God chose to put me on the earth the same time as the earth was blessed with the presence of Rich. He was truly anointed and now he sings his praise to the Lord in Heaven. I am sure Rich was truly humbled to hear "Well done good and faithful servant." to which he probably replied " My pleasure Lord." He was a servant and lived as God lead regardless of the cost. We all have so much to learn from him. Thank you Lord for Rich and thank you Rich for sharing the Lord and encouraging believers.


hi i'm a 40 year old man from canada. i've recently been through a very rough time - worst of my life actually - and i just wanted rich's family to know that his music, particularly creed, got me through some tough days. i was doing the all night show at a radio station the night keith green died. i remember seeing the bulletin on the wire. while at a party this week i heard about rich's passing, and i couldn't help but think of the similarities. two talented evangelists whisked away by what we see as tragedy. hard to understand. actually can't understand. but we have faith that God allows things like losing keith and somehow work for His will. Many prayers are being said for you.

london, ontario, canada.

thank you lord for the wonderful person in rich mullins. you truly are an awesome god. we don't understand but we trust completely your will. as a listen to the music of rich on the radio, i know his ministry will continue and that must make him smile in heaven. thank you jesus.

susan osterhout

I saw Rich in Grand Rapids, MI last spring: front row. I loved to see this man perform. He is so honestly humble, and you can tell just by watching him. I loved to hear his insight on many of the problems that are plaguing America now. He was such a remarkable men, what an amazing loss to our generation.

Heather Rundell

I had the opportunity of meeting Rich at the airport in Indianapolis a couple of years ago when I was on a business trip. It was just a *chance* meeting where he and I got to talk for awhile. I came away from that meeting filled with a sense of respect and awe for that man. He was extremely humble, caring, and one of the friendliest people I have ever met. I would describe him as the MOST unpretentious person I have ever met. I think Rich had a lot in common with Jesus. When I think of Christlike people, Rich is one of the first people I think of.

Just to show the kind of person Rich was I'll relate a story. Reed Arvin, his producer, told us this story at a workshop is Chicago last year. Reed was chatting with Rich at a recording session. Rich had one of his royalty sheets with him. It was quite long, with a list of royalty fees amounting to quite a bit of money. Reed asked Rich how much it was worth. Rich answered *quite a lot!* They continued to talk (they are very good friends) and Reed asked Rich how much money he made per year. The answer staggered Reed who has been a long term friend and business associate. By his own request, Rich made the same salary as the average American worker. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000 dollars per year!!! All of the rest of Rich's earnings went to a charitable trust which is administered by his church. The money is used to fund many worthwhile organizations.

It seems to me that Rich *put his money where his mouth was* (so to speak). I'm going to miss him. There will be a void in Christianity--not only because of his gift as a songwriter and artist, but more because of the person he was.

Tony Zubrowski
Plainfield, IN

I've struggled so hard with Rich's passing: Why is it a "tragedy?" Why are we so sad, when a cherished brother or sister goes home?? This should be what we all look forward to! I'm so sorry for our loss, but so incredibly happy for Rich: he knew where he was headed all along, and has left us with a precious glimpse of our home. Thank you Rich! We'll be home soon.

In the sadness of Rich's death, I have written a poem.. here goes..

His music touched our hearts, and our minds...
In Rich and his lyrics, a friend we shall find.
Lord you hear our cry, of this loss of a friend we confide..
We know Rich is in a better place..
kneeling below your throne in God's loving grace.
Our memories will forever hold,
a story of a man,
his love for God,
and music of all stories told.
We bow our heads in loving prayer,
that one day we'll see him again,
with God and his angels there.

Jennifer Slaton

I've never herd Rich sing in person and many times I heard his music never knowing it was him. Even before his death his songs brought tears to my eyes with their power, conviction, and praise. God truly blessed us all with Rich and he will be missed- but his ministry will live on.

Randee Petersen

I cannot comprehend your pain, but I pray that the God of Peace, through His Comforter, would ease your spirits and hearts and begin quickly the long journey back to joy. I want you to know that in life Rich Mullins ministered to my spirit more times than I can bear to recall; in his death he serves as God's agent of disclosure, telling me that my devotion has been anemic, my sacrifice laughable, and my obedience pathetic. And so I must change, and by the abounding grace of God, I will. I praise God that even in death, this man calls me to the feet of my most excellent Savior. I can't wait to meet them both face to face.

Angela Smith
London, Arkansas

I first heard his music on a friend's CD player when we had just gotten back from a mission trip to a Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. Another friend had committed her life to Christ and been baptized on that trip, and for weeks I heard his music running through my head, and it was all wrapped up with the joy of my friend's salvation and the beauty of the North Carolina stars and the smell of the mountains..."Sometimes I think of Abraham, how one star he saw had been lit for me. He was a stranger in this land, and I am that no less than he..."

I have seen him in concert numerous times, but the most meaningful was the night before I left on a mission trip to Puerto Rico. We missed him in Atlanta, so we drove two hours one-way to Macon to hear him...there was flooding in southern Georgia, and we drove through the rain and storm to a concert that he gave as a benefit for flood victims. The next day I flew to Orlando to meet the rest of my Global Projects team, but my flight was the first there, so I had several hours alone to wonder what on earth I was doing. I wandered singing to myself: "If I stand, let me stand on the promise that You will pull me through. And if I can't let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You. And if I sing, let me sing for the joy that has born in me these songs...and if I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home."

