Date: 23 April 1997
To: RichMailList
Subject: [RichMailList 131]: Kissimmee, FL 04/19 reviews

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Last minute note from Debbie Boucher: Rich is in Grand Rapids, MI on May 4th - no other details.

*** Lara Schroeder's Kissimmee review ***

From: Lara Schroeder
Subject: 4/19 Kissimmee, FL concert
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 09:10:00

The concert this past weekend in Kissimmee was AWESOME!  It was
basically the same format as the other concerts reviewed, and hasn't
changed much since I saw Rich & Mitch in West Palm Beach 6 months ago.

At about 7:40 (the concert was supposed to start at 7:30) we looked up
and saw Rich standing on the stage.  In his usual low-key manner, he had
simply walked out, picked up his guitar, and proceeded to give us the
"we're having class tonight..." story. The first "half" of the concert
was almost 2 hours long, and included most of the songs mentioned in
other reviews, the Irish sweater story, etc.  After almost 2 hours Rich
said that they were going to show a Compassion video, then come back out
and play some more.

The Compassion video was about 10 minutes long, and after another 10
minutes or so Rich and Mitch came back out and played for about another
hour.  We heard "John" and several of Mitch's songs, including the
"Lemonade Song" and "Only (His) Love Will."  Rich also led the audience
in "Rain Making," which was awesome!  We also heard "Elijah," as well as
a song Rich had written many years ago but never recorded (not the
"Charlie" song - wish we had heard that one!).

Nothing was mentioned about "Canticle," although they did have the CDs
for sale in the lobby.  We asked Mitch (again) about the possibility of
an album from him, and guess what folks - he has one coming out next
year!  They had a sign up sheet for info on when it would be available.
Hopefully we'll see something from him very soon.

As always, the concert was a great blessing to both long-time fans and
to those who had not heard much of Rich before.

P.S. As a side note....has anyone ordered the "Canticle" CD from the
address posted on the mailing list last month?  I know it said to allow
a while for delivery, but my check hasn't even cleared the bank yet and
it's been a month....Anyone have any info?  Thanks!!!!!

Hi Lara,

I know that Gay just got the Canticle CD's almost literally as they were walking out the door to head for the weekend engagements (Wheaton and Kissimmee), so she won't be able to start fulfilling those orders 'til this week - unless she's got something else going on this week. So it may be a while yet before those start rolling out the door.

-- Danl

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*** Matt Ritzenthaler's Kissimmee review ***

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 16:23:14
From: Matt Ritzenthaler
Subject: Rich and Mitch in Kissimme, Florida

Saturday, May 19, 1997
Kissimmee Civic Center, Kissimmee, Florida (home of Disney World)
Acoustic Concert with Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker

	The concert was presented by Florida Christian College, and many of the
students provided security as the doors were opened at 6:00 with the
concert starting at 7:30.  Personally, I am glad that the doors were
opened that early as it allowed time to browse the product table.  I was
able to pick up the "Canticle Of The Plains" CD! Since there was an hour
and a half until showtime, we were able to hear Rich and Mitch tune up
although it was through the locked lobby doors :( .  The doors to the
auditorium were opened at 7:00, and we rushed to the front to get a
close seat but the first five rows were reserved for the college
students and staff.
	Rich quietly walked on stage unnoticed by much of the crowd, but when
they realized it, cheers and applause broke forth.  Mitch McVicker then
stepped out from behind the screen that would be used during the
intermission to show footage of Compassion International's work with
Native Americans. The stage itself consisted of only a few lights
(mostly for visibility and not for effect) which only helped to
backlight Rich and Mitch, since they kept the auditorium lights on
during the entire concert.
	Rich was quick to point out that this was #11 in a series of farewell
tours.  He also commented that instead of considering this a concert,
that we were to consider it a class on the history of CCM.  At which
point he broke the crowd into three groups (A,B, and C). The "A" group
was that would sing in Hebrew - "Hallelu, Hallelu" to which he quiped
that if we were to sing in actual Hebrew emphasizing the "H" we should
be careful not to spit on the the people in front of us.  The "B" group
would sing Davidic - "Jah!" with much power in our voices.  The "C"
group would resemble the contemporary worshipers, most likely Baptists -
"Praise Ye The Lord!".  Each group was aked to stand up to sing their
part and then sit back down, and Rich had each group sing all 3 parts by
the time it was finished. What a crowd opener!
	Next, he had the groups sing "I'm gonna sing, I'm gonna shout" which
went right into "Sweet Chariot" and "Saints Go Marching In".
	After that, he sat down next to Mitch to start into the rest of the
night's song line-up, which went something like this...
	I Will Sing - Hope To Carry On
	Where You Are
	Ready For The Storm (with story about Irish sailors, and how he
first heard the song by Dougie MacLean in Cincinnati, Ohio)
	THE BABY JOKE - Let Mercy Lead
Mitch left the stage, and Rich walked over to the grand piano sitting on
the left side of the stage.  Within seconds of reaching the piano he had
the intoduction to his next song started, and then he sat down to play
(in an awkward position - sitting sideways with his legs crossed)
	Sing Your Praise To The Lord
	Screen Door
	We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are
Then he got up from the piano and walked over to center stage. Where he
was rejoined by Mitch, as they picked up mandolins and played together a
rendition of Bach (which he claimed might not come off well, but sounded
amazing since several parts were in unison).  Upon finishing, Rich stood
up and left the stage to Mitch McVicker, who played three songs which I
don't know the titles to, but will include lyrics...
	"...north and south...east and west...His Love..."
	"...sitting up in Heaven in an easy chair drinking lemonade..."
He commented how all of his songs seem to come back to one theme and how
"Jesus scares the Hell out of us" which was very profound...
	"...time will will..."
Then Rich re-appeared to sing a few songs and to have the audience make
the auditorium rain (I won't give this away, its something that has to
be wife loved it!) before taking a short break...
	Brother's Keeper
	new song "'re always here..."
After the break, an instrument I had been waiting for him to pick up,
the hammered dulcimer was used to do a few instrumentals...
	78 Eatonwood Green
	Complete intro to "C.O.Y.N."
After that short set, they started singing more of those beloved songs
	Calling Out Your Name
	Awesome God
At this point Mitch left the stage, and Rich asked us if we knew this...
	Sometimes By Step
	Step By Step
while the crowd sang the last chorus accapella, Rich slipped away from
the stage as unnoticed as he came in.  When the goose bumps subsided we
started cheering for that much desired encore...
	It Is Well With My Soul
	I'm Gonna Sing, I'm Gonna Shout
	Sweet Chariot
	Saints Go Marching In
After the concert, both Rich and Mitch were in the lobby to meet their
audience to sign autographs and take pictures.  I was told that Mitch
would be recording an album for distribution next year.  I also
mentioned the interview on KTLI and the mailing list.  Rich was just
amazed at the advances in computers, especially at the computer
generated t-shirt designs that my wife and I were wearing (which my wife
noticed his surprised reaction to, and commented on later).  He signed
my shirt and CD's "be God's, Rich".  A great ending to a spectacular
evening with an awesome man of God.

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