Date: 21 September 1997
To: RichMailList
From: (Danl Blackwood)
Subject: [RichMailList 157]: Update on Mitch

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Mitch is still in intensive care at St Francis Hospital in Peoria IL but is stable. The injuries to his head are not quite as massive as first reported, but are still critical. His parents and sister are with him as well as close friends from Window Rock. Mitch is expected to recover though the length of his hospital stay is uncertain.

Urgent plea from Mitch's family

Mitch's parents are certainly grateful for the already tremendous outpouring from people of food, support, flowers, etc. However, they would like everyone to know - please don't send anymore flowers, especially since Mitch is in intensive care, he can't have flowers, and they are given to others. This is important . Please immediately call Compassion at 1-800-334-KIDS and make a donation specifically to the Native American Outreach program. They are probably as overwhelmed from the response, so please be patient.

Also, please pray now and inform your local churches and prayer lists. Mitch really needs our prayers now for healing.

Never in a million years could I have dreamed that this mailing list would turn into memorial for Rich - who touched so many lives in the name of Christ. As expected I am literally being flooded with hundreds of messages, and this list is still handled manually. I will post the messages on the Mailing List Page in digest form, but it will not be until Monday evening. Because of the sheer volume, they will not be sent out to the Mailing List, therefore I apologize to those on the Mailing List who do not have web access.
Another prayer request has become apparent. Please remember the truck driver who was unwittingly involved in the accident, and must surely be experiencing deep remorse.
To read the article that appeared in the local Wichita paper, go to this link...
Wichita Eagle, Sept 21, 1997

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