This summer God has shown me more than ever how true it is that our only home is in heaven. Rich knew that all along. Knowing that he is there now makes me long even more for home...

Thanks and love and prayers to all who knew him and loved him. I hope to meet his family someday.


this man truly left his mark on this world. we will sing the songs the lord gave rich for many years to come. may God comfort you like only he knows how. my prayers with you.

Rich will be sorely missed by the Christian community. He was one of the most inspirational artists that we have. I have enjoyed singing his songs in our evening worship services...our minister, his wife, my husband & myself all enjoy leading others in singing and playing his works.

My deepest sympathies go out to Rich's family at their loss. We are all praying for you, but at the same time we rejoice that our brother has been called home. Our prayers also are going to Mitch McVicker for a steadily recovery. He has rough road ahead, but God willing he will recover completely very soon.

Yours in Christ
Bonnie McCurdy

I echo the thousands in saying that Rich music, testimony and life inspired me to forsake the things that don't matter and chase after the things that do. He was a rare jewel in the CCM industry that cannot be replaced. It is so hard to find an artist who is not caught up in the mindset, competition, and idol worship so prevalent here in Nashville. Rich seemed so free from the materialism and pressure that comes with being a successful recording artist, and I respected him for that. For one who works in the CCM industry, it is rare to find one who gave so fully of himself to others. He cared about the things that really matter and I will be forever changed from knowing him.

Melissa Banek

It has really been upsetting for me, even though I know that he is where he has always longed to be. He's home. A friend and I drove from Albuquerque to attend his memorial service in Wichita. I thought it so moving and touching to hear from those who loved him and whom he loved.

God's blessings,
Jacqueline Vigil

Never before have I heard a musician so passionate and sold out on God. He was an excellent example of how a relationship with God could become so personal. His songs bring God to life. God is not just someone watching us live our lives, he is someone who wants to have a personal, intimate relationship with us. Rich now has everything he has longed for. We will miss him, but I'm so happy that he is with God and perfectly complete.

Joseph Gutel

We have grown to love Rich and his music as a family. There have been many times when we have taken trips, either short drives in the country, or longer drives for vacation, when we have listened to Rich's music while we were riding; it has almost become a family tradition, rides while listening to Rich Mullins. I would like to include the following poem which I wrote just after Rich's death.

Gone, suddenly, in a twinkling of an eye; before we ever knew it, he was looking back on the stars, and looking forward to his Lord and Savior.

And now, his earthly voice is stilled, and we can no longer hear.


his voice is not stilled in Heaven, where he sings for his Heavenly King.

And his voice is not stilled on earth, where tapes and CDs still play, where those at his college put on his plays, where a thousand churches sing "Awesome God"

But Rich, we will miss you.

Thank you.
Jim Bush,
Houston, TX.

I only met Rich one time. I believe it was in 1990, and Rich's tour brought him through Lynchburg. For reasons I don't remember, a church in VA had canceled his concert. Knowing they would be in the Lynchburg area for the evening, their manager called a local christian radio station to see if they might know of someplace they could minister while in the area. Because we have a daily program on the station, the station manager called me to see if we would be interested in having Rich do a last minute concert at our church. He new our small church didn't even have it's own facility, but thought we might know another church that would partner with us, which we did. We were not sure, however, that Rich and his band would want to perform for such a small group.

Well, they were, for no more than dinner and a love offering, and it was an evening we will long remember! Both churches are small, and being the last minute, there were only about 50 people in attendance. Rich invited everyone to sit up real close - even among the band, as they played and lead us in worship with piano, guitars, and of course, the hammer dulcimer. He let the kids look the dulcimer over real good and showed them how to play it. He shared his vision of ministering on an indian reservation. They ministered for a couple hours, and we finished by singing "Awesome God". Afterwards, Rich and the band hung around talking to everyone, in no hurry to rush off.

We were so impressed by Rich's humility and touchableness. His faith in and love for Jesus was so obvious. After just a few hours he talked to us as if we were old friends. It's no wonder we feel the loss so deeply for someone we only met once. We thank God for the music he left behind, to which we will often listen and remember........

Pastor Ken
Parrish Victory Christian Fellowship
Lynchburg, VA

As a lyricist, God has shown me many things. One is that if you are the vessel, then the vessel can't get any glory. (We're like fed-exing the message from God to people) If God is worthy to be praised, do you make your praise worthy of God? Is it one hundred percent praise w/out pride? When Rich died, God was definitely working in my heart. Why father? Why now? I never had an opportunity to let him know how much of an inspiration he was to me. Then being envious that he got to go home first. (Selfishness on my part, lol) The message(of God) remains, don't store up treasures on earth where moths and robbers can get to them. Make your treasures in heaven. Eternal. He was just the vessel pointing us to the father. What was his inspiration needs to be ours. The love of God. Thank you Jesus for ever loving us and giving us the knowledge that you and you alone are our all in all. May God's peace be on all those who know and love him.


