Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995
To: RichMailList
From: Danl Blackwood
Subject: [RichMailList 04]: Re: Rich Mullins on the Internet?

>On Mon, 17 Apr 1995, Danl Blackwood wrote:
>> As far as I know Rich doesn't have a permanent presence on the 'Net. I have
>> been moderating a small manual mailing list for a while. I'll send you
>> (separately) the last couple postings I've sent, and put you on the list so
>> you'll receive further info.
>Mike Karlesky >
>Thanks. I really appreciate it. I just sat here totally engrossed in the
>stuff you already sent me. You know, I really like the idea of sending him
>some messages. What kind of deadline are we talking?

My original thought was to have everybody send a birthday greeting, and I would compile them, and get them to him on his 40th birthday coming up next October ('95). However if you want, we could all write something in general, and I could give it to him at the farewell concert on May 13th. I might also have a chance to give him a bundle the night before. There is a possibility that a dinner is going to be thrown for Rich and the Ragamuffins the night before, but I won't know til Wednesday (4/19).

I just made up my mind that's what I'll do. If you want to write something general to Rich, as a send off to his new ministry, I'll compile those and pass 'em along on May 12th. I'll need them to me by May 5th, so I'll have plenty of time to get it ready.

Also (I'll remind you later) we can do the same for his birthday next october.

Cool Idea?

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