Date: 16 November 1997
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 188]: Brian's renewed Rich page

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Hi Rich Fans,

My cyber-buddy, Brian William has redone the Rich Mullins Fan Page, but I'll let him tell you about it...

P.S. Just a quick side note, many have asked me, and others assumed that Brian is here in Wichita, having seen the "wsu" in his email address and in the URL of the web page, and assuming it was Wichita State University. This is actually just another coincidence (kinda like the fact that the printing company I work for is on St Francis street). Actually "" is Washington State University. (Wichita State's actual "legal" name is The Wichita State University, therefore their URL is "".) But enough of the trivia, Let's hear from Brian...

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 10:20:29 (PST)
From: Brian William
Subject: Unveiling of "Calling Out Your Name"

Well, yesterday evening, with no ribbon cutting ceremony or champagne
bottles broken, the new and improved Rich Mullins Webpage, "Calling Out
Your Name," was unveiled!  Everything is new from the bottom up, with a
new title, new appearance, new organization, and new content.  It now
features lyrics, Scriptural references, and sound clips for every song
that Rich released, along with guitar chords for many of the songs, and a
handful of video clips and midi files.  All of them have been brought
together in a single location to provide easy navigation between the
different aspects of the music.  Also reorganized are the Release Magazine
articles, the other magazine and newspaper articles, interviews, and
concert reviews.  For the webpage portion, the frequently asked questions
have been revised and new questions have been added.  And the memorial
messages have been moved to their own section of the webpage.  In addition
to the content changes, the graphics have all been completely redesigned,
giving it a new look and aiding the ease of navigation through the
webpage.  A few last minute wrinkles to iron out, but overall a very
pleasing improvement!

No need to change your URL's. It's still the same, just the name has changed.
Thanks for all the hard work, Brian. It looks great.
I believe Rich would approve - if it just wasn't so much about him :-).

Calling Out Your Name

A Tribute to the Music and
and Message of Rich Mullins

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