I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Rich in person at Cornerstone this past summer -- I put a big sign up at our campsite that said "Rich Mullins Stop Here So We Can Honor The World's Finest Musician" (I realize that Rich was a very humble person, and I hope it didn't embarrass him -- I think he kinda liked it). :) Anyway, this sign was much to the embarrassment of most of my fellow campers and some passers-by who read it and said "RICH MULLINS?" (they were the ones who never "got" it). But no one laughed when I walked into our campsite a few hours later with Rich, who graciously came and played "Charlie" on my guitar and sang it for me. Instead they just stood there with their mouths hanging open, offering to take pictures. He didn't see the sign at first, but my husband ran into him walking down the road and told him about it, so he followed us back to our tent and chatted for a few minutes, making us feel like he didn't have anything else he'd rather be doing than hanging out with us. I am thankful to have had that experience, yet like many of you who have never met Rich, I have felt connected to him for years through his music, and long before I met him, I considered him a dear friend. In fact, I would go so far as to say that other than my husband who is truly Christlike to me, Rich has impacted my life more than any other Christian ever has.

For years I have been a "cheerleader" for Rich's music, trying to convince my friends and family that this was no ordinary artist. My husband didn't even really appreciate his music in all its fullness until he saw him in concert one year (what an experience his concerts were!!!), it was then that he really began to listen to Rich's music. I think that's why a lot of people never "got" it, because they weren't really listening. Let's face it, Rich's songs would never have been placed in the "easy listening" category. They were soul-searching, challenging, profound and comforting all at the same time. You couldn't listen to his songs and remain stuck in your doubts and complacency. They literally moved you, and always in the direction of a God who loves the hell out of us. I think his music and lyrics came straight from the heart of God, because he was a man after God's own heart. Rich has always told us that his songs were not inspired, that the scriptures were inspired; his songs were "provoked". Yet God has used Rich's music to inspire our own hearts when even the holy scriptures seemed to lay dormant within us. One of my favorite Rich quotes is: "I can understand why people would have doubts about the Bible. It's a weird, strange, goofy book" Yet Rich loved the Word of God...not because he understood it all, but because within its pages he found himself...he sure made it easy to be human and still love ourselves, knowing that if Rich Mullins could openly struggle with the same things that ensnare the rest of us, and still write songs like "The Love Of God" and "Both Feet On The Ground", then maybe the rest of us ragamuffins aren't doing so bad after all. I think that Rich shared that truth with us more than any's not that we are so bad, it's that God is so good.

I first stumbled on to Rich's music almost seven years ago. My husband and I had just become Christians and we had been given a gift certificate for a secular music store. Our previous choice of music had been groups such as Pink Floyd, Styx, and The Doors, so we had no idea what kind of Christian music was out there, or if we would even like any of it. My husband just happened to hear Boy Like Me/Man Like You on a Christian radio station, and thought it was kind of unique, so he went out and bought World As Best As I Can Remember It Vol 1, and something by Micheal W. Smith, the only Christian artist we had ever heard of. (Don't know what ever happened to that tape). As I spent that evening alone with God, I must have listened to World As Best... about eight times in a row!!! I thought Boy Like Me/Man Like You was good, but I was totally captivated by songs like The River, Jacob And 2 Women, Calling Out Your Name, The Howling, I See You... Never before, even in the secular arena had I heard music so brilliantly crafted, lyrics that were so simple yet carried such meaning. Until I heard all those beautiful lyrics, there had been no words to do justice for the depth of love I felt in my heart for my newly found Savior. It was like Rich was singing what I felt my heart had been full of, but could never find words to express. I proceeded to buy everything that Rich had ever done, memorizing every note and lyric, always looking forward to his next release or next concert...Can you imagine what his next concert will be like? -- As we all join him in resounding praise to an audience of One while Rich is pounding out angelic melodies on a hammered dulcimer? WOW!!! Our God is truly Awesome--and while we can only grasp just a small portion of that in our limited human thinking, Rich now sees Him in all His splendor, unfiltered and pure and holy...

I am finally going to get to one of the main purposes of this letter. :) My last letter to Rich was 7 pages long--wonder if he ever got through the whole thing? So if you are about to quit reading, at least read this letter to Rich:

Dear Rich, Here we all sit, overcome with emotions we didn't really know were there, while you too are overcome--with the glory and majesty and awesomeness of your "One Thing". We say thank you, yet to us those words don't even begin to express the impact you have left upon our lives. Over the last decade, you have carried us through God's reckless, raging, furious love; you've shown us the color green more vivid and beautiful than we have ever seen it. We have been filled with the wonder of God's world as we visited Johnson's creek with you, we have heard the prairies calling out His name. We've sat in a temple of silence and stars, crying out the name of the One who loves us, and watched God put wings upon our flightless hearts. We've sat back and watched you wrestle with our God, asking Him the questions that we were afraid to, and then found our answers in your songs. We've loved and worshipped Him through your musical expression--you had the ability to say what our hearts were full of...the stuff we really felt, but could never put into words of our own. Yet your words became our own. Our praise was made beautiful with your lyrics; they were a part of us all. We'll carry on. We'll carry your songs for you the way they have carried us. And we'll practice what you've always reminded us to do. We'll love God and we'll love each other. And we'll become like little children; we'll keep on growing young.

We love you...thank you for making our lives Richer.

"Well done good and faithful servant...enter into the joy of your Lord." Matthew 25:23

--"If we can reach beyond the wisdom of this age, into that foolishness of God, that foolishness will save those who believe--although their foolish hearts may break, they will find peace...and I'll meet you in that place where mercy leads..."

"Be God's"

Jennifer Hall --

Isn't it great to know that he is in heaven with the Lord composing the "new song" we will soon sing?

