Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995
To: RichMailList
From: Danl Blackwood
Subject: [RichMailList 02]: Rich Mullins Tickets

Well, last Saturday morning (4/1), the tickets went on sale for Rich's Farewell concert here in Wichita, which is May 13th. I knew the tickets would go fast, and I decided I wanted good tickets. I got up very early, and made it to the Central Ticket Agency about 5:00am. Alas, I wasn't the first one in line. A girl who was a big fan of Rich's and who had just moved to Wichita, had heard about Rich's Concert and decided she was going to get front row seats. I brought with me, a bag full of things to pass the time (Walkman, half a dozen tapes, the latest MacUser, bottle of Snapple, etc.). I ended up not even touching it. We visited the whole three hours while waiting. By 8:00 there were about 60 to 70 people in line. She bought three tickets front row dead center. The room (Symphony Hall) at Century II where the concert is has a fairly high stage (4 or 5 feet high), so I bought tickets for rows two and three (for my family and some friends). Late that day, I heard on the radio that the tickets were sold out. I can't wait, but then again I can. It's going to be wierd to not have Rich around to show up unexpectedly at a Prayer & Praise.

I spoke to Kathy Sanders (morning personality on our CCM station KTLI-FM 99.1 Light 99 and very close friend of Rich's), and she did an interview with Rich for MetroNews, the radio station's newspaper. She said I could post it, so I'll be sending it along. She also shared a funny story with me. She had gone to Rich's senior recital at Friend's University with Rich's mom and dad. This was a very serious recital with Rich playing only Bach, Beethoven (sp?), Rochmaninoff (sp?), etc., and was not aloud to say anything; just play and get off. The whole thing was kept very low key so there wouldