Mrs. Mullins,
Many (including me) were saddened greatly by the loss of your son. I'm sure none more than you. I just want you to know that even though we never met, I admire you greatly for the mother you must have been to Rich. I know that a child's greatest influence is his parents and I thank you for the example you were to Rich so in turn he could be an example to so many people around the world. He was a blessing to me, and I have learned so much through his life and through his death. Please believe that God is working all for the good of those who love Him. God is and will be working through these trying circumstances. The song that has ministered to me the most in the last 2 days is "Live Right". Through that song Rich taught us all to "Live like you'll die tomorrow. Die knowin' you'll live forever." I believe that these lyrics sum up his life. He lived this, and I know that because of it, anyone who follows in his footsteps will see him again.Please know that I am praying for you and your family. And thank you for giving the world such a wonderful example of God's love and of Christian living.

In Christ,
Stephanie Hall
Philippians 1:19 - 21
God Bless You!!!!

Just wanted Rich's family to know that we are praying for them.
Howard, Linda, Sarah, Anna, Josh, & Anna Russ

God bless you and your family at this time. Your son made a mark on our society that will last for many generations ahead. He is definitely going to be missed in our hearts. He gave us the sights and views of how our Dear GOD wants us to live and worship. Now your son is rejoicing in the heavens with our Loving Father. He will now be looking at the stars like a candle in Central Park.

God Bless you and yours and our prayers will be with you.
Michael T. Blazek

I never personally met Rich, I never even attended one of his concerts. But from my friends who have done both I know that this was a man who did not understand the depth of his holiness. He was so focused on God he could not see that he was. The songs he wrote were not just fluff. There was nothing that came from his lips in order to please people. No words, no songs, no nothing. He seemed to despise the idea that he was famous. His desire was to glorify God, and anytime the focus got onto him he would gently guide the conversation to the proper place.Two years ago Rich came to my church (a year before I started attending) to talk with the youth. All the youth were in the room having fun waiting for him to come, and one of the adult sponsors waited at the door for him. When he came, he came in a pickup truck with a doghouse in the back (no, not one of those snazzy crates, but a dog house, slanted roof and all I imagine) and a dog to reside within the home. He walked up to the door and shook the sponsors hand saying, "Hi, I'm Rich Mullins, and I am supposed to come and talk with your youth tonight." The sponsor recalls thinking (Yeah, I know who you are. Hehehehehe) This was such an unassuming person, if he ever did assume anything it was that he was not famous. (Sorry, I tend to ramble)He touched our hearts so mightily because everything he sang came out of his heart and his wisdom.

We as those who are left behind, shocked, saddened, and changed by Rich need to spread God's love, and Rich's music. Keith Green died in 1982, and today his music is still changing lives. I am convinced that if he had lived a full life and his popularity had a chance to dwindle, his music would be remembered like all other late 70's early 80's music. By a very few people. But because of his death his music lives on. I believe that the same thing applies to Rich's music. Spread the wealth my friends.

"If I stand, Let me stand on the promise
that you will pull me through.
And if I can't, Let me fall on the grace
that first brought me to you.
If I sing, Let me sing for the joy
that has born in me these songs.
But If I weep, Let it be as a man
who is longing for his home." -- If I Stand

"You have been King of my glory, won't you be my Prince of Peace" -- Hold Me Jesus

You truly weren't comfortable in this world though. There was something about you that yearned to be somewhere else. Your songs prayed that God would bring you back home. Away from the land of your sojourn. "No body tells you when you get born here, how much you'll come to love it, and how you'll never belong here. So I call you my country, but I'm lonely for my home." May God give your spirit to others, may your desires, which so closely parallel our Fathers, be passed on. May your death shake us from our complacency, from our comfortable homes, and remind us that we are all aliens and strangers, and "The angels beckon us from heavens open door, so we can't (mustn't) feel at home in this world anymore"

Timothy Putnam

I am so sorry and we all know that he's in a better place and that we will see him up in Heaven. I will be keeping his family in my prayers. God Bless!

He left us a spirit of peace, not of grief. A man with that kind of connection with God should be celebrated for the fact that God let him leave Heaven to begin with. (And I'm saying this with a tearful heart.)Rich took requests and closed his concert by letting us pray "How Great Thou Art" - when we opened our eyes, he was gone. He has incredible humility
... Tasha

To the family of Rich Mullins,

My husband, brother and I saw Rich in concert almost two years ago in Columbus, OH. Although I had been a fan before, after attending the concert I paid even more attention to the words of his songs and they touched me in a very personal way. I will continue to enjoy and be uplifted by his music, but now with a sadness in my heart. I am very sorry about your loss and hope that you can in some way be comforted by knowing how very much Rich was able to touch others lives and will continue to do so.

A saddened fan

To the family of Rich Mullins,

"... The melodies have ended -- but the memories remain ... "

I recently lost a younger brother suddenly - I know the pain is there. He was a musician also -- like your Rich. Hold tight to all the good times and peaceful thoughts. That is what helps the most. We only had a short time to enjoy the music -- however -- we are all RICHer for having your son/brother speak through his heart and voice into our ears and souls.

May God bless Rich and his family ... and the injured friend.

J. Burn

Just a note to express my thanks for Rich and his ministry. I first saw Rich 6+ years ago in Knoxville, TN. He was playing at a small church and staying with some church members. During the concert he shared some of his struggles and joys of life. Rich (and the ragamuffin band) took the time after the concert to greet all 200 of us at a small table out on the front lawn. In summary, Rich was the first musician (even today's Christian musicians) that seemed "real" to me. I have held a deep respect for Rich and will miss the anticipation of new creations from him. I hope the band will continue his music and develop the "works in progress". May the Lord bless his family and the Navajo children he supported.

T. Neubeck

I have recently received Jesus as Lord and Savior and am a musician just tapping the Christian music scene. My friend tells me Rich was a blessing. My prayers go out to his family and I look forward to being inspired by his music. He is with Jesus now -- nothing is better than that!

Kurt Walter


While I did not know Rich personally, I can tell you honestly that the ministry that the Lord entrusted to him has been a tremendous blessing for my wife and myself. Once, in Arlington, TX, We went to a concert by Rich. While he was there, it was not a "concert" as such, but much more an intimate time of worship and praise to our Heavenly Father. It was there that at the close of the evening, we were all singing "Awesome God". I can close my eyes to this day and hear the entire auditorium singing in unison, "Our God is an awesome God, He reigns ... "

Then, just as today, I opened my eyes and Rich was gone. He wanted no glory for himself, just to bring praise to the Father.

We are in the music ministry and greatly appreciate the simple truths we have gleaned from his ministry, and the common sense approach he had to the Christian Walk.

May God Truly minister to you the peace that passes all understanding,
Jeffrey and Angela Larson

I just found out about the passing of Rich Mullins. Just wanted to say that I loved his music very much as it contained real theology and that hearing of his passing from death to life has hit me hard. My condolences to his family and friends ... the CCM world has lost one of the better artists ...

Cheryl Dajko

I would like to send my condolences and prayers to the family of Rich and Mitch and would like to say that Rich's music touched me in a profound way. I live in East Texas and recently saw Rich and the Ragamuffins play live. It was the most incredible experience I think I've ever had. My heart breaks and I wonder why something like this happens,but on the other hand I know that he is where he wants to be, with his Father in Heaven. My prayers are with the family of Rich and the rest of the band.


And if I weep let it be as a man who is longing for his home
David W. Mize, Sr.

"Oh, I hear the song of a heart set free
That will not be kept down by the fury and sound
Of a world that is wasting away ... "

In celebration of his life, and in trying to deal with his "death", I put in one of his albums as I was driving on a wonderful sunny cool day. And I heard the Maker of Noses ... and when I got to these lines, singing so loud, I realized that the song of a heart set free ... that is Rich's song now. Free from depression and hurts and struggles and sin. And I can't imagine how his voice sounds now!

But you know, the legacy he leaves challenges me to focus on the Lord entirely in my life, to surrender everything to Him. To love Him more and more, to love others and serve others more and more, whether I'm grieving or joyful, rich or poor. His life reminds me that a single poet who has battled depression can glorify God tremendously! My children (if I have any) will grow up listening to his music, and hopefully their children. So, he's still singing, He's still praising, and He may be singing some of the very same songs he sang on earth. I can't wait to sing with him in heaven. For now, I'll keep singing with him on earth, praising our God.

What a gift ...
Grace brought you to God,
God brought you to us,
And the God of grace called you home.
We love you. We love God with you.
Your songs live on.


About 7 years ago, while going through a divorce, I discovered Rich's Music. It took a while to track down who 'that guy is". As I could afford to, I would buy a CD or attend a concert here in Springfield.As a single mom I found his openness, humbleness, gentleness, yet at the same time courage and honor to come through in his sons. He was able to bring me, a semi-hardened surgical nurse, to tears with a song. He could soften my spirit to God's will and way for me in a few stanzas.

"Surrender don't come natural to me,
I'd rather fight you for something I don't really want
than take what you give that I need,"

Boy, that is me and, I think, a lot of us.

We loved him not just for his songs but for his legacy. He was compassionate to the poor and oppressed. He was humble before the Lord and other humans. He was willing to do the Lord's work over his own desires. I am also crying as I write this, as so many others have and are.As an environmentalist as well as a Christian I found his work to be full of wonder at God's creation as well as for the Creator of it all. I am ashamed that I have not lived such a life and am challenged. Rich really accomplished the work that God set out for him on this earth.

You know, as corny as it sounds, there was always the hope that some day I would meet Rich and get to know him as a person. That will now only happen when I get to heaven too. Then I will catch up on all that he has been doing since leaving here for his REAL home.

I know that his mom must be a very special person to have had a son like him. I hope she and any other family that there is will be comforted. All of us that knew the man through his music, and therefore knew much of his heart, cannot be experiencing even the remotest type of loss that you, his family, feel. I wish I could attend the funeral, but I understand the desire for privacy.His life touched many of us and will continue to touch more as time rolls ever onward. The joy I found and wanted to share with others, believers and not, when I discovered Rich's music is not gone.

I must also say, that as one of a lot of single women out there that have hopes of one day meeting a man like Rich to share their lives with, I suppose that some of us are crying for the death of hope. We must all remember that we are here for the Lord's Glory and to do his will and service. At the age of 40+ we all tend to be a bit desperate!

Thank you for being there Rich, we will miss you. Congratulations on your new position, and your new home, I am looking forward to touring it with you someday. One thing I would love to know, were you at Messiah '76?? There was someone there with the same directness and fire in his songs, but I never knew his name.

C. Cowsert

i met Rich backstage before a concert in Cullman, AL. He broke the barriers of "traditional" gospel music for me and my family. He performed that night in jeans and a t-shirt and no shoes. When the concert began I heard several negative comments about his appearance ... but after the concert, there were some of those people that actually apologized to him. I've never seen or experienced God's Spirit being poured out over a crowd like it did that night. It changed my whole spiritual life. He was, to me, the epitome of a Christian ... doing what God had called him to do. I will miss him sorely. Once in love, always the fool ...

Chris Burns

I have never been so effected by the death of an artist. Brennan Manning was a favorite author of Rich's and mine as well, so even thought I didn't know him well personally, I shared part of his heart and theology.

His humility must have increased God's yearn to be with him in heaven. I know he was so disinterested in the whole Christian stardom thing ... he just wanted to share Jesus with anyone who would listen.

I am motivated to get to it ... life is short, and you never know when it is through.

God showed me in Colossians yesterday that we are to be as attached to this life as much as someone who is dead is. That hit me hard. All that matters is being with Him, now and after our life here.

Sad in Seattle
Jennifer Niebergall

When I heard on Saturday that Rich Mullins had died the night before, I cried. I spent the day listening to his music, wondering why his death affected me so much, since the closest I had ever come to knowing this man was seeing him in concert twice in Hawaii. He was such a powerful performer, but an even more gifted songwriter.

I remembered back to when I was pregnant with my first child, playing "Step by Step" every night on my speaker belt so my baby could enjoy this beautiful song of praise as much as I did. Now we sing "Where You Are" because my son likes to hear about "Daniel in the den of the lions".

We are so grateful that Rich Mullins blessed us with his music, and that he used his gift to honor the Lord. Bless you all, and know that there are many others weeping with you. But, we also have the joy of knowing that Rich is being held by Jesus, which is where he really wanted to be.

Love in Christ,
Theresa Irizarry

We share in the joy that God had imparted to Rich Mullins and imparted to us through Rich's songs. We will greatly miss him but, we praise God for his life and also praise Him because we know that Rich is finally with Jesus the Prince of Peace. He has finally crossed the Jordan but, we are thankful that God blessed us through Rich's short pilgrimage here on earth. We know that Rich is rejoicing right now since "HIS music is already falling on Rich's ears."

Naive Wong

We'll see you soon, Rich! Keep praising until we get there!

To Mrs. Mullins and the family of Rich Mullins.

Greetings. I wish there was no need to write this but through God's will there is. I was very sorry to hear what happened to Rich. When I heard about the accident it struck me hard how much he had an effect on my life through his music. His way of holding his dream, of humbly following the ways he set for himself, his faith in God, all have been a great example for me. When I heard about the accident, I was thinking about the changes in my life because of him. The example he set in his music and in his actions caused me to review many of the things I do and see where I am not in line with the commands of God. His music helped to keep my faith up when I was feeling crushed to the ground. The words that come straight from his heart and soul, putting nothing but his entire self into each song added so much to his music. From what I knew of his life, he never lived anything fake. He was who he was, and as best he could as a human, followed the commandments of God.

My prayers go with you.
Chris Roberts

I just learned of Rich's death this morning. My wife read about it this morning in our local paper here on Long Island, NY. I was just listening to his CD "Songs" last night. He will be greatly missed. As I listened to the CD again today, I saw in my mind's eye Rich standing in Heaven and Abraham was speaking with him. Abraham handed Rich some type of heavenly musical instrument and asked him to play "Our God is an Awesome God". As he played, all of Heaven began to worship the Lord with them. We do serve an "Awesome God" and Rich put into song the true heart of the body of Christ.

Ken McKeon

What an awesome God ... Rich captured that fact so perfectly. That song was such an encouragement to me when I was in college and now years later the power can still be felt when our choir sings it as the ending to the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord. How awesome to know that Rich is with Him now.

I was moved almost to the point of tears at the news of Rich's death. I never met the man, but I feel such a loss at the news of his death. I've read through a lot of the messages posted here, and a lot of what has been said could have been said by me. Rich's music has had a great impact on me as I sought to grow in my Christian walk. I have always been challenged by his music. He has a certain depth to his songs that few other artists have matched. The world has lost a wonderfully talented person. I have considered Rich to be a hero of mine, and now to know that he is praising God in His presence is just an awesome thought. I have considered "Step by Step" to be a theme song of my life. God has truly led to me to attempt great things, and He has always led me step by step along the way. I still get chills when I hear that song, and now doubly so.

Rich, I'll miss your ministry more than anyone will ever know. The song by Ray Boltz "Thank You" comes to mind. I can imagine crowds of the saints in heaven gathering around Rich, thanking him for giving to the Lord through his music and lifestyle. I know I'll be one of those people one day. I can't wait. Until then, may God bless everyone Rich has left behind. May his ministry be even stronger now than ever before."Oh God you are my God, and I will ever praise you. I will seek you in the morning, and I will learn to walk in your ways. And step by step You'll lead me, and I will follow you all of my days."

BJ Rhine

My sister introduced me to Rich's music. I will be forever grateful that God so blessed us with his life. He has brought so much joy into my life with his songs of praise. I will remember every concert I ever attended.I pray for peace and healing for Rich's mother and his family. I know they will miss him greatly. I just lost my mother-in-law to leukemia in July and Rich's music helped me to remain focused, and to trying to go on with the plans God had for me. We have all been blessed. I pray that your sorrow is eased soon. I will also continue to pray for Mitch and his family.May God hold you close in your sorrow and deliver you from the pain.

Bless you
Gail Robinson

I am from Mexico , and I was shocked with the news that Rich was dead ... It is a loss for every one of us ... He was a preacher, with every song ... I`m sure HEAVEN`s on PARTY now! ... God called him back. He knows what He`s doing ... and I am sure Rich is finally enjoying of all that he dreamed in his whole life... !! BEING IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD!!Pray for Rich`s friend and family ... Bless You.

Claudia Gutierrez F.
Sonora, Mexico

I was at the Clay Crosse and Jacky V. concert in Bellingham, Washington when I heard the news about Rich Mullins death. This is sad day indeed because Rich was such a gifted Christian artist and will be missed. I wish I had more words to say except "Rich is now with the Heavenly Father". May his music continue to be an inspiration to other Christian artists and to his listeners. I wish it was any other way than this.

In my prayers,
Chris Ramsay

I'm an M.K. in Africa, and go to a Christian missionary school. Rich Mullins' songs were so popular at our school. At Prayer and Praise we sang "Our God is an Awesome God" almost every week. It's one of our favorites. And another of our favorites is "O God, You Are My God." Even just those two songs reflect such humility on Rich's part. He gave such devotion to God; it was incredible. It's devastating to hear about the loss, but I don't have a single doubt that he is where he wants to be most.


The first time I heard contemporary Christian music, it was "Awesome God". From the words, I did some soul-searching. I got saved, one year later. A few more years later, I met Rich at the Joshua's Bookstore in Mesquite, Texas. I've met several celebrities in my lifetime, but Rich was so different. He was so personable to everyone there. Listening to him speak from the bible, you could tell that this man loved the Lord and very much loved serving Him. I am so glad that I got to meet this man, and I look forward to meeting him in God's house so that I may thank him for all the lyrics in his songs. I pray that all his friends and relatives experience the comforting touch of God. To them I say, "You are not alone in your grief." God bless you all.

J. Capulin

To the family and friends of Rich Mullins

In my life, I would like to think of Rich as one of the greatest sparks in my faith. Rich had so many incredible talents, of which I think his ability to put everything in perspective, in a common man's terms was the one that touched me most. Often in times of struggle I would turn to the songs and stories of Rich. I am happy to know that Rich was such a strong Christian, and I believe that he was at peace with his eternal destiny. May we all look up to the example he provided for us, not that of a perfect man, but of a man who tried his hardest, gave it his all, in spite of the knowledge of always falling short.

God blessed us all with the presence and influence of Rich, and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.

Chris Meirose

My husband and I heard the news as we were waking Sunday morning. We were deeply moved and very sad. I am inspired by Rich's love for God and ability to not be caught in the trappings of this world. The reality hit me as I realized how happy he must be to be with his Father ... this isn't our home. Our home is with our Father and we should be focused on pleasing Him, living for Him and reaching others for Him.Thank you Rich for being an example of Christ to all of us. I know it must be true that he would want us to walk closely with God and to love Him with all of our hearts.
Michelle Herring

We are very saddened by rich's death. It seems he had a firm grasp on who God was. He must have known him so personally, he can be called A MAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART!!!

We are very sad to hear of Rich's accident -- but we know that he is more joyful in heaven than he could have ever been on earth! We will miss you, Rich!

What can we say? Rich's death has left a void that I know can never be filled in your heart. It is good that one can know with absolute certainty that he is with his Lord and Savior, Jesus. It doesn't erase the hurt left behind, though sometimes. On the most important issues Rich and I agreed. Our love for our God; our joy in His creation; love of family and children (one of my favorite songs of his is You Gotta Get Up, Christmas Song). His songs have touched both me and my wife deeply, and we will miss him. I mourn your loss, and please know that we, too, feel the pain.

We are praying for you and your family through this time. May God's glorious Peace touch and fill your heart.

You know, I think Rich is the lucky one. He is worshipping Jesus now face to face. We are left behind, and we mourn with you for all of us who are left behind.

Clark and Beth Peters

I am deeply saddened to hear of Rich's death. Although I do not consider myself a new Christian, I have only recently recommitted myself to my faith. I was just beginning to appreciate his music, and it touches my deeply. I will miss all of the music that was inside of him, waiting to be written, however, I will continue to explore the legacy of music he left behind. He had such a gift for putting feelings into words, and making us better understand God's love for us. His music will always be a great comfort to me, and I know that he will surely be missed by many. Praise God that we can know that Rich is still making music and serving Christ.

Gary Peel

I interviewed him two weeks ago, and some of the things he said, in a sense, changed a mindset I've been carrying for several years. He was my favorite artists, and I too, like everyone, will miss this man I didn't know, dearly.

Lindy Warren

Thank you for your gift to the world. He touched my heart, my 4 year old son's heart and many of our friends. We love you.

I am very saddened to hear of Rich's death.I do thank God that he gave Rich such talent and zeal to help so many of us in our spiritual journey with God. I will be praying for his family as well as Mitch and his family.To Rich/Mitch's families, hang in there! The Lord will help you.

A Sincere Fan,
Alan Welch

My husband and I had the privilege of meeting Rich after one of his concerts about seven and a half years ago. We were very impressed with the way he didn't let his success go to his head and were moved by his down to earth ways. We only got to see him twice but those were the two best concerts we ever attended. I would like to let you know how much we will miss his ministry, but I believe that his ministry will live on for a very long time in the music that he recorded in his years. I have had his family in my prayers since I found out what had happened. And I have cried my tears for him but I know that he is in Heaven right now singing "Awesome God" face to face with the One that he wrote it for. God Bless You!!!

In Christ's Love,
Erik & Karen Telfer

The Bible says that we do not grieve as those who have no hope. We do have a hope, and yet we still grieve. A life well lived and a legacy that will live on in the lives of the members of the band Overflowin' is small comfort, but still we express our sorrow at the loss and our commitment to continue on the legacy of service that he left us all.

Yours in the blessed hope,
Kevin, Roxanne, Gina, and Don of Overflowin'

What a great man! We will all greatly miss him and are in prayer for his family and Mitch and his family. However, in a way, it is a praise as Rich has met God face to face.
Ted Harmon

In February of this year, my wife died in an auto accident, so I know the grief and more that those closest to Rich are feeling. I can't understand why God would take my wife Melissa or Rich, they were both incredible servants of Him. I have had great comfort and healing in knowing and embracing that God's plan is best and that He will be glorified in all things. It is impossible to understand this side of heaven. God is much bigger than any of us.

Melissa and I were both truly blessed by Rich's ministry and life. His music has moved me and challenged me on many occasions. When Melissa died she was listening to a tape that had many of Rich's songs. I don't know exactly what song she was listening to, but they were all songs of praise and very well may have been one of his.

Rich's ministry will continue for many years to come, just as the great servant Keith Green's has.

I thank God for the time I had with my wife and the ministry of Rich.

In Jesus' Love and Grace,
Tim Wolsborn

I never met Rich personally, but I feel like I knew him. His music was so real, so human, so vulnerable. He will be missed. I saw only one concert of his in Springfield, IL in 1995, but I've followed his life and music for many years. My prayers are with you that you will be comforted by knowing that he is with the One he sang about. His life touched so many people -- he truly was a remarkable musician. I praise God that He guided Rich's life in ways that ministered to so many. I truly hope many more lives are touched by his music that will live on in the hearts of many. While he may not have been recognized for all he did here on this earth, he has his reward now in heaven.

May God bless you and thank you for sharing Rich with the rest of us.

Linda Schweitzer

I never really knew who Rich Mullins was until this year. I attended a concert at the First Baptist Church in McKinney, Texas. The sanctuary was PACKED! Not really people from just McKinney, but from all over! I had to sit in the back of the church and after listening to the first song I realized that I had heard "Rich Mullins" for several years but just didn't know who he was. There he was, barefoot, blue jean shorts (at first I thought he was a "roadie", just setting up the instruments) he sat on the steps of the church and said "I couldn't wait! So we'll start early!" I have never felt the presence of God so CLEARLY as I did at that concert. There were so many, so many, hands raised in exultation to the Lord (mine included). He closed the concert with a very soul stirring rendition of "It Is Well With My Soul", with the whole audience (congregation) singing their parts. What a man! What a ministry! He will be sorely missed here on this planet, but what a reunion we'll have in time. God has truly blessed His people with Rich's life! Praise God for his blessings and his spokespersons. Hold us Jesus, we're shaking like a leaf, you have been King Of Our Glory, won't you be our Prince Of Peace.

Cindy Presnell

My first intro to Rich was his Never Picture Perfect album. My aunt and uncle had it and gave it to me, thinking I might enjoy it. What an incredible ministry it opened my sister and I up to. Then, through The World Best As I Can Remember It Vol. 1, we got my Mom into him. The best part was during A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band, my Dad, who doesn't appreciate many contemporary Christian artists, found Rich to be someone whose music and lyrics he will always enjoy.

Upon hearing the news that our brother went home on Fri, I popped in Leg, Lit, Rag as I hoped someone heard wrong... After finding the truth, I kept reading and such. Finally, the CD came to 'Land of my Sojourn.' It brought tears to my eyes to hear

"Nobody tells you when you get born here
How much you'll come to love it and
How you'll never belong here
So I call you my country
And I'll be longing for my home
and I wish that I could take you there with me...

And I'll sing His song
And I'll sing His song
In the land of my sojourn"

He's right in front of Our Father, singing his heart out and praise Him, we will be there with Rich someday ... Thank you, Lord, for lending him to us. You have blessed us with his music and with Your Presence. You truly are an Awesome God!

Kerri Potter

My first intro to Rich was his Never Picture Perfect album. My aunt and uncle had it and gave it to me, thinking I might enjoy it. What an incredible ministry it opened my sister and I up to. Then, through The World Best As I Can Remember It Vol. 1, we got my Mom into him. The best part was during A Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band, my Dad, who doesn't appreciate many contemporary Christian artists, found Rich to be someone whose music and lyrics he will always enjoy. Thank you, Lord, for lending him to us. You have blessed us with his music and with Your Presence. You truly are an Awesome God!

Kerri Potter

To Rich's Family:

We just want you to know how much Rich Mullins' music meant to all of us. Our youngest son (21) is a senior at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas and is majoring in Church Music. He is a soloist and a member of a contemporary Christian trio named "Trinity." He and the others love to perform Rich's music. He will be greatly missed until we see him on the other side.

The Jim Shoemake Family
Mexia, TX

I went to a Rich Mullins concert when I was 13 or so, my mom drug me along and I thought I would hate it, but he was so cool. Rich's songs touched my heart and many others I know. I keep getting a lump in my throat, but I also know I'll see him in heaven. He's probably working on a new song right now. My heart and prayers go to his family and friends. We'll miss him until we join him.

Our children sang Awesome God in our church. It was a beautiful song and we that means a lot to us for many reasons. Thanks Rich for all the songs...
God Bless

my husband and i have been challenged and encouraged over the past years with rich and his writings. he came to bakersfield, ca and gave a concert that left all of us worshiping, truly at the Throne of God. as we sang 'everywhere i go i see you' and 'o God you are my God' each of us with our eyes closed and our voices lifted felt the warmth of being in the presence of the Almighty and the light from the throne fell upon our faces. i know that rich ended many concerts like this and i realize that the light that fell upon my face was caused by the band turning the stage lights toward the audience. but, in that moment in time we experienced a taste of rejoicing at the throne!!! i will never forget that moment or any of the other moments we were allowed to spend with rich. God honored our prayers by letting us have some short and yet wonderful times with rich . it is not easy to let him go --- we will miss his barefoot soul.

Pam Rey

You do not know me, but I just recently heard the music of Rich Mullins and instantly became a fan. The world has lost a great singer and songwriter. I hope that others can follow in his footsteps and combine great contemporary music with timeless truths.

Frank Watson
St. Louis, MO

We were blessed by having Rich be a part of our church family as our music minister in the early '80's, and we'll never forget his gentle ways and deep love of Christ. He was truly a Godly man and will be deeply missed. Our prayers are with his family, and with Mitch and his family.

Awesome God,
I thank you for the life of your servant Rich. For the impact eternal and powerful that he had on this world and my life for you. Bless his family and friends with your presence, and the assurance that he now is serenading you face-to-face with the praise he had lifted up over the years. May his prayer be that of all of us:

If I stand, let me stand on the promise,
that You will pull me through.
And if I can't, let me fall on the grace
that first brought me to You.
If I sing, let me sing for the joy
that has borne in me these songs.
And if I weep, let me weep as a man
who is longing for his home.

Thank you Rich.
Thank you God.

P L Leland

My daughter had me buy Rich Mullins tape "Songs", it helped me a great deal. I continue to listen to his words in his songs and I know the love that he had for Jesus. Now he is finally home.

I am sending a letter that we wrote to all our friends who sent cards and help us through a very tragic time. I hope that this letter will help Rich's Mother:

God has worked in tremendous way in our lives. His grace and mercy have comforted us and sustained us so that we can continue to glorify Him. It is not easy to lose a son, but knowing that he now walks in the presence of God fills us with great joy. We know he will never cry as we have or feel the loss that we have, he is praising God and singing with the angels. We know our wait may seem long to us, but for our son it will be like the blink of an eye and we will be together again.

When my son died, my daughter saw a rainbow. There was no clouds in the sky, and as she looked up she saw an orange spot. The spot was by the sun, and it soon filled the sky and a vertical rainbow developed. Several people also saw the rainbow and it has changed their lives. I am sure that many people saw your shooting star and their lives have been changed as well.

In Christ's Love
Mary Bilderback
Dalton, Ohio

Rich's music has continually spoken to my heart since I became a fan in 1992. His CD "Songs" has been in my car for months now and not a week goes by that I don't listen to "Awesome God", "Creed", "If I stand", "Calling out your name" and find these songs as well as others speaking the truths I need once again.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of his concerts in the summer of 1994 in Portland, Maine. I saw in him a depth of sincerity that few Christian artist have. I must say that I am a better christian having had the good fortune of receiving from his musical ministry.

He will be greatly missed!
Tim Kezar
North Berwick, Maine

Dear loved ones,

My sympathy goes out to all of Rich's loved ones. This must be a hard time for all of you, but to know that he's in good hands must be somewhat comforting. I'm not going to say I understand how you feel because I don't and neither does anyone else. I just wanted to let you know that Rich and his music both are a big part of my youth group at home (Slidell, La). We are always singing and rejoicing to his music whether it's at a regular meeting or on a summer trip when we make some of the most awesome memories. Our God is truly an "Awesome God" and Rich reminds us in his music of just how powerful He really is. My prayers are with you.
In Christ,
Kris Mottinger

Many of his songs were used by God to save me and help me. One example is Growing Young, God used it to break me and bring me back to him.

Jonathan Finger

Rich Mullins was such an incredible artist that I am sure that he and God are bringin' down the house up there! I can't wait to get up there and listen to them jammin' and praising 24/7. Thank you Rich Mullins for dedicating your life to God. He will surely bless you in your new life!

Much love,
Eliot Landrum

My heart is broken. This song is for Rich:

Pass the Torch

My world just turned a little darker today
A great guiding light was snuffed out
I just wasn't ready for it's light to fade away
It had so often scattered my shadows of doubt

I had lost touch with all you meant to me
So much more than just a comrade in arms
The embodiment of a paradox I couldn't conceive
'Till I saw you dare to live it despite others' alarm

Why did you have to go? Only God knows.
Though it's tempting I'll not try to understand
But as my sadness grows, one thing that I know
It's scary to challenge the norm with no one holding your hand

Pass the torch of a life that was made of what's best
Earthy humanity and divine graciousness
Who strove to lay self-importance to rest
Pass the Torch
Pass the torch of a life that was misunderstood
Because it loved the loveless and did all that it could
To call the self-righteous to give as the Master would
Pass the torch
Pass the torch

So, even heros die, and though I resist the reasons why
I still can't believe it's for no reason at all
Is it so the seeds they've sown might start to grow in our hearts
And make heros out of us all?

Sean Rajnic

Rich Mullins first touched my life with his song "My One Thing." It seems Rich pursued that One thing -- Jesus Christ. Thankfully, now his music will go on and on...

"I don't want to lose the eternal for the things that are passing,
Cause what will I have when the world is gone,
If it isn't for the love that goes on and on... "
--"My One Thing" Never Picture Perfect, 1989

Susie Horn

I have never written to any artist or a fan letter. I must write something to thank God for the life and ministry of Rich Mullins. My prayers are with his family as well as Mitch and his family. I work part time for KCBI 90.9 fm in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I loved to play his music and share it with others. He will be sorely missed until we can all see him on the other side of the Jordan.
Larry Edens

I just want to let you know what a blessing and gift Rich was in my life and in the lives of many of my friends. During the late 1980's and the early 1990's Rich and Beaker did a couple of concerts at our church in Lexington, KY. It was then that I really got to talk with Rich and it just confirmed my beliefs that he was truly a man of God and really cared about the people he was ministering to. I could go on and on but I just want to let you know what a gift he was to all that had the privilege of knowing him and being ministered to by his music. My prayers will be with you and your family. The comforting thought in all of this is that Rich is finally Home smiling down on all of us and waiting for us to join him.

Stephanie C

As I sit here, many things are running through my mind. Songs, stories, memories, and the inspiration felt by all of us from this one ragamuffin singer will never fade. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet Rich, (and Mitch,) when they came to play at our store just months ago. All the excitement built up to the entrance of a guy wearing cutoff jeans, an old t-shirt, and dirty sandals. A well loved ragamuffin, certainly. Our prayers are with you. We are also praying that Mitch recovers swiftly. Our biggest hope is that the legacy of the ragamuffin will never fade.
Brynn Welch
Family Christian Stores
Austin, TX

Rich returned to the "Christ in Youth" conferences this past summer and sang his heart out. He made no secret of the fact that he too had struggles and was very much human, and even seemed somewhat embarrassed when I attempted to explain just how much his music ministers to me. He even signed my guitar. His autograph simply reads "Be God's." I will, Rich, and I am anxious to see you again in Heaven.

Faron M. Davis <><

To the Mullins Family:

My wife and I express our sadness and sense of loss at Rich's passing. Only about a month ago did we see Rich and Mitch perform in Crystal Lake, IL. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. We must realize the joy in knowing that he has found his eternal reward, and that we will see him again, soon. I can hear him singing his praise to the Lord!

Roy & Jill Honegger
Island Lake, IL

Dear Mullins family,
Rich Mullins has touched my life. I'm sure that you will here this over and over again. I hope that just because you hear it so many times, that the phrase will not become caddy. I can not tell you in words how much his music meant to my life. I have spent (and will continue to spend) many nights growing closer to the Lord, Praise God with Rich's music. His concerts were so personal. I enjoyed his blunt honesty.

It's hard to understand God's plan. We only see a little part of it. All I know is that I can't wait to get to heaven to praise God with Rich Mullins leading us in song.

Amanda Jensen

So hard to believe The giver of this beautiful music, These soul-touching words, The inspiration for so many poems and so many godly decisions Is now in heaven. So hard to hear your voice And know that you're gone. This holiness in harmony That I love to sing and hear, The words that water my soul and grow my life Magnify the void in the earth's essence. You praised Him with the mountains You pointed to the cross You served children, dirty and needy For the real love you had found. You fought against depression You challenged us to trust You lived your verses, a mere human being, empowered by the God of promises. We needed you here. And a candle in our darkness Has burned bright into the journey through Jordan.

Grace brought you to God, God brought you to us, And the God of grace welcomed you home.

---Mary Porcher Hane

I met Rich once or twice before; the last time I saw him was at Cornerstone festival in Illinois. What struck me about Rich was that he had totally abandoned any desire for acclaim, fame, self-recognition. He didn't care what people thought--he just loved Jesus and loved music and the combination those two loves made. One often feels nervous in the presence of musicians, as if they are set above us because of what they do. But people didn't feel that way with Rich. He didn't let them have the image--instead, he was just real, and he loved people, and therefore at a place like Cornerstone, with 22,000 people, he could hang out with anyone or walk on stage and play with any band.
John Book, Age 24
High School English teacher
Future foreign Missionary

May we all live our lives like Rich, for God's glory !!!!!

What a legacy! Little did I know, when I saw Rich walk on stage bare-footed, what joy and conviction his music would bring to my heart. He was just so different, so original.

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

I am the mother of a precious son, and also a poet and songwriter (unknown) I have listened and bought your son's music; and his incredible gift has definitely blessed me and my sister, Kela. My prayers and heart go out to you from Texas.

Thank you for giving us such a precious son.

We love you in Christ.
Jan Reilly & Kela Briggs
SEPT. 22, 1997

Rich's music has been such a blessing and an inspiration to my husband and I, no other Christian artist has blessed us so much than Rich's. His music has helped me through so many things in my life. When you would listen to him sing and the words that he sang you could just hear how much he loved our Lord and Savior. Rich is in such a glorious place right now and someday we will all be with him singing his songs praising our Lord together. My prayers are with Rich's family that God will comfort them in this time of their sorrow and also with Mitch and his family.

Renee Patchett

We have been to the last four concerts here in San Antonio and each time it has ministered to each of us. At one concert I was thinking, as we were all standing and just praising the Lord, that this must be what heaven will be like. Rich now knows but we still are waiting. Rick and I once saw one of Rich's videos where he was driving an old Chevy Pickup. After that we would always talk about getting ourselves a, "Rich Mullins Truck." We've loved his music for years and now must wait for heaven to here his next concert.

With much love,
Ron, Darlene, and Rick

Although I never met him, Rich Mullins was a man that I looked up to as a musician and as a Christian. The words to his songs where so Spirit filled. I will miss Rich Mullins. I always hoped to have a chance to jam with him and I know that one day in the presence of our Lord Jesus, I will. In a way I envy Rich. Today, right now he is standing in the presence of Jehovah. He is looking with his own eyes at Jesus. He is singing praises with the angels(some of the praises he probably wrote). My prayers are with the family and friends that he left behind. I know that the Holy Spirit will provide grace to make it through the coming days.

For HIS glory and HIS alone,
Aaron W. Stone
Psalms 30:11

Rich was one of the first christian artists I heard.His music was profound and intelligent . They were rooted in grace, God's grace which he so strongly believed in. SHALOM RICH WE LOVE YOU!!!!

I can't put into words what his music meant to me, it hit at such a deep place, a place I wasn't even aware I had, other than that it moved me closer to God and urged me to be His. And that I'll miss his music and honesty greatly.

you're in my prayers,

I remember driving to work one day and hearing "If I Stand" for the first time. I could hardly see because of the tears the song brought to my eyes. That was one of the many times I have been shaken by one of Rich's songs. In my busy world, I have often run so fast that I ran right by the Lord... how many times one of Rich's songs have made me stop and stand in awe of my Lord; stop and re-sort my priorities. Thank you, Rich, for your obedience and servitude to Christ... you have reminded a lot of us that following Jesus is not only the most important, but the only important thing in our earthly lives. Thank you for your example. Thank you for leaving so many wonderful songs behind.

Arthur Breault

Rich Mullins was a servant who loved all people. If I could choose one person to be my role model it would be him. I know that today many Christians share the pain and broken heart that I feel. My heart gives praise and glory to God for the life and example of Rich Mullins!!

The Lord has set his throne in Heaven and his kingdom rules over everything - Psalm 103:19

With the utmost love and respect
Matt Stone.

Without a doubt, the scenes described in the song "Thank You" are part of Rich's "Welcoming Home" party!

Our prayers are with all of you.

Rich's lyrics make one analyze the roots of their faith and Who they place that faith in.

I'm reminded of the chorus of "Hold Me Jesus" -

So hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shaking like a leaf You have been King of my glory Won't You be my Prince of peace

Rich will be sorely missed, but he leaves quite a musical legacy behind. May his music continue to reach out and touch people to glorify Christ.

Julie Gleitsmann

I wonder if ever there will be another artist, Christian, servant, man like him. He was everything that I want to be and He walked so close to Christ and i only pray that someday I will be as close to Christ as he was. To Rich's mother, I thank you for your son's ministry to my life. Many a time he has helped me through difficult moments in my life through the words in his songs. They were more than songs. They were pictures of Jesus' life, they were descriptions of things he went through and things other Christians have been through and will go through. Again, I am overwhelmed with the fact that we will never be able to hear Rich's beautiful voice or his talents with all the many instruments he played again except through CD's and tapes. On the other hand, I am so happy for Rich. I'm sure that he's playing in the biggest concert of his life. A live performance for his Maker. Play on, Rich! I love you and will miss you.

Tom Sanderson

Rich gave my best friend and the love of my life hope when he thought he could not see light at the end of the tunnel. I bless Rich for that. He touched my heart, also ,and I'm sorry I discovered his amazing clarity in expressing God's love so late.

May God shelter Mitch under his wings.
Lori Ann

To Rich's Mother,
I want you to know you and your loved ones are in my prayers for God's peace and comfort through this. I never knew your son, nor heard his music, I only feel your hurt, I, too lost a family member 13 years ago, and the peace God gave me through it I want to pass on to you.


Isaiah 30:15 In repentance and rest you shall be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.

The world has lost a true artist and servant. I will always be thankful for Rich's music, ministry, and integrity.
David Newman

Among the million gifts God gave me through Mr. Mullins: I was home alone for over a week without contact with any friends or family. I was tired and dried out from work, experiencing an aesthetic drought. On my way home a picked up a copy of his latest album, and my thirst for the beauty of godliness was satisfied.
-- Joel Jirak

Rich's music led me to a more devoted lifestyle of Scripture reading and prayer. His humble honesty and poetic lyrics struck a chord in me as a teenager in the late 80's that no sermon ever did or ever will. Praise God for His new addition in Heaven.

Jason Jones
Cincinnati, OH

I believe Rich was a musical & poetical genius whose veins were filled with the Love & inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The music he gave us was meat & potatoes and ALWAYS lifted my spirit into worship of our Awesome God even when I have been in the depths of despair. It's ironic that even now, in the depths of my grief, that it is Rich's music that still brings me closer to the Father & finding comfort. I am thankful for the gift God gave us in Rich.

I had never met Rich, but somehow he was a friend. He was someone that knew how I felt. His music expressed feelings that I could never have expressed. He was my mentor through his music when I was just a young Christian. I thank God for the life he shared with all the rest of us. I send my blessing to all of his family and friends. May God's peace rest upon each one of you.

Many times I have stood with several men in the psychiatric unit of a maximum security prison singing praises to God. "Awesome God" was a song that seemed to give them and me an extra measure of strength. It is a song of magnitude with "Amazing Grace" and "How Great Thou Art". I can just see the open arms of God as He hands Rich a guitar and sits down to hear a personal concert.

Eddie Grissom

i recalled meeting with Rich after one of his concerts- he was so wonderfully real and honest. i told him how much his music had meant to me in my life thus far. humbly, he smiled and handed me a piece of paper in which he'd written "kristin- be God's" when i moved from my parents' home for college i carefully placed that piece of paper in the boxes. it is carefully placed on the wall for me to see everyday. his music touched my life, and i was able to share it with my family and give them the joy and comfort that Rich was so capable of lovingly sharing with the world. though i cannot understand the works of God's hand, i am secure in the knowledge that beautiful music will greet me when i one day go "home." may dear God, help us to keep the beauty of his songs in our heart until that day.

kristin faith dodson-cope

I was so changed, so encouraged, by his music. And still am. I really feel like I'm losing a friend because he poured out his heart into every one of his songs. That music meant more than anything to me. His was the best music EVER. His message lives on. The passion, love, oh, such passion. God knows how many times I've listened to his music on headphones in the middle of the night and just cried and cried. I am so thankful for the impact that he had on me. So thankful for the music. The message. His music communicated to me like nothing else. Pierced me when my heart was at its hardest. Touched me when I felt alone.

God's love (the only love)

To the Mullins Family:

Several years ago I volunteered to work as a DJ at a Christian radio station in Austin, Texas. It was there that I was first exposed to Rich's music. His talent for incorporating everyday imagery with scripture and his sense of wonder for this planet God has given us made a lasting and profound impression. For several years I travelled extensively and his music made the perfect companion.

Rich Mullins made a profound impact on my life through his talent and his ministry. I was not privileged to know him personally but I know that he touched and transformed many people with his music and his passion and because we live in a time where his songs are preserved he will continue to give strength to those in need, express the joy of being a child of God, and remind us that God's creation lives around us everywhere.

Thank you for sharing him with the world - even if it was for too brief a time.

Lisa Greene
Hollywood, CA

Very few Christian artists (Michael Card is the only other name that comes to mind) have ministered to me as Rich. Rich showed me that there was a place for the unconventional in Christianity. He never pandered to dogma or doctrine, he only pointed people to the Savior. I would be pleased to have a similar epitaph.
John Miller

I am eight years old and Rich Mullins was my favorite singer. The song I like the best is the 9th song on The World as Best as I Remember It ( "I SEE YOU") . I like that song the best because I like the words to it. Thanks to Rich for helping to teach me that I can see God everywhere I go. Thank you Jesus for Rich Mullins.

Lisa Danowski

For the family of Rich Mullins:

What a tremendous blessing Rich's music has been in our home. We sing God's praises every day with the words that Rich has shared with us. May God comfort you through your grief.

In Christ,
Greg and Cathy Joens

I have been in the Christian music industry for almost seven years now. I entered when I was only 18. I am not a musician, but someone who is merely on the inside dealing with the sales of Christian music. I have seen a lot of negative things in my time in this industry, so many negative things, that at many times, I wondered if Christianity was even real. I entered this industry because of my love of music--especially Christian music. I still grow disillusioned and often I need a reminder that it is real and that people still sing only as an expression of worship to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Along the road, there have been some, but very few, artists who have been able to remind me of this. I am often depressed and saddened over the way the Christian music industry has gone. But every once in awhile, I'll hear a song to remind me. Mrs. Mullins, I just wanted to let you know, that your son's music has done this for me. Each and every time I hear it, I know it to be an expression of worship to Jesus. I really appreciate it. Because of people like him, I desire to stay in the Christian music industry and be a light, because I believe they need one there as well as the world. It is also because of your son's ministry to the Indians, I desire to get involved in a mission field in my own back yard. I will be moving to South Dakota in a year and I plan on volunteering at a reservation.

Thanks for taking the time to raise and nurture your son in the way he should go. He has truly made a difference in my life.

Joy Feola

KLOVE says this is the site to send family condolences for the passing of Rich Mullins. He was a most anointed man, whose work profoundly touched our walk with Christ through insightful lyrics, premium musicianship, and spiritual depth. When I told my children this morning about his death, my 4 1/2-year-old son, Ben, said, "Mommy, let's sing Kum-ba-yah for him." He started and I followed. He sang the first verse and just one more, "someone's singing... " He did this with no sadness at all, but a radiant joy. I cannot describe how greatly it pleased him to do this (and me to see it). You see, he found a way to give something back.

Kate Vander Sluis

Mrs. Mullins,
I am so sorry to hear about Rich losing his life. In this time of need, I will be praying for you and the rest of the family. Keep the holy spirit with you, and you will make it through, I promise.

Matt Johnson

I'm a member of St. Timothy's Catholic Community in Mesa Arizona, and worked with Rich and Mitch on the debut of 'Canticle of the Plains' last Thanksgiving. While here they stayed at my house. Rich and I spent a number of nights (and mornings) talking while we drank pot after pot of coffee. Those were some great conversations - ones that I will remember. Rich and Mitch have been back several times and were embraced by our parish as living examples of GOD at work.

Kathy Troccoli was at church last night and shared with us some of her stories of Rich in the 'early' years in Nashville. Stories of how he would show up about midnight wanting to use her piano to work out some material - through that she told us how much he ministered to her. We loved him very much and will miss him.

Our prayers are with Rich's family and with Mitch for a speedy recovery.


I know that my words cannot lessen your loss, but I would like to share from way over here in NC, how Rich Mullins affected our lives. No, we never saw him over here; we had the privilege of meeting him at the North American Christian Convention in St. Louis in 1993. We didn't meet him at the concert he presented for who knows how many teens and sponsors. (We had the privilege of hearing him play "Awesome God" and "Step-by-Step" on the piano in that concert) I met him on the street!!

My girls and I saw him on the street on our way to visit the Arch. My girls were too shy to go talk to him; but I (their mother) went up to him and started talking to him. He talked with me as if I had known him all my life. I asked my friend to take our picture together -- it didn't turn out.

I didn't ask for his autograph; I just spent some time with him. I don't have a picture, I don't have an autograph; I just have a memory. A memory of a few moments with a person I'll never forget. He certainly did not get into all the hype of being a celebrity, nor did he look down on me for being an "over-zealous Mom" for trying to show her daughters up! Later on when we were in the Bible Bowl area, he walked through and spoke to me again.

I am proud to say that my daughters have grown up on Christian music and in our collection of music are many of Rich's cassettes and CD's.

Both of my daughters enjoy his music (even though they were afraid to talk to him!) We just received his latest CD, "Songs" recently. I love his "Faith Without Works" song!! He truly had a gift of making the Word come alive and understandable.

Christians everywhere feel the loss of such a great musician, but he left us a legacy that will last until we all join him in his Home in Heaven. The American Family Radio gave a wonderful tribute to Rich today -- one of the radio announcers said that Rich must be enjoying the Awesomeness of God that he could not imagine here on earth!

My prayers go out to you for our Heavenly Father to comfort you in the days ahead and give you strength to carry on. We also pray for God's will in the life of Mitch and for his family as they wait by his side. God bless you all!

Love In Jesus Name!
Laurie Rhodes
New Bern, North Carolina

If it weren't for Rich, I don't know how I would have made it through those tough junior high years. His ministry and his music will live in my soul forever. If it wasn't for him, I would have completely given up a long time ago. In junior high, I was the only christian in my entire school. Thanks to Rich's music and the music of others like him, I didn't completely given over to the secular world of parties and drinking etc... I love his album A Liturgy A legacy & A Ragamuffin Band. That's just what he is, a legacy. His music, written for the holy father, will live on in those who loved him and his work. My condolences to his family. You are surely in my prayers.

Ken Kaczmarek

Words cannot express the sorrow in the loss of Rich Mullins. His music has touched my heart deeply. We'll miss him.

To Rich's mom,
you will be in my prayers as you go through this hard time. I know it's hard, but God will be there always. I remember when I was little, about 6 or 7, I heard "Pictures In The Sky"(is that right??) and I thought it was the most wonderful song in the world. I used to dance to it and sing at the top of my lungs. Now, every time my youth group sings "Hold Me Jesus", I about start crying. That has to be the most beautiful song in the world. I know how hard it is losing a loved one. I lost a friend last October that was basically my brother. It still seems unreal. Rich blessed so many lives with his music. I never got to see him in concert, but I loved his music. Cling to Jesus and to His promises... and wait for the day when you will see Our Lord face to face, and then you will see your son.

Love In Christ,
Amy L. Callahan

Rich's music spoke to us at a very deep level, he was an artist with the talent of speaking about complicated things in a very simple heartfelt way. Rich has made a difference in our lives. I hope that you find comfort in the fact that Rich and the God that he praised and worshiped, are now standing face to face.

The Shunk Family
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

What a man of God. I will miss him sorely! His lyrics seemed to be from the heart of God. To me he did go out in a "Chariot of Fire". Thank you Rich, I look forward to seeing you in Heaven with the Lord Jesus. Enjoy!

It was in March of 1996 that my parents' were both diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer (Mom age 57, Dad Age 60). They both died within six (6) weeks of each other seven (7) months later. It was Rich's music and his compassion for the Lord that gave my family and I strength during a very difficult time.

As a Christian I do not always know how to walk, but Rich has shown me where to walk.

God-Bless you Rich and Mitch. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

John Dougherty

Rich's music helped me through many a difficult time - it seemed to reach out and speak to my heart. I know the Holy Spirit used his words and music to minister and reach people. One other bright hope is that Rich's music will continue to reach others for Christ and minister and lift up those Christians who are seeking God's will. The legacy of his love for our Awesome God will live on until Jesus returns. A thank you to Rich's family for giving the world such an obvious follower of Christ.

Pauline Stark

I just wanted to share my sympathies for family members, friends, and fans.

When I heard of the news this past Sunday afternoon, I couldn't help but cry. I know that Rich is in far more a better place than here, and that he is suffering not. When I learned of the accident, I played one of Rich's cds. The very first song I listened to was "Here In America." I would like to share some words that touched my heart so deeply, like Rich's songs have done so many times before:

"... and I've seen by the highways on a million exit ramps
those two legged memorials to the laws of happenstance

J Bickley

I was overwhelmed, but not at all surprised to see the number of people, who like me, were touched and blessed by Rich's ministry. He was so REAL! I am thankful that God allowed me to experience the wonder of his music. He lifted my spirits, created hope in me, and often times brought me back to the Lord when the things of the world got in the way! His music will forever live on, as will his memory. Until we meet again...

D J Cole

Rich's music has made a major impact on me since I came to the Lord in 1990. His message seemed to grip my heart and excite my soul as no other. I can't help thinking of "Elijah." That son really helped me get over some fears of dying as I listened to how anxious Rich was to go home to be with the Lord.

His family is in my prayers.

Linda Poye

What is so exciting, is that Rich himself sang of the "wideness in God's mercy, I cannot find in my heart" I am so excited for him and his ability to understand that love now on a first hand basis. i will miss him greatly. his songs have and still do bring me to tears. his insight was truly a gift from God. I now cannot wait until that day when Rich and his dulcimer lead us all in a heavenly version of "Awesome God". Thank you, Rich, for your unique ability to touch my heart by your music. enjoy... ...


Rich's music seemed to touch a chord somewhere within me primarily I think because of it's honesty about real life. I know his prayer when he sang "Hold me Jesus" is now being fulfilled literally. May Jesus hold you and yours during this time of grief and may your grief be mingled with joy and the peace of God which passes understanding. I am looking forward to meeting Rich someday the other side of eternity.

My life and the lives of my wife and children have been so impacted by his music that I feel that I have something important to say. I grew up listening to extremely talented people singing fun songs with dysfunctional lyrics. When I discovered Christian music, my life changed. I can't describe the joy I felt the first time I heard my children running through our house singing at the top of their lungs that "step by step He leads me" and that they will follow Him all of their days. Through the years we collected all of Rich's music and our whole family (including our 6-year old) sing along to every song.

Our family worked in Africa for 10 years, and at times we thought we were totally empty. Then Rich would sing about the Prince of Peace and fill us up while we drove through the Great Rift Valley. When he sang of the mountains singing and the rocks crying out praise to God, we felt renewed. Today when he sings those songs to us, we are flooded with memories of a beautiful land with beautiful people, and now that we live in Appalachia, more memories are being made daily.

His lyrics continue to bring me to tears, minister to me, make me smile, make me laugh and draw me closer to God. I am grateful.

Steve Greek

I love Rich's music, my 6 and 3 year old go around the house singing at the top of their lungs "Awesome God". I told my 6 year old today, that he had died, as we were listening to one of his songs on the radio, and she said, but that's his voice, isn't it. I told her yes, and she said, then he can never die if we can still hear his songs, that is when I cried. In knowing he is with God, and feeling sadness at his passing, at the same time today, I came a realization of my own, I'm sad, for MY loss, but also feel joy in knowing, without a doubt, that Rich Mullins is with God, and that brought me an incredible peace, in the face of this tragedy. I reached a new plateau in my relationship with God today. I can think of nothing more important to say about Rich's life than that was what his music was all about, he wanted EVERYONE to know his "Awesome God", and it is evident that he succeeded.

Lorri Nevil
Canton, TX

I grew up listening to extremely talented people singing fun songs with dysfunctional lyrics. When I discovered Christian music, my life changed. I can't describe the joy I felt the first time I heard my children running through our house singing at the top of their lungs that "step by step He leads me" and that they will follow Him all of their days. Through the years we collected all of Rich's music and our whole family (including our 6-year old) sing along to every song.

Our family worked in Africa for 10 years, and at times we thought we were totally empty. Then Rich would sing about the Prince of Peace and fill us up while we drove through the Great Rift Valley. When he sang of the mountains singing and the rocks crying out praise to God, we felt renewed.

Today when he sings those songs to us, we are flooded with memories of a beautiful land with beautiful people, and now that we live in Appalachia, more memories are being made daily. We were crushed by the news that we heard today. All of us cried. But it was not the first time that Rich made me cry. His lyrics continue to bring me to tears, minister to me, make me smile, make me laugh and draw me closer to God. I am grateful.

Steve Greek

Rich wrote:
"... and I've seen by the highways on a million exit ramps
those two legged memorials to the laws of happenstance
waiting for four wheeled messiahs to take them home again
but I am home anywhere if You are where I am."

Wow. I praise God for such a short time that we all had to share Rich and his talents. He was such a Godly man, and will be missed such much. But, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that Rich is at home.

J. Bickley

I heard Rich sing in person for the first time this summer. I have been a Christian for just over one year, and his music has inspired me to know God more deeply. I have been through some personal struggles this year; Rich helped minister to me through his music. Sometimes it just seems like there are some people with their hearts so completely devoted to God that He just can't wait to have them in Heaven with Him. God just couldn't wait any longer for Rich to come home. We will miss him. I praise God that Rich was faithful to do what He called him to do; otherwise, my life would not have been the same. My thoughts and prayers are with you, his family. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Spencer Shaver

Dear the family of Mr. Rich Mullins,

I am very sorry for the loss of such a wonderful man of Christ. God has worked incredibly through him and has touched more lives than I think anyone could ever realize. Although, we need to be thankful for God to give us someone like Mr. Mullins, even though it was for a short time. We also need to remember that he is at home with the Father, and we will be able to be with them both one day. Life here on earth is so short, but being at home with the Father is for an eternity. I am praying for all of you and I know that God will give you peace and comfort.

Love in Christ,
Trinity Schultz

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" I Thessalonians 5:16-18

I've been trying to understand why I can't seem to get Rich Mullins off my mind and my heart- and why I cry over one whom I never met or even saw in concert. I knew him only by his music and by reputation.

I guess his whole life was the picture of someone who God was constantly transforming into the image of His Son. And his whole life in its entirety presents a challenge: here was Rich Mullins- obviously richly talented- who did not live by what he sang; rather, he sang what he was already living. His words came from his life and his heart- not the other way around... God had him from the inside out and it appears to me that music was only a manifestation and an expression of the man God created in him.

He was one of the brightest examples of a "little Christ"; he seized the opportunity to be Jesus (if you will) to hundreds personally- Jesus blessed his work and with it fed millions, with baskets-full left over.

His music is as inspiring as his life. He was so incredibly real and personal... He was like Paul or D. Moody, a life almost completely abandoned to Christ.

And all the attention given to Rich Mullins because of this tragedy makes the God of his life shine all the brighter: I am moved to live in complete abandon for Christ and the ministry because of him. I grieve with you. I feel what can only be small portion of your loss and I know from talking with many down here at the University of Houston that for every letter you receive, there are dozens of people who hurt from this that you will not hear from. My heart is broken, but I know that the God who "reigns from Heaven above with WISDOM, POWER, and LOVE" will heal the wounds and use your loss for good none of us will know ... this side of Heaven.