He is home.... although he will be greatly missed,as a gifted artist,and one who touched many people through his music. I am 16 now,but I remember listening and singing along to "awesome God" when I was about 7 years old. Ever since I have been listening and keeping the words near to my heart. I pray for his family, for comfort and understanding. He is happier now than any of us could every be on this earth... this is not our home.

Thank you for nurturing Rich as a baby and as a young man. Your influence , God blessed. What Joy for a mom to have been with your son while he was active in God's ministry and changing lives for His kingdom! It's every christian mother's prayer for our children. We, my two children and I began listening to Rich's music soon after we dedicated our lives to Jesus at a Calvary Chapel in San Diego. His message was so clear and the melody so captivating to my heart that god's word and love held us in His Love. May God bless you and comfort you during this sad time and may He give you peace with your son's memories.


I am so sorry. May God give you the strength to endure the separation from your friend, and the wisdom to understand why he is gone. I rejoice with you knowing someday we will all be with our wonderful Lord, and share in Rich's joy. God's blessings on you as you go through this very difficult time.

In Him, forever.
Barb Neill

To Rich Mullins Family & Friends,

I have been a fan of Rich's music for some time. What impressed me most about his music was that he lived out the words he sang about. His music has and continues to inspire me and to encourage me to draw close to my Heavenly Father and to serve Him with all of my heart. I am comforted by thoughts of Rich singing "Awesome God" to the Creator Himself but know that those of us here on earth have suffered a great loss. May God comfort you during this time. My prayers are with you.

With Love,
Lori Towns
Waltham, MA

Our God is an Awesome God...Rich Mullins is now finding out how true this is.
Kev & Jav Koornneef

I just wanted to share with you the impact Rich Mullins music has had on my life. I am a cancer patient. Back towards the end of 1995 I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments. I used Rich's music to help me handle the treatments. His songs are all so uplifting and sweet. They really helped me focus on God's healing, and kept me focused on getting well. I have a couple favorite songs that, when stressed, I listen to that really help me focus on God, and what's really important in life. Rich is up in with Jesus now, and I'm sure he is making wonderful music! God bless you!

kim Sheldon

I am very sorry for your great loss. It was a very sad day when one great man died and went to heaven. I hope that you have comfort in knowing that Rich is in a far greater place where I know that he must be happy. He is in heaven with the Father. I know that the heavens must be enjoying his music. I can only imagine that Rich must be happy there in heaven.

I did not know Rich myself. In fact I have never been to a concert or met him. I have heard a lot about him from friends ( I worked a christian bookstore) and his music. The first song that I ever knew and by the way it is still my favorite is "Awesome God". The song that means the most to me is "Hold Me Jesus." The very first time I heard it - I cried my eyes out. I was going through a very rough time. At the time I felt as if I was alone in this world and that it wasn't worth living. I have come to know that Jesus will always be here and that song always gives me comfort during the hard times. One of my favorite cds to play is his with all of his greatest hits.

I was in shock when I heard the news, but my immediate response was that I think Rich is happier now. He is with the Lord. I don't mean any disrespect to you. I am sure that he loved his family, but his whole life was for the Lord. Now he is with the Lord. I can only imagine a great smile on his face.

Rochelle Jacobson

One week after his passing our Youth Group from church held a small memorial service for Rich. Through his music, he has touched a lot of lives at our church, and we wanted to honor him in some small way... We started out by singing some of his songs, then watched a short video that Praise TV had put together in honor of Rich. After that, we opened it up for sharing. Several people said things about how Rich had touched their lives through his music. I have known Rich's music since he recorded Awesome God way back in 1988 (Winds of Heaven... was, in fact, the very first tape I ever bought) and since that time I have grown to know and respect him more and more. I was the only one in the Youth Group that had ever been to one of Rich's concerts, and that was definitely a wonderful experience. Rich loved his Lord and knew His grace very well. Overall, I think what I have always admired the most about Rich is that he was human. He wasn't a big show-off on stage, but he stepped aside and let God work through him. He wasn't high and mighty about his spiritual life, but he admitted freely to being a sinner and a ragamuffin just like me. He even wrote back when I asked him how to play one of his hammered dulcimer songs (I also play the dulcimer).

This honesty that Rich had to all around him in his life is also present in his music, and to a great extent, I think that Rich's music WAS rich. A close friend of mine, during the sharing time that friday night, said that she "could sit there all night and talk about what Rich and his music meant to her, but if you really want to know Rich, just listen to his music..." With songs like Hold Me Jesus, If I Stand, Elijah, Be With You, Awesome God, Sometimes By Step, how can one NOT know Rich Mullins after listening to them. Rich poured his whole heart out in his music and in his lyrics, and God blessed that heart and blessed a lot of people through that music.

Anyway, I probably haven't said ANYTHING that hasn't been said a million times before, but sometimes there is comfort in repetition and redundancy... Rich is not really gone as long as we remember him, and he will live on through his music for a long number of years to come. Rich is now in the arms of his Father. He has crossed the jordan and has looked back on the stars on his way to be with Jesus. He was ready to go home, and now he is.

I guess I just want to say now, thank you God for loving us all enough to give us Jesus and Your grace. You are truly an Awesome God. Thank you for working through all of us to carry out Your purpose here on earth. We look forward to the day when we can come and "Be With You..."

Forrest T. Cramer

Although I'm only 14, Rich Mullin's music has inspired. I was deeply saddened to hear the news. I love to listen to his music. When the local radio station here in St. Louis did a tribute to him the Monday after his death, I wanted to cry. That morning, I walked to my bus stop singing "Awesome God." As it says in Romans 8:28, "All things will work together for good to those who love him." At the time, we may not know what it is, but isn't it great to know that all of us who believe will see him again, one day in heaven? I thing so.

