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If you're wondering what in the world a desktop theme is, no problem. In the rush to release Windows 95, they didn't finish one feature they were planning on including. So a couple months after 95 was released, the "Plus!" addition came out, which included support for desktop themes. A desktop theme basically coordinates everything on your desktop using a unified theme, from the background wallpaper to the screen saver to the colors of the windows to the sounds that play when you start and end Windows and when you mess up. "Calling Out Your Name" now offers a unique Rich Mullins theme, which features the Rich's "arrow pose" as seen in the Homeless Man video and the "Home" tribute, snippets of Rich's music, and a nifty animated dulcimer playing icon while you wait.

The instructions for loading the theme are fairly simple:

1. If when you run Windows 95, you see "Plus!" appear during startup, simply choose "Start", "Settings", and "Control Panel" from the menu, then choose the "Desktop Themes" icon from the control panel.

2. If you don't have Plus! installed, download this shareware desktop themes program and then run the program once it is saved on your hard drive.

3. Download the Rich Mullins desktop theme file and save onto your hard drive.

4. Use WinZip to unzip the desktop theme file by double clicking on the saved file.

5. Click the "I Agree" button.

6. Click on the "Extract" icon.

7. Be sure that "c:\" appears in the "Extract to" box and then click on "Extract"

8. Run the desktop themes program (either the one you just downloaded from COYN or from the control panel).

9. Select "Rich Mullins" from the "Theme" menu and click okay.

Note: If you happen to be a huge fan of Rich and your spouse doesn't quite share your passion, I will not be held liable for any martial discord, okay? ;->

If you've never ever unzipped a file in your life and you don't want to learn how (or you have any other questions or problems), email me and I'll send you an automatic self-extracting file.

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