Jacob Kimbrough

I saw Rich perform in Louisville's Joy Jam a few years ago. I had never seen such a humble and loving man. I wish that I could have half the love that he radiated. Thank you Rich for your compassion. And your music will still draw me closer to Him.

Dwayne Powell

I'm sorry to hear about Rich's death. He was a great musician and a great Christian man. My father went to be with the Lord a little over a year ago, leaving a 43 year old widow, a 13 yr.old girl, a 17 yr. old girl, and me, a 19 yr.old son to live life. I know what it's like to lose a love one. He is in a better place.

God Bless,
Chris Coppenbarger

Though I never met Rich, through his music he was a brother to me. I will miss him greatly. I am happy, though, that we can find comfort in knowing that he has gone to be with his Father in heaven and that soon we can join him there. To his family: I am so sorry. I just can't find the words to express what I am feeling. May God be with you (his family) and all his friends.


One of the first things that came to my mind besides the shock and disbelief, was the song Rich wrote "Can I be with You". The desire of Rich's heart is now fulfilled. He is with the Father.

Thank you Father for Rich Mullins and his faithfulness to you and his ability to express prayers and worship so beautifully in song. I pray it would be your will to heal his friend and that you would be glorified through this event.

I hope and pray that his music will continue to bless, encourage, educate, and bring the listeners into the wonderful light of the glory of God.

Gregg Koehn

I want to send my prayers and condolences to Rich's mother and family, to his fellow musicians, and to the Native American children his life has touched.

I thank God for his music, it has touch my life and helped me grow closer to Jesus and God. I'm sorry I'll never get to see him play the hammer dulcimer again, but I guess he's playing it for God now.

from Ps. 23 You anoint my head with oil: my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Tim Sanford

Rich was a wonderful, loving, gifted Christian. This world will miss him. I will miss him.

My prayers are with you,
Jim Cowan

I wanted to take a moment and express my condolences to the family of Rich Mullins. At a time such as this, one doesn't really know what to say. All I can do is tell you that Rich greatly impacted my life, not only through his lyrics and songs but also through the words that he spoke. He was truly a minister of God! When he spoke I listened and my life has been all the better because God gave the world Rich Mullins for an incredible season. God bless you all! You are in my thoughts and prayers tonight and always!

Shannon Ballard

the news paper in my town said rich mullins was best known for the song "our God is and awesome God" i don't believe that is so. he was a son, a brother a friend. as i hear the songs of rich mullins played, i believe he continues to minister to those left behind.

thank you lord for the wonderful person in rich mullins. you truly are an awesome god. we don't understand but we trust completely your will. as a listen to the music of rich on the radio, i know his ministry will continue and that must make him smile in heaven. thank you jesus.

thanks rich... ..until we meet again in heaven..... continued prayers for the mullins and mcvicker families..

susan osterhout

Your son was such a inspiration to me. Rich's music has ministered to my heart and blessed me greatly. I was fortunate to get to meet Rich once at Friends University. You must have taught him the great humility he has. The radio station here in Wichita played Elijah after they announced the news. I remember the line "it won't break my heart to say good-bye" It may not break Rich's heart because of the great joy he has now, but it sure broke mine. My prayers are with you during this time of sorrow.

Stan Jayne

Dear Rich's Mom,

I don't even know what you are going through, I only know what I have gone through, and I think I must tell you, you don't have to feel the way that everyone tells you to, you feel what ever you are feeling not what everyone expects you to feel. That's what I've learned. Your son taught me so much, gave so much to others, and brought so much peace to my life through his music. He was one of my heros, I have striven to be as selfless and giving as he is and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Thank you for teaching your son to love not only God but also everyone else. I shed tears of deep sorrow for me, but smile joyfully for him, because he is in the presence of my Father and my King.

May all who continue to hear his music be greatly blessed. Just think Rich is singing Awesome God to God's face. What a reward for this life. God be with us for we need your comfort.

Peace to you is my wish,
Tiffani Barnes
Longview, Texas.

Please let his friends and family know that I did not cry very much. While I feel as great sense of loss in the man, I feel a greater gain in the songs and the words Rich left for all of us that will always be with us. And also, I feel relief in knowing that this time apart will only be for a short time. Only until the time our Lord takes us all home.

Love and Peace in Christ,
R. Raymond McGirt
West Baden Springs, IN

He came to my life at a very young age. I listened to every word he sang. I loved God more and more from the analogies that Rich sung. As I grew older and experienced life's trials, I grew away from God. As I recall how Rich touched my life with his songs, I remember how much I loved God. If nothing else, this has brought me back. Thank you, Rich for all your beautiful music. Like Amy Grant once sung, "It's not a song till it makes you cry... "


To the Family and dear Friends of Rich Mullins~~

It may not have broken his heart to say goodbye, but it surely did mine.... Rich's music was such a ministry and blessing from God to me for so many years. I am a single mother of a young son, and I cannot count the number of times I have been down on my knees, overburdened by the pressures of raising my son alone, when I would hear "Our God is an Awesome God" and my soul would be lifted. I wish that I could have heard this wonderful man in concert, yet I thought that I had enough time. How it must break your heart to lose him.... I cannot imagine.

My comfort is in how awed Rich must have been to see His Lord, and how heaven must have been filled with the most beautiful harmony as Rich lifted his voice to the Lord among the voices of the angels. He sings to his Lord now... just where he wanted to be. I loved Rich, and wanted to meet him so badly.... I wish I had been given that chance. I know that I will someday, and will be able to thank him for the blessing that he was, and will continue to be. May God comfort you in your time of loss, and your family and Mitch's family are in my prayers. Rich, may you sing forevermore to your Lord and King..... God bless you.

In Christ,
Julie Ann

I am Max Little and I live in Texas and I am now a much better person that some one is out there in the world to watch over us. I think the reason why God made it this way so we can see him more and that has happened to me. I feel down and sad that we have lost one of our most best person of our lives and that we should pray every day for his family. I also wish that some one will make a album on Rich Mullins or name a WOW 1998 after him


I would like to send my condolences to Rich's family, friends, and other fans. For Mitch and his family, my prayers are with you. I would also like to give glorious praises to God for allowing us to borrow Rich and his wonderful message through song for such a short time. It was definitely time well spent, and very much appreciated by those who heard and were touched. Rich, you live on in your songs and in our hearts. Although we could not be selfish and keep you here with us, your message allows us to keep a part of you forever. You are with HIM now, sing your praises to the Lord!

Cindy Plowman

To Rich Mullin's Family,

I am so sorry to hear about the tragic death of your son. He was an awesome witness of how God can use people to build up His Kingdom. Rich truly portrayed his testimony through his songs... I appreciated his worship and his humility through his ministry. I can truly say he was my most admired Christian musician. He was an amazing servant and we really appreciated his ministry. We will be praying for your family in this time or need. God can bring us through all circumstances, I am sure Rich is in a much better place praising God right now!

Love in Christ,
Kevin Noll
Jenny Nuss

my deepest sympathy to the family and to I guess Rich's church for the death of Rich. I will be praying for his family.
sharen l.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I cannot pretend to understand the grief that you all are feeling at this time. You have lost a son, a brother, a friend. I have lost family and friends before and each one left a unique void and brought about a unique form of grief that was unlike all the others. The loss of Rich has affected me in a similar way. I only saw him in concert once, but his music has been a constant in my life for over seven years now. A friend introduced me to his music when I told him that I thought all Christian Music was just a cheap take-off of legitimate mainstream. When I heard Rich's music, that went out the window. "Hold Me Jesus" got me through a time when my personal, academic and family life were collapsing all around me. All that kept me going was the knowledge that not only did someone else feel the same that I did, but was so unashamed of this that he was willing to sing it loud and clear for the world to know.

I rejoice that Rich is with our Lord and weep for the void that he leaves in all of our lives.

In Christ's Love,

Rich, you never knew my name. Nonetheless, I've lost a living inspiration, a mentor, a friend, and a brother. I don't know how to just feel just now. I'm filled with grief and anger at the same time. I'll miss you, Rich. My wife and I will continue to cherish your work.

Doug Wilkerson

My girlfriend really got me listening to Rich's music and I finally got to see him in concert. "Liturgy" always brings to my mind the sight of him on stage with one of his Native American brothers dancing to the music. It gave it such visual poetry to the song. See you on the other side, Brother!


The past few weeks have been filled with the news of the death of people I admired and cared for, despite the fact I had no personal acquaintance with them. Princess Diana was painful only because of the knowledge that she didn't know Jesus Christ. Mother Teresa was difficult, but like Rich, I am confident that she is with Christ this very moment.

Our bible study will be lifting up his friend in our prayers, as well as for the members of Rich's family. Please extend my personal condolences to both families.

Kimberly Doyle

What is it about Rich that made me so sad when I first heard about his death? I believe that Rich's music has influenced my spiritual walk in ways no other "Christian musician" has. Songs like "Growing Young", "If I Stand", "Elijah" and "Peace" have allowed me to learn more about God's character as well as recognize where I stand in my spiritual walk. His songs have comforted me through hard times and shared my joy in blessed times. I have learned to appreciate much of the Bible through his music, because that is where much of it comes from. Why do I feel such a loss at his death? It is because he has been my hero and my inspiration for so long. From what I know about his work, his lifestyle, his ministry, I long that I might become even remotely as Godly of a man as he was. He fought the good fight, he finished the race, he kept the faith.

I also wonder a lot about why God would take a man like Rich while he was still so active and influential. Perhaps praise and worship up in heaven was getting a little boring and God needed someone to spice it up. Besides, who else down here really plays the hammer dulcimer like Rich plays it? I think it's time for David to scoot over w/ his harp and make some room for Rich. There is no one out there in this field close to him in talent, songwriting and example. That is, because what he had was something he was blessed with as well as something that came through a lifetime of devotion to God.

My CCM radio station is continually playing Rich Mullins today... the song "Maker of Noses" is on now... I'm glad to know that Rich, who followed the "Father of hearts and the Maker of noses and the Giver of dreams", is in "a place where people live in perfect peace; where there is food on every plate; where work is rewarded and rest is sweet; where the color of your skin won't get you in or keep you out; where justice reigns and truth FINALLY wins... "

Geoff Chang

I never new Rich Mullins personally, just through his music. After I was saved in 1991, at the age of 40, his song, "Awesome God" became somewhat of an anthem for me after first hearing it. I wept when I heard he had been killed. My Christian walk has not been what it should be and I pray that I might be more like Jesus in my walk. I feel as if I somehow knew Rich personally through his music. I know I will someday get to see him in heaven. The last few lines of his song "HOME" keep ringing in my head and make me believe Rich really was truly longing to go home. "And now the morning comes And everything that really matters Become the wings You sent to gather me To my home To my home I'm going home"

Richard Hood

The words of Rich Mullins are the ones that have gotten me through countless lonely nights through my trials and tribulations. I thank God for the gift he has given me.

Brian Kelley

I cannot begin to express my feelings of loss for such a Great Man of God. Six years ago, Rich and Beaker came to our church. They played and sang the praises of our Lord and Savior for 4 1/2 hours. It was evident to me then, and especially now, how important it is to be right with God. Since then, his music has helped to strengthen me and bring me even closer to our Awesome God. The World has lost a spiritual inspiration, but Heaven has truly gained a Godly Man. Till we meet again... ... and we will!

Elizabeth Ykimoff

To the Mullins Family,

Hearing of Rich's sudden death was such a shock. We are so sorry for the loss that you must be feeling. We can see him saying good-bye world, hello Lord! Being left behind will be hard and as the days go by hold on to the truth of God's love and His word. Our family is praying for you and sending support and love to you all.

The first time we heard a Rich Mullins song, we were heading for pizza and a visiting friend said that we just had to put in this great new tape he had... he said you won't believe this guy and his songs! The moment "Our God Is An Awesome God", was sung we were Mullins fans! Our kids were in the 3rd and 5th grade. They are now in the 10th and 12th grades, and many a night has a CD put them to sleep or a song played over repeatedly to get through a rough time! We shall treasure the songs, music, and the gift of himself shared through his music.

We are listening to a special 2 hour K-love presentation of the songs of Rich Mullins... it's wonderful and a blessing!

In God do we trust,
Ray, Donna, Cory, and Katie Settelmeyer
Springfield, Oregon

I know that you do not know me, but I just wanted to write. I know that you have been getting a lot of mail by the looks of it. So I will make this short. I saw Rich in concert for the first time at my church (First Assembly in Lafayette, IN) in June or July. I usually helped set up for the concerts and different things like that. I always like to talk to the people to really get to see what they are like in person. I didn't get to talk to Rich very much, but you could just tell by his personality that he was a caring and loving person. Then his concert was the best that I have ever been to, because I like instruments, and he really had a lot of them, and he could play them too.

I will be praying for Mitch's family, and also Rich's !!

Lacey Stringer

Hello, I wish to convey to you my deepest condolences and respect in the loss of your son. While I did not know him personally, he touched my life in many ways through his music. I know that words are hollow at a time like this, but my prayers are with you and your family. I pray that God's peace will be with you.

In Christ,
Kent Buffington

Rich has impacted my life more than I could ever express. I loved him. I'm just bummed that I'm going to have to wait for about sixty years to meet him! I will be praying for you.

to Rich's family I thank him so much for his words, delivered through him from his relationship with Christ. He helped me cope with my 4 year old son's death (Dylan) when he wrote, sung and gave us the healing words, "the scars from the pain did not leave our hearts hardened but only made us stronger," these, grown from his own struggle to cope with your child's death.

Through his insight he shared so many beautiful things and truly helped make the world a better place! He's a poet that reigns far superior to any of the contemporary secular poets. His legacy immortalized in his words, songs, music and the strengthen relationship we were spurred on to have with God through Christ. His relationship with his Lord was so strong, so precious and so glorious he could not help but to share it with us, and further remind us of the truly precious friend we have in Jesus. As Jesus would say, "Now go and do likewise."

I'm so grateful for the time I spoke to him in Gainesville, Florida, grasped his wide hands (a sign of service) and thanked him for the way he allowed Christ to work through him. He smiled big as if that was all he ever wanted or needed to make his life complete. Praise be to God for giving us such an awesome servant for our time. Thank you Rich for your service and your example of a truly beautiful Christian Man.

jenneine lambert
gainesville, FL

I am writing to tell you that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God will give you a peace that passes all understanding. God will walk through this with you. Depend on Him and trust Him.

Rich was an awesome man of God. He reached many with the love of Jesus Christ. I am sure his rewards are many.

I'll be praying for you all until God tells me to stop. Just don't give up on God. He loves you all.

Your sister in Christ Jesus, Tiffany

Thanks for this opportunity to express my gratitude for Rich's life and music, my grief at losing him, and my joy in the Christian love expressed by these many heartfelt messages. I feel that Rich truly allowed himself to decrease, while Christ increased. That's why we all loved him so, because we glimpsed Jesus Christ in him. Praise God for this light that shined far and wide and for the glorious music that lives on!

I pray for Mitch, for all the families and friends touched by this tragedy: "hold them, Jesus."

Gary, Barbara, and Walter Coots

The grieving is for those of us left behind. Rejoice in knowing a brother in Christ has gone home to be with the Lord. Like all "saints", his impact will be felt through death because he not only "talked the talk, but, walked the walk"!

My prayers go out to his mother, his brothers, and his sisters. Our loss is Heavens gain.


Dear Mullins Family,

Grasping for the appropriate words for me right now is like "grasping oil with the hands." I know that the ache and sorrow in my heart at this moment is nothing compared to what you must be feeling. I am deeply sorry for your great loss.

Like so many other people that you are hearing from, I did not know your son, brother, and uncle personally. I did, however, have the privilege of meeting him briefly two years ago before one of his concerts after being a fan of his for eight years. I will never forget his warm eyes, hearty laugh, and the emanation of Jesus that was uncontrollably bursting from his very soul.

His words, his music, and his heart have left a deep imprint on my life. No single song causes me to automatically lift my hands in praise to the Lord as quickly as does "With the Wonder". I have rarely experienced the spiritual euphoria I felt when I first heard Side A of his "Litergy" project. I have never, never gone to any other "entertaining" concert which was so focused on the Lord that I felt I was getting a glimpse of what it will be like to worship the Lord and enjoy Him for eternity. I have never heard or read the writings of a person that are consistently so poetic yet straight to the point.

I have learned a lot from Rich and for that I am grateful to the Lord. I am also thankful for the other ways that Lord has used Rich's ministry in my life. I am able to use his songs to witness to the international college students I teach. A song lyric or something he said at a concert or in an interview frequently pops into my head when I need encouragement or a reminder of who God is. In fact, the Lord used a lyric from "Verge of a Miracle" to help me make it through the writing of my Master's thesis which I nearly abandoned. Most notably, Rich's work among Native Americans was the impetus that my husband and I needed to get involved ourselves. We have recently helped to launch a new ministry to Native Americans called Wiconi International. We made the contact with its founder through International Bible Society as a direct result of going to one of Rich's concerts.

I pray that in the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years ahead the Lord would comfort you and wrap you in His arms of peace that passes understanding. I am one of many people who will line up in Heaven to place a jewel in Rich's crown for pointing me to a closer intimacy with God.

May the Spirit of God fill you all with peace and hope.

Sharon Bjorck

Rich Mullins was the one music artist that I would say was could touch just about anyone. My unsaved mother was even moved by his picturesque verbal images. He impacted my life through his heartfelt music and inspiring lyrics. He will forever remain, in my mind, the best songwriter and lyricist; yet he was more humble than I could ever aspire to be.

Megan Bell

Dear Mrs. Mullins and family,

We would like to experess our deepest sympathy over the loss of your son. He was a very special man whose life touched all who heard his music. Even though Rich is no longer with us, his ministry and music will live in our hearts forever. May God bless you in your healing process.

With Love,
James Dunn and Annika Gall

I just found out. I'm still in shock and I guess its hard to imagine the fact that there will never be a "new" Rich Mullins album. He was a unique talent. I often wonder why things like this happen. I have liked Rich for years. This is a tragic loss in the musical world. God bless his family and may the hope he sang and wrote about continue in all of our lives.

Ken Hancheck

We on earth admired Rich for his values, voice, and beautiful prose. He is now where none of that matters, but will be more treasured than he ever was here. God knows how beautiful his soul is, and even the darker parts which perhaps only Rich knew of are made beautiful and clean by Jesus' grace, mercy and love. Rich spread this message beautifully and touched my soul with it. Nearly every Sunday we sing at least one of his songs in church and it's always accompanied by a deeper, fuller experience of worship and thanksgiving.

Well done, thy good and faithful servant.
Rebecca Harrison

Rich gave his whole life to things eternal. He'll live forever in paradise, and also in the songs he sang that swim in all of our hearts. I'm a more joyful child of God because of the life that he lived, and the Father's love that he showed me.

DQ Fryar

Just after my dad passed on one of his friends came up to me, shook my hand, and said one of the nicest things I've ever heard one human being say about another. He said, "It was a privilege to have known your dad at all". I am not there to shake anyone's hand (more than likely it would probably be a hug instead), but the words of comfort I heard in my grief so long ago I now say to each of you....

It was a privilege to have known Rich at all. The first time I met him was at a Christian music store north of Seattle back in 1988. As I listened to the band playing and his singing in the store, and heard him talk a bit, I became captivated by his laughter, his smile and his wisdom. That day he autographed a cassette for me, with a simple inscription on it - "Be God's". I was only about 18 months clean and sober, and real slow on the uptake, so it took a long while for that to sink in. I never did get a chance to tell him that I finally figured it out, but I think he knows now...

I went to see him a few more times, whenever he made it out this way. It was always so much fun, because he was so adept at getting us all involved. It was never so much a concert as it was a large worship service. There were always songs to sing, but there was always a story to hear and something to do as well. I remember that something minor almost always went awry, and that he always received these mishaps with a chuckle. Once when he was playing in town, Beaker and Julie were almost ready to become was all Beaker could do to remember what song they were playing, and Rich had a lot of fun with that. It's moments like those that I'll treasure when I think about him.

I'll miss being able to go see him....all the singing, clapping, stomping and laughing. This just gives me one more thing to look forward to in Heaven. Until then I plan to continue following his belong to God in every part of my being. In the meantime, know that this is one family out of many that is holding you all up in prayer as we grieve together. God's comfort, grace and peace to you.

In His love,
Paul Simmons

PRAISE GOD for Rich Mullins:) He has truly made my life what it is today. Rich, I've been waiting ever since 1995 to see you again. I cannot wait to see you again - now I get to see you in Heaven!! I love you...

Jaime Henck

Hey Rich's mom, and family. I am so sad about his death. But, joyful he spent awhile here with "us"; that he opened his heart,poured out his soul,and used the power gift of songwriting and his voice to share his belief in God. It has only been about a year since I was introduced to your son's music. I am so blessed. My 5 year old,loves to sing "Awesome God", she even sings it when he isn't(no radio or CD)-accapella. I just smile and feel joy. Lucky for all of us,even in sworrow,Rich dwells amoung us in his song. Thank-you. Your family is in my thoghts and prayers.

Greg Winterton

My husband and I would like to send our sympathy to the family of Rich. It's like losing someone close to you....Rich had such a passion for the Lord, something each of us longs for. God Bless You and comfort you at this time of loss.

Jane Rowland

I heard today of Rich's home going. I new little of his music until today, our local radio station did a 3 hour tribute to Rich and I was amazed as I came to know the man through his music, the lasting impression the Spirit of God gave through the time of music and calls from those that knew him was that God desired his presents in heven that he might sing to Him face to face.

May God's grace abound to those who knew him dearly, and the peace that passes all understand be poured out on their hearts, Thank you Father for all you've given us through Rich Mullins.

Steve Allmand

This is part of a song that I've written about rich:

Rich, you gave us freedom
Rich, you gave us wings
You taught us of an awesome God
Maker of all good things
You were everyman
And everyman was you

It was a late September evening
On an old country road
When you went to meet the maker
Of whom you always told
There was nothing anyone could do to keep you from the light
One look into his eyes and you gave up the fight cause he said..

This is my son with whom I'm pleased

Chris O'Neal
Memphis, TN

It was through God's grace that I was introduced to the healing and helping joyful ministry of Rich Mullins. He immediately became the favorite Christian artist of both my wife and myself. How wonderful that God allowed him to reveal his heart and love through his music and lyrics.

We heard the news of Rich's passing on our way to church Sunday morning, and were left shocked and in despair. We can certainly understand our Lord desiring that Rich come home now. He will be greatly missed by those of us left to carry on.

We pray that our God of comfort will release His love and healing spirit upon his family, friends and all those that miss him already. Rich had the unique ability to instantly become a friend and inspiration through his God given talent.

Hold me, Jesus. I know You are holding Rich tonight.

Pat Anf

i had the incredible opportunity of meeting rich mullins last year at senseney music in wichita. at first he didn't want to admit to being himself; such a humble man. i can't even begin to describe the shock i felt upon hearing the news. it was almost like your best friend in the world dying. there have been so many nights when i fell asleep listening to his album "songs". his words have been a comfort, and will continue to be even though he is gone. it's hard to be sad when it was obvious that this was never his home. but he is home now, and it does break my heart to say goodbye. we love you rich, and we praise you God for giving us the pleasure of knowing such a man!!

B Dunder

I feel an incredible sense of loss and have ever since I heard the news about Rich Mullins on Saturday. I'm relatively new in my Christian walk (three years) and it was contemporary Christian music that ministered to me and got me started. Of all the contemporary Christian artists, Rich Mullins' put words to my human struggles and looked into my soul. I felt he was a kindred spirit. His ministry was extremely powerful and his music never failed (fails) to help me feel the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I know he is in a better place and that his was truly a homecoming....but my heart hurts with my human loss. My condolences to his family and friends, who feel the loss in an even more intensely personal way than we ever could.

Becky Burks

Since hearing late Saturday night of Rich's unthinkable passing, only a sense of great loss and mourning has filled my mind and heart, as I try to see the good in it all.

Though having never met Rich personally or seen him in concert, I have felt a kindred spirit in his works -- as I'm sure many Christian singers and songwriters have felt in his music and lyrics. Maybe it is his recurrent theme of the Christian pilgrimage through this foreign soil, or the conviction of his steadfast faith in God's awesome power and love, or maybe just his fearlessness of taking risks for the Kingdom of God and His work.

Within Rich's music I have sensed the handiwork of a great individual with a unique gift from God. Though only forty-one at his passing, he, time after time, revealed God's wonderful attributes through a truly American (dare I say, Hoosier) appreciation of nature, passion, and true grit -- things simply not abundant in today's Christian music -- thereby making God's love and grandeur more real and magnified to me.

I sensed that Rich truly loved and feared God and wanted to become more like Jesus, perhaps to the point of leaving behind the "rabble with their thumb-worn creeds, their large professions and their little deeds," to be different and reach out. Rich's life was being invested in the hearts of young people who needed to feel someone really cared for them; he knew what his "talents" were and how to get the greatest return on them.

Maybe the great loss I'm feeling is that a part of my soul is gone. Knowing a kindred spirit is now no longer with us can be a cause of despair -- it's almost like God's voice in the world is becoming an echo. Oh, I long for someone to take up Rich's mantle and continue with his anointing and revelation! It seems that forty-one is so young -- I must remind myself that life is just a vapor, however, and that it will vanish away -- and only what we do for Christ will last. Therefore, I must consider Rich to be the victor, even through these tragic circumstances. My wife and I have cried and prayed -- probably more for our own emotional loss than anything -- having been in the Christian music ministry for most of our lives.

So if anyone wants to know if Rich affected us out here in California, please know that we also have been blessed and touched by the spirit, lyrics, and music of Rich's ministry. Thank you for reading this letter.

Darrell Hoover

I will continue praying for the family of Rich Mullins. He was an awesome singer. As being a senior in High School, his songs sure made an impact in my life. They gave my encouragement to face hard times and struggles with my head faced toward God. I will also keep in prayer Mitch McVicker and his family. I am so excited that Rich Mullins is home in heaven with our wonderful heavenly father. Again, I will keep them in my prayers.

In Christ,

My heart grieves at the loss of someone that has meant so much to my life. I have listened to his music, read his words and found God. I know that Rich would give all the credit to God, but I believe that God would certainly give alot of credit back to Rich for being the reflection of God himself. Rich never claimed to be perfect and perhaps that one of the many things that made him so special to us. I pray for his family that they shall have peace and I pray for Mitch that God will grant him a quick recovery. I know that I am selfish for my grief because Rich is so happy. I looked out at the stars tonight and the tears mingled with my laughter trying to imagine Rich singing and laughing and our Almighty Lord singing and laughing right along with him. Can you imagine the joy that is in Rich's heart right now?! He gave us joy and love here while he could and I pray that all of us follow his lead to continue the work God gave him to spread that joy and love throughout this world. Thank you Lord for sharing a glimpse of Heaven with us through your son and our Christian brother Rich Mullins. We thank you in advance for Mitch's recovery and we praise your name for the blessings you have given us through the lives of these two very special people.


Brothers and sisters in Australia, too, have been touched by Rich's death. We pray God's all-embracing comfort for you, his family. To Rich's mother - thanks for raising this man the way you must have.

His willingness to yield himself so totally to his Lord, and use - for others' benefit - the tremendous God-given gifts within him have certainly left the legacy he longed for.

With thanks and love,
from the Sheehy Family,
Darwin, Australia

Rich Mullins impacted my life in many ways, but mostly through example. And it was from afar- I never met him here in the "Land of Our Sojourn", but I didn't have to. I'll thank him when I also make it to our true home. "...when I look back on the stars, it'll be like a candlelight in Central Park, and it won't break my heart to say goodbye." (Elijah) I was reminded though these lyrics how much the "things of earth will grow strangely dim in the Light of His glory and Grace" (from the classic "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"). Everything here is insignificant except that we learn to be a mirror to reflect our God. That concept, which Mullins stated in a clear way that expresses what I wanted to say but never could, is something I remind myself of daily. A candle in the midst of central park.... ths word is all small stuff.

christy mills

Rich's music was an inspiration to me. you have nothing to be ashamed of. he lived his life for the Lord and did what God wanted him to do. I thank God for giving him to us for the time that he did. I will always remember his music and try to continue the legacy that he left behind.

Jared Blankenship

Rich Mullins was and probably always will be my favorite artist. His music transcended the musical barriers that so many of us put up. It defied description, and demanded attention. His love for both God and people were so evident in the songs he wrote, the things he did, and the way he lived his life. I had the pleasure of attending a concert a couple years ago in Salem, OR. It was just Rich and Beaker on piano and guitar (with the occasional dulcimer :) It was the most profound, powerful, and all around best concert that I have ever attended. He started at 7 and didn't stop talking and singing until well after 10:00, and it was free.

I have taken many cues from Rich's songwriting, and have learned much about what it is to follow your heart in music. He touched so many, and he will be sorely missed. His CD's will all be in the changer for at least the next month (not that they weren't already). And while he is better off, there will forever be an empty space in my CD wallet, always open and waiting for the next release. God Bless. I wrote this song about 6 or 7 years ago, and if anyone happens to read this, and doesn't have what Rich had.... Jesus....

look around "It's Too Real to be Unknown" -- I dedicate it to Rich.

With the moon casting its shimmer over the mountains far below
In a bath of borrowed sunshine, and the high clouds all aglow.
As I stand beneath the stars struck with awe at all I see,
These moments seem so fleeting, but I know why I believe.

When the stars all point their light toward this world that's not my home,
The light in one was lit for me, and I know I'm not alone,
And the wind is whisper perfect as it wraps around the trees
There is someone all around me watching, and I know why I believe.

