Date: 13 April 2000
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 250]: Lukfin Video review

updated 17 Apr 2000

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Sandy McMullen's Lufkin Video review

(as posted to the Ragamuffin Mailing List

From: Sandy McMullen
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 1:56 PM
Subject: Lufkin video review

how wonderful that someone's idea to record this video would turn into a
venue for all of those who never got to see Rich in person.  and Rich
himself would appreciate the 'ragamuffinishism' of it; he looks pretty
rough in the beginning.  however, as the evening progressed, his face
softened; remarkably, he seemed to grow younger with every song.  but
one thing cracked me up: he was chewing gum.  I guess his mom never
taught him to put it behind his ear (or on the side of his microphone).

deciding to buy this video would be a no-brainer even without a review.
the proceeds go to support Legacy, but even if it went to support
[insert obnoxious big Nashville recording company here] it would still
be worth buying.  where shall I start--the music is wonderful.  they had
been working on some very fresh arrangments of songs using unique
instruments, and their hard work is evident in this video.  the new
arrangement of 'Hold Me, Jesus' is especially nice.

wow.  you know, I'm not really good at writing a review.  can you tell
already? so I think I'll just pretend I'm writing some of ya'll and that
will be better.  some were wondering about the 'stuff' Rich said between
songs, and yes, the 'stuff' is in there.  you can tell maybe two places
where there was a cut, but considering the tape is about 1 hour and 55
minutes as it is, it is understandable that they would edit out some
things.  what they left in is Rich at his best.  for instance, I laughed
out loud when he was describing talking to this lady who was wanting to
know how he first became a Christian.  I bet the poor lady was wondering
if even *she* was a Christian after that conversation. he gives a bit of
the Irish sweater story (so of course the song 'Ready for the Storm' is
on the tape.)  in another place he talks about the importance of church
and how concerts are not church, they are entertainment.

another reason you MUST get this tape is because he sings 'Madeline's
Song,' a song he never recorded, and as far as I know this tape is the
only place it will ever be available.  (what a beautiful song!).
another great moment: he sings 'Did Not Have A Home' (as recorded later
on The Jesus Record.)

and if that isn't enough, how about seeing all those cuties--Mark
Robertson, Cobra Joe, and Jordan Richter from This Train, and Mitch
McVicker, Michael Aukofer, and Eric Hauck. it's fascinating just
watching them play all those different instruments. oh, and did I
mention, they also did the Cup Song ('Screen Door on a
Submarine')--charming!  can you believe this, I never saw it performed
in person until after Rich's death.  so I love having the tape.

I also love having the tape because I've always regretted this was
Rich's last concert performed in Texas and I didn't go.  so having the
tape, now I feel better.  and if you get the tape, you will feel better

love ya,

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Lee Miller's Lufkin Video review

From: Lee Miller
Subject: More on the Lufkin video
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 22:52:39

More on the Lufkin Video . . .

As Tech Director at Carpenter's Way Church where the video was shot, I had
met Rich a couple of times and looked forward to his arrival that afternoon.
Here are a couple of stories from that afternoon that were "Rich!"

That afternoon, we were expecting Rich and the guys to arrive about 2 or
3pm. While we waited inside the church, one of our high school students hung
outside watching for them. It was one of those 100 degree days in Texas and
Trey came back in the church and reported that they were not here yet, but
he did note for us that a scraggly looking guy in a t-shirt and gym shorts
wearing no shoes and driving a jeep just zipped into the parking lot. We
immediately recognized that description!

We went out to find Rich in the parking lot taking off his t-shirt and
opening up a brand new box of running shoes. We greeted and he asked if he
had time to jog around a while. Noting that it was his show and the
remainder of the guys were not there yet, we grabbed the dulcimers out of
the back and sent him on his jog.

The church is located in a former strip mall and behind the church is a gear
manufacturing facility that had a couple acres of property with nice trees
and grass, a great place to jog thought Rich.

The guys arrived and we got the band set-up and sound check was ready, but
no Rich. Finally, after some time, Rich returned to the church. While he was
out jogging, on the industrial property, they went home for the day and
closed the eight foot security gates to the road locking Rich in the
facility. He finally scaled the fence and returned to the church.

The tapes were from our image magnification of the concert. While having
dinner with Rich, we asked him if he would like us to roll tape on the
screens for them. He agreed and the rest is history. The portion cut out of
the edit is the intermission and concert by This Train.

Enjoy the concert. It's one I'll never forget!

Lee Miller
Worship and Technology Consultant

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Click here to purchase video
Click here for a full transcript of the video
(Including some video clips)

Rich Mullins LIVE Set List

   Nothing but the Blood 
   Awesome God 
   Brother's Keeper 
   Boy Like Me, Man Like You 
   John (lap dulcimer instrumental)
   Madeline's Song 
   78 Eatonwood Green 
   Calling Out Your Name 
   Such A Thing As Glory 
   Ready For The Storm 
   By The Waters of Babylon 
   I See You 
   Did Not Have A Home 
   I Will Sing 
   Sing Your Praise To The Lord 
   Hold Me Jesus 
   While The Nations Rage 
   If I Stand
   Screen Door
   Heaven Is Waiting 
   Sometimes By Step 
   It Is Well 
   Hymn Medley 

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