Allison Egley
St. Peters, MO

We'll deeply miss Rich's physical presence on this earth, but are consoled knowing that he's with the Lord. And he left a legacy on the earth with his music that's such a blessing to all of us.


As I sit here trying to think of how to console someone I don't even know who just lost such a wonderful person I have drawn a blank. All I can think of to say is our God is an Awesome God. No matter what happens in our lives, although it sometimes feels out of control, God is in complete control. Please lean on Him for your support.

Rich was an incredible artist who's message touched so many lives ... including my wife's and mine. All glory is the Lords!!!!

In Him,
Scott and Emily Glisson
Dallas TX

And Jesus said, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house there are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you may also may be where I am. You know the place where I am going."

Thomas said to him, "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?"

Jesus answered, "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him."

Rich knew.

If one would listen carefully, you can hear the angels' chorus singing, "Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above with wisdom, power and love. Our God is an Awesome God!!"

And if one could see clearly enough, you can see Rich. He is waving his arms in front of the angels, conducting them. He is crying with joy, for he is doing that which he was created to do. God is smiling.

He says, "Welcome home, Rich. Well done."

Gloria Patenaude

I was very saddened to be listening to 94.1 FM KLTY out of Dallas, TX on September 19, and to hear John Rivers' soft, deep voice give that heart-aching news about Rich Mullins. He was a great songwriter, and a very wonderful man, from what I have read about him. I know that Jesus will comfort his family and give them strength. He is Home now, along with everyone else's family members that have gone before them. They are waiting, standing by the Crystal Throne, with the King of Kings, for us to one day join them. I can't wait...

--Christy Valkman
Ft. Worth, TEXAS

During August this year, I heard what was most definitely the best concert I've ever attended. We came close to not going as it was a hectic week and a Thursday night, now with all that happened, I'm so thankful we did. I got to meet Rich briefly in the hall and I remarked how much of what he said between songs echoed Scott Hahn. He was excited I had heard of Mr. Hahn. I asked him to autograph my ticket (old high school habit...) and on it he wrote "Be God's....Rich" What great advice!! I have been trying...there' s a long way to go! Mitch was wonderful at the concert. I pray that we are able again to someday hear his talent. One thing Rich said that will stick with me, is that all of this music is good, but it can't always be the "feel good" stuff that turns you on. Church isn't always about chills, that's not the important thing. How true! There's a lot of work and faith that goes in there, too. Praise God for letting us know people like Rich, that can understand and teach others what they know. These songs will be around forever!


Sometimes it's hard to understand God and what His perfect plan is. Rich had sooo much to give in bringing people to a greater understanding of the perfect love of Christ. Rich's music impacted me so greatly. I listen mostly to music that uplifts and praises God. I don't like hidden messages. With Rich's music there was no doubt what he was singing about and who he was giving the glory to.

When I heard of his death I was deeply grieved at the loss of such a talented man who reached so many. But I was also homesick thinking of him in the presence of the very one that he worshipped. The same one that I also worship. I'm sure Rich heard the words "well done" when he went home. Though the world will greatly miss him, I'm sure Jesus is glad to have him home with him. One day we will all be in glory with him.

God Bless you,
Angela Schneider

I would like to acknowledge God and His great ministry done through Rich Mullins. I must say that this man has inspired me and through his music has drawn me closer to God. I thank God for his life and his ministry. And now, I will one day meet him wit h Our Heavenly Father. To the Mullins family, though he is no longer here, we will one day be together.

Love in Christ,

For many years Rich has been my favorite Christian artist, not only for his beautiful music and incredible lyrics, but also for the way he so clearly revealed Jesus Christ in his life. To hear him talk or to read his writings always showed a purity of heart and faith. He was certainly one of my heros of the faith, and so this is a great loss. I picture him now standing before the throne of Heaven and God Himself singing Our God is an Awesome God. What a joy for him, to finally be in the place where he so clearly longed to be! Rich will certainly be remembered and missed and I believe his music will continue to touch and encourage all who hear it. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Linda Baar

Hi -

I saw Rich Mullins in concert at my church earlier this year. He was an amazing man who showed a deep love for God. His song "Hold Me Jesus" is so touching - I wasn't even a Christian (I am now) when I saw him in concert, but that song brought tears to my eyes then and still does. I was wondering how his drummer is - I can't find any updates on his condition and I was concerned. Please let me know if you ever hear anything. Thanks.


hello, it is saturday oct. 4th... as a member of rich mullins' family i have tried to make sense of the tragedy taking rich and for the first time since his passing i am listening to one of his cd's and with his singing to me "step by step" while reading the letters of love, faith and kindness, and suddenly he felt close by thru words and melody and "everywhere i go i see you" oh my, a huge task it is. i would like to tell you that his mother is finding comfort and solace also in the thousands of messages and no doubt thru the many prayers asking for strength and understanding. my son was a roadie for rich on the last two tours, and is also a senior at friends university, matt. was one of the first to be told of the accident, sometimes i think his heart is broken beyond hope but i know rich is up there saying, "come on you can make it!" in fact, matt reminded us of how enthusiastic rich always was at finding a great book or terrific movie and would always say, "hey you just have to see this!" matt decided that rich is standing at heaven's door saying "oh my gosh, you just have to see this!" in closing please pass my appreciation along to all of those that took time to write, i did go back to the cemetery last thurs, but it was only an empty tomb covered w/withered bouquets, our brother HAS seen jordan. god

bless you all,

I first heard Rich's music when we sang "Awesome God" regularly at a prayer meeting. In the five years since, I have learned more of his music and his message found others who appreciated him and others to share him with. We have all been struck by his sense of humor, his compassion for the struggles of others and his unashamed devotion to Jesus Christ. I hope and pray that while we can, we continue to share the Good News with the help of the wonderful legacy that Rich Mullins has left. He used his talents well for us and for God. If I may pass my condolences to his family, I would be grateful.