In the hand that holds the dust of man, and this green earth like a globe;
There is a power that can conquer men, or roll away a stone.
It makes mice out of the mighty, yet His touch can calm your soul.
And I know why I believe, it's too real to be unknown.

With the clouds casting their shadow over the days that lie ahead
I just can't seem to find a reason, and it seems easy to play dead.
As I sit and am surrounded from the air and land and sea,
I fold my hands and feel the armor, and I know why I believe.

When they point their accusations toward this Rock I'm standing on,
And it started early yesterday, now it's tomorrow dawn.
And the man in me just wants to stop, and pretend it's all a dream.
But I have been made in the image, and I know why I believe.


And the God who breathed the universe is the God who made the seed,
Great and small is all the same looking up from on your knees.

In the hand that made dust into a man, and holds this green earth like a globe,
There is a power that can conquer men, and it rolled away a stone.
It can make mice out of the mighty, yet His touch can calm your soul.
And I know why I believe, it's too real to be unknown.

Thanks for everything Rich, see you soon.

It was so sad to hear of Rich's death. Being that I have a strong conviction for the Lord AND a great passion for music, his ministry that he gave to all of us through his music will never be forgoten. I have a feeling that even in Heaven, he is singing his praises to God...loud and clear....strong and proud.

Adrienne Zimmern

Rich will be sorely missed on earth. His death is a great shock to us. But he told us it was coming. He explained it in many of his songs, especially "Elijah." He has greatly ministered to us all. I myself was first touched by Rich's lyrics as Amy Grant sang "Doubly Good" as I, then an unbeliever, wanted to end my miserable life. Those lyrics gave me some hope to not commit suicide many times. Since Rich has taught me to praise God, to love his creations, to enjoy the life Jesus secured for me, and to long to be with the Father. All blessings and love to his family, friends, and fans. Thank you Mrs. Mullins and God for bringing him to this world and giving him the message that he shared with us.

William Smithfield

i am very saddened at this impacting loss....however am rejoiceful...i saw Rich perform at CIY in Bethany, OK. and it was the greatest praise i have ever witnessed...our prayers should be with Mitch Rich is at rest and at peace in the arms of Jesus.


Lord, Thank you for blessing us with Rich and his music! Be with those he leaves behind...put your arms around them and let them feel your love! May his music on earth forever be a legacy of how much you truly loved and blessed him and those around him. I look forward to hearing him sing again...when I get to Heaven! AMEN

K Debardela

"Sorrow is better than laughter, for when a face is sad, a heart may be happy." --Ecclesiastes 7:3

As I write this, I am still in shock over the news of the sudden tragic loss of a great man. I would like to remember Rich Mullins, not for who he was, for I know he wouldn't want that, but for what he did.

As a teenager growing up in the midwest, I faced a lot of the same problems that every teenager does - low self esteem, doubt, wondering who I was and how I fit in and what I was supposed to be. Sometimes I would lie awake at night feeling hurt and confused and angry at God, wondering just what He wanted from me.

Fortunately, at that time (the early '80's) contemporary Christian music was beginning to be more and more popular, and many nights I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Bryan Duncan, WhiteHeart and many others. One of my favorite songs (I had a lot of favorites!) was Elijah, by a songwriter turned singer named Rich Mullins.

"When I leave I wanna go out like Elijah, with a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire. And when I look back on the stars, it'll be like a candlelight in Central Park, and it won't break my heart to say goodbye^"

Although I never had the chance to meet him personally, as I did other artists, Rich touched my life many times in the years to follow. I was able to see him play in concert several times, and neither his enormous God given talent - he didn't just write songs and play music, he painted

pictures with them- nor the fact that he gave it all back to God, escaped me. My younger sister, after coming home from a Christian camp, was bubbling with excitement over the way someone as famous as Rich Mullins had sat down and eaten lunch with her and her friends, and played soccer with some of the others. "He was just like one of the guys!" she said.

Indeed, almost every time you heard someone say more than a sentence or two about him, some form of the word "humble" was bound to come up. His devotion to those in less fortunate circumstances was remarkable. In a world where big talent is usually equated with big dollars, he stood out as a man of simple means. He chose to build up treasures in heaven rather than a worldy purse, freely sharing the love of Christ with everyone he came into contact with.

Reflecting on the life of this simple man, I realize that I could be doing so much more with what God has given me. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so we should live each day as though it were our last. Just like Elisha in days of old, my prayer is that God will give me a double portion of Rich's spirit. While I am saddened by our loss, I rejoice in knowing that someday I will meet him and we will join together in singing praises to our King! I am confident that there is no place that he'd rather be than where he is now.

In the meantime, I, like countless others, am left with a glow in my heart from the legacy of his ministry in my life. Funny, but it seems to be a lot like the glow of a certain chariot...

Shawn A. Key
Ballwin, MO

Dear Rich's family

I will miss Brother Richard and I know that his music has touched my life. I pray that this his music will touch the unsaved. The song "Our God is an Awsome God." will always be in my heart. I pray for his family and friends at this time. From one Richard to another Richard, I will try to carry on the Creed.

Your Brother in the Lord
Richard Thompson.

Whenever I listened to Rich's CD's I always played the volumn as loud as I could stand it. His music, the words, the meaning and the annointing flowed from every song.

As many have said his life touched so many, but as a Pastor I looked to his music in those times I needed to hear words of encouragment and strength.

I cannot know your total pain, however we all sense deeply a great loss. And now all of Heaven can hear his new lyrics daily. Our prayers are with you. Lord Bless

Pastor Mark DiGirolamo & Family
Visalia California

I have only been listening to Rich Mullins' music for less than a year, but I too feel like I knew this man, like he was an old friend. I too loved him and grieve the loss his death represents. I have never seen him in concert and hoped he would come to California, but figured I could always see him in heaven! Now I will. His music means alot to me. I know God took him because, in some Heavenly way, his work here was finished. Looking at recent pictures I can see a tiredness... My four year old always asks me about the "Face of Love" in Let Mercy Lead and I tell him that that is God. Tonight he asked if the Face of Love gave Rich Mullins the songs he sings. I said yes. I told him that Rich Mullins was looking at the Face of Love RIGHT NOW!! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


I've seen Rich Mullins twice...First at Jesus Northwest in Vancouver, Wa.(Summer of 1992) and in Portland, Oregon (October of 1995). His music touched my life and continues to do so. I am a fatal traffic accident investigator and know first hand the impact on families and friends of car crash victims. I have also recently lost a close friend to a car accident. With both of these losses I know that God has used their lives to bring others close to Him and help believers with their own faith. God blessed us with Rich and will continue to use his music for His glory.

Monte Reiser
Portland, Oregon

i regret i never had the chance to see rich in concert. however, i still feel like i knew him. his vulnerability in his music made such an impact upon my personal relationship with God. i wish i had the opportunity to personally thank rich for his music and more importantly his life. i am comforted to know that he is with his Heavenly Father, praising Him right now with all the angels. He was ready. "....and it won't break my heart to say good-bye."--Elijah Thank You, Rich.

a fellow ragamuffin,
Daniel Christian Scott

The world has surely lost one of the greats in Christian music this past week. I remember how alive and full of God Rich was at our local concert promoting "Awesome God". Afterwords, I went up and gave in a fish pin, and told him how much he meant to everyone here. And that he was truly one of God fishmen in this time. Will miss you Rich, but we are shouting for Joy and your new home today.

Central Illinois

Dear Family members,

I hope you see this. In Rich's office hangs a needlepoint of a prayer of Saint Francis of Assissi. My wife did this and sent it to Rich from our family. He didn't Know who sent it he told us a few weeks ago in Plymouth MI. Rich in one of his concerts encouraged us to Love our parents and brothers and sisters. My Father had not spoken to me for a long time. Shortly after this concert I went to my father and told him I needed him and I loved him. I was affraid he would totally reject me but he did not and now we have a relationship. The song Peace and the concert afew years back when Rich encouraged us to love one another played a big role in my getting my father back. God First of all deserves the praise but Rich was used by him to help me to take the first step toward peace. I have my father and Rich is with his father. I pray that his family would be comforted by the loving hands of our Heavenly Father who lost a Son at a young age also.

Jerry A. Fleming

How can one really express, how they feel at the loss of someone who truely was a minister of God through the words and melody of his music. Rich's music always brought a message of hope in a God that though I love Him with all my heart I do not always understand, and lifted me to the very gates of heaven in praise and worship. He struggled to find peace in the problems of this troubled world is over, while we must go on. Rich, there is wound in my heart because of this world having lost you.

Kathryn Oliver

I have never been to a concert of Rich's, but at a camp I worked at for a couple of summers, we would always sing "Awesome God" on the bus ride down the mountain from the camp to where the parents would pick up their children. It always brought tears to my eyes to hear the campers lifting their voices in praise to God. I think Rich Mullins would have been glad to know that the gift God gave Him helped others grow closer to the Awesome God of the Universe.

Bruce Copeland

A week ago Saturday (Sept. 13), I was driving before dawn toward the park for my usual weekend run, listening to Rich as usual. For some reason, as "Elijah" played, I became overcome with emotion and started weeping with joy and thanksgiving at the promise of heaven. I had no idea why the tears came so freely; I don't cry easily. Now, I can't help but wonder about the timing of those tears. I thank the Lord for Rich, for his music, for his poetry, and I rejoice that he has gone out with that whirlwind to fuel his chariot of fire into the promise of heaven.

Steve Brickner

At many times in my life I have been touched by and encouraged by the songs of Rich Mullins. "If I sing, let me sing for the joy that has born in me these songs...But if I weep let it be as a man who is longing for his home!!" Praise God for bringing us this man who wrote songs that have brought so many os us closer to God...and praise God for bringing Rich to the home he so passionately longed for. Our God truly is AN AWSOME GOD!!!

chad timmons

To Rich's Family -

It was a small church in Houston in the summer of 1991, that I first started to understand the glory of God through Rich. He had such a way of expressing HIS message though music ministry. I will never forget that night, nor will I ever forget your son. My father died on the 17th and it was the words of Rich's music which I played at his reception.

My prayers are with all of you. Praise God for eternal LIFE!
Don Edwards

We were first introduced to Rich Mullins when he and Beaker performed at the Moody Bible Institute Junior/Senior Banquet in 1992. We were newly engaged at that time, and as our relationship grew, our love for Rich's music also blossomed from that night on. As musicians ourselves, we appreciated Rich's talent (we deemed him a "genius" especially after his Liturgy & Legacy album), but more importantly we appreciated his candor in his lyrics and his unpretentious character. It was obvious to us from the start that he didn't care about putting on a show or doing what others expected of him; in fact, when we were all dressed up at our banquet, he was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt!

We jumped at any opportunity we had to see him in concert. We felt privileged to be part of the crowd that helped celebrate his 40th birthday at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago in '95. And then most recently on August 16 we made a two-hour trek through a torrential downpour to see him perform, along with Mitch McVicker and This Train, at the Crystal Lake EV Free Church. (As we were driving through the storm we kept saying to each other that we would never drive through that kind of weather for anyone else but Rich Mullins!) We came away from the concert refreshed and invigorated with a new passion to let the love and grace of God permeate every area of our life as it seemed to with Rich. He seemed so "real" (even though he admitted that night that he was suffering from major sleep deprivation from the tour), and we long to follow his example and be real in our walk with Christ. We count it a great blessing and privilege that the Lord allowed us to be at Rich's last concert.

Needless to say we were deeply saddened by the news of his death. Funny how we didn't know him personally but felt as though we did. We feel like we have lost a friend, and we have lost the opportunity to hear any new songs from his pen. But we rejoice that he now knows exactly what he sang about, and he is now in the presence of our Awesome God. We can't wait to meet him in heaven!

Our prayers and love go out to Rich's family and friends at this time. We hope this is an encouragement to you.

In Christ,

Gerald and Beth Longjohn
Bolingbrook, Illinois

It's hard to describe what I'm feeling--a great loss, saddened for a man I never new personally, yet proud and rejoiceful that he is now singing to his Awesome God. He will be missed greatly here, but what a reunion we can all look forward to soon!


Dear Neva and your family,

We were so sorry to hear about the passing of your son, Rich. We pray that God would comfort you and give you peace during this time and the days to come.

My husband and I saw him in concert here in Oregon several years ago. We felt the presence of God during this time. We are so glad that he shared his passion for God with us.

We enjoy his music. His lyrics were simple yet profound. Our favorite song is "Awesome God", and we can't wait to sing it with him in heaven.
Our prayers,
John and Holly Mutch
Psalms 23

I never met Rich Mullins. Yet, I sobbed like a baby when I heard the news of his death. My first interest in his music began with the song "Awesome God". I bought the album with that song on it and found my soul touched in a way no other "entertainer" ever had done before. His work touched me in untold countless ways since I bought that first album. I have bought every one since then. I found myself in his music. I came to find my love of God and His creation expressed so eloquently by his songs. I felt a true love for Jesus expressed in Rich's music. I was inspired and encouraged and comforted by his work. Although I never did meet him I felt as though he were one of my closest friends. I felt a great sense of loss when I heard the news. Yet I also felt joy for Rich knowing that he is now face to face with the God he served and glorified for so many years. I recall the words of one his songs "Elijah":

And now that it's done
If they dressed me like a pauper
Or if they dined me like a prince
If they lay me with my fathers
Or if my ashes scatter on the wind
I don't care

When I leave I want to go out like Elijah
With a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire
And when I look back on the stars
It'll be like a candlelight in Central Park

And it won't break my heart to say good-bye -- How relevant and appropriate. My prayers do not go up for Rich, he is in hands God and needs no more prayers. I pray for those left behind. For those like me who feel such a loss, never to here another new song from this wonderful child of God. My prayers go up for those who did know him; friends and family. Also my prayers go up for Mitch McVicker as he lay in a coma. May he be touched by the hand of God, and healed or taken to be with Rich and the Lord. I'll miss you Rich though I never knew you. I'll not forget you with such rich legacy as you have left. God Bless

Paul L. Jensen

Requiem for the living:
Don't weep for me when I'm gone, those who knew me know full well, that in love and in laughter, I lived as a prince. And in my heart of hearts, I served my calling. Waiting for this time to come, when I would see MY KING!!! Enjoy heaven while we wait to meet you again...

Craig Makowski

When I heard that Rich was coming to a church in the middle of no where in my hometown - Chattanooga - it was in 1993. It was the year after my brother and I had fallen in love with his music. I immediately got my mom to buy tickets for us. It was my brother, my dad and myself. The concert was general admission so we had to wait in line for the doors to open, and while we were waiting there, Rich and Beaker drove up in his jeep and went in the building. My jaw dropped. I walked over to the jeep and his golden retriever was sitting in the back seat - I got to pet Rich Mullins' dog!! :)

Anyway, the concert was absolutely indescribable. He came out in the famous bare feet and that in itself was enough witness for me. It was as if he was saying "I'm not here to impress anybody. I'm just here to sing praise to the Lord." I didn't know that many songs b/c I only had "... Vol 1", but starting that next day, my collection grew to 9 albums. My dad was not that enthusiastic about going to the concert but when we got home, and even to this day, he wants to listen to Rich all the time! After the concert was over, I was standing outside the door hoping to get one of the band members' signature, not even dreaming that I would meet Rich. All of a sudden, he just walked out of the door and we were standing face to face. I shook his hand and told him how much I adored his music. My brother did a lot of talking too. I will treasure that day as long as I live.

Lindsay Walker

I can't believe he's gone! I know he's happier than he's ever been... that he's with the very Christ he sang of. That should be consolation enough. But it's not... not right now. I guess this is where faith comes in...


My heart goes out to you and your family. Rich was simply amazing in his ability to grasp heaven's secrets and God's complexities and put them to song. Even though I only got the unforgettable chances of speaking with him twice during his short lifetime, I can honestly say that he's been patiently waiting for God to call him home for a long time. Sadly, for us, that has happened too quickly. Luckily, for him, God's "music is already falling on" his ears. God be with you during this time of loss, but just remember that we'll see him again someday. Maybe he'll be putting on a concert once again!

Peace of Christ to you,
Carey Allen

Dear Family of Rich Mullins,

My name is Marie Merton. I am a college student in San Jose, CA. I have listened to the beautiful work of our brother, Rich Mullins, for many years now. I have always been very blessed by it. As a special treat for my 26th birthday, I went to see him in concert here in San Jose. It was one of the highlights of my life. He was a very talented man and His love for the Lord and the precious people he worked with on the reservation shown brightly to all in the auditorium that night. I know he is loved and will be missed.

I pray that at this time you will find peace. Sometimes we do not understand the Lord's timing, but we are instructed to trust him - with good reason. He sees the beginning from the end and He has a special reason for taking Rich home. His ways are higher than our ways, so we do not have to carry the burden of "why" around with us.

The Lord bless and keep you through this time of sorrow. My prayers are with you.

Love in Christ,
Marie Merton

"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."
--Phil. 4:7

Rich Mullins was one of the most genuine, honest and caring men I ever had the pleasure of knowing. He joined our church in Wichita in 1988 and made a big impact on my life while there. His life and music were so inspiring and full of integrity that I couldn't help but have the utmost respect for this down-to-earth Indiana boy.

In 1989, I had the pleasure of traveling to the east coast and New England with Rich. I remember him driving the 15-passenger van we were in through Manhattan traffic, I remember sitting behind him in a raft on the dangerous New River in West Virginia (he was wearing a Batman t-shirt), I remember he and I driving through rural upstate New York discussing U2's "Rattle and Hum", I also remember him letting me borrow a tong drum to learn to play. Those are just a few of the many memories I will cherish of my time knowing this Godly man. What was weird was on Sunday morning, I broke down and had to walk 3 miles back home. While I was walking and thinking I recalled the time that same 15-passenger van broke down in rural New Hampshire and Rich got out in the middle of the night to go get help. 10 minutes later I'm back home and my Mom calls to tell me the bad news. I was shocked at first, but it wasn't till today that it really hit me. I haven't cried like that for sometime. I will truly miss this wonderful man of God!

Andrew Griffin

My prayers are for Rich's family and for the speedy recovery of Mitch. His music has and will always enrich my life by bringing me closer to our Lord. I thank God for using Rich to bless so many people. And I am looking forward to sitting and singing with him when I go home, too.

Love in Christ,

When I heard the news, My heart broke and I literally wept. His ministry has touched my life, challenged me to walk closer to my God, and brought me a sense of peace in times of struggle. His music like his life painted a picture of Christ to me that I will forever be grateful for. The loss I feel is great and If his ministry touched my heart so greatly, I can't imagine what his family & loved ones must be feeling. I will be praying for God to comfort them in a way only He can. What a sad loss for the world! He will be missed! But I know that Rich is with Jesus. He has finished the race and no doubt has heard, "well done!"

M. Loupe

Our prayers go out to his family. We thank them for providing a great talent to be used for the Lord and to bring joy to all those that listened.

Praise God for your son and brother. As one of His stewards, Rich's music has and will continue to touch the lives of thousands for years to come. Though nothing I can write will help heal your pain, I pray that God will comfort you in such an unexpected loss. Mrs. Mullins, thank you for teaching Rich the ways of the Lord, so he could hear His call and minister to so many kids. Our prayers are going out for you, Marshall, and Marshall's family in this time. I wish I could take away your pain...

Tim Clark

As a minister of the Gospel & fellow Christian, I am both saddened & joyous about the passing of our brother in Christ, Rich Mullins. He served his Master well & now has his Crown of Glory & resting in his Master's arms safe & sound. As we say in The Salvation Army, he has been Promoted to Glory! God bless you Rich!


My prayers and thoughts go with you at the death of your son. He was an extraordinary man who seemed to let God lead him, and he inspired me in ways few others have. His songs and his example will always be an inspiration to me. He must be so thrilled to be in heaven now. It is my prayer that God will comfort you during this time and that you would be proud of the legacy that Rich leaves behind.

God Bless You,
Joel Harreld

I was a new listener to Christian Radio, when I heard "Calling out Your Name" for the first time. I was stunned by the beauty and imagery in the music; I'd never heard anything like it on any secular top-40 station. Since then I've bought all Rich's records and been to four concerts, including New Year's Eve 1996, where both my wife and I were moved to tears. This guy was special; Christian music has lost a gifted artist, and we have all lost a model for a humble life lived with integrity. My faith was deepened by his music and his life; and I resolve it will be strengthened further by his death.

Leah Heber

Like many others, I only knew Rich through his music and concerts. I feel I've been blessed to have seen him three times. There was no other artist quite like Rich. From his sincere humility on stage to his unassuming rapport with the audiences during and after performances, he's affected many lives. I've been drawn in, moved, and challenged by his works and will surely continue to be every time I visit them. It truly is our loss for the time being but I'm convinced it's Heaven's gain - something we'll all get the chance to appreciate in the future. God Bless and thanks for posting the tribute - offering a place for those like me to say goodbye for now to Rich.

Jim Butler

I sense that Rich is playing now; Playing for the one he loved most. Playing for the one that could wait no longer for a "live" performance. Thank you Father for the 42 years you gave us with Rich.

Hubert Meadows

In Loving Memory Of Rich Mullins

Do not think of me as deceased and gone,
think of me in God's light where I do carry on.
Your tears of sadness should be short,
I'm peacefully at rest in a heavenly resort.

The mourning process is to help you heal,
to recognize and face the fear you feel.
Conquer the ego's attempts to sway,
Your memories of joy for me today.

God needed me sooner than we all expected,
I feel honored and loved that I was elected.
Sometimes it is not for us to understand,
it is all part of God's eternal plan.

Jennifer Schmidutz
May this poem bring his mother and family peace and love.

To the family of Rich Mullins,

As a student at Philadelphia College of Bible in Langhorne, PA, I would like to extend our sympathies to you. We were blessed to have Rich in our midst this past year in concert. Many of us enjoyed his passion for the Lord and his love for music and people. I think Rich saw these things as being intricately intertwined. God loves people and one of the ways he ministers to them is through beautiful music. We thank God for giving Rich to us, even if the time we shared was less than what we would have hoped. God is in control, however, and His love is perfect. Tonight I know that God is enjoying Rich's presence, and vice versa. Rich is finally where the music is flawless and the praise songs are endless. And, as my friend Shonna mentioned, "The song 'Awesome God' must sound incredible up there."

With our prayers for you and all those who Rich loved,
Meghan Batchelder
PCB student

My mom always had christian music playing when I was growing up, and Rich was one of them. He was one of a kind in the christian music field. He will be greatly missed here in this world, but I know when we walk into the gates of HEAVEN, he will be there singing like never before, greeting all of us. I know that he is watching over us and his family seeing the out pour of love we all have for a man we didn't know, but through his wonderful music to witness to many first time believers. I pray for Rich, and his family, and for his friend Mitch. The Pacific Northwest will miss him at JESUS NORTHWEST. You could see JESUS through this man and his music. Rich Mullins will be greatly missed here on earth and I can't wait till I can see him again in HEAVEN with the concert of his life, singing all his praises to the LORD ON HIGH, just as he is doing right now. We love and miss you very much. My heart and prayers for his family and close friends.


I hope we can celebrate his life and his mission to bring the good news of eternal life to us all!
Jemelene Wilson

Having seen rich Mullins only once, in the Bother's Keeper tour, I can honestly say, that next to Keith Green, Rich's music was the most prolific, the most poetic, the most simple, yet Godly music I ever heard. I don't think anyone else's songs have ever meant so much to me, nor have anyone else's songs stuck in my mind quite so well.

Rich is rejoicing with Jesus, sharing his songs with the one He served so well. Our god is still an awesome God.

Laura Shapiro

I didn't know Rich Mullins personally, but some of his music has really blessed my soul. My son sang his song "Here in America" at a public school concert and the kids loved it. I cried today as I heard "My God is an Awesome God" on the radio. I sang along with it amongst the tears because it's hard to understand why this has happened and yet our God is awesome and someday we will see a more total picture. My children and I were involved in an auto accident this summer and we are still not over it emotionally. We are praying for Rich's family and friends. We will pray that others may come to know the Savior through this tragedy somehow. We are also praying for his friend, Mitch, who is still in the hospital.


I don't exactly know what to say... My feelings seem to be beyond words right now. How did Rich write out his feelings so well all these years? Always knowing the right words to sing to encourage, convict, motivate, and move me to worship.

I always felt close to Rich, even though I've only met him a few times, and spent less than two hours actually talking to him. He had a special gift of making people feel welcome, like friends. He was such a source of strength to me - when I feel like honesty is not acceptable in church... So honest, so open - if we learn anything from his life, I think we need to learn honesty. It's not easy, it's not painless... but it's what we need.

In concert about a month ago Rich recounted a strange story about his trip to Ireland... Sailors there would wear hand-sewn sweaters made for them by their wives. Apparently, fish don't eat wool, so if the sailor was shipwrecked, when their bodies washed up on shore the wives could identify their husbands by their sweaters. He followed this story with "I am Ready For The Storm". Later in the show, he said this. "Someday, we'll leave this earth. Our bodies will be washed away by that jordan river. We'll wash up on the shores of heaven, beaten, bruised, disfigured - a real mess. The angels will look and say, "what is this?? Let's clean this up." Then Jesus will come running out, and cry "Wait!! Don't take that one away! That one is one of mine!" The angels will say, "How can you tell?", and Jesus will reply, "Look at his sweater... I made that for him when I died upon the cross. He belongs to me."

I'll see you in heaven Rich, wearing your Irish sweater. You have my heart.

~ Sean P. Tompkins ~

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt sympathy. Rich Mullins was my favorite song writer. He spoke to my faith, my soul and my heart. He blessed me countless times with his music. I can't believe he's gone. I am filled with sadness. He was a great person and will be greatly missed.

"And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest"

Jeff Davis
Virginia Beach, Virginia

I've been blessed by reading what everyone had to say about Rich. I have always thought of him as my own personal song writer. I don't know how anyone could have related to his music more than I have. I got to meet him once. I shook his hand and told him how much I appreciated his music. I'm really glad I got to do that. I also wrote him a letter telling him in more detail the influence he has had on my life, but I never mailed it. Now those words will have to wait until I see him in the New Jerusalem. I don't think it will be very long, but it will be a painful and lonely wait. You don't ever get over losing someone you care about. Rich was a friend to us. Even though he didn't know many of us, we knew him. We knew him well because he let us know him. We have one more reason to look forward to heaven now. I can't wait. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that this life is anything. This is an "in your face" reminder that the reality and the eternity is on the other side. Rich is there! His eternity has begun, and ours is coming soon. Ask him now if it was worth it to give so much to the Lord.

Z Wadsworth

Rich was the first concert our then young children ever attended. They both loved the smiling man who so clearly showed them his love of God. They still do. My husband and I considered Rich, along with Twila Paris to be the two best Christian songwriters around. Rich created poetry that touched the heart and made you think about it. I am glad that Rich did get his chance to minister to the Navajo. Besides our prayers for his family and friends, we're also praying that those he met during this missionary time will be further drawn to God by Rich's death.

Tod Beebe

Dear Mrs. Mullins and family,

I don't know if you'll remember me; I went to Northeastern with David our senior year; I didn't get to really start to know him until the last part of our year. I was blessed enough to be able to walk down the aisle with him, though - I still have the pictures to prove it. :) And through my closer friendship with our mutual friends, I became aware of Rich's music.

From the first, Rich had a quality to his music that caught my attention. I love music, and I grew up Christian. I sure have been blessed in that way! Rich's lyrics were so REAL, so much "I can show you what I've learned! God loves us!" He knew how to open up the heart of God in a few phrases, to make one think about what he was saying without sounding preachy. One of MY favorite songs has always been Screendoor; he said it all in just two verses!!!!

So, to skip a few years, I watched Rich's career with interest, and was always the first to pick up his newest CD, no matter where I lived. I had moved to El Paso right after graduation from high school; talk about BLESSED! I got to see Rich in concert several times while I was there, and even got to be in a Bible study he did before one show. And I got to chat with him a little. Not very much, but enough to know he was as real as his music.

Now, to more current times. My husband and I met on America Online, and Ken was a Bahai at the time we met. He got saved February 7, 1996, and we were married that September. Ken first heard Rich's music on our trip to Oregon to move me out after we got engaged; I was in Richmond, IN, when we met! :) Ken fell in love with Rich's music; he couldn't listen to enough of it!!!! We decided to start selling Rich's music in our store - we own a gift & music store in Florence, OR - and Ken just couldn't play it enough. Rich is the first artist he'll recommend to someone, and the SONGS album gets played all the time.

My sister in Indiana called me Saturday afternoon; she told me she had bad news, and wouldn't tell me until I was sitting down. When she told me Rich had died, I went into shock; I told her I had to go get Ken from the store and tell him, and we'd call her back. Ken took it very hard; in his words, "It's like I lost a really good friend I've never met. He was there from the beginning of this spiritual journey with me, and now he's gone. It's so hard to believe... ." And all day Sunday was Rich Mullins Memorial Day at the store. Tonight I started reading everything the others had to say to you and each other. Now, I can't stop crying; Rich truly touched my life, and the lives of thousands of others.

Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. It IS a comfort to know that Rich is with our Father; I can hardly wait to get Home and hear him in person again! If you think of anything we can ever do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

God bless you.
Love and prayers,
Ken and Lori (Rhoda)

PO Box 2633
Florence, OR 97439

I've just been kinda numb and in shock all day and crying at times. It's so hard to believe, because it didn't seem like it was time for him to go, he was 110% sold out to Christ. But if we know Jesus, we'll get to see him again, and I'm sure all of Heaven is jamming right now to his music, yet he will be so sorely missed here on Earth. But remember that if you know the Lord, this world isn't your home, as was once written long ago in song.

