Date: 21 June 1995
To: RichMailList
From: Danl Blackwood
Subject: [RichMailList 22]: Rich Discography & ReleasExtra

I'm posting this information, because of questions asked directly by members of our modest list. I figured everyone would like to have this info.

Rich Mullins discography
Behold The Man (by Zion), 1981 (no record company listed)*
Rich Mullins, 1986 Reunion Records
Pictures In The Sky, 1987 Reunion Records
Winds Of Heaven, Stuff Of Earth, 1988 Reunion Records
Never Picture Perfect, 1989 Reunion Records
The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 1, 1991 Reunion Records
The World As Best As I Remember It, Vol. 2, 1992 Reunion Records
A Liturgy, A Legacy, & A Ragamuffin Band, 1993 Reunion Records
Brother's Keeper, 1995 Reunion Records (release date July 20, 1995)

*The first listed is a rare copy of an album Rich did in 1981 with a worship team of friends from college called Zion. It contains the original cut "Praise To The Lord" (as in Sing Your...). It was this cut that got into the hands of Michael Blanton and Dan Harrell, and consequently into Amy Grant's hands. Amy of course had a huge hit with the song, and Blanton and Harrell signed Rich up. This album also contains an original cut of "Hope To Carry On".

Also there is a ReleasExtra magazine that has tons of info on Rich (if you don't already have it). It came out for the release of the "Liturgy, Legacy..." album. Release Magazine's phone number is 800-348-5080. Call and ask for a back issue copy. It's called "ReleasExtra presents Rich Mullins", Volume 1, Number 1.

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