Christ's Peace,

I know there are no words that can truly be expressed that helps the lost, other than Rich Mullins is finally with his heavenly Father who he sang for and about so beautifully. He will be missed A LOT for I really enjoyed his music. It is just wonderful to listen to the lyrics and music. Rich Mullins I will miss you.

A dedicated Fan in California,

Dear Rich Mullins Family,

It was a shocking day here in Oklahoma when the news came across. Our prayers are with the family and friends of Rich's Family. I am the BSU (Baptist Student Union) president at Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) located at Tonkawa, Oklahoma. I am going to see what I can do to get donations to send to your Native American fund. Again our prayers are with you and your friends. GOD Bless and help you through this time of need.

Love Your Friend in Christ,
Thomas Bond

I was so shocked the day I heard the sad, sad, news. Rich Mullins was a great songwriter and could always write the best songs. I will never forget the night we forgot to go to his concert. I know he is much better off in heaven then in this world. I know He'll never sing on this earth again but I'm sure he'll sing for Jesus in heaven and I will always carry his picture in my heart.

Rich was so greatly blessed by his talent. I sit here still mourning about him when I know Rich is happy were he is now! I really loved his music. He inspired me greatly. He was a great songwriter and a GREAT Christian. It is so weird to think I loved somebody I didn't know. I pray everyday for his family and friends. Even though I didn't meet him on earth I know I'll meet him in heaven. I will always remember him as one of God's great servants. Rich has blessed me with all his song. And I know Rich was not sad to say goodbye to this world. He is now singing praises to God. Rich really has touched my heart in his ministry. Rich, Thanks for all the wonderful songs you have shared with the world. I thank God he gave you that talent to write. Every time I sing "Our God is an Awesome God" I'll remember you. May God Bless your family, your friends, every person who grew to like and love you, and you! I'll see you one day in Heaven!

God Bless!
Steven Cottle, Jr.

I'm sorry to hear about Rich's death, but so happy to know that he's with the Lord! I have been blessed by his music, especially Sing Your Praises to the Lord, the long version. I about fell out of my chair when, on the day of his passing, I discovered he had written that song. Even more surprising was learning that when Amy Grant had recorded it, the studios cut the middle part out. Praise God that Rich had ears to hear that the Lord wanted it put back in. That section just blesses the socks off me! I feel the awesomeness of God! It also shows me what faithfulness and obedience to God's commandments results in: blessing others. I want to be that kind of Christian. One that hears and obeys. I lift up the family and friends of Rich to the Lord for comfort and strength.

Terry Goyer

I would like to express my sincere sympathy to all of Rich's family and friends. I am still greatly saddened by this tremendous loss- not only to those who were close to Rich, but also to the Christian society as a whole. After I heard of Rich's death, the word's of Fanny Crosby's "All the Way My Savior Leads Me" that Rich so beautifully recorded, kept echoing in my head-especially the last verse "...all the way my Savior leads me, oh the fullness of His love; perfect rest in me is promised, in my Father's house above; when my spirit clothed immortal, wings it's flight realms of the day; this my song through endless sages- Jesus lead me all the way. I hope and pray that those clothes to Rich can take comfort in these words and remember that Rich has found his perfect rest.

I also would like to express a huge "Thank you" to Rich's family for "lending" us their son and brother, even if it was only for a short time.

Several years ago, I was attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in Plainfield, Indiana. I had never picked a gun up until I entered the academy, so, as you can imagine, I was having a little difficulty with the shooting aspect of the program. I had a cassette tape of "Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth" which I put into my walkman. I kept repeating the 2 songs "If I Stand" and "Home". With these playing in the background, I had no trouble at all qualifying. This is only one of Rich's many songs that have touched me and helped me through difficult times. It is very evident that the words of his songs really came from his heart, and he willingly opened and exposed that heart to all of us.

Thank you again for "lending" us Rich!!!!

In Him,
Susan E. Hileman

To the Friends, Family, and Fans of Rich,

We've lost a great man in Christ. To me, he was one who would always talk of home. Not in the physical, house sense, but in the heavenly, spiritual sense. In his songs, he longed for the day when he could return to God and see His wonderful face. Rich left behind a legacy that will always be remembered, but he also left behind thousands who were saved by his music, waiting to see him when they also reach home. To his family and friends, my condolence and a reminder of God's grace and peace. To his fans, never forget what he stood for and who he longed to be with.

Devoted Fan in Tears,
Jason Jacob

I can say without reservation that Rich Mullins was, and remains, the finest Christian music artist the modern Church has known. Perhaps more significantly, he was arguably the most sincere minister of the Gospel to be found in CCM. We have lost our finest and best. Praise be to God for the assurance that we know is Rich's - his life was Christ, and his death is now for him immeasurable gain!