As for me, I got to meet him once in concert at Fallfest, an annual joint project of all of the student ministry groups at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, back in September of 1990. It was just like being in the presence of God, and his song "Awesome God", always taught me to never worry about what's bugging me, for my God is bigger than any problem I have.

We need to pray for Rich's family, as I'm sure they're not coping with this very well right now. Last I heard, Mitch McVicker was still in critical condition, and he and his family need our prayers. Also, even though, to my knowledge, this hasn't been mentioned on here, I think we need to pray for the truck driver, as I'm sure he's feeling a lot of guilt and emotional pain right about now and that he would come to know the Lord if he hasn't already, and that he'd be able to just give this whole incident to God.

Goodbye, Rich. I know you're enjoying Heaven right now, but we'll miss you here on Earth. We'll see you sometime, someday...

Fred McKinney

To the family of Rich Mullins:

I was so saddened to hear of Rich's tragic death. His music meant a lot to me. My best friend Kelly first introduced me to his music several years ago, when we saw him in concert in Rockford, IL. I loved the soothing rhythms and gentle, healing lyrics. I guess my personal favorites would have to be Awesome God and Hold Me, Jesus. I'm sure Jesus is holding Rich right now.

At least you can take comfort in the fact that his musical ability has touched so many lives, and will continue to affect us all. His legacy will live on. I left to come out to Phoenix, AZ, the day after his last concert in Rockford on Aug. 8, so I was unable to attend it. But I will always renown the memory of such a great man of God.

Right now I am a Jesuit Volunteer in Phoenix, working with the homeless population and living on a small stipend, so I am unable to contribute to the causes he supported at this time. Just know that my prayers are with all of you and the people he tried to help. May the Lord give you comfort during this difficult time. God had a reason for taking Rich at such a young age - although we grieve now, we can be sure that Rich is composing a new melody with the angels in heaven.

Sarah Hammill

I just wanted to join in the prayer for Rich's family and friends. I continue to pray for Mitch and his injuries. I had the privilege of attending on of Rich's concerts in July. He attended an autograph signing at the local christian bookstore. Having never seen Rich before I expected him to come in and begin to sign CD's and pieces of paper for hours with the 'star' smile and handshake. I was taken back when after 10 autographs, he decided to do what he was comfortable with-sing. We were treated to 45 minutes of encouragement, conviction and praises to God. Those were that songs that we would not hear at the concert. Mitch was with him and so was the Spirit of God. We walked out and said 'how could this be any better.'

That night I was blessed by a 3 1/2 hour concert by Rich, Mitch and gang. I have been to many concerts but never to one that touched my life in such a profound way. The memory of that night is precious and one that only those who were there or have been can relate to. The joy that he sang with and his genuine faith were so evident that night. Our prayers are with Mitch and the MD's taking care of him. Our condolences to Rich's mother and family. Thank you for encouraging and raising a Man of God who was unashamed of sharing the Gospel of Christ to the fullest. Bless him that he is now rejoicing with our Lord forever.

K Fellop

Our family would like to extend our condolences on the loss of Rich... what a blessing his marvelous gift of music has been in our lives. His songs of praise are truly more glorious now, as he sits at the feet of Jesus.

Our prayers are with his family, as well as with Mitch and his family. God bless and comfort you now as only He can.

Love In Christ,
Jim, Cathy and Jordan Hurt
Phoenix, AZ

I have been in a state of shock since last night when I first had the news verified. Rich's music has meant so much to me. More than I could ever say. He had such a way with words, always saying what I would have if I could write the way he did. And his thoughts on life really made me think. I had such great respect for him. i know that he would be telling us not to mourn. He's right where he always wanted to be. "Be God's" he would tell us, so that is what I will do. And I know that I will see him again, and if there's music in heaven, Rich will be there playin it. I can't wait!

In Christ,

I still can't believe that Rich is gone. I met him on two separate occasions, once when he came to Holland Michigan to do a concert and the next morning he and Beaker led worship for our Youth and College group (lets just say that the college gang and Beaker never made it to Church the second hour, we had sooo much fun!) The second time was when he and Beaker did a retreat and I was a small group discussion leader. During the first small group session Rich decided to sit in (man was I nervous) but after he tried to swipe my notebook and I realized that he was just an ordinary guy (with extraordinary talent and anointing) I was glad to have him in my group. While we praise God that our brother is home waiting for us, lets remember those he left behind, I especially want to encourage you to pray for Mitch and Beaker. Beaker and Rich were like brothers. Well that's it, I pray that Jesus would Hold those who loved and will miss Rich. I also pray that we would be even more zealous for the lost in his memory!

In Jesus
Raeann Schoudt

My wife and I were at that retreat in Holland Michigan and, as usual, Rich said things I'll never forget. He had an enormous impact on my spiritual growth when I was in my early 20's. I can't even imagine what I'll look forward to now in Christian music. Nothing compared to his concerts and CD's in my opinion. If it wasn't for the fact that he's home where he always longed to be, I'd be devastated.

Mike --

Your music, your inspiration, your dedication is missed even now. May God take us to the same spiritual plane you left us from! Your music was the best expression for me and others like me. I know now that you are cutting your next album with the Angels. And your audience is the Almighty King! You are irreplaceable. Thank you, Rich!

Carmen Kelling

To Rich's family & friends,

I remember the first time I heard Rich's song "If I Stand" on the radio and said to myself, "I have to find out who wrote that song." If I were stranded on a desert island and could take one song with me, that would be it. Like others, I have been turned to a puddle of tears by someone I never met, yet I feel that he is a friend. How well his songs remind us that this earthly journey is short no matter how many years we spend here. Our true home is heaven. May you find great comfort in the Lord. He was an extraordinary musician and an extraordinary human being.

Jennifer Stacy

I can't begin to put into words what the presence of Rich's music has meant to my life. Through good times and bad his music has reinforced the power of God's Holy Spirit in my life. What a celebration in heaven welcoming Rich to his home. Thank you Rich. My prayers of comfort for your family and friends. I owe the joy and peace I receive from Psalm 63 to you.

Tish Scargill

I was numb. I didn't know what to say or do. I am a college Sr at Cumberland College in KY and his music has meant so much to me over the years. He seemed to be able to express many of things I was feeling and he was not afraid to be honest with God in his lyrics. Rich represented the kind of man I always wanted to be, someone who follows God with reckless abandon with no thought to how this crazy world may view him. His eyes were fixed on Jesus. In the two days, I have cried, got angry, cried someone and now I just feel a peace, like somewhere God is finally holding Rich. I can't believe this is happening. I saw him in concert a couple of years ago on the Brothers Keeper tour and it was great. I was amazed at his talents and his "realness". The gospel Rich Mullins preached was a gospel that made no difference between rich or poor, single or married, pretty or ugly, and that meant a lot to me. He has inspired me so much to be REAL in my walk with Jesus and to write songs. I don;t know what to say. Tonight at church, I am going to attempt to perform "Elijah" on the guitar, I hope I can get through it. I guess its my way of saying Goodbye and thanks my friend, may I be a flicker of the light you were in this world that is so mixed up. Goodbye Rich. I love you guys!

Bill Simpson
1 Cor 16:13

I would like to encourage all of you who cared about Rich to take time to grieve. Even if you did not know him personally, it is still a great loss if he meant as much to you as he did to me. Don't let anyone tell you differently. After spending all day today at work trying to stay composed, I was able to drive my car out to an empty parking lot and cry from the depths of my being for the loss of this friend. As I listed to Rich's lyrics, "sometimes the night was beautiful... " I sat on the edge of my car and looked up at the beautiful night sky. I praised God. I thought of heaven. My soul was comforted by the incredible hope we have. There is nothing else like it. We have a home and a family. We will always be together. Always.

Zolla Bea Wadsworth

Like others I can not keep quiet. Rich Mullins changed my life. His music, his attitude, his life touched mine forever. When I strayed from the Lord I heard Sometimes By Step for the first time. The words made me think and once again got me on track with God. Every song of his became part of my life. I would listen intently to the words for his messages were so deep and true. When I met him after concert in South Bend, IN this past year, I told him of how I was lost but am now found because of his words. Once again Rich found more words to give to me, straight from the heart, that endowed me with more love and energy for the Lord than I have ever felt. His time here was excelling and his work will live forever as will his memory. He went out of this cruel world and now sings his praises with the angels. I just now God is smiling even wider. Rich will be missed and loved forever.

-Ryan Humphery

To the family...

Your Son has left a legacy of peace, assurance and hope for all Christians now and in the future. Millions of young people sing "Awesome God" knowing that it is an inspirational gift from God. Your son gave us our own music to praise and worship God. He will be missed, for now, until we join him at the Big Party in the Sky.

N. Hock

I never thought anyone could minister to me through music like Keith Green until two years ago while in my car I heard a song on the radio and asked "WHO IS THIS?" The words and voice spoke to my heart and I found out it was Rich and the song was "The Creed". Since then I have been encouraged and ministered by his parables put to music. As with Keith's music, Rich's will live in my heart forever. Matthew 25:21 His Lord said to him, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Yours in Him,

My Condolences To The Mullins:

I just wanted to share to you that Rich was the first christian musician I loved, and admired as a growing "baby" christian. I miss him very much. I am sad that I'll never have the chance to meet him, but to listen to the beautiful music he made for God. God gives great gifts. My heart to you.


There are no words to express the great loss of such a precious man of God. He will live on in the hearts of many and continue to be a blessing for years to come. His music played a large part in bringing me back to the Lord and bringing a sister in Christ to walk beside me along the way. Her family has been a blessing to ours through the good and the bad. Rich Mullins music is such a special part of our lives. The words he wrote and sung touched a harden heart and let the light of our Lord in once again. May God comfort the family and countless friends of Rich Mullins. He will be greatly missed by many but I praise God for the time we had to enjoy his ministry here on earth. My prayers and thoughts are with you all and the family of Marshall McVicker. All we can do is give it all over to the Lord and believe in Him. He truly is an 'awesome God'.

God bless you & keep you all,
Tammy Freitas & family

Who will sing to my heart now? Rich Mullins was a poet who gave voice to those thoughts and feelings we all have, but cannot express. While I know that he now has that perfect rest he so earnestly sought, I still weep selfishly for my own loss. My heart breaks for his family and all those who loved him. Sweet Lord, ease all our sorrows until we are with You and Rich again in Your eternal concert of praise.

Kevin Meyer

To the family of Rich Mullins.

I regret the loss of Rich. He was a talented man who loved the Lord deeply. Be assured that he is in no pain and is in the presence of God, the ultimate Party! My Prayers are with you.

enclosed is a poem I wrote on another occasion of a friend's passing...

The Mourning

In this time of mourning,
I've had a chance to reflect.
Of things I've done, of things I've said
and things I do regret.
But as I'm laying quietly,
I hear an angel's sigh
the life force of a loved one
has just bade Earth "goodbye"

And though the hurt and pain
indeed the sorrow felt thereof
will surely as the sun rises
be replaced by God's Love!
Our loved one's they who loved the Christ,
they need to fear no more,
'Cause Satan and his schemer's
cannot reach through Heaven's door!

So let us think of them, and praise our God.
They dance on Holy streets of gold!
Never sick, never crying, never growing old!
There's something dear I want up there,
let's see, what can it be?
A house, a hill, a treasury?
NO! I want Christ's Love for me!
Although I know the Lord has ready
a house white like a dove,
and all my Family, yes FANTASTIC!!!
But what I want is the Father's Love.

The pain is still there, it has a season.
It really hurts, Lord, and I know the reason.
Sometimes there's no time for the goodbye
but Faith in Jesus reunites us in the sky!!

Thank you Jesus!
--Eric Sahlstrom

The news is a sad one from the horizontal perspective. But glorious from a vertical one.

Rich, wherever you are in heaven right now, I'm sure you're singing "Our God is and Awesome God" I'll see you near Jesus, pal.

For the family, my deepest respects and condolences.

Joey Holder

First heard the voice of Rich Mullins from a small town in Nigeria, West Africa. I was first captured by the voice, then the words,... A sad loss this really is... Thank you very much Rich for all the times your music blessed me, and will continue to - it LIVES ON

- ocheneta patrick

I received my first rich mullins tape at the Grand Canyon about 6 month s after Christ gave me life, a guy who was doing his devotion's on a scenic point gave it to me, and i was hooked. no one i've ever met could describe God's creation better- were still in shock, mixed with joy. Rev. 14:13 assures us he is at rest and that Christ will carry on through his music. See ya in a few Rich.

BC. Leawood

I will never forget the time I met Rich it was back in 1982 before he made it big. He told me that he was going to go to Tenn. and make it big. At the time he was in the group Zion. He and the Group were putting a concert on for my week of church camp. After the concert Rich remained on and was part of the staff. I would have to say that was one of the funnest weeks of camp I ever had. I then went off the Bible School which just so happens to be the same one that Rich went to CBC. I have tried to follow his progress. Then on Saturday night I was watching TV and they had a news break and that's when I received the news of Rich's death. It really hit me hard and I started to cry. I really feel my life is better because I got to know Rich my thoughts and prayers are with his family. I will also be praying for Mitch. I just wish I could of afforded to buy his albums. May God Bless you all in your time of need.

Beth Ann Carter

I think it's great how Rich Mullins showed his love to God through his music. And listening to his music has made me realize that God is real and is right there!! It is sad that we lost a loved one. But I know that he is up in Heaven with our Awesome God worshipping and praising Him!!!

God Bless

The words and music of Rich Mullins and his closest friends has been, and will continue to be, like a mirror that reflects the cracks of inadequacy in our lives, but at the same time opens those cracks up to the abounding grace of God the Father. The legacies of Rich's sojourn reach far and wide.

Boyd Williams,
Adelaide, South Australia.

We thank God for allowing Rich Mullins to share his faith with all of us. We met Rich a couple of different times. His music was a big influence in our christian walk. My wife & I praise Jesus Christ for Rich. You will be missed!
In Christ,
David & Debi Ashley

"... on and on, the rain will say, how fragile we are... .how fragile we are"

Thanks for sharing your life and music with us all... ..goodbye.

Brian Park

I wish to express my condolences to you concerning the unfortunate death of Rich. I started listening to his music about 2 years ago through the prompting of a friend, who is a very strong believer. I have only listened to a couple of his albums, but they are among my favorites.

I greatly appreciate people who can express their faith in God through Biblically sound contemporary music. Rich was one of the best lyricist of his generation. I just wish I had the opportunity to hear him personally. Perhaps some day I will be able to - in Heaven!

David Milla

The first time I ever heard Rich Mullins was when I turned on the radio in my car, and it was halfway through "If I stand" and I was captivated by the chorus. Thankfully they said that the song was by Rich Mullins when it was over, and I think I drove immediately to the Christian bookstore and bought the tape.

I loved the music of his songs, but I loved the words more. I know that lots of people loved his praise songs best, but my favorite songs of Rich's were his songs about life -- First Family, Jacob and Two Women (which I never have completely understood, but puzzling it out has been fascinating), Growing Young, I'll Carry On.

I also loved the spirit that Rich had. He wasn't the typical Christian... far from it, in fact. I always felt like he was one to love first, and worry about the details later. In the last year, I've had some very hurtful experiences with the church in general, and while I still believe completely in God, I've been avoiding church, and the typical christians, as well as Christian music. All Christian music, that is, except for Rich's. His songs are so true-to-heart that you can hear the sincerity in every note.

I'm going to miss him tremendously -- miss his future music, miss seeing him in concert, but most of all, just miss knowing that there's someone like him around. I felt a heart-connection with him, and it saddens me deeply knowing that he's gone.


We were privileged to meet him and attend some concerts. We loved him, and my children loved him. I hoped and prayed I would have a chance to take my kids to one of his concerts, but that will have to wait until we all have a blow-out concert in heaven!!

To Rich's family: We all have a chance to change some lives here on earth, but your son Rich had the opportunity to touch many lives... and he didn't waste that opportunity, but willingly did what the Father led him to do. Our prayers are with you.

To Mitch and family: God's ways and times are not our ways and times. Trust Him.

To Sam: your New York friends from CFC are thinking and praying for you.

Cynthia Rogers

This is a great loss to us who remain behind but what a gain for Heaven. Peace and comfort to his family and friends.

Rich touched so many of our lives in so many different ways. He visited a youth group that my husband and I sponsored when he was a student at CBS. Even then he was sharing his faith through his music. How VERY proud of him you must be! His lose is irreplaceable but it is great to know that he is waiting for us with our Father. My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit will comfort you at this time and that you can rejoice because of the legacy Rich left for us all, to encourage, and support our faith. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of raising your son in the "fear and admonition of the Lord."

Linda Berridge

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my sadness in the loss of Rich Mullins and to also share a joy the world does not understand. Rich is at home with his, and our, Lord! While we grieve the loss of a man with such a heart for God, we know as children of God that there is a far more beautiful place. Rich's music, and therefore part of his ministry, lives on. He will continue to touch hearts.

My prayer are with Rich's family.
Carla Green
Lexington, KY

I painted Rich's picture and gave it to him July 24, 1997 at his Joplin, Missouri concert. I am thinking I guess I painted it for someone in his family. God bless you as yours has blessed many.
Kent Bradshaw

In Memory of Rich Mullins

From the Psalms

R ighteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;
love and faithfulness go before You. 89:14
I n God, whose word I praise, in God I trust;
I will not be afraid. 56:4
C ome, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our Salvation. 95:1
H e reached down from on high and took hold of me;
He drew me out of deep waters. 18:16

M ay the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, O Lord,
my Rock and my Redeemer. 19:14
U nder the shadow of Your wings,
both high and low among men find refuge.
How priceless is Your unfailing love! 36:7
L et Your face shine on Your servant;
save me in Your unfailing love. 31:16
L ike Your name, O God,
Your praise reaches to the ends of the earth;
Your right hand is filled with righteousness. 48:10
I n You, O Lord, I have taken refuge;
let me never be put to shame.
N ot to us, O Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory,
because of Your love and faithfulness. 115:1
S ing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. 33:3


His music helped pull me through many difficult times. I never met him or saw him perform but his songs inspired me so that he seemed like a friend. Now a cloud of sadness has come and I ask God: why take him so soon? I do not mourn for Rich because he can now enjoy a home with the Father. I do pray God will recognize our loss, and send us more blessings like Rich.

Jon Russell

Thank you, God for sharing Rich Mullins' talent with the world.

His legacy will live on with Christians around the world and his music will celebrate not only the Jesus he loved, but the life and talent Jesus gave him.

May God give you peace and comfort in this time of loss. May God bless you for sharing your son with all of us.

N. Slavich

"Sometimes the night was beautiful
Sometimes the sky was so far away
Sometimes it seemed to step so close
You could touch it but your heart would break"

Those words begin the song that defines my life. As I've walked through the darkness of this world's eternal night, God has used Rich's music and message to sustain my spirit. I never had the opportunity to meet Rich in person, but there's no doubt our souls were formed by the same awesome God. I will miss Rich greatly as I continue my journey to the Jordan. I pray God's blessing and comfort for Rich's family and many friends.

God bless you all until we rejoice in the glory of Jesus' presence.
Jason Robinson

"I will seek you in the morning And I will learn to walk in your ways And step by step You'll lead me And I will follow You all of my days"
Patrick Erney

Dear Mrs. Mullins and family,

I want to extend my deepest sympathies for your loss. I saw Rich, a couple of times in concert and really enjoyed him. There are various songs that folks remember him by, but my favorite is the song First Family.

It was written in the late 1980's I suppose, at a time when my family was going through a terrible tragedy. I was raised with in a family of 3 boys and 2 girls, and in Nov. 1989, my older brother was killed in a car accident. The line that spoke about God's provision and how you and your husband handled touched me deeply. Thanks for lending him to the world and letting his voice speak God's word and comfort. May the realization of the resurrection comfort you now.

With love and deep sympathy,
Stephen J. Chapman

I would like to thank God for the privilege of hearing Rich sing. His song "Hold me Jesus" encouraged me when my best friend died in 1995 by drowning at 25. There are several lessons we need to learn: First, you never know how long you have with someone you love - make the last words they hear from you be "I love you". Secondly, we only have a limited time, so therefore we need to encourage each other as christians to run the race that is set before us. Rich ran well... are we? Don't give in to sin: Fight to honor the Lord Jesus in everything you do, because the time is so short. The final thing I think I've learned since Friday is the fact that we should be telling people what they mean to us NOW. For example, Charlie Peacock is the other christian musician whose music has really touched my life. I plan to send him a card now... to tell him what he means to me. I want him to know before he dies. What about your parents, your sister or brother... that person you've been fighting with... all y'all! Heal the hurts

-be ministers of reconciliation!
martha bootle
tampa, florida

Rich Mullins was very much in the minority of Christian music. In an industry where there is so much bad, even heretical, doctrine, Rich Mullins provided Christians with sound lyrics that seemed to come from the heart - his sincerity and commitment to our Lord and Savior is evident in his songs. With the loss of Keith Green, the Christian music world went down hill fast with only people such as Steve Camp, Michael Card, & Rich to produce edifying, God-honoring music. With Rich gone, I shudder to think what the future holds for Christian music. His contribution and ministry will surely be missed though praise the Lord, he's finally home.

"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." (John 11:25, 26)

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me." (John 14:6)

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God, that ye may know that ye have eternal life." (1 John 5:13)

Craig & Lynn Glasheen

Lord tell Rich we miss him.....

I and my family were saddened to hear of Rich's death. I wanted to tell you that we saw him in concert in April of this year in Tulsa, Okla. The last song we sang was It Is Well With My Soul. He had the congregation sing it with him, and the presence of the Lord was very real in that place. I am so thankful that we have that memory of being in one of his concerts. Thank you for sharing your son and brother with the rest of the world. I pray God will be with you in this time of grieving. We know he is in a much better place, with the one he loved, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

God Bless you.
Dan, Diane, and, Carly Gagle

I would like to express my sympathies to Rich's family: My heart is broken for you in your loss. I met Rich once, and I went to every concert of his that came to my town. I don't know how to explain it - Rich just had a way of putting some of our deepest feelings and experiences regarding God, life, love and Christ into words with the most beautiful music. I find myself always hearing emotions that I could not express in his songs. He was very unique and God blessed all of us immensely through his music. I told Rich that when I met him. He was so humble and had such a neat personality. He was someone you just wanted to be around and listen to. Whether he was talking or singing. I envy those that knew him the best. They were really blessed to be able to have that opportunity. I know that we will get to see and hear Rich again when we meet in Heaven. I look forward to that day. Please know that your are in my prayers daily. "Now, may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and strengthen you in every good word and work."

II Thess. 2:16 - 17
Stephanie Abney

Tuesday the 23rd of September. I just found out the tragic news. My heart sank but then bounced back rather quickly. His Father has called him home. Yes sorrow is a point of any loss but God can take all of that sorrow and turn it into joy, the joy that Rich gave and will continue to give to his fans old and new for the years to come. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family of Rich Mullins

Lee Ziegler

My wife and I first heard the news of Rich's death on Monday morning. It is amazing how one artist's music can be so used of God. Last night we spent time praying for Rich's family and for the family of the other person in the vehicle, as we thought that he had been killed also. Please pass our prayers and love to the Mullins and McVickers. We will always feel bitter sweet sorrow when listening to his music, partly selfish but I think none the less human. We will miss his ministry immensely.

Love in Christ,
Robert & Jackie Glavind
Abbotsford, BC, Canada

I am amazed...I just heard of this tragic loss five days after it happened! I went back through my local newspaper and found no mention of Rich's death at all. "Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord..." I know Rich would not want national attention, but I find it ironic because with the number of lives he touched, he certainly should have had his funeral broadcast on national television. I saw him in concert in Columbia, SC in 1992. To this day, it remains my favorite concert I have ever attended. The Lord used Rich's words and music that night to prompt my husband and I to sponsor two Compassion children from Guatemala, and we are involved in their lives to this day. My heart is indeed heavy. I am in ministry with high school kids, and I hope to share Rich Mullins' legacy of servanthood with them as they seek to become disciples.

Bethany Bradsher

Dear Mullins Family: There are never enough words to express feelings during this time. The only thing I can say is that there is no doubt as to where Rich now is and that one day we will all see him again, in Glory. It is wonderful to know that our Father said "Welcome home my good and faithful servant, your job was well done!"

My deepest sympathies,
Sandra Fleury

My wife and I were deeply, deeply saddened to hear the news of Rich's death on Saturday morning. His music has been a part of our lives for more than ten years now. No matter how many times we replayed his albums, they never ceased to move us with the absolute beauty of God and His incomprehensible love for all of us.

As I thought back over the saddest and most despairing moments of my life over the last decade, I realized that during each of those times I found myself listening to Rich's music. It was a source of great comfort to me in some of my darkest moments. When I felt as if my life were falling apart, or doubted that God truly cared for me, it was Rich's music that reminded me of the "one true love in this world of lies... the one true love that gives me strength... the only one true love." His music always renewed my hope and set my mind and heart back to praising God.

I had the privilege to meet Rich once at a youth retreat at Round Lake Camp in Ohio. He talked to me and my friends for a long time and we wound up playing cards and talking for quite a while. I found him to be as sincere and "real" as his music. There was no pretense with him- he was in no way caught up with himself or his popularity. He was simply a child of God doing what God had set before him to accomplish. No glory went to him- only to God.

I cannot express how truly, truly sorry my wife and I are for your great loss. While I know that the grief will be so strong for a long time to come, please remember that Rich is now doing what God predestined him to do from before the foundations of the Earth. Rich is now experiencing first-hand the incredible glory of his Awesome God! I know that God is more than pleased to be hearing Rich's beautiful voice joining the Heavenly chorus ringing out His praises for all eternity!

-Jim & Julie Covert
Columbus, Ohio

I don't remember exactly where in the bible, but I remember reading "precious in the sight of the lord is the death of one of his saints", so let us rejoice and be comforted in that. To say that he is in a better place is an understatement. He truly ministered. Rich said it wouldn't break his heart to say goodbye, I understand why, But the loss to the body here on earth is indeed great.The sorrow is deep but I am comforted to know his relationship with God was (is) real, it showed in his music. As with the death of Keith Green I do not understand why God would take such a help to the body of Christ away. God is sovereign, I can only suppose that God simply took back his own because that man's work here on earth was complete, God does know what is best. Rich's work will continue to minister here on earth for many many years to come. I am grateful to God for Rich, his music has helped me to realize(in every sense of the word) my own relationship with God. I will continue to pray for his family and his friend Mitch. God has blessed us. Even in our sorrow "He reigns with wisdom, power and love". our God is truly an awesome God! We love you Rich and will miss you here on earth deeply, but long to worship and praise God together with you before his throne. I will see you on the other side of the Jordan my brother.

I'll see you later...
Leo Gutierrez

I appreciate the opportunity to somehow express my condolences and grief at Rich's death. Rich leaves behind a legacy of so many people that he has reached with his music. His faith expressed through his music has been such an inspiration to me, my wife, and so many friends. My friends and I have a tradition of going camping every fall when the leaves are beautiful. Late at night by the campfire and in the morning as we gaze at the beauty of God's creation, we would play Rich's music and praise God. Last night, my wife and I listened to Rich's version of ALL THE WAY MY SAVIOR LEADS ME and we wept. Please know that Rich is truly missed by so many people that he touched with his art. His death has been a catalyst in my life to know that I want to leave a legacy behind also, with my gifts and with my faith.

God bless,
Bryan Coley
Atlanta, GA

My heart-felt sympathy and condolences to all the friends and family of Rich. He touched the hearts and souls of everyone he came in contact with, either physically or lyrically. Some of my most memorable experiences of Rich were when he came to sign at our church, River Valley in Indiana...he was such an inspiration and we all loved him for the man and messenger that he was.

My thoughts and prayers are with you...may his life be cherished in the hearts of all his many friends and family.

God Bless,
Lori Morgan

I've known Rich for about 13 years. All that could be said about his music has not been said. His insight into the Creator and Lover of our souls will be a lasting clarion call to all of us to be filled with compassion for one another. The brevity of his life, yet the endless scope of his reach is a call to wake up, not only seizing the day, but "carpe eterintas." My last talk with Rich was only 6 weeks ago. He, Mitch, and "the boys" were in concert at a teen conference that I help with every year, in southern Illinois. It was my 42 birthday, and since, Rich and I were the same age, I felt an additional kindred spirit. But there was something haunting about his music that night, there was a sense of finality to, almost like the Apostle Paul saying, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race... now there is laid up for me a crown..." The mood of his music was so overpowering that I felt that I needed to talk to him. After the concert, when everything had been put away, Rich and I talked briefly about birthdays, and stuff. Then I said that I was so deeply troubled in spirit about his concert that night, and asked him, "Rich, this is a strange question, but do you have a sense that you're going to die soon, that the end of your life is near? I know it's strange but I just got this overwhelming sense during your concert that you know you're life is coming to an end." He said no, that he wasn't aware of any feeling like that, and we kinda laughed about it. We talked for a short time more, and I put it out of my mind until I heard the news this weekend. I've been replaying our conversation over and over in my heart of hearts. Brothers and sisters in Jesus, life is so short. If we have learned from Rich's life, let us also learn from his death that we must "seek Him in the morning, and learn to walk in His ways, and step by step as He leads us, we must follow Him all of our days." God bless us all in our grief, and may He be honored in our joy in Jesus.


The day following Rich's death, I came upon this passage in Isaiah: "The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understand that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil. Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death."

