Date: 04 Sep 1998
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                       
September 2, 1998

Rich Mullins' Radio Special In Remembrance Of First Anniversary Of His Death

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) - The music of 1998 Artist of the Year Dove recipient, Rich Mullins, will be remembered for generations to come. His music continues to inspire even after his tragic death September 19, 1997. In celebration of his musical legacy, Myrrh Records has compiled an hour-long radio special entitled, "The Jesus Record Radio Special." The special will broadcast nationally on over one hundred radio stations the weekend of Sept. 19 commemorating the anniversary of Mullins' death.

Mullins' band, The Ragamuffin Band, as well as his close friends, celebrated artists Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and Phil Keaggy, are featured on "The Jesus Record Radio Special." One of Mullins' last interviews is also featured in the special. Mullins discusses the song "Hard to Get" with well-known radio personality, Jon Rivers, who hosted and produced the special.

Amy Grant Single To Be Released From The Jesus Record

In addition to appearing on the radio special, Amy Grant's featured song on The Jesus Record, "Nothing Is Beyond You," has been selected to be the second radio single to be released from the recording. Following the multi-format smash hit, "My Deliverer," which firmly held the No. 1 position for three consecutive weeks, "Nothing Is Beyond You" will release Sept. 25.

Says Grant, "The line in this song that slayed me the first time I heard it, and slays me every time I hear it, is, 'I cannot explain the way that you came to love me, except to say that nothing is beyond you.' Rich's honesty addresses our greatest fear-that somehow, in the final analysis, we might find ourselves just beyond the love of God. That's the greatest fear we can know. Rich takes the focus off of our unloveableness and reminds us that nothing is beyond God. This is good news."

In addition to its radio success, The Jesus Record has received unanimous critical acclaim (see attached reviewer quotes) and has become a best-selling recording. SoundScan has reported the recording among the top 3 best sellers since its June 30 debut. The recording is currently No. 2 on the SoundScan Christian Retail chart.

When Rich Mullins died, he left behind a powerful legacy of music that will serve the body of Christ for years to come. But just a few short weeks before he died, Mullins recorded nine new songs onto a boom box. The songs were written for a planned recording called The Jesus Record, a project Rich said was "needed" both for himself and his friends. Mullins considered this new collection of songs, written by Mullins and his friends, to be his most important songs.

The Jesus Record is a double-disc set that includes that original boom box recording made by Mullins, as well as those same songs recorded and produced in the spirit of Rich Mullins. Produced by Rick Elias, he and The Ragamuffin Band, along with Mullins' friends Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Phil Keaggy and Ashley Cleveland, gave voice to these songs. "We're going to be absolutely true to the way Rich would have recorded them," noted Elias. The Jesus Record is intended to not only honor the memory of Rich Mullins, but more importantly, draw the listener closer to the subject of these songs: Jesus.

Released simultaneously with The Jesus Record, Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of Rich Mullins is a new 50-minute film documentary directed by Mullins' close friend and photographer Ben Pearson and produced by Jimmy Abegg and Steve Taylor. The documentary features Rich's family, friends, and ministry partners in a richly textured tapestry of interviews, conversations and recollections, interspersed with clips from one of Rich's last concert appearances. It gives a glimpse into the lives of those powerfully impacted by ragamuffin poet Rich Mullins.

A portion of the proceeds from the video and The Jesus Record will go directly to benefit The Legacy of a Kid Brother of St. Frank, a fund set up by Mullins to help bring the arts, the spirit and love of Christ to children and adults living on Native American reservations. To find our more about this fund, interested parties may call (877) 612-4649, or write The Legacy of a Kid Brother of St. Frank, 303 N Hillside, Wichita, KS 67214.

During his lifetime, Mullins recorded more than 80 songs. These songs point to the beauty of the awesome God whom Rich Mullins knew, wrestled with, and worshiped, and invited us to do the same. In those 80-plus songs, recorded over 11 years, we can see the heart and mind of a man who loved God's earth yet longed for heaven, all the days of his abbreviated life.