The news of his death struck my wife and I very deeply. Our emotions ran deep that following week, but we found it difficult to express to anyone near us the loss we felt at the death of a man we had never met. And so I appreciate the opportunity you have provided for me to express it here.

Rich's music always had the uncanny ability to cut through the misprioritization of my life and bring me back to the simple truth of the infinite glory and splendor of our God, of His perfect holiness and His unlimited unmerited favor. I found myself afterwards always more aware of the true nature of things, of what is truly important in this life. If I paid close attention to the songs, it was a rare occasion that I could make it through any album without shedding tears at the thought of the greatness of our God or the greatness of His love towards us. Rich presented it with greater sensitivity than any other musician I have come across, and I'm grateful that he was unafraid to be so transparent. Let's pray that those remaining in Christian music will learn from Rich's leading and more boldly glorify our Father in their music. Every day is an opportunity to reach a life with the love of Christ - may we all be driven with compassion to use them more faithfully.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this loss is that I have found myself consciously avoiding Rich's music. I guess I'm afraid to reopen the wound. Deep down, there's a part of me that is afraid that I'll never be able to enjoy his music the way I used to. But I know that God would have me approach it otherwise. I need to fully realize that Rich's life is not over, but rather that it has begun anew in the presence of God - and in this I need to celebrate. And I also need to feel, more than ever, the tug of the Spirit to follow in the ministry heart that Rich promoted. Ultimately, his death should stir up the call to follow Christ in the hearts of those who appreciated that same call they saw on Rich. The work must continue, and we must take up the slack.

In Christ,
Brian Croyle
Tucson, Arizona

When I heard the news, I was at a concert awaiting Bob Carlisle and Bryan Duncan. My heart was broken. It was so appropriate that I had the chance that evening to mourn and celebrate in the midst of so many others who had come together to praise God with song. I continue to pray for God's healing hand for Mitch. I also look forward to the day when I can hear the new CD "Canticle of the Plains" which features Mitch on lead vocals. Pray for God to bring peace to Mitch's heart as he continues to recover from this tragedy.

Since the moment I heard of the accident I have been trying to think of a way that I could honor Rich. I want to be able to help others remember him the way I remember him. The biggest gift Rich gave to this world was the work he did with Compassion International. I sponsor a child from Zaire. It wasn't until I heard Rich speak of his involvement, that I really understood what it was that I was doing. He made it real to me. Until February 14, 1997 I just gave money to this little kid. I thought I was doing my "job" giving charity. After all, its more than some people give. Then I heard Mitch and Rich sing a song they had written about New Mexico. Then they both spoke with such grace about the people they shared their lives with there. It made me realize that I should be giving more than just my money. I should be giving my heart, soul, mind, money, prayers...

I hope that I will always follow the example Rich Mullins left me. That example was to seek God, follow Him, never cease being amazed by His creation, and continue to share that awe with anyone and everyone who would listen. I thank God for sharing Rich with me and pray that Mitch will continue the work God has begun in him.

Cheryl Davis

I just have one album of Rich Mullins, "Winds of Heaven,...Stuff of Earth." I am blessed by the song "Awesome God " that remind me that I am so lucky I live in the hand of The Awesome One. Please, accept my sympathy and I believe all things work together for our good. God be with you in this sorrow time.

Elisa Dean

Here in the UK it's been difficult to get more information and I haven't seen any media coverage here. It has, therefore, been all the more important to feel I am in touch via the internet with other devastated fans. I have been moved to tears reading the touching tributes. Rich's unique and wonderful ministry will never be forgotten, and I thank God to have been privileged to share in it, in but a small way. His work will go on, I'm sure, through his many fans. As well as his family, friends and fans, my heart goes out to Brennan Manning and his wife Rosalyn at this time.


As a "MOM" I want to extend my prayers to Rich's mother, and thank you for the way your son enriched my life & that of my family. I was introduced to Rich's music through my teenage sons (now 20 & 21 years old). I am always grateful for any positive influence and role models in my children's lives, but it didn't take much for me to become captivated by the music myself.

Last year, Rich was in Austin, Texas during Holy Week, and did an outdoor concert on the University of Texas campus. I went by myself (as my sons attend college elsewhere) and sat on the lawn in the midst of all the young people from U.T. It was my first and only Rich Mullins concert. It was an evening I will not forget. Rich's performance was so focused on praising God and on involving the audience. I was amazed that these students all seemed to know the words to his songs - they sang & harmonized with him - and sometimes Rich would stop singing, and just listen to the music coming from the crowd. He seemed to take such pleasure in their voices - his eyes closed, ears perked, a smile on his face. I felt so privileged to be a part of that evening.

I loved Rich's earthiness, his magic with words and music, and his heart for God. He has impacted my family in a very positive way. Mother to mother - I wanted to offer my condolences & prayers, and thank you for sharing your precious son with so many.

Much love,

I am a bit delayed in hearing about the death of Rich Mullins, but I just wanted to send my thoughts. His music and ministry have been a great influence in my life. I never met Rich, never got to see him in concert, but his music is what moves me. Everyone takes away what they will from an artist, and I will always remember Rich and his love for God. He will be greatly missed.

My prayers go out to Rich's family and Mitch's family.

Greg Tucker
New Brunswick, Canada

Every time a new Rich Mullins song or album would come out it felt like he was singing my heart to God. His music means more to me than any other contemporary artist because it always seem to be exactly where I was at or coming from in my walk with God.

