Date: 30 July 1998
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 215]: TributeCD/RagamuffinTour

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Rich Tribute CD

I received some info from Bob Michaels, Light 99, on the Rich Mullins tribute CD coming up this fall.

The CD will be called Awesome God: A Tribute To Rich Mullins, and the projected street date is November 10th. Some of the artists recording Rich's music on this project include Kevin Max, Michael W Smith, Chris Rice, Carolyn Arends, Ashley Cleveland, Caedmon's Call, and others. Long time producer Reed Arvin will be at the helm. There are a couple of others surprises being worked on, so stayed tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Another very cool bit of news that Bob told me about is the recording of "My Deliverer" by Toby McKeehan of DC Talk for the Dreamworks motion picture soundtrack to the upcoming film Prince Of Egypt. This major motion picture, with Steven Speilberg distribution power, opens this winter. McKeehan said at the time he chose the song, he was so busy producing DC Talk's new album Supernatural (set for September release), he was not aware the Ragamuffins would perform it as well. Also, it has just been confirmed that the song will be included on the for-sale soundtrack CD. Imagine the exposure for Rich's message of the gospel, as the average kid (or adult) first hears this song in the movie, and then buys the soundtrack - and then maybe seeks out The Jesus Record? I wonder how many will be ultimately drawn to Christ because of that exposure.

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Ragamuffin Tour - Fall '98

Some long awaited information on the Ragamuffin Tour in support of The Jesus Record has finally become available.

One of the delays has been the change in booking to the Street Level Artist Agency from the William Morris Agency. Street Level is currently taking calls for tour dates, is very excited to be part of this tour, and feels privileged to be working with these musicians to support an album that Rich believe so strongly in. Many have written expressing hopes that the concert would come to their area, so I am including all of the contact info for Street Level to facilitate anyone receiving this message the opportunity to contact them and make it happen (bring the tour to their area, that is).

Street Level Artist Agency
106 N. Buffalo St, Suite 200
Warsaw, IN 46580
phone 219-269-3413
fax 219-269-6658

The tour will feature the Ragamuffins (doing songs from The Jesus Album, as well as other favorite Rich songs), This Train, and Mitch McVicker & Kid Brothers.

See the Rich Mullins Dates Page for current dates (update 8/16/98).

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