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Here's What The Critics Are Saying About The Jesus Record:

"Unmatched in its depth and intimacy, this is one of the most inspiring and significant releases of the year." - New Man (Sept/Oct 1998)

"Without a doubt, one of the most incredible projects to be released this summer is The Jesus Record... landmark recording...Mullins' demos are an instant reminder of why he was one of the genre's most important artists...his ability to communicate so poignantly is evident in every word of these powerful recordings. Myrrh and Elias have done a commendable job, not only bringing Mullins' final recordings to the public but also serving up fully realized versions of the demos, which are a fitting tribute to his talent." - Deborah Evans Price, Billboard Magazine (Aug. 15, 1998)

"RICH MULLINS' LAST MUSICAL VISION--While many posthumous releases smack of a last-chance cash in, The Jesus Record is clearly cut from a different cloth... Credit Elias for rendering an album that could have easily drifted to the maudlin or sentimental side, but stays crisp and upbeat." - Lou Carolozo, Chicago Tribune (June 28, 1998)

"The Jesus Record brings closure to one of the most influential Christian artists of this decade and gives us one last word from a friend who will be greatly missed." - Doug Joseph, Charisma (August 1998)

"While much credit must be given to all involved (Elias and the Ragamuffins in particular, who stay true to the spirit of Mullins' fine catalog of music), what makes this project exceptional are the songs themselves." - April Hefner, CCM Magazine (June 1998)

"The most unified, mature collection of his abbreviated career...a stunningly subversive, and exceptionally beautiful disc." - Dwight Ozard, Prism Magazine (July/August 1998)

"A+...This is no mere tribute album but a mature Christian songwriter's clear vision lovingly re-created by his soulmates and friends... Important doesn't begin to capture The Jesus Record. Mullins left us with his best, truly the winds of heaven and stuff of earth." - James Lloyd, Dayton Daily News (July 6, 1998)

"The Jesus Record is beautiful. Moving. Deep. 'Thanks, Rich, for hanging around long enough to write these songs.'" - Steve Parolini, CBA Marketplace (July 1998)

"For an album that's got masterpiece written all over it, check out The Jesus Record, by Rich Mullins and a Ragamuffin Band." - Tim Ellsworth, Faith Works (Fall 1998)

"...The Jesus Record is a one-of-a-kind, unduplicatable experience and not simply a teary-eyed salute... To dismiss the albums as some sort of prepackaged, sterile praise-music project is to commit a major injustice...Perhaps the boldest statement of this recording is the way these artists took the guardian's role just as these songs, so earnestly created, were sadly orphaned...It needs to be said: for someone to approach a record with as many biases as I did and still come away from it impressed, willing to write a glowing review and ready to take whatever flack may come my way for supporting something that, from the outside, may appear terminally un-hip, it takes a work of rare quality and power. This is that project." - True Tunes, (July 1998)

"Mullins legacy continues with album release." - Phil Anderson, Topeka Capital-Journal (June 27, 1998)

"This simply is one of the best contemporary Christian albums yet produced." - Ferrell Foster, Word & Way (July 1998)

"The songs are poetic and poignant, and, as are all of his songs, able to strike chords in the soul...Both the video ("Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of Rich Mullins") and The Jesus Record will be appreciated by any one who has ever attended a Rich Mullins concert or just enjoyed his music." - Jim Miller, Daystar (July 6, 1998)

"Last release from Rich Mullins full of faith, inspiration." - Marylynn G. Hewitt, The Oakland Press (June 20, 1998)

"Fans of the music and ministry of Rich Mullins will no doubt listen to this posthumous 2 disc project over and over again...Pretty intense!" - The Noize (July/August 1998)

"'My Deliverer' stands out among the studio versions; it is given a truly amazing interpretation by the Ragamuffins. Amy Grant, Ashley Cleveland and Smitty all felt it a privilege to add their talent to their friend's songs, and their contributions are highlights on the CD." - Chad Bruneski, BC Christian News (July 1998)

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