Isaiah 57:1-2
Jim Musser,
Campus Minister for Campus Christians
University of Kansas, Lawrence

On my way home from college, I picked up "Never Picture Perfect" in a bookstore simply because the guy on the front looked "real" like someone I could talk to, not plastic or fake. I went to the listening station and held my breath as I listened to a small portion of "First Family." I bought the cd on the spot and cried several times on the 3 hour trip home to Houston. His passion, honesty and earnest crying out to the Lord resounded with everything in my soul. His music was not entertainment. It was ministry. I am very sorry to lose Rich the brother in Christ and Rich the source of amazing music.

I look forward to singing with him before the throne of God

To Rich's mother, to his family, to his friends, I add my most sincere condolences and tears to this incredible outpouring. It's a struggle to convey our emotions and sympathy through this rather impersonal medium when the words themselves are hard to find, so I hope the shear volume of love and concern expressed will warm and comfort your souls. Rich has been among my favorites for many years, but last year, when I went through the most difficult emotional and spiritual crisis of my life, I discovered a great solace in his music. He truly provided some of the most important (earthly) help that I had at that terrible time, and it continues to this day; it will for the rest of my life.

His thoughtful, sensitive lyrics are matched with music that captures the pain and loneliness we so often face in this burning wilderness, and helps us to seek and see the Lord in it; or frees the soul to catch a glimpse of those heavenly places where he now converses with his Friend. I hope that in turn now, my thoughts, all of our thoughts, will help you through your terrible time.

To Rich's mother, it is an awful thing to outlive your children, and my heart breaks for you. But we don't sorrow as those who have no hope. We'll be with him again, soon! I don't (personally) know you or Rich or any of the ones who I hope to console, but someday we'll all meet in that place where mercy leads- and oh, the songs we'll sing!

-- Finally: "Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." (II Cor 1:3-4) God used Rich to comfort me, and many others; I hope we've done the same for you.

Thomas Cunningham

May God be with you and give you all comfort as He has done for us in the past in these trying days.
Officer Joe Benko
PPD Administration
Peoria Police Department

-- I find it so interesting that as we are so amazed by the death of this man of God, we are lifted up, inspired, and comforted not by others, but by the words of his music. His words are encouraging us, even in the time of his death. The words are testimony to his love of God. I know of no one more prepared to see Jesus face to face. We are not so much grieving, but rejoicing because he was SO in love with God.
Erin Bunch

One of my fondest memories of Rich will always be the way Rich, while in Wichita, came to see my father, Bill Lown, (a shut-in) for Bible study. Rich had such a hunger for the truth and he allowed my father to help feed that hunger. It was so good for both of them. Just before dad died, Rich came to see dad. We told Rich there would probably be no response. Rich stood there holding dad's hand and praying for a long time. Now they are having a great bible study at the Masters feet!
Carol Moyer

He has meant a great deal to me in my life and the way I think about my faith. Rich Mullins was a man after God's own heart. During his time here on earth, his ministry was like none other. My heart goes out to his family at his passing, but he is home. My prayers go out to Mitch and family for healing, not only physical but spiritual.

It's amazing how much you can feel the loss of someone you've never met. It speaks of the heart that was poured into his music and the way he laid his soul bare in the lyrics, unafraid to share things we all have felt. Praise God for the gift of his life, and for his gift back to God. The dj loved playing "Few Good Men" and I adopted it as a guideline for a future husband. I went off to college and met a man there who "makes a difference...made for trouble, who could come and help shape our destinies." We later married and enjoyed a life of ministry together. God took him home last year, two weeks short of our fifth anniversary. Now Rich is there in the presence of God too. The party's on the other side of the Jordan! But for me, as one loss is added to another, I'm beginning to understand. Surrounded by that great cloud of witnesses, we who remain are still responsible for making a difference for Christ. God is good.

Kevin Brown

Rich was always one of my favorite writers. He saw Heaven in clouds. He saw Jesus hangin on the cross. Love came, and the world didn't accept Him. Heaven won't be the same with him there. I'm sure that the man with no shoes is changing Heaven just a little bit. "Our God Is An Awesome God" is now the anthem of Heaven.
David Jones

My favorite concert was at the Cannery, GMA Week, Nashville, 1994, benefit for Compassion International. It was steaming hot. You could smell Rich's Patuli (spelling?) cologne at least 10 rows back. The dulcimer hummed, a beautiful young lady performed a folk dance to one of the songs off Liturgy, Legacy...("The Color Green," I think.] Rich oozed poetry and passion.To close the show, Rich led a praise service that made God's presence so real, the place almost felt like heaven. It was magical.
Phil Newman

I saw Rich in concert more than any other Christian artist. He seemed to keep his feet on the ground, his head about him, and everything else he did in perspective to God's love.He was a remarkable man, and I look forward to seeing him on Main St, New Jerusalem. I am sad for my loss at his death, as well as for his family's loss at one who encompassed so much of what we'd like to think we'd be in his situation.
Timothy Luoma

Dear friends & family of Rich,
This morning as I was halfway praying, halfway daydreaming, I was thinking," I wonder, if Rich could relay the one most important thing he learned from the Lord after he passed into glory back to his friends on earth, what would it be?"

As my mind conceived of wonderful hidden mysteries of the world to come, like a flash, the words came to me,

"He would tell them to not be anxious or worry about ANYTHING because He REALLY IS working out everything for His glory and His children's good.Just trust and have confidence in Him for everything."

I really do believe this was from the Spirit and felt like I should pass it along.

In Him,

I didn't learn of Rich's passing until Sunday night. I really never thought I would get very upset over the death of someone I didn't personally know. So I was surprised to find myself crying as I got ready for work on Monday morning.

On the way in, our christian radio station was playing some of his music as a tribute. It seemed like he was singing to us from heaven. His music ministered and continues to minister to me in a way I can't even fully understand, let alone describe. A girl I know once said that Rich has the soul of a poet, and this is surely true. God was so good to have given Rich to us, even for a little while. I have always believed he was one of the premier musicians of this generation, not just in Christian circles, but in all categories; not just in America, but world wide. Through Rich, God has revealed a vision of His Kingdom that stirs the heart and excites the imagination. His music spurs us on to an even deeper longing to know the One who spoke into the darkness and created the light. As I think of what has happened I am reminded of his lyrics: "... how the Lord takes by its corners this old world and shakes us forward and shakes us free; to run wild with the hope, to run wild with the hope... the hope that this thirst will not last long but it will soon drown in the song not sung in vain.." Your songs were not sung in vain, Rich. Thank you.

And to his family: thank you as well. We loved him very much.

David Medearis

My wife and I were deeply, deeply saddened to hear the news of Rich's death on Saturday morning. His music has been a part of our lives for more than ten years now. No matter how many times we replayed his albums, they never ceased to move us with the absolute beauty of God and His incomprehensible love for all of us.

As I thought back over the saddest and most despairing moments of my life over the last decade, I realized that during each of those times I found myself listening to Rich's music. It was a source of great comfort to me in some of my darkest moments. When I felt as if my life were falling apart, or doubted that God truly cared for me, it was Rich's music that reminded me of the "one true love in this world of lies... the one true love that gives me strength... the only one true love." His music always renewed my hope and set my mind and heart back to praising God.

I had the privilege to meet Rich once at a youth retreat at Round Lake Camp in Ohio. He talked to me and my friends for a long time and we wound up playing cards and talking for quite a while. I found him to be as sincere and "real" as his music. There was no pretense with him- he was in no way caught up with himself or his popularity. He was simply a child of God doing what God had set before him to accomplish. No glory went to him- only to God.

I cannot express how truly, truly sorry my wife and I are for your great loss. While I know that the grief will be so strong for a long time to come, please remember that Rich is now doing what God predestined him to do from before the foundations of the Earth. Rich is now experiencing first-hand the incredible glory of his Awesome God! I know that God is more than pleased to be hearing Rich's beautiful voice joining the Heavenly chorus ringing out His praises for all eternity!

Jim & Julie Covert
Columbus, Ohio

Our condolences go to Rich's family. We were terribly saddened at the new Saturday. As my 17 yr old daughter said, "He was the only music artist both kids and parents could relate to." His music has ministered to us from the very beginning with his first album. We have seen him in concert several times in the Chicago area, the most recent being in August at our church (finally) in a small coffee house setting. I am so thankful we could go, and were so blessed. God bless you all at your loss which is so painful. Rich's music will continue to minister to all, and will forever be our favorite.

Mrs. Mullins and family,

The past month the Lord has brought some very famous people home, but none has effected me more than the death of your son. I felt I knew a special part of him through the music that he created and the legacy of faith he left through that medium. He brought me to places that I have never been in my prayer life through the beautiful scenery he created in the lyrics of his music. I was able to walk with Christ on the beaches of New England, through the home of a child as he experiences Christmas day, and through the plains of our great country. As a Roman Catholic, he also gave my faith a wonderfully uplifting rendition of the Apostle's Creed. This is the core beliefs of my faith and I have never heard them stated so beautifully as Rich did through the song "I Believe."

Your family is in my prayers and the prayers of all of my christian friends. I hope that the legacy he left and the assurance of his place in heaven can give you some level of compensation for the loss of him physically here on Earth.

Peace and Love Always,
Kerry Godbold

My family spent time with Rich over the last decade and knew each of those moments were something rather out of this world. His music is unsurpassed, it seems to go without saying. I'm impressed at the level of connection we all feel, no matter if we ever actually met him or saw him. No one has ever had the impact that this man had on us. I now recognize that as only the Holy Spirit. Our generation needed a voice and leader to help us; God gave the best. Through all the seemingly never ending tears and grief I think I finally got it. I've never known anyone else who wanted to "go out like Elijah". I looked up the story in II Kings and was finally relieved of the horrible image of Rich's death in my head. It has been replaced with the incredible recognition that what looked like a chariot in chariot days, looked like a truck in these days, and it came blazing between the two men and took the one who had desired to be taken...and he surely was blessed to look back on the stars as he was swept into God's complete glory. As Elisha crossed back over the Jordan to continue as Elijah's successor...we all pray for Mitch to recover and carry on. What are the rest of us going to do now? I think we need to get down, and really love our neighbor as ourself like Rich, and especially Jesus, always told us. We obviously have a strong connection lets let the Spirit flow and produce fruit like never before!!

Love and Peace and Comfort to all.
Dell Grose

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

I know that at a time like this you are experiencing great loss and grief. I do not expect you to remember me or anything, but I wanted to write and express my sorrow. My name in Nicole Isaacs and in November of 1994, my friend Amy Winger and I stayed at your house while our Come Alive! team from Cincinnati Bible College and Seminary ministered to your church. I can remember your house so vividly and looking at pictures with your granddaughter. I know that nothing anyone will say is going to ease the pain, but know that Rich is in God's hands and is waiting for all of us to come home too. I would love to hear from you, although I understand that this is not a good time. If you remember me, and there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Again, sorry about your loss. Take care.

In His Love,
Nicole Isaacs
521 Elm Drive
Plainfield, IN 46168

Rich's songs challenged me every day. I take heart in knowing that he is at the foot of Jesus. We were all blessed to be touched by Rich I just wanted to write a short story about Mullins and the importance of him to me in my life. One of my friends had gotten me hooked on Christian music and soon I began to realize what a positive influence the music had on me. The reason Mullins's music was important to me is because he was one of the first contemporary christian artists I had been acquainted with. Rich, we love you and we miss you. Our love and prayers go out to the Mullins' family. God will take care of you Rich. You know he will!
Leigh-Anne Lubiani

I wrote this after listening to "Songs". I am not a writer and i never write, but i put my feelings and thoughts on paper and this is what came out: A man dies, His voice sings on. A lifeless body, Filled with life-saving words. Ten feet under, Spirit soaring heavenbound. An earthly gravestone, A heavenly crown. A man no more, Except in our hearts. Never to see on earth, But ever to be heard.
Kenneth DeChant

I'm writing to tell you that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Rich's songs touched my heart unlike anyone else, I know that God was using him in amazing ways. He will never be forgotten, and his songs will continue to witness to thousands, even while he is singing with the angels. I pray that God's peace will guard your heart and your minds.

Best wishes,
Wendy Gillmore

The news of Rich's death really caught me off guard. We go about our busy lives so many times not really stopping to realize our own mortality. Rich Mullins' music has been an inspiration and guide for me and my wife in good times and in bad times. His music has come into my thoughts in times of sorrow and times of joy. His example of truly living as a Christian where ever our Lord took him has shown many that we do serve an Awesome God. My earthly feelings bring me sorrow at his death but I know that he has gone to a much better place where we will all praise God with him again.
Richard & Debra Ratliff

I cannot describe what Rich's music meant to me. The words in his music were so filled with Scripture, with a deep understanding it seems, of God Himself, and of those texts he had chosen from His Word.

I often took out a Rich Mullins album and programmed it for just one song, over and over and over again for an hour or so as I cleaned, or just simply read and/or meditated upon my Heavenly Father Whom Rich's music and lyrics were so powerfully extolling, as they described His indescribable, matchless glory and beauty.

I could not stop weeping yesterday, when I first heard the news. I must've cried for an hour. I feel cheated that I will no longer be able to be blessed and encouraged with new songs from Rich's prolific mind. I truly enter into worship, and a deeper mental understanding as well as a more full communion with my Blessed Lord, when I listen to Rich's music. I have never been this moved upon a more publicly known person's death before. But I realized yesterday that I felt like I had known Rich through his music, and guess, through the fellowship of our Christ and His Word.

Recently having come through the severest trial of my faith yet when I had doubted everything I had believed for so many years, upon the Lord delivering me from that and granting me the assurance of His Word and His Person and Plan again, Rich's was one of, if not "the," first Christian music I so relievedly picked up and threw in the player again - and it seems that its ministry to me was even more powerful to me after having being delivered through that horrible season. (I found my God faithful, even in the midst of my doubt; that nothing can separate me [even doubt!] from my Father [as the Word says in Romans 8], and I experienced that doubt does not have to always be the antithesis of faith, but can be an element in its journey [as Alistair McGrath has so eloquently described in his book "Sunnier Side of Doubt."

I also appreciated Rich's voice for the poor of this world. So often in our capitalistic fundamental circles this is a part of obedience to our Lord's teachings that is often incredibly totally jettisoned. Yet Rich voiced, and it seems modelled quite well, this aspect of Jesus' injunctions. Rich held nothing back, telling it like it is at his recent concert at Temple Baptist Church in Plymouth, Michigan, of which I and a friend were privileged to attend. I remember several of Rich's comments, including his courageous and daring pointing out that the reason that there are poor in any society is because inequities are inevitable in this present world's system. May his charge to action inspire and leave the legacy that he wished.

I could write on and on, to try to somehow do some little tiny bit of justice of all that I feel and think at this time concerning Rich and his music and ministry. But time and prudence would not permit, and Rich's music and legacy truly speak for themselves. I grieve for and with you in your loss; I cannot imagine how much greater it must be than mine or any fan's. But I rejoice with you also, in Heaven's gain.

in Christ Jesus,
Amanda V. Gale (simply a fan and sister in Christ)

My brother-in-law saw him and loved it! He was so impressed and shared his music with me last year. I'm so saddened to hear of his passing. I will never get to hear his inspirational music in person.
Anne Mutti

We would like to extend our condolences to the Mullins family. Obviously, nothing can be said which has not already been said, but know our prayers are added to the thousands already offered to Christ on a daily basis. May you have the peace Rich has as the Holy Spirit ministers to you through your grief.

Rob and Elizabeth

Though I never met the man, I feel I know him so dearly. His words and notes spoke for my speechless heart. So often when I could not find the right way to express myself to God, Rich would come along and I would feel the divine inspiration that led him and that spoke for so many. He was my favorite poet. I hope it is a comfort to you that his life impacted so many...he burned brightly and quickly.

Valerie Martin

Rich's concerts were always more like family reunions than performances. Happily, we will one day share the ultimate family reunion tour with Jesus. Rich and I go way back. We played together in Cincinnati while he was at CBC and I was at UC. This was in 1976-1977, before he formed Zion Ministries. We did a concert of original stuff together with 4 or 5 other musicians at Grad Hall for the Revival Hour.

Something about Rich that bothered me was that he didn't write down much of anything. I asked him about it and he remarked that if it was worth remembering he would, otherwise...

I have the words to the songs we did that night only because a friend put together a program. One song, "Isaiah 40," was not in the program because Rich felt it was so close to the Scripture that there was no need to take up program space. The music still lingers in my brain (there was one cassette tape of the concert, but I don't have it). I have the words to another song "Harmony" written in Rich's own scrawl. There's a funny story that goes with it, if you're interested...

Rich and I wrote one of the songs, "Come, Lord," together. As far as I know, it has never been done outside of that concert (and church), unless Rich pulled it out in his travels with Zion.

I am a computer science teacher professionally, but also a worship leader/singer/songwriter. Much of what I write that is good reflects Rich's influence, and I wanted to testify to that.

Rich was something like a comet -- every few years or so our orbits would intersect. But he was still Rich! He never lost that "ordinary guy hangin' around the dorm" quality, something that came through on stage and in his music. I'll miss him.

Rick Nohle
Elder High School

Words can never express the emotions I felt when I learned of Rich's passing. What a great Man of God he truly was.

I have the pleasure of being friends with a guy here who promotes concerts "Grace Productions". After a Wayne Watson concert we were talking about Christian artists and how many of them seem to be caught up in the entertainment part of the industry (not Wayne). Not so with Rich. My friend spoke of how "real" Rich was and it's evident in his songs and his ministry.

Being 42 also, Rich's music spoke to me greatly. I help lead the music for our youth group at church and we sing "Step By Step" quite often. It will have a new significance now.

To his family I leave the words to a PETRA song, "Graverobber"

"Many still mourn and many still weep
For those that they love who have fallen asleep
But we have this hope though our hearts may still ache
Just one shout from above and they all will awake
And in the reunion of joy we will see
Death will be swallowed in sweet victory."

Rich, "Well done good and faithful servant."

Love in Christ,
Rusty May Madison
Jude 24-25

I am very saddened by the tragic passing of Rich Mullins. Tho we never met I felt joined with him in the Spirit of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I love his music and someday hoped to see him in concert and meet him. I know someday we will meet again in Heaven. He touched many lives with his music, a precious gift from God. At my church we have what is called Singspiration once a month and as a memorial to the memory of Rich I will do Creed, for the joy it has given me and the words to show what the Lord has done for all of us. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his mother, family and friends. May the peace that passes all understanding be with you throughout this most difficult time.

God Bless you all.
Frank Hoerner

I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that Rich and his family (and Mitch) will be in my prayers.
Yours in Christ,
Cathy Lenter,
St. Paul's University Catholic Center
Madison, WI

Rich meant so much to me. At times when I was at the breaking point of my faith, God would minister to me through Rich's words and music. I can remember the too few opportunities that I had to sit and talk with Rich. During those times I could see Jesus in his eyes, I could hear Jesus in his voice, and I could feel Jesus in his hugs. Heaven's dreamer has gone to live with the Giver of Dreams. I weep. I rejoice. There are too many feelings to describe. I know that the praise of heaven has a more melodious sound now that Rich is with his Awesome God and One Thing.
Vic Morris

This past year has brought many trials and personal losses that brought a dryness in my soul. This morning I cried tears of sadness, joy, and love. Rich's death has helped to soften my heart and tears are flowing again. Psalm 56:8 Thou has taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Thy bottle; Are they not in Thy book?
Julia Offord

I thank my God for Rich and the love he has for the Savior, that is so evident in his music. Truly, Rich is a man of God.
See ya, soon brother!

My deepest sympathy on the loss of Rich. Our loss is heaven's gain. Those of us who were ministered to by his music and testimony feel like we've lost a close friend even though many of us never personally met him. Thank God we know where he is today! ! May God comfort and keep you until you are reunited once again! I am praying for you.

In Christian love,
Anita Davis,
Columbus, Ohio

I haven't cried in a long time....a long, long time......I look forward to the day when I can thank you face to our Father's house.......I will miss you Rich...... "Trust in the Lord with all your Heart, and lean not on your own understanding In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."

Proverbs 3:5-6
Rich Dugan

I am praying for you! Thank you for sharing Rich Mullins with the rest of the world. Many of his songs are sung in churches, many more by people as they are heard over the radio, and many lives have been touched by his faithful ministry. I don't know what you are feeling but please accept my sincerest condolences. But God is good! As KLOVE, the Christian radio station that serves my area in California played a tribute to Rich, they played a song, whose title escapes me at the moment, with the words "...and He's gonna be the reason when I die." We can all take comfort in the fact the Rich knew where he was going and probably couldn't wait to see Jesus, although he is leaving loved ones behind and many things left unfinished. But once again, I thank you for sharing Rich with the rest of the world as his songs can give the rest of us left behind some hope.


To the family of Rich Mullins, I just wanted to express my sorrow over Rich's passing last Friday. Though I had only met him once back in 1992, I have gone to several of his concerts and own most all of his albums. I wish I could find the words to express just how much he and his music will be missed and how greatly they affected my life as well as many others. I have always believed that Rich had a very special gift and I will be blessed for years to come as I re-listen to his music. I will keep you all in my prayers and it is my hope that your entire family will feel the Lord's presence during this difficult time.

God Bless,
Laura Knowles
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Good Night Rich, We'll see you in the Morning!!!

Though I am one of those who had never met Rich Mullins or had the pleasure of witnessing his ministry in person, I feel I know him through his music. Being a musician myself, my first response when I heard the news was, "his music will be greatly missed in all Christiandom. I know he is definitely singing "praise to the Lord" now, face to face and continually and singing new songs unto our "awesome GOD". HE wanted him now for whatever reason, I trust GOD in that. My favorite of his was "Faith Without Works". "Faith is 'bout as useless as a screen door on a submarine" if we don't trust GOD in HIS work. I thank GOD that Rich went out like Elijah with his chariot of fire as he sang about. He's seeing the stars like candles in Central Park. And though it didn't break his heart to say good-bye, it's definitely breaking ours for a long time to come. Now that you've crossed the Jordan, Rich, we know you'll forever be praising GOD. Much love and prayers to his family.

Kenneth Hopkins

Last night my son Graham, our friend Mark and I gathered for our own little remembrance of Rich. Mark has all his albums, and he had picked out at least one song from each. We sat in candlelight and listened, and instead of growing sadder we were filled with a solemn joy as the music washed over us. I am thankful for Rich's creative exuberance, his self-effacing ways, his yearning for heaven. He was an accomplished musician, a poet who handled words as if eternity could burn through them. And he loved. I am glad to have his songs, and to have met him once--briefly, with mutual shyness. May God wrap his mother and siblings in peace, along with the friends and fellow musicians and children whose lives were bound to his.

Ruth Goring

I just had to write a brief message to relay my sympathy and prayers for Rich's family. I met Rich a few different times, but mainly knew him from his music. He so honestly portrayed real life in his songs. There are very few Christian songwriters/singers who have so greatly influenced my walk with the Lord. I am so thankful for Rich and His ministry! He was a man of No Compromise, a simple man, a GODLY man. I can't help but think of his song "One Thing". He now has the "one thing" that he lived his whole life for! I have peace in my heart as I think of Rich entering the gates of Heaven and meeting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. What an AWESOME miracle! I pray that Jesus would hold you in his safe, unfailing, arms as you pass through the upcoming days, weeks, months... He has the grace and power to heal every broken heart! I am lifting you up in prayer to our King!! God Bless.

Because He LIVES-

It is indeed a great pleasure to have been introduced to the music of Rich a number of years ago. His lyrics over and over again touched my heart and moved me many times to love more deeply our awesome God. Although many listeners may have never met you, they were able to catch a glimpse of you through your lyrics. How your love for God shone through everything you wrote. Thank you for your encouragement through your words. So sad that you are gone from here, but the Lord welcomes home a faithful servant. My prayers go to Rich's family and also to the family of Mitch. Mitch, may God heal you in His time. Lean hard.

Living in Lynn, Indiana I work in a small school where Rich's nieces and nephew have or are still attending. We have been privileged to be able to have a Bible Club that meets every Wednesday morning. One Thanksgiving Rich was coming home to be with his family. He had driven all night but took the time to come to school at 7:30 in the morning to share with our group. It is something our students will always remember. He even made the school yearbook.
Annette Wilson

Rich's music really means a lot to me, and has ministered to me many times in powerful ways (probably because it was so grounded in the Word of God Whom it portrays). We need more self-effacing, and more Scripturally centered Christian artists like Rich, but there will only ever be one Rich, I am sure.

In Christ Jesus,
Amanda V. Gale

I had the privilege of seeing Rich in concert in 1992 in Ashland, OR with many friends, we were in the first two rows and were so blessed by his concert and amazed at the talent of all the musicians he had with him (Jimmy A, Avenue G, and Jeff Sacks). It's hard to understand or imagine why God took Rich from us, but as many have said, we can rejoice and sing praises knowing that he is with his maker and first love. I weep at our loss and will miss the many unwritten songs that we won't hear until we join him in heaven. I can only pray for Rich and Mitch's families, and all of us, for the peace of God to fill us and ease the pain...
Nancy Olsen

Thank you Rich, for the legacy you have left in your music and writing. Through them you have helped lead me to "seek first His kingdom".
Mike Keever

I'd like to offer my condolences to Rich's family. There are so many things I'd like to say about Rich. How his music touched my life. How his open desire to serve our God was an inspiration. How his humble attitude and pure heart served as a goal, and a spark in my open walk with God. I remember growing up, hearing so many of his songs, and not even knowing who wrote them. I think that's one of the most special things about Rich's work. You didn't listen to it, you didn't buy it, because he wrote it... but because with every pulse, every beat, you could hear God, moving, breathing, and calling. I will miss Rich here on earth. I have grown to love the stories his music told. The passion in the music. I write lyrics and as a lyricist, Rich was often someone I prayed God would help mold me after. I would have loved to have been there when God embraced Rich in heaven, to see such a man of God come home. To see them weep together. My prayers are with your family. I hope you know that I am just one of the many Rich didn't know personally, but touched just as much as those closest to him.

May his peace be with you,
Ami M Jesmer

Rich Mullins's music was one of my heart musics. I couldn't listen to a CD all the way through without being moved to fierce joy and/or tears. I wish I could have known him. The music God blessed him with has helped me to live closer to the ideal of saying "All the way my savior leads me..."
Jim Biard

The news of your son's death has left me- and my co-workers in shock- but we all wish to tell you how much his songs and lifestyle has affected our own. I accepted Christ back in '88- and was very excited about learning more about Christianity. Your son's songs helped me to see the real comfort in both the simplicity and complex issues we all deal with in our walk through life. Rich's album "Wings of Heaven, Stuff on Earth" was so plainly laid out- there is no mistaking what your son was getting across in his music. As you know- your son has encouraged and helped many of us get through the day-to-day living - and I hope and pray for your comfort and acknowledgement that I and many others love your family as our very own.

God bless your entire family,
Dana Hauschildt

Please know that my prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time, but take comfort in knowing that Rich's life touched so many. Rich's lyrics have brought me through several difficult times, and it was his message in "Awesome God" that led me to Christ over ten years ago. I saw him in concert last year, and was so relieved to see a Christian Music celebrity being so real and so humble, and willing to open himself to his audience. We share in your grief, and we share in your joy... knowing that although Rich will be greatly missed, he is already filling the halls of Heaven with glorious music awaiting our arrival.

Annaleah Morrow
West Palm Beach, FL

"Hold me Jesus, I'm shaking like a leaf" Our song!
Lauren and Mike Mike S. Tessaro

To the Mullins Family, Your son was such a blessing to the Body of Christ. His talent and his heart will be missed by many. I have such wonderful memories of my own children singing your son's songs at an early age.. I would ask them what song they wanted to was always, "Awesome God." Although it took them awhile to learn every word to the song, the truth of the awesomeness of God was getting thru to my little ones. I'm sure many Christian parents all over the world have similar stories. I pray you find comfort in knowing the impact your son had on the world, for the cause of Jesus!

The Gilligan Family

I met Rich way back in the early eighties when he was traveling with ZION from Cincinnati Bible Seminary. He stayed at our house while he was performing at Campbellsville Christian Church in Kentucky. You could tell even then of his terrific talent and also of his being influenced strongly by the Holy Spirit. I still have one of the old ZION albums with the original recording of "Sing Your Praise to the Lord." I have followed his career thru the years and have always been struck by his Sincerity. He really believed what he said. You can't say that about all Christian artists. Especially now that it has become so commercialized. I got to talk to him briefly last year after his concert in Birmingham, Alabama (where I live know). It was the same old Rich. He even remembered some of the people from Campbellsville Christian.

Barry Montgomery

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Our prayers are with your family. When I heard about the accident it broke our hearts. We know that Rich is up in heaven singing praises. My niece Misty wrote this for your family.

You gave your life to music, and God listened.
You sang your notes and we listened.
You lost your life and we grieve.
You gained new life and God receives.

Again our prayers are with you.

Tammy Fox James and Shirley Tilton Misty McCants
Conroe, Texas

I've listened to his music over the years, faithfully as a loyal fan. Now, I find myself listening very closely and hearing him spell out clearly the Christian life and how we are to live in reverence to God. He never watered down the message of Christ, as many Christian Musicians do. I loved the way he said things. I will always think of Leah as "there for dramatic effect" and Ester cooking the king some "supper". I will miss never hearing any new music from him and hearing where he's been, since that always came out in the rhythms, instruments and words he uses. I had the pleasure to meet him and I got a sense of his nature as a man of God. We should all be such a lover of God.. My prayers are for his family and all those who loved him. Especially Eric Houck who was a friend of his and a friend of mine.

