Date: 01 December 1997
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 190]: Light99/Compassion

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Light 99 Online Update

Hi Rich Fans,

I wanted to pass along from Bob "Michaels" Thornton a quick update on the Light 99 Online site. Bob is currently doing a complete re-write of the web site, and it will be moving to a new domain at on January 1st, 1998.

Inside that site will be a section on Rich which relates directly to Light 99's unique offerings such as:

Light 99 campaign for Compassion

Beginning today, December 1st, KTLI Light 99 FM will launch one of their two annual campaigns to generate sponsorship for Compassion kids. The goal is to find sponsors for 144 kids (29,889 unsponsored kids as of 11/25/97). The campaign will run from 12/1 thru 12/26. In memory of Rich, those who respond to this campaign will receive a very special lighted Christmas ornament with the Compassion logo, Light 99's logo, and Rich's name etched into them - a fitting memorial to Rich for Christmas. In the past these campaign's have been limited to local patrons of Light 99, but now they are inviting you, members of this mailing list and visitors to the web page to participate by going to the official signup site, which will be posted at midnight tonight, 12/1, at, or you can just send email to

If you wish to participate, you should act quickly, as these ornaments will go fast. But mostly you will be given an opportunity to be a servant for Christ - precisely what Rich ever wanted.

Updates to the Compassion Campaign are here

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