Date: 14 Aug 1995
To: RichMailList
From: Danl Blackwood
Subject: [RichMailList 28]: Brother's Keeper liner pics

Joan Slonecker writes:
>Question for you. Assuming you have the same CD cover I do, do 
>you know the names of all the members of the band that are shown
>on the middle page? 

Our CDs (we got here in Wichita last May) were a special release edition, and only had Rich on the cover leaning up against Ruby, his red Chevy pickup (see the review from the farewell concert for details), lyrics on the fold out, and tons of Wichita specific thank-you's in the middle. I finally got to see the cover of the _Brother's Keeper_ CD released to the public. The credits go like this:

Top Row (left to right): Beaker (FYI, his real name is David Strausser), Phil Madeira, Jimmy A (last name Abegg)

Bottom Row: (left to right): Aaron Smith, Rick Elias, Rich, Lee Lundgren, J.B. (did engineering for the album; thanks to David McCormick at Release magazine for identifying J.B.; none of us here had any idea who that picture was)

I'm kinda surprised they didn't put any credits on the pictures. Also, it's the first time I've ever seen pictures printed on liner notes that were other than the musicians. Phil toured with the last Ragamuffin tour, but I'm not sure if he's on this tour or not. He did not play on this album (at least I don't think he did); he helped produce. J.B. has done a lot of engineering for Reunion Records, but I'll bet this is the first time he ever got his picture on an album. I do like the cover, though. I may buy it just to get the liner notes.

Great album, isn't it? (I assuming you all have it by now.)

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