When my husband was saved, Rich Mullins was the first Christian tape he ever purchased. Even though I never met him or attended one of his concerts, it feels like I've lost a dear friend.

Gods ways are right and perfect. Rich is in a far better place than we are but he will be missed. I am praying for God's peace for his family and the family of the other man in the car. May we all see God's hand on this tragedy and seek His face that we may be an instrument of his glory as He unfolds his plan.

Shelley Batty
Portland, Oregon

My thoughts lately have been on the death of Rich, such a gifted musician and a brother in Christ. We had taken our church youth group to see Rich in concert twice. Once at a CMA church in Salem, Oregon and once in Portland when he was on his last tour. What an incredible and awesome experience it was. He even let us take a picture of him with one of our teenagers. He really did care about his fans and he has made such an impact on me. The first time I heard "Hold Me Jesus" I sat in my car and cried. It was a different time when I was listening to "Awesome God" and was filled with such a joy. The realization of how awesome God was struck me!! His songs had a way of making you think. He will be greatly missed. But he is home .... where he wanted to be. Now Heaven is enjoying him and I'm sure God has him "jammin" with all those other great musicians who have gone on before. He will truly be missed in Salem, Oregon.

Renee Lane

I know that millions have expressed their grief over the death of Rich Mullins and I am just one among many I don't suppose that my praise and admiration towards Rich will be any different than the others, because I cannot ever express adequately the incredible impact Rich had on me. He affected me more than anyone ever could...even though I never met him. How odd it is to know that a man affected me so greatly, yet I will never be able to give him thanks face to face. All I can do is pray for his family, friends, and fans.

It gives me some solace to know that God must not have been able to wait one more moment without having his beloved Rich by his side, so He took him to Heaven. Honestly, Rich's music has helped me out of countless fatal situations in my Christian walk; he was not ashamed to admit his fears, faults, frustrations, and faith. Aside from undoubtedly being the greatest song writer ever to live, a musical genius, and a precious godly witness to me, if there is one man that I will aim to be like with my young life, it is Rich Mullins.

I pray the words of Rich's song, my favorite song..."peace to you, peace of Christ to you..."

Tiffany Hoyer

We are very saddened by the death of Rich but rejoice in the knowledge that our God takes to Himself His own. While we will miss Rich's presence in this world we are comforted by the legacy of Christian music he and his band leave behind for the souls still in this world to be inspired by and worship through.

May God bless those who were closest to Rich, granting them comfort in His loving arms.

Wailand and Jean Groenendyk and children (Tad, Casey, Will, Tully) Spring Lake, Michigan

The lyrics of Rich's music went right pass my head and straight into my heart. His music rekindled many candles, and lit many fires for our Lord Jesus Christ. He was truly a remarkable man. He was blessed by God, but not nearly as Blessed as I have been by God's use of him. He will truly be missed. My heart goes out to you all. Losing someone you love is hard, but isn't wonderful to know he's gone to heaven. He's now getting his chance to"Sing His Praise To The Lord." You will all be in my prayers,

In his wonderful name. Sherry Fore

"Shaking Like a Leaf"

I listened to him sing and wondered how,
It's so rare in this life to hear the song of heaven.
But it was even rarer to feel it so.
Through his songs and more through his compassion,
Hope and truth gave light to the darkened soul (mine).
In him, Jesus had a knight of music,
Defending the fragile mortality of man's soul.
Now that knight has a new song to sing, one of glory and praise
In perfect harmony, awaiting the day of bright reunion.
Though I never met him (yet), he is my brother in blood.
Now waiting for me to join him in our final, everlasting hymn.
And as he said, I'm sure it didn't break his heart to say goodbye.
So I won't cry...I'll just wait to say day...

And now, as the mountains look especially big,
I'll take comfort in peace's Prince, glory's King.
Asking Him to hold my shaken leaf...

I listened to him sing and wondered how,
It's so rare in this life to hear the song of heaven.
But it was even rarer to feel it so.

-Tom Samuel (10/6/97)

(with my deepest condolences and prayers to the Mullins family. With all that my friend did for me over the years in his music, I regret that this is all I can give back...but thank you, my friend in Spirit, however belated it is...)

Rich's music has and will forever touch our hearts. He lives on through the gift of the music he shared so generously. I will always be thankful for the work God did through him. As long as there are ears to hear, Rich's songs will continue God's work.

In fond memory,
Judy Couto

I was saddened to hear of Rich's death and still haven't quite gotten over the fact that he is gone. Every time I listen to one of his songs I'm taken back to the time I first heard his music. I was in a Christian book store looking for music I could listen to because my parents really wanted me to listen to Christian music instead of the heavy metal I was listening to at the time. I thought I would go in and look for the rock bands that were Christian. When I walked in I heard this awesome music playing over the page system. It brought tears to my eyes. Was looking around for what tape it was and found Rich's tape: The world as best I remember it vol.. I immediately bought it and ever since was a big fan.

Seeing the messages here, I know that Rich touched more lives than just mine. Rich Mullins was also the first date that my wife and myself went on. I was in the Army and I remember praying once that I would like to go to a concert of his just once. When I started writing my wife I was coming home on leave and wanted to take her out. However she beat me to the punch by getting tickets to the concert. I still have the shirt I bought. Rich will forever be in my heart and his family in my prayers as will mitch and his family.
Sincerely yours,
Samuel Squyres