Rich Mullins Survey

With well over 2,500 responses so far, it's been great to hear everyone's diverse opinions on the different questions here. And I'm eager to hear from one more person, so take a second and fill out the boxes to your heart's content! Every survey is tallied so make your voice heard! You can also see the results of the surveys sent in so far (updated October 25 - 2500 surveys).

First your name?

And your email address

What is your favorite Rich Mullins song of all time?
Or if your favorite was left off of the list

How about your favorite album of his?

When did you first become a Rich Mullins fan?

What was your favorite Rich Mullins fashion statement?

Anybody know Beaker's real name?

Describe your single fondest Rich Mullins memory (or at least write whatever you can fit in this box :->)

And a few other questions:
What are your other musical tastes?
Or anything else you can think of

What was your favorite part of this webpage?
Or if it wasn't listed

Any general comments or things you want to see changed? (Any friendly criticism is welcome because I'm constantly changing things to make it a better place)

And finally, if you'd like to add your name to the Rich Mullins Mailing List run by Danl Blackwood, follow the instructions and you will receive info on the memorial services and projects that are in the works by Rich's friends and management:

Click here and type "subscribe mullins-L" in the body of the email

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