Date: 17 Sep 1998
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 220]: Thank You from Sprinkle

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Hi Rich Fans,

Long time fans of Rich have no doubt heard the name Sprinkle before, especially if you read the liner notes. Long time RichMailList members remember that Kathy has been a friend of mine since right after her and Rich moved to Wichita and, in the beginning of the mailing list over three years ago, was the primary source for our info on what was happening with Rich. And of course, local Wichitans remember Kathy as "Kathy Sanders" for years on the Light 99 morning show with Lyman James and then Craig West. Kathy and I visited after the Jesus Fest, and she told me she has been wanting to write to you all for a long time, so I said send it along ....

From: Kathy Sprinkle
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 17:11:18 EDT
Subject: Anniversary of Richard's death/thank you letter

    My name is Kathy Sprinkle, an old friend of Rich Mullins. This 
is a long over due thank you note to so many of you for your notes,
thoughts and prayers during this incredibly difficult year. You will
NEVER know how your thoughts and remembrances on the Web sites brought
comfort to me, made me laugh, and reassured me that, indeed, my dearest
friend will NOT be forgotten. Richard was always amazed that people
would actually pay to see him and he never quite understood
autographs ... he thought of the people who came to concerts/bought
projects as friends, sometimes friends he had not yet met. I know he
never really knew the impact his music had on so many ... I didn't even
know, til your letters.

    For those of us (including you!) who loved Richard, this promises 
to be a painful weekend. The 4 of us who presided at the family funeral,
friends for over 2 decades, will be this weekend as we were this time
last year-together. We will tell old stories, remember Richard's
outrageous laugh and his love for us. We'll  re-commit to loving each
other and to being grateful for the amazing friendships of our youth.
We'll celebrate LIFE..and I hope you will, too.

    Thank you for your place in Richard's life...

                                         Kathy Sprinkle
                      Ain't it funny what people say...
                   And ain't it funny what people write...
And ain't it funny how it hits you so hard in the middle of the night?

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