In Christ,
Cindy Greenwald

Rich was the first artist I ever saw perform live, as the opening act for Amy Grant's Unguarded tour. He was a remarkable talent, and I'll miss him.
--John A. Heaton

To God be the glory... Rich is finally home!

I would like all to know that Rich Mullins spoke to many people through his songs. We here at Aggie Awakening A-Staff chose "Hope to Carry On" as our song to be played for all the Staffers this past Sunday, not knowing of Rich's passing on to a better place the day before. We will now play it as a tribute for his awesome life example as a Christian. Our hearts and prayers go out to Rich, his family, his friends, and to Mitch McVicker and his family. We will all miss him.

Angel Staff
College Station, TX

I found out about the death of Rich while in a Christian Woman's chat room. I was shocked when I heard; I couldn't believe it. I cried. Rich was a great singer. I sometimes wonder "Why" but I know God is in control. Like so many others have said, he is now in a better place, singing praises (like my mom said) "in a heavenly choir". I can't wait to see him again some day. I really enjoyed his music and loved to listen to it. I just wanted his family to know that he will not be forgotten and that what he has done for God has reached and impacted people.

B Bedford

i did not learn of rich's death till mon night on my way home, i am filled with sorrow at the loss of such a great singer and happy for him to be at peace, the first time i ever heard of him was at a retreat in il with iv when a friend played awesome God, best song i ever heard, his music has helped guide me an heal me from that time, shortly after coming to Christ and till now and will always. the one concert of his i made in marion il was the best show of any kind i ever had the pleasure of attending. heaven is a more musical place now...
paul lisson

The stuff of earth competes for the allegiance we owe only to King. When he left, he went out like Elijah. Aidan, let mercy lead. Thank You, God, for the poet you gave us; and comfort His family in their sorrow.
Tim Gillis

It is amazing how many lives God touched through Rich's life. It is inspiring to me to see what God can do when we surrender our lives as servants.
List Cantrell

The tragic news of the death of Rich Mullins greatly shocked my husband and I. His lyrics, which were no doubt inspired by God, has touched my life in so many ways for so many years. Lyrics which are so poetic and picturesque. Lyrics that also make us think. Just as so many lives were touched by those lyrics and saved as the result, may this tragedy do the same in the hearts of the unbeliever. And may this help strengthen our walk as christians, that we will love and help one another and tell others of God's grace. This is a sad time for us but angels are rejoicing for Rich is finally home. He has finally seen the face of his best friend. Rich Mullins will be greatly missed. Our sympathy and prayers go out to family and friends.

Love in Christ,
Colleen and Mark Whiteford

Rich will be missed by all who loved him but his legacy will live on in his music. He used his talents to glorify his God which is evident by his lyrics. We know he is home with his Savior because of the finished work of the cross. Rich, Thanks for being a willful servant of Christ. I'm sure you heard Christ say " Welcome home thou good and faithful servant"

J Langford

Rich has touched the lives of so many. God gave him a incredible gift for words, and a love for others. It's sad to say, but Rich became my "wake up call". I have been on a spiritual roller coaster, or I guess as far to say-an Identity Crisis. I am 16 years old and have been a christian now for nine years. But a few months ago, I took the wrong path. I started to drink, smoke and even as far as loosing something I was going to save for my mate-My virginity. Every night I would cry and feel so bad for all the wrong in my life, but in my heart I knew nothing would change. Sunday, (Sept.21) wile getting ready for church my mom told that Rich had died. My heart broke into a million pieces. As I cried, I began to pull out all of the cd's I had by Rich. As I listened to the words, God broke me. I had realized what a impact he made in so many peoples lives. He had always let his light shine. With Rich's God given talent to write and sing I now could see the real truth of Christ and come back to reality with God. I had been set free!! I now know who I am with God, where I stand and the changes I need to make. I only wish I could tell Rich of the "180" that took place in my life Sunday morning. I plan to start a Girls Bible study-and in memory of Rich, It will be called "Peace" With God...

...Rich, You can now play face to face with the one and only "Awesome God".

J Langford

My husband and I are musicians. Rich Mullins was the only Christian artist who didn't seem to fit the "christian music" mold - for us he was as exciting, passionate and honest as the secular artists we listen to. Thank you, Rich, for being brave and authentic in your music, for letting your true self hang out there. Thank you for going beyond the platitudes and challenging us. And for giving the glory to God.

Victoria Kazarian

Rich will be missed by all who loved him but his legacy will live on in his music. He used his talents to glorify his God which is evident by his lyrics. We know he is home with his Savior because of the finished work of the cross. Rich, Thanks for being a willful servant of Christ. I'm sure you heard Christ say " Welcome home thou good and faithful servant"

P Alexander

I can still see my husband lying in a hospital bed under going a plasma treatment that was to save his life --- headphones on his head singing along with Rich "my God You are my God and I will ever praise You" This was our theme song- that "Step by step" He would lead us through that difficult time. His music ministered to us then and will continue to- for us and others, until we are all together praising God in heaven. Rich will be missed and I can hardly wait to meet up with him in heaven and thank him for being obedient to God and for using the talents that God so richly blessed him with. My prayers are with the family as they go through this trying time. May they find comfort in knowing that Rich is where he so looked forward to going to and that someday they will be there too.

R. Zimmerman

This really is a tragedy, but when you think about it, look at all the songs that Rich wrote about "going home" The one that constantly comes to mind is "The Land of My Sojourn" off of Liturgy...the bridge points out so eloquently how we are just here temporarily. Although it is a great loss to Christian music, I know rich is at home with the Lord...where he has longed to be. I truly believe Rich was ready to go whenever God was ready to take him. He was an inspiration to me (the main reason I became a Compassion sponsor), both in his music, ministry and his life. It is difficult to come by a better role model for Christians than he. I only hope that when I go, I'll have made some kind of impact on people, the way that he has. That people will say, and more importantly, God will be able to look at me and see a humble servant.

All the glory be to God...
Shelly Heidt
Master of Divinity Student,

We weep not only for the loss of a gifted musician and songwriter. We weep for the loss of a friend. We can call him a friend if we've heard his music. For it was through this music that we knew him, both the joy and the struggle of a life lived for God. Rich's legacy will carry on in the hearts of those whom he touched. Reminding us of the greatness of God and the frailty of man. May each of us walk in the compassion that marked Rich's life. May we regain a sense of wonder when contemplating the works of God: His creation, His grace, His love. Heaven will now enjoy the music that we will greatly miss. Our tears are tears of pain. Yet as Rich gazes into the face of Love this day, we can almost see his tears, shed for the joy of coming home.

Jeff Fuhry

Although the loss of Rich is hard for us to accept, it must be a tremendous loss to those who were part of his life. And I thank all of you for the encouragement you gave to him, for he certainly increased it and gave it to us! I hope to lovingly pass it on for the rest of my life. God Bless You and may He soon greatly lessen your pain!

With the Genuine Love of God,
Elaine McCauley Corbett

I saw Rich Mullins and Mitch McVickers and the rest of the band at a CIY conference in Indiana. After their concert, I went up to talk to them. I really did not get to speak much with Rich or Mitch. The drummer allowed us to come up and check out the equipment. He even lets us play it. I was very glad that I got to see the concert. I had heard of Rich before, but I had never really heard much of his music. The concert was great.

I just wanted to say how much I will miss Rich. He touched my life in that one day. He was an ambassador for Christ.

God bless,
Carrie Downs

Along with the shock that comes with such tragic and puzzling news, I remembered Keith Green and how his death also seemed to come too soon for a man of God who is being so passionately used by God. I wonder why the Lord would allow the death of someone who seems so useful and needed here on earth, but then I thought of how Keith's influence has been stronger for the Lord since his death. I believe it will be the same with Rich, and I also believe that Rich wouldn't have it any other way. His ministry hasn't ended; it's barely begun, but Rich is now able to speak to God face to face as did Moses. I am sure this is something Rich has longed for. Now he has the best of both worlds. He can be in the arms of His Savior, and his music can be in the heart of the people...ever drawing them closer to the Savior he could no longer be apart from.

Haley Malone

The only lullabies that I could remember when Madi and Kenan were tiny, were choruses from God You Are My God, Awesome God and Daniel in the Den of the Lions. It is no small thing that each of those songs that soothed them and me were written by the same person-I appreciate such upbringing that would raise such a nifty son-to write honestly, unashamedly and humbly about such a great God. I am sorry for your loss-I wish I could ease the squeeze on your heart.. I wonder who will take up his mantle-as he wrote "I want to go out like Elijah..." There are plenty of Navajo kids who need the energy, humor and leadership. And we all needed his encouragement and gift of music. We will continue to pray for Mitch and the families involved.

allie lousch

Dear Mrs. Mullins and family,

Yesterday morning was Monday, I sat down with my coffee and local paper to eat breakfast, like I do most every morning. When I got to the obituary page, I glanced over it, and then I saw it: a brief announcement on Rich's accident. I sat and stared at it, as if transfixed; I went numb, I read and reread it, not quite comprehending what I saw in front of me. I went through the day stunned, every once and a while shedding tears for a man I never met, yet one I felt I knew. It was a beautiful fall day, but somehow it seemed especially quiet, as if even nature knew what had happened.

I never had the opportunity to meet Rich, although I would have liked to. My only claim in that direction is having met 2 of his dogs several years ago. We had gone to see Rich at Eastern College, and when we left, if had begun to drizzle. We passed a pick-up truck with Kansas plates on it that held 2 yellow labs in the back. Being a great dog lover, I couldn't walk past them without patting them. They were damp, but well behaved, did not appear to be upset that I leaned into the truck to pat them. My inclination was to stick around so I could bawl Rich out for leaving his dogs out in the cool, damp air, but I figured he'd be a while, and then I would be cool and damp!

Rich's music has made a major impact on my life and I will treasure it for as long as I live. He had an openness and honesty that I have not seen in many Christians, let alone someone in the public eye. We saw his doubts and struggles, his fights with God, and his moments of seeing His glory. His was a vulnerable life in front of so many, and we all benefitted from what we saw -- I only hope that he did too. We listened to his encouragement, we laughed at his jokes, we sat silent as we heard how much God loves us.

To be able to reach out and touch a life is one of the most precious gifts I think God can give to someone, and Rich certainly did that for so many of us. He never appeared to be anything other than who he was, he was real, not plastic, he spoke his mind, he loved others and he served God. He used his music to awaken us, to remind us, to show us how human we all are, and in doing so, he could reach the parts of us that we didn't want anyone else in. He really was one in a million, and I know I will miss him dearly.

My prayers, along with those of countless fans, are with you and your family at this time. May God comfort you and surround you with His peace.

Thank you so much for sharing your son with us. We loved him very much, he will remain in our hearts and lives forever. It is with great joy that I look forward to singing with Rich around the throne of God.

Sincerely, in Christian love,
Judi Lemay-Lusk
Roslyn, PA

I thank God for time that he allowed Rich to minister to us. His music was an inspiration to me and I'm glad that he followed God's will as a singer and songwriter. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I can just see him now singing in the heavenly chorus with the angels. He fulfilled his time here on earth and is now in a better place. I can't wait until the day when we will all be united together and sing the praises of our Lord and God. Yes, we will miss you Rich, but we praise God for the time that you were here on earth.

Jared M. Blankenship

Glory to God for sending us such a sincere song writer! We have been blessed with the time that Rich spent with us here on earth. My prayers go out to his family as well as to the family of his friend. Imagine how much better the music is in heaven now!

Pat Motschenbacher

I had a chance to meet Rich last October. What a character! I will truly miss him and any music he might have gotten from God if he would still be here today! God touched me so much through his music! He will truly be missed!
Brenda Jones

My son and I met Rich on several occasions. I helped coordinate his concerts in Atlanta. He was the most gentle spirit I had ever met. On one occasion, the concert was late opening the doors, due to some technical difficulties. After approximately 30 min., the concert was ready to begin. But, I couldn't find Rich. Finally, I found him sitting barefoot(as usual) on the steps in the hallway, talking to my 8 year old son. He was giving him advise on how to sing and not to be afraid, in his choir performance. When I asked Rich if he was ready, his reply was," In a minute, your son needs me". I will NEVER forget his love and compassion for others. Rich was the closest man, I had ever met, that walked like JESUS.
My experiences with him has blessed my life forever.
Stephanie Hemond

Thank you so much for sharing your son with the world. The legacy Rich leaves us is a unique one in that we can all turn the lyrics he penned to comfort us. We all loved him, even those of us who didn't know him personally. Please take comfort in the knowledge that his life was lived to the fullest for the glory of God. That is truly the highest praise any human could receive. He surely heard the words of God, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." Our prayers are with you at this time of loss.
Debbie Tidwell

It is hard for me to hear a Rich Mullins song now without my eyes watering a bit. It was a great loss for me as Rich's music was a great source of inspiration for me in my early walk as a Christian. He is a man I wish I had a opportunity to speak with if only for a few minutes. I am thankful that I was able to shake his hand and tell him that I appreciated him and his music after a concert this past summer. My grief is overshadowed in the light that Rich is in the presence of the Lord singing "Our God is an awesome God".

In Christ.
John Kreuz

Music is something that has always touched my soul. At times, music can soften my heart enough to let God's words reach me. I feel a sense of great loss, now that one of the truly gifted people in God's music, has died. Rich Mullins' songs are a part of my daily life (I sing 'Step by Step' every morning). I will forever be grateful for his ministry. My prayers are with his family and friends. May God give you peace.

In Christ,
Vivian Dubetz

I was terribly heartbroken to hear of the untimely death of Rich Mullins.

I wish to extend my condolences to his family and friends and all those who were close to him.

Driving home from my mothers' out-of-state funeral in 1989, I was greatly comforted by listening to his CD and singing the words from "If I Stand". Then after a radio announcer on KWBI announced his death, they played that song. I broke down in tears. Not because he had died necessarily, but for joy for him.

I know he will be greatly missed, and I hope and pray that knowing that he is in the presence of our wonderful Savior will bring comfort.

I will pray for Mitch, that he will have a speedy recovery.

Rhonda Wiebe

I came across this today and it seemed to help my grief:

"When you remember me, it means you have carried something of who I am with you, that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. I means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us. It means that if we meet again, you will know me. It means that even after I die, you can still see my face and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart."
---Frederick Buechner

He will be often remembered.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss but so thrilled for Rich's gain!!!! His music and life has touched us all and I keep my prayers with you during your times of trouble... He said he wanted to go out like Elijah and if he did or not I know he's a lot happier now..

in His love

The world has been stopped to think - about death and life. Death is no respecter of age, or wealth. In the past few weeks Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, and now Rich Mullins. My tears flow freely for our loss of Rich. He gave so much. I pray people would be forced to think - death comes at an instance, so quick. Are you prepared? I know where Rich is - home indeed with the Lord.
Tim Coles

To Rich's Mom and family,

You have a son to be proud of, a son who served the Lord, a son who changed my life. Desperate, in pain, and having lost hope, I stuck in "Hold Me Jesus". He did, and that song and CD became very familiar in our home. Jesus used Rich to "put me back together". Thank you for raising a son who was so wiling to give and serve. I wish I could carry some of your pain - ease the hurt and loss. We will remember you before the Lord in the weeks and months to come. Also our prayers will be for the full recovery of the other man injured.

"sometimes my life just doesn't make sense at all, when the mountains look so big and my faith just seems so small So hold me Jesus......."

We pray the Lord's loving arms around you at this time, and truly mourn your loss and the loss of a true man of God.

Tim & Christine Coles

To Rich's Family,

I am so looking forward to meeting Rich in heaven. He leaves a truly incredible legacy, in his music. I never saw him in concert, which I will always regret, yet the lyrics of his songs made a profound impact on my husband and myself. There are not many artists out there who put the truth of the Word into their songs without apology or a pop theme. We will listen to, give as gifts, and treasure the music that Rich gave so unselfishly.

We were very shaken, when we heard of Rich's death. We cannot even imagine how you feel. We are truly sorry, but also joyfully looking forward to the reunion in heaven. God's sovereignty and plan are often hard to understand, but as little children, we trust that everything is for the best.

Jeremiah 29:11
In Christ,
Marilyn Cryder

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

Thank you for the gift of your son to the Church. He challenged me with his life. He has challenged me even more with his death.

I am sorry that he is not with you anymore. Your grief must be very great. May the Lord whom you serve bring comfort to your heart.

Chris Smith

To Rich's family and friends,

It is impossible to put to words how much Rich's music ministry has impacted my life. It is honestly hard to say not to say that a big hole in my heart is left by this tragedy. I was in the greatest amount of disbelief when I heard the terrible news. Even now as I write this I am torn and grief stricken. Rich Mullins has been there since the day I accepted the Lord into my life. One week after I became a Christian, I went to my first Christian concert which was a Rich Mullins concert. I was amazed. No other musician can move me in the same way. I have gone to almost every concert of his within a four hour driving range, and I never tire because his music and words encourage me into a deeper knowledge and devotion to our Lord. I praise the Lord for giving to all of us this great man of God and for giving me the opportunity to share in his life. I will miss you, Rich. May the Lord continue to bless and grow His ministry where you served.

Audrey Chun

One of my best friends just told me of Rich Mullins' exit from this world. This friend had introduced me to Rich's music about four years ago, at a very difficult time in my life. Since then I've loved all of Rich's work and it has and will continue to be a source of worship and encouragement for me. I'll miss whatever new music he might have been working on, but as someone else pointed out, God gets to hear all of Rich's new songs now. There was so much in his music that made it clear that he was wanting ever more to be in the presence of God, and now he is there, and it is good. For our hearts it is sad to see him go, but one day we'll be with him and more importantly with our God, looking back at this "candle lighting central park" and we'll no longer have to long for our home, but together with Rich we'll sing the praises of our Awesome God. Meanwhile we can carry on with the legacy that Rich left us, reaching out to those in need and telling them about the gospel - the one thing that we all need. I will pray for his family and the others involved in the accident.

K. Stigers

Thanks for all the great music, Rich. I'm sure he's singing praises to the Lord like he never dreamed. We all know that Rich has reached that wonderful place he's been singing about all these years. Good-bye, Rich. I'll see you some day.
Mike Tait

Words cannot express the loss you are facing as a mother and family. If I could reach out and hug you I would. Your son's life meant something. You will grieve and hurt, but it is not in vain. Rich's music carried me through many hard times when I needed to look to the Lord. I don't know why God works the way He does. I could give you a hundred speculations on why he died, but you will still be broken and empty. I am truly sorry for your loss, yet thankful that Rich has finally met the God He craved in his heart. He is finally whole.

John A. Pontius

I would just like to let the people who love Rich know how extensively God used his music and his faith in my life.

I met Rich when I was 16 years old. He was a friend of my youth pastor at that time, and Ken asked ZION to come and kick off our youth rally. The first time I saw him, he was in camo pants, a black t-shirt, and no shoes! I thought it was so cool, and wished I had the guts to be myself amidst the trappings of my very traditional southern baptist upbringing.

That was just the beginning of my love affair with the music God gave Rich. More importantly, my love affair with my God. His passion for his God was something I had never witnessed before, and it was something I began to hunger for. I began to realize what it meant to have a "relationship" with God. Each time I saw him after that, I would search his eyes to see if the same passion was still there. Each time I only found it to be Stronger.

That 16 year old girl, who fell in love with her God, at the prompting of a barefoot pianist , in the middle of a stained glass sanctuary, is now almost 35. There have been ups and downs. Rich's music is a tool God chose to use consistently in my life.
When an artist writes with the honesty and intensity Rich does, you tend to feel somehow akin to him. Like you somehow know him, The loss I feel must diminish miserably in the shadow of those who got to share his life. I just wanted to let you know...He shed light wherever God took him. He was real. He was important to me.

I know it didn't "break his heart to say goodbye".... but it sure did break mine to loose him.

Thank you for the opportunity to voice my appreciation and loyalty.

I believe he went out like he wanted Elijah!! My family will miss him very much. But, we know where he is tonight and we should joyful in knowing that. His music has inspired my brother, Andrew. He is now trying to make it in "the business" now. My brother has met Rich on several occasions and we know what an fantastic man Rich is. Thank God for the many blessings Rich has given us through HIM. He will be missed. Everyone here at Florida Christian College will be keeping you all in our prayers. May God bless you and keep you always until we see Rich again.


Share our sorrow and sympathy to the family and friends of Mr. Rich Mullins. He will no doubt be sorely missed; but, in his abbreviated life, I believe he truly pursued the vision God gave him. Because of his ministry, thousands of people have been and will be touched. I am reminded of the Ray Boltz song, "Thank You" because I am sure Rich was greeted in heaven by many who wanted to say "Thank You". Rich can't hear me now, but I want to say to you, the special people in his life, Thank You for sharing this wonderful man with us for a time. May our Precious Lord lift you up in His Hand and assure you of His Everlasting Love and Care!

Yours in Christ,
Tammy Braye & Family

Heaven has a new resident to glorify God in song.... face-to-face...... forever more.

I just want to say I am so sorry for Rich Mullin's family. I know they have lost a very special person as has the whole world. I pray that God strengthens you through this time and fills your heart with peace.

God Bless
Elizabeth Baker.

Ever since I heard the news I have found myself crying for this great loss, though I know it is heaven gain. Still the tears that have stream down a path I have not seen it heart convicted and torn wanting to cry out to Lord, "Take ME!!!!" For I have done little to tell not the world, but simply my neighbor about Jesus. I cry instead..."hold me Jesus, 'cause I'm shakin' like a leaf." It was ten years ago Rich Mullins played the week before me at Koinonia. "You oughta hear this guy they said." When I did finally, it was like words whispered from heaven. There not much else to say, but God is God and nothin' else matters.


Rich's family,

His strength is perfect, when our strength is gone!!! Hold on and keep looking to Jesus! You are in our prayers here in Loveland, Ohio! I went to CBC and really feel a loss with you!! Just remember that it is true!! OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!! We love Rich and we love you!!!
Brian Richard

I'm sad, but I can't help but rejoice for all the wondrous works God did through Rich. Although I will miss the anticipation of a new Rich Mullins album, I know the praising of God will go on through Rich's music. I am living proof of that every time I drive my car. All praise and glory be to God our Father for the life, music, and ministry of Rich Mullins!

Thank you Rich, for the message of life and grace your music and ministry relentlessly communicated. As someone else wrote.... "Oh, the love of God!"

C. Hurney

I had the opportunity to share Rich's music with my youth ministry on Sunday, Sept. 20th with over 100 students. Some had heard of his tragic death, but many had not. Hearing Rich's music wasn't something new for us, but listening to the lyrics knowing that Jesus was holding him; knowing that he has seen our Awesome God face to face; knowing that the creed that has made him was real; and knowing that he was no longer weeping as a man longing for his home, but he was truly home, made his music that much sweeter! We hurt for the lose of our brother, but we rejoice that he joins the angels singing to our Savior a song higher than our own!

See you soon Rich,
Jeff Jakes and the youth at Orangewood Pres. in Maitland, FL

He was a truly spirit-filled man that touched the hearts of many. I fully enjoyed the style of music that he wrote. His words put so much of what I felt into words. I will miss him, though there is a strong sense of peace that he is where he wanted most to be. He was an example of how we should live our lives for God because one day we will be with God. My prayers are with his family and friends that knew him personally.

Robert Walker

The way that Rich lived for God was remarkable. When I think of Rich one of the first words to come to my head is REAL. I believe one of the reasons Rich's ministry was so great, is because he was real with himself, real with people, most important real with God. How much would we be taught by God and used by God for His glory if we could just be real.


He was one of the few Christian artists I felt that I could really relate to. His songs really conveyed a genuine Christian walk that was sometimes a struggle, an uphill climb, but always a joy. I will truly miss his work and encouragement.

Youth Minister

My story probably echoes so many others out there... I was deeply stunned by the news of Rich's death, concerned for those he left behind, and comforted by knowing that he can see clearly the Jesus he tried so hard to view with the clouded, dark glasses we all have to wear while we live on this earth. Rich and his music have meant so much to me and my husband. His concert in 1993 was our first date, and our first glimpse of what it would be like to praise the Lord in unity of spirit and voice. You see, we were married last July, just a couple months after we saw Rich again in April--not knowing then that it would be the last time we would see him here on earth. I wanted to tell Rich what special memories those are for us... but I never did. Since he is in a place untouched by pain, these words are no longer meant for Rich, but for those who love him and may be hurting, wondering why God took him home. Please read this and know he served God well and that is all any of us can ask for our short pilgrimage here.

Ellen Bergstrom

I couldn't believe how hard the news of Rich's death hit me. I was at the Franklin Grahm Festival in Sioux Falls when I heard the news. I wouldn't believe it though until I heard it on the radio. I first heard Rich's music in 1996. From that day his music has been a very important part of my life. I praise God for the talent He gave to Rich and I thank Him for allowing Rich to share that with us here on earth. I had the privilege of meeting Rich twice. Those memories will always be with me. His music challenged me, comforted me, and inspired me to worship. Never has any one person's music meant so much to me. Thank you to his family for sharing Rich with us. You are in my thoughts and prayers. It gives me comfort to know that I am not alone in my grief. I rejoice in the fact that Rich is with our God and that he is able to share his music with heaven.


I am so pleased that my husband and I were able to hear and see Rich at the concert at St. Timothy's Catholic Church last year. He was talented and modest and brought his humor with his music. Our family will miss his songs but are blessed to have had his music in our lives. I can't tell you how many times his music has made helped me out of a "blue" day or helped me focus on God and
serving Him better.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Rich's family.
The Lane Family

Rich was my age and spoke though all of the phoniness and pretention.

Cindy Cowsert

To whom it may concern; I wish to express my depth sympathy to the family of Mr. Rich Mullins. Several months ago I bought his album Rich Mullins Songs because I needed a new CD. I was truly blessed and pray that you can find comfort in his song "Hold me Jesus".

My prayers are with you,
Amy Cypret

What a tremendous writer. I have used his songs so many times in ministry. Right now, I think he's talking to Elijah, about how awesome our God is!

James L. Smith

To Mrs. Mullins,

I want to express my deepest sympathy in the loss of your son. He was a hero of mine and I grieve with you as one who has the hope of the resurrection. Please know my prayers are with you and your family at this time. May you have Peace in God's will and say with confidence that He doeth all things well.

By His Grace,
Shelby Browning
Nashville TN

I didn't realize it until he died, but he was my favorite male singer (slow division). His music has grown on and in me over the past two years. I have worn out my Liturgy tape listening to it over the past year. Whenever I am depressed I listen to his music for encouragement. The words mean so much...he had such a heart for God. I wonder if he is still writing songs in heaven...I hope so. Can you imagine his version of "Hold Me Jesus" now after actually having been in His arms. I'll miss his message and his heart.

Kerry A. Smith

I met Rich Mullins while he was doing a concert at my church. I wasn't sure what he looked like. And while the band was there earlier in the day setting up for the concert. I noticed this guy with long hair and barefoot. I thought he was a stagehand. He didn't talk much and did his job. Carried boxes and such and was very polite and seem to respect so much. I assumed he was a worker. Later that night, the concert began. There was an opening band and then that same stage hand came out with a guitar. Didn't introduce himself, just started to worship God. I leaned over to my husband and asked who that was, I thought, 'wow, what a talented stagehand'. My husband said "that's Rich Mullins. From that day on I was blown away with his humbleness and a great heart for God! Since that day in Redding, California I tried to seek that humbleness, but yet confidence in God. We saw him again in Spain and he was the same. I've also had a hard time to not compare him with other bands. Because, like I said, I thought he was a stagehand. He wasn't acting like he deserves to be "wined and dined". Just humble........God is even more blessed today to have Rich so close to His side. Thank you precious God for allowing us to be so blessed by Your music through Rich......Amen.


You finally made it, You see Jordan from the other side. No more a longing heart, Now you have the Son in your eyes.

I can't help but wonder, Why it had to be your time. But God is so Sovereign, And makes foolish the wise.

And Heaven rejoices, While the earth just weeps. And I know I see the smile, Of the One Who Keeps you and me.

J. Lain

I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my wonderful Christian son in an automobile accident on March 29 of this year, so I can truly say, "I know how you feel". The Lord is our hope and our refuge, but remember, you have every right to grieve. Be kind to yourself. We will see our sons in Heaven someday, but until then they will be greatly missed. I will pray for you.

In Christ's love,
Kathy Ganey

This one is from Hawaii...from a guy on a rock in the middle of a sea. Rich came in concert twice since I became a serious believer, I saw him three times. He helped me to see what it really meant to be doing what you can for the Lord, and not losing perspective on what is important.

His concert was my first live Christian concert experience, and it started off like no other concert I have been to. My friends and I (about 20 of us or so), crowded the glass doors of the First Assembly of God where the concert was being held 3 hours or so ahead of time to ensure securing the best seating. We sat there talking and praying, and someone suggested worship, so three guys went to get their guitars and we started singing.

We saw some cars pass by and guys get out, and it seemed as though there were people arriving to prepare for the concert (sound checks, instrument setup, etc.). After about 15 minutes, I noticed one of them had strayed from the stage area and come out to the glass doors out front. He quietly had slipped out and was approaching our group. I thought, "Oh no, we're making too much noise, so we better stop or something so we don't get kicked out." But then he just stopped and listened to us sing. He came closer, and I pointed out to my friend who invited me, "Hey, isn't that Rich?" My friend looked up and his eyes became bigger than I had ever seen it to that point, and also since then, and soon, we were all marveling that the musician we had come to see was listening to us worship. He encouraged us to continue, and after a song or two, he shared a song he was not going to record with us.

