Date: 22 Nov 1995
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 46]: Rich in Ohio

Steve Harris writes:

I just saw Rich last night. It was the first time I ever sat in the front row at a concert. It was so weird with Rich looking right at me (as the stage lights partly illuminated the first couple rows). I felt so self-concsious, because I wanted to convey that I enjoy his music, but I didn't feel like clapping or singing along or dancing. So I found myself smiling and nodding like a big idiot. I thought the show was excellent, probably the best concert I've ever been to, but I guess I don't get the concert scene too much. Is it supposed to be a serious or fun time? When I listen to Rich's music on my own, it is so personal for me and so meaningful. To see those songs done in person seemed to steal something from me, even though it was Rich himself singing them. Just like if I tried to tell Rich what I learned about God and life from his music, I'd sound like a fool. Rich is the greatest CCM artist around today, and he did a great job of de-mythologizing the world of CCM and CCM artists. He said he didn't get people who asked him to pray for them, like he's got a special link with God. He said go ask your church elders to pray for you. And he said he thinks the local church is where it is at, not big deal concerts with Christian Music. The word community comes to mind. Rich is the brightest spot in CCM, at least as far as I can tell.

As for my subject, the liner notes says:

        Sometimes it seemed to steep so close
But last night, Rich sang:
        Sometimes it seemed to stoop so close

I guess the liner notes are wrong?

I really appreciated Rich's preaching as much as the great tunes. I was real glad he sang some unexpected songs. He did "Save Me" and "Elijah" which were great, and he also sang a song about Christian break-ups which didn't make the Brother's Keeper album. Now I've said too much, I haven't said enough.

Steve Harris

PS I loaded the wroship team songs with Rich stuff yesterday for church. We did a funky, fast version of Awesome God (without the drum machine this time) and a challenging version of Sometimes by Step. I love those verses, but they are difficult for a group to sing.

Danl here ... Thanks for the writeup Steve. You know, whenever I do "Sometimes By Step", I always sing "to stoop so close", as well. We've all seen incorrect liner notes before, haven't we? Along those lines, the nite of Rich's birthday, I was leading a Prayer and Praise worship, and we did "Step By Step" (often refered to as the best song Rich never wrote), and for a solo I sang "If I Stand". It was my nod to Rich for his birthday.

Also, I finally got to visit with Kathy Sanders about her visit with Rich over his birthday weekend last month in Chicago. I'll write it up after a needed long weekend (we're going to Dallas for Thanksgiving). Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. I can't help but think that one thing I'm thankful for is the Christian Music that God has given us to minister to us, but I'm certainly also thankful for my family, health, and a good job. God Bless You All.

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