Date: 22 Oct 1995
To: RichMailList
From: Danl Blackwood
Subject: [RichMailList 39]: Updates from Mark Arends

Here is a note from Mark Arends about Carolyn's condition. The "tonite" Mark refers to is Peoria 10/20.

[begin clip]

Sorry about not filling you in on her condition yet. This is mostly because there isn't a lot to catch you up on!! Hopefully that will change tonight, as she is going to attempt to sing again after not being able to all week. Her voice is slowly returning, and hopefully it will be hold up tonight.

So, there's the update! Thanks so much for the prayers. As Carolyn was saying last night, she sees comfort and an answer to all the prayer for her in that her voice is returning and her fever is down. PTL!!!

Thanks again - I'm off to catch up with her in Chicago. It should be a blast.

[end clip]

Next post is a followup to the Peoria concert. Keep praying! Joan Slonecker, who is in touch with the Arends, also shared that Carolyn had once told her "that she was supposed to sing for a summer festival and she lost her voice and her friends prayed over her and she got her voice back in time to sing. Isn't prayer powerful?"

Yes it is, and God has proven it to me over and over!

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