I wish I remembered everything now, but I only remember the experience. He then told us to go home, because we were crazy to be coming this early and waiting in line, but we naturally were not going to even think about leaving. He went back in and called Beaker, and they both thought we were nuts.

They then went to get a bite to eat and were 1/2 an hour late to the concert because they couldn't find their way back to the church, but they made up for it in a big way by extending the concert for another hour. It was so good.

The thing that touched me most was that this musical miracle was willing to wait after the concerts were over to sign every autograph, take every picture, and shake every hand that was extended to him along with words of encouragement, an occasional prayer for someone who needed it then and there, and a warm, broad smile. This told me that no matter how high up I got in the eyes of men, or how gifted I felt I had become, I would always need to practice the deeds and works of simple faith in order to truly please our heavenly Father.

I wish that I could share more with all of you of what my thoughts are, but I believe I have been conceited enough for a day.

I only would like to add that Rich's favorite island in Hawaii was Maui, and I gave him his "I survived the road to Hana" T-shirt, so he could remember his favorite island. I don't know if he still has it, but if you find it, I ask that you give it to his youngest relative as a gift to his family from me.

My aloha (love) and mahalo (thanks) to his family and friends.

God be with you all, and may the peace that transcends all understanding be yours in Christ Jesus.


Rich Mullins made a difference in my life. I never met him personally, but I was touched by the Holy Spirit when I experienced his music. I praise the Lord for His creation. For the gifts given without repentance. For Rich Mullins and the life he lived so well. Rich Mullins was the servant who was given five talents of gold, and returned ten to his master! Thank you Rich. Your song was not sung in vain. And with the prairies I am calling out your name...


I am sorry to say that I've only been fortunate enough to see him in concert once--back in I guess 1989 when World as Best as I Remember It was out. I knew who he was from songs on the radio, and I won a ticket to the concert. It was incidentally my first concert period as I recall. Anyway, It was at George Fox college in Newberg, Oregon, and I despite being situated in the balcony and being unable to distinctly hear, I was impressed with both his sense of fun and humor as well as his (and his ensemble's) level of musical excellence. He sang a lot of songs from World as Best of course, as well as some classics, like Awesome God and Alrightokuhhuhamen. He also did a really fun performance of "Screen door on a submarine," and I for a song (about Noah, I think) for which he had the audience simulate--through tapping, finger-snapping, knee-slapping, and foot-stomping, an rising torrent of rainfall. Very fun. I remember he had long hair and a pair of too-large! shorts that kept slipping down. Overall I had a great time.

Over the years I received the opportunity to glimpse the man behind the performer, and I've discovered many things--a dreamer, a thinker, a servant, a teacher, a poet, a musician, and a man of God. My sorrow at his passing is a purely selfish urge--regret at the loss of opportunity to once again see him in person and indulge my hero-worship, and also regret at the loss of future music from this talented man. It is selfish, for he now dwells in the place that he ever looked toward--the winds of heaven.

Joel P. Shempert

Being an American living in Australia I have seen firsthand the grief over the death of Princess Di. It didn't mean much to me. And then yesterday I got the news of Rich going home. His music and words have been a significant part of my journey as a Christian. One of my first thoughts was how similar this situation is to Keith Green. It seems that sometimes their is a life that is truly devoted to God and He allows us to share in that life for only a short time. Of anyone Rich deserved to go home and be with God early. I am jealous and sad though. I always looked forward to new albums which contained insights into life with God. I can't wait to see Rich "live" in concert in heaven.

up on the underside,
Rev Kev

Rich Mullins music was an inspiration to me and my husband. We will miss his music and all the various different faiths he represented.
Mrs. Dingledein

Hi -
our hearts generally bog down with words - so I wrote this poem instead - the language of poetry is mysterious and intense -

Your poverty of spirit
always made me Rich
your human heart's compassion
sung in perfect pitch
and every where I go
I'll see you
when listening to the wind
I know that you'll be listening
the People were your friend
true to your true calling
you have made me see
I'm older and I'm wiser
I fall on bended knee
offer up this praise
you are gone
my heart is torn
prayers to heaven raise
brother fair you were more
than Rich you were gold pure
offering us pure sunshine
opened heaven's door
inside my soul
you still live
for tears do fill these eyes
native peoples will remember
the world as you remembered it
your name across the sky
and every where I go
I'll see you
my brother - you were more
a saint - an angel shattered
sweet prophet of the Lord -

I miss you -

thank you for listening
Lynn Prescott
Los Angeles, CA

Rich was one of the artists that really hooked me on Contemporary Christian Music. Our pastor said a prayer for him Sunday morning and I turned on the radio after church to make sure it was THE Rich Mullins. He has touched my life and I will always carry his songs in my heart. My children love "Awesome God" and "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" especially. God's peace to Rich's Family as we know he is in good hands. Think of the songs he'll be writing in heaven!

Ralph Brown

I'm still cant believe he's gone...I figured he would be here forever...I took his music for granted..and him also...he spoke to my heart about God, about friends, about life...At 36, I had found someone who was a kindred spirit, and I'll never see him again, but I have my memories..wonderful spirit-filled memories...they will last forever..and he is with our Father...In a way, it makes me so happy he's happy...and then I think of his family, Beaker and I know the pain they feel...I pray for them and the McVicker family..I pray for your peace and I'm sorry I have to let you know this way how much he meant to me personally..I guess I never knew until now...

Be God's
John Kenna

As I have thought over the last couple of day's about Rich's death and passing to heaven, I thought of the time I was able to meet him. Our pastor had suggested to myself and the other youth leaders at our church that a neat program idea was to try to contact a well known Christian - an athlete, a celebrity, or singer, and try to arrange a phone conference with our group - we would call him, then have the youth assemble in the pastor's office and talk to him via speakerphone. Since Rich was living in Wichita at the time, I thought of him instantly - it wouldn't even be long distance! To our surprise and joy, his immediate reaction was "Why talk on the phone? - I'll come to your youth group meeting."

On the planned night, I waited at the door to show him to the room while the other leaders began the meeting. He drove up in his pickup truck with the doghouse in the back, walked to the door, and when I walked up to greet him, he said " I'm Rich Mullins, and I am supposed to speak to the youth group". The humility of this man was overwhelming! First to take time to talk to out group, then to think he'd need to identify himself! He'd spoken to the kids for over an hour , answering questions about his ministry and living the Christian Life, when finally my wife said "Would you sing something?". He replied, "Sure, is there a piano anywhere?". We moved into the sanctuary, he encouraged us to all gather around the piano and we sang with him for nearly another hour! Between songs he would stop to tell about what was behind the lyrics.

His music has touched me deeply, his lyrics were so powerful, but even more knowing just a little of the man behind them made his music even more moving. His witness to the Lord he loved much will carry on. I pray that God's comfort will lift up all Rich's loved ones.

Marty Hunt

I was truly saddened to hear of Rich's death. His music touched my life in so may ways. The Holy Spirit used Rich's music to help me see the face of Jesus. I was fortunate enough to see him in concert twice and I truly respected his humble ways and his sense of humor. I feel as though I have lost a friend. I'm glad I have the comfort of knowing that he is in heaven. I rejoice that God gave him to us for a short time. I rejoice that he has met his best friend.


I am currently a freshman at Concordia College in Ann Arbor, MI. I heard of Rich's passing on Monday night. He has had a huge impact on my life and I will never forget him. My religion teacher played his music, especially "Hold Me Jesus" a lot, and I found his music just seemed to speak to me. His album was the first Christian cd I ever bought. That song has gotten me through hard times. Whenever I feel low I just listen to that song. Rich made a huge impact on this world and I just wanted to let you know that everyone here at Concordia is devastated by his passing but is uplifted knowing he is with our Maker in Heaven. We will never forget him. His music touched a lot of people and changed many lives, including mine, and now, as he is in heaven, he is getting his reward for his years of hard work. I hope you all draw strength knowing he is in a better place and know that the world will never forget him. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. God's blessings on you all.

Jamie L. Peterson

Rich's music and life have impacted my life and relationship with God in ways that I could never begin to describe. His music was there when I needed to learn to stand with Christ and comforted me when I realized the extreme need to rest in Christ's grace. We have truly lost a wonderful brother and inspiration. Our love and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.


After my initial shock and disbelief, I had been brooding over his death, breaking down into tears at work, at home, at any time of day or night -- until tonight. After my evening bike ride, I noticed an especially spectacular sunset. His words resounded through my mind: "There's so much work left to do, but so much you've already done." For the first time since his death, I see. He's with his First Love -- what greater joy is there than that? Lord Jesus, we recognize Your sovereignty and pray that our lives may bring You glory!


Rich's music has always been a blessing for me. He obviously lived out the plan God had for him. His music will live after him, and he will always be remembered.

Vic Eastham

I would like to let you know that Rich has made a forever impact on my life. My view of my heavenly Father and the way that I lead worship in ministry was forever changed the first time I heard "Awesome God". The only words I can share are "Thank You" and that the Lord used Rich in such an incredible way in my life. He knew His Heavenly Father, he knew Him in worship, and now he knows Him face to face. God Bless you and please know that he will continue to minister through music and the legacy of his life.

You're in our prayers,
Scott Hobbs

Rich Mullins ... what a loss for us all. Talented, compassionate, and complex, his music had a way of taking "religion" out, and putting God in. At times in my Christian walk when I was tired of being a "Christian," tired of the "talking the talk," tired of trying to be something I wasn't, and didn't even want to be at times - there was something about his music that made me remember what it is all about - the love of God, the beauty of His creation, the richness of His history, and probably above all His astounding grace. I related to Rich Mullins as I would a friend, which I find so odd considering I didn't know him. I am grateful to him for getting me through a tough time in my life with his song "If I Stand," because of course, I couldn't stand, but was reminded it's okay when you can't.

I know, I know, heaven's gain. But our deep, deep loss.

Rich, I am so happy for you that you are home.


Rich can now "see Him, and hear Him tell him that He loves Him so much." For those of us who grieve our loss of this great, Christ-like man, it is also our "hope to carry on"--that we too will be someday will "held by Jesus." Rich certainly did leave a legacy of joy; a legacy of real compassion. We don't understand why God ended his life on earth at such an early age, but our faith can grow stronger through this--in admitting we don't understand Him and that we need Him to help us through. In doing so, we will enhance our relationship with our Lord, causing us to leave our own legacy of Christ-like service; which is the way Rich would have wanted it. And I thank God, that He gave us Rich to remind us of just that; in his songs, his articles, his speaking, his life.

Brian Snyder

To the family of Rich Mullins,

My family sends you our prayers and sympathy. We pray that you will lean on God for strength today and in the days to come. Be comforted in knowing that Rich touched the lives of literally every one who heard his music. His seem to have a sense for heaven that most of us only hope to have. Our local Christian station in Dallas paid tribute to Rich all day Monday. Just listening to words of his songs, you realize that he was constantly in tune with our Creator and unconcern with the things of the world. My two teen-aged daughters looked to him as a role model. For that influence I will always be thankful. Thank you for sharing him with believers everywhere. I know that the heavenly choir has a new look. I'm sure Rich is joyfully "Singing His Praises to the Lord"!

Lord Bless You,
Lynn, Kathy, Kara & Laura Thomas

As the owner of a Christian bookstore and a sales rep. in the CBA, Rich was a real shinning light in a music industry that has really lost it's focus on what God has called it to do. One can't help but think of Keith Green at a time like this, and how Rich and Keith were power vessels for Jesus Christ. I know the Lord will in His special way bless you through this tragedy.

John Terry

My wife and I are dairy farmers in Indiana. At times raising four young children and running a farm have been hard. I remember the first Rich Mullins song that I heard, it was First Family. The experiences that Rich wrote about were the ones we were living. When I went back to college to earn an elementary education degree things were not any easier but whenever I was feeling discouraged I would put one of Rich's tapes in our old beater of a car and sing along to sooth my soul and soften my heart. I found Rich's music to speak to people that had not the love of the Lord or the need of the Lord in their lives.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord the righteous judge shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them that love his appearing. II Timothy 4 7, 8

Tom Waitt

To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Rich got his promotion Friday night, another reminder that we are not promised tomorrow. Our prayers are with his family and we are praying earnestly for Mitch and his family. Rich will be greatly missed but I really and truly believe that soon and very soon we will all join him. God should have a big enough choir of the ones he has called home recently that all he needs to say is "Gabriel, sound your trumpet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brenda Kelly

I just wanted to say to the family of Rich Mullins that he was a great man who right now is singing in heaven. I remember two instances when I had met him. One time he came to perform at a church here in Evansville, IN where I am now attending. The name of the church then was "Cullen Ave", but they have recently changed it to "Crossroads". After he finished performing we saw him sitting in the hallway of the church on a vent talking to people. My two friends who are real bold decided to go up and talk to him. I on the other hand was real shy about it, but I went with them feeling that they could do most of the talking and I will just stand and listen. I had never before felt so at ease talking to someone as I did Rich Mullins. I couldn't believe someone could be that down to earth and be so close to Heaven at the same time. I talked to him about a lot of things that I normally would not have said, but I just felt so comfortable.

Another time I had met him was at a Christian Retreat called CIY. I decide since I sing a lot myself that I wanted to perform in the choir that they had set up for anyone who wanted to sing and we would perform on the last night of CIY. Well, like anything you need to practice before you can perform anything so I went to the room that the practice was being held at. I had know idea when I entered the room that Rich Mullins was going to direct the choir. It boggled the mind to know that a guy who makes albums and has so many followers would ever direct a small time choir. It just showed his compassion. That it was real. In his words and in his life he lived for Jesus. I guess now we can literally say that when he left he went out like Elijah. I am praying for you all. I know it is very difficult at times, but if there was ever a guy in this world I felt should leave us early to be with Jesus, it was him. I know what he is saying right now. "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

Thank you God for giving us the great opportunity to know this wonderful man that you brought to this earth to serve you and he took full advantage of your grace. Please tell him that I love him and he will be missed. Amen.


We are from Lincoln Christian College, where Rich wrote one of his songs, it saddens me to see the concert pictures being taken down all over campus; he had a concert here in October. We want to send our sympathy to Rich's family and let Mitch and his family know we are praying for him/them. Let's thank God that he gave Rich the incredible gift of ministering to others in such a powerful way. Rich was truly a man of God and one that will always be remembered!

Stephen Osbourne

It was such a tragic shock to hear about the loss of a great Christian singer. Truly, his voice and message and ministry will never be forgotten. Only He knows the reason for this loss. His music will live on through us all! God bless and our prayers are with you all.

Phil Snyder

It is such a shock to hear of Rich's death. However, we can find comfort in the fact that Rich is in a better place and with the Lord that he loved to serve and witness about.


My real introduction to the depth of Rich's music and understanding was the song "Calling Out Your Name." The first time I heard the song on the radio I was swept away. After BROAD hints, I received "The World as Best I Remember It, Vol. 1 for my birthday. It has been one of my favorites ever since. "Step By Step" became sort of a theme song for our Sunday School class...especially "I will follow you all of my days." Our family was blessed to see Rich, Mitch and the band in Lubbock last June...we found out about the concert on the day of, dropped everything and made the two hour drive to Trinity Church. We were awed by over 3 hours of music (Okay, "Mimes of the Old West" by This Train was not as awesome, but overall it was wonderful. My 10 year old and 7 year old still sing "Screen Door" with great gusto. Through his music, it was easy to feel a kinship with Rich, even though we never met him personally. He spoke with humor, warmth, REALness and with great worship of God and His ways, as well as the foibles and frustrations of being human. We have this hope, however...we will meet him for real one day...maybe very soon.

Paul Wiseman

I'm so sorry for your pain. I realize that you are receiving thousands of these, and at some level, it must be both wonderful and hard to know that Rich has so many people who seemed to know him through his music. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that he had to go help write the new song (from Revelation) that all believers will sing as we cast our crowns before the throne of our father. Rich will be well remembered, and please know that as you, his family and close friends, endure the loss, that there are thousands of us praying for you.

russ tidwell

It is ironic but true that Rich's last single release, "Elijah", was about going home to heaven. Also, the last words Rich utters in that song is "bye bye". He always had a way of saying simple things and leaving such a deep mark, even when he didn't mean to. I will miss you, Rich. I can't wait to see you again. "Heaven is a long hello". :)

Pat and Evie Norberg

Rich Mullins was unique among Christian performers. His music was so personal, so revealing, that when others told me that he was their favorite Christian performer, I was quick to reply that I had all of his releases, saw him in concert, was from Indiana like him, and that he was the first Christian performer I ever listened to and purchased and that he was by far my favorite. In other words, I liked him better! There was something about Rich, and in the music that he left behind, that pulled you towards him - caused you to study his lyrics and quiet everyone around you when one of his songs came on the radio. That "something" was Jesus Christ. Rich, like Keith Green before him, was dedicated solely to His Lord, and his life and music was a visual of that commitment. Like Elijah he was taken, I believe, because of how serious he was about seeking the Lord's face. The same for Keith Green in his generation. May we too, like each of them, seek God with the same resolve and commitment. Thank you Rich . .

Douglas Bowman

Rich Mullins was my favorite Christian artist. Now he's singing his songs for the one he used to sing about.


My name is Thomas Wright. I first witnessed Rich in 1994 in a concert that God used to lead my wife, Debi, and I, to sponsor a little girl in Ecuador with Compassion Intl. In 1995 when Rich came back to Tulsa, the Lord blessed me financially so that about 25 friends and church family were able to join in the praise and worship that was Rich in concert. Two of my friends and I, being led by a desire to share the Lord with others with music and testimony as Rich did, began a band we call "Forgiven, not Perfect". We most recently saw Rich this spring as he visited Tulsa, not with the Ragamuffin Band, but with a new friend, Mitch. The two of them shared and led us in praise and worship at a local church of Christ. Rich spent a great deal of time speaking from the heart, he accompanied Mitch on several songs, as humble and pleased with the warm welcome and encouragement his friend received as he was leading us in hymns and praises and listening to us sing to our Lord.

Your son allowed the Lord to use him to speak to us in so many ways, I hope that the " Well done, my good and faithful servant" that I am sure was reserved for Rich. in a small way, helps you thru this time of longing for your son. Please take heart in Jn 14 vv.1-3 and 1 Cor. 5 vv.1-8, that immediately Rich was in the presence of the One that he served and loved so much.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. Thomas and Debi amd Rachel Wright,
Mike and Shea Casey,
Larry Carden,
Greg Shaw

God bless you. I have so many regrets that I did not ever get to see Rich, or even write him, but one day I know I will. I will miss him.

He wrote these words and they helped me through a life-threatening trial. I hope they will help you now:

"May Peace rain down from heaven,
like little pieces of the sky,
like the little keepers of the promise
falling on these souls the drought has dried.

In His blood and in His body,
in this bread and in this wine...
Peace to you,
Peace of Christ to you."

God bless you. I love you. I love Rich. We will see him.

In Christ
Martin McCourt

Our God is an Awesome God and now Rich has gotten to meet Him. That is an exciting factor in the face of sorrow. Praise God for what Rich's music has done to change the way I worship God. His ministry was and will always be truly a blessing.

Kelly Brock

What does one say when her hero passes away? There are so many people who regard Rich as their favorite artist, one who touched their lives. That is undoubtedly the reason he was sent here... But to me he was so much more. As I sit here on the campus on Cincinnati Bible College, I am thinking of the many gestures taken here to honor his life here on earth; and I remain amazed at the influence he has had on my life. I never got a chance to shake his hand... or tell him what he meant to me. He was my one and only role model - my example, my hero, my inspiration.

He has encouraged me to write my songs from the heart, regardless of the reaction I expect to get from those who hear them. He taught me that only I could discover the kind of music God wanted me to create - and I had to find it inside myself - not in some other artist on some big label somewhere. I have many times thought of Rich as the one standing over my shoulder, teaching and instructing me. So when I first heard of his death, I felt as if a piece of my heart had been wrenched out. It's amazing how God guides and teaches you through apparent strangers...

I just finished writing a song in his memory... perhaps someday someone out there will hear it and not praise me, but the Father in Heaven who graciously allowed us to see this man of faith, this "Jesus man" - our example and our brother.

We will miss him, but shall we mourn him? Shall Christians accept death with dark veils and grim tears? No, but with the tears one sheds when he says goodbye - bittersweet tears that fall with faith that he will see his loved one again.

I will close with a potent quote by Emily Dickinson - another of my inspirations:

"The Martyr Poets did not tell -
But wrought their Pang in syllable -
That when their mortal name be numb
Their mortal fate - encourage Some - ..."

Tasha Thomas

It saddened me greatly to hear of Rich's death. But in listening to some of his music, it made me smile to know he is with His Awesome God singing in the heavenly choir.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

In Jesus's Love,
Jerrie Franklin
Austin, TX

Mrs Mullins,

Your son touched our lives in a way few people ever do. The Lord used Rich's life in ways that will only be known when we are gathered there with the Lord, The Creator, The Almighty One, the One who gave Rich his gift! I pray that the peace of God will be with you in the days to come.

Paul Day

This news is so sad for us. We have been truly blessed by Rich's powerful lyrics and music in his songs to the Lord; Awesome God,The Creed, Maker of Noses, and If I Stand are only a few of the pieces that cut to our hearts and emphasized God's power and our response to His awesome gift to us. We cried at the thought of the loss of such a compassionate and gifted spokesman for the Lord, but we also rejoiced at his homecoming to our Awesome God. We are also thankful for his voice in the wilderness, and ponder our place in God's plan at this time. May God use this tragedy to touch lives and inspire others to answer the call in such a bold way.

-Dean C. Trejo

I was in shock to hear of Rich's death. I got the opportunity to meet him in 1987 or '88 and to spend a week getting to know this wonderful man. It was at Round Lake Christian Assembly near Loudenville, OH. He had a heart full of love and was willing t o share it with everyone he came into contact with. He will truly be missed by many.

In Christian Love,

Rich served as music minister for our church in Michigan in 1982-1983. He was then, and remained until the end, a true Christian light and the most honest, sincere, and humble musician I've ever met. I don't think he had any idea how large an impact he had on the kids at our church (many of whom now have kids of their own). He shared his heart with anyone he met, simply and easily, because he had found such joy in Christ that he wanted everyone to know. I've never met anyone who lived so completely for God. One of his earliest songs perfectly described his life:
"Live like you'll die tomorrow,
die knowing you'll live forever..."

Although my heart is heavy and there's been a lump in my throat since I heard the news, I can't help but to think that Rich finally got what he wanted, and I'm sure it didn't break his heart to say goodbye.

-Kim Edwards
Grand Rapids, Michigan

When I first heard about the sudden and tragic accident of Rich Mullins last night, my first reaction was shock and disbelief. I couldn't believe the news. I love his music - especially "Awesome God". And as I'm writing this note, I'm listening to it as a remembrance of such an "Awesome Man" with such a God-given talent. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Anabelle Lieuson,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We just wanted to let you know how much Rich Mullins's music has meant in both of our lives. When I was 13, Awesome God was my lifesaver in dealing with my grief at the loss of my father. He was truly a blessing. We know that God will shower His grace upon you all as you deal with this tragedy. You are all in our prayers, as is Mitch for his recovery through God's boundless grace.

May God watch over and bless you all,
Joey and Nicole MacNamara

My name is Willy Skaff and I was a senior at Wheaton College last year when Rich and Mitch brought their musical, "Canticle of the Plains" to our campus. I auditioned and got the part of Frank, the wanderer who follows the voice of God, modeled after St. Francis of Assisi. To be honest, the play was beset with problems and the cause of some heartache for all those involved--canceled rehearsals, a transformed script, technical problems, and unfilled roles. This in no way reflected on Rich, however, as he only able to be with us the week prior to performance. Rather it was caused by the fact that we had no priority over use of the campus stages, we had a tiny budget, and shaky leadership. But we pulled it off and put it on, and it was worth every second sharing a stage with Rich, as he opened and closed the musical with his own singing.
As I've told others, it was the music that drove the story line and told the tale of Frank. It was the music that painted the scenery better than any set could have, and it was the music that ultimately moved the people. Rich's melodies and instrumentation are magic, and his lyrics are more than eloquent. He was a true poet. I have sung a couple of those songs at church and received reactions and compliments different from ever before. There is something distinct and refreshing, new and uplifting, with his music, and my complimenters usually were at a loss of words for what exactly it was, or how exactly they felt. I am forever grateful that Rich brought his music to our school, that he selflessly turned over his work for us strangers to interpret. I am proud to have been a part of his ministry, and glad to have been his friend for a short while.

Rich is now with his Lord, smiling into His face. The snapshot in my kitchen of he and I at the reception following the show is now priceless. Thank you Rich Mullins. My prayers are for your family and friends in this time of questioning, sorrow, and joy.

Willy Skaff

I have to share something with you. I saw Rich at the concert in McKinney in June and he just blessed me so much. My five year old daughter knew most of the words to his songs and sang right along with him. It makes me, as a mother, very grateful for the influence that Rich Mullins' music has had on my family. I mourn his death selfishly because I know that Rich is probably singing with the angels right now. Can't you hear a choir of angels singing Our God is an Awesome God??????

Dana Oscar

If I was God I would have done things different. If I was God, good self-sacrificing Christian mentors would not die but live as His blessing to us, and fellow soldiers in the battle for righteousness and souls. If I was God, blessings would rain down in a flood at the feet of those called according to his purpose. If I was God, the apostles would not have been held in jail, on crosses, or to burning stakes, but held as heroes of truth. If I was God, the Savior of the world wouldn't have been homeless with a stone for his pillow. If I were God, He wouldn't have been born in a barn and laid in a feed trough.

But I am not God. I am incapable of doing even the smallest of his works. I cannot even control my own life without the leadership of His Holy Spirit. My finite mind is clothed in sinful desires, bias and self-interest. If He is God, then He has a perfect plan in which there is a reason for such things, the things now we don't understand. I guess that's what faith is for.

Tomorrow we will rise, but today my eyes are as full of tears as my heart is of grief. Our Example grieved at the death of a friend. After all, a part has been unexpectedly torn from our body. Not torn, but pruned, by the Gardener who fashions us to that which we cannot now even imagine. He is the vine, we are the branches.

Wayne Edgar

Rich Mullins music touched my heart, he inspired me to be real in my relationship with God and others. I can't wait to thank him for letting God use him. I want to do the same with my life.
-- Ron Mouser

This past summer there was a young man in our church who had just graduated from college. He was into full time ministry, had a Christian band, had already pastored a church by the time he was 22 years old. He was alive for the Lord. He did more in his 22 years than most do all their life for Jesus. He was killed in an accident on his way to a Youth camp to be a counselor. The church was filled to overflowing with friends and people who his life had touched. I found myself asking why take such a good young man who did so much for God. Just like many are asking "Why Rich?" He did so much for God. But this young man's mother wrote to the church after Brian's funeral that God's comfort was so precious to her because He understood, you see; because God too had a son in the ministry and his life was lost at a young age as well. I pray God's blessing and comfort for you.

And to Rich's mom: You raised a fine son, you should be proud.

--Robin Lafflin

My prayers go out to Rich's family. Rich Mullins was one-of-a-kind. He was an "uncompromising" Christian musician, uniquely delivering the Gospel message in every song. Without a doubt he was among the greatest musical talents who ever walked the earth. His music will "live on" for years to come and continue to bring many to Christ. Goodbye for now Rich...we "will" see you again someday!

--James Condon Sr

I will truly miss Rich. Every time I listen to one of his songs, my heart will break a little because I know he isn't here. But this is where the wonderful thing about Christianity comes into play: while I miss him now, I know that we will all be reunited in Heaven. We will all just have to be patient. Until then, Rich and Mark Heard can sing to God until we get there to join them in song. Until that time when we are reunited, let us continue to carry on the job that Rich worked so hard at: bringing Christ to a sick and dying world.

--Darin Siefert

My name is David Holmes, I am 16 years old. Today my mother, sister, and I were on our way to Wal-Mart casually listening to the Christian radio station, when we heard the D.J. say, "we will have a memorial for Rich mullins tomorrow at 4:30 and share the memories & music of the man we all loved." My mom screamed, WHAT! Surely he isn't dead! Surely we would have heard something! We went straight to our local Christian bookstore, and asked them what was going on; that's when our fears were confirmed, and we were devastated. But he is now singing praises to his King face to face, so we should not be depressed, for he himself said "and it won't break my heart to say goodbye..." We love you, Rich.

--the Holmes'

I was attending a conference in Dallas this past weekend when a friend of mine shared with me the news about Rich. I couldn't even react because I was so stunned. His music has been a part of my life for many years and I am torn between elation and grief . But after searching my heart I have no doubt what emotion Rich would have me feel. My husband and I operate a home for the mentally challenged about 60 miles northwest of Ft. Worth, TX. The majority of them can sing "Awesome God" perfectly. I think Rich would find joy in that. My sympathy to Rich's loved ones and continued prayers for Mitch.

--Jim Metcalf

To the Mullins Clan:

The colour of green was never so wonderful in my life as when Rich did his tribute to the Irish. Hey, I am biased, I think God is Irish. I loved Rich's music so much and it truly enriched my walk with the Lord. There is not a day that goes by where at least two or three of his songs come out of my stereo speakers or on my car radio. When I heard of his passing, I was mindful of two things: the world's great loss and the Lord's great gain. I am truly looking forward to that far-off day where I will hear his music in heaven.

God Bless You and Keep You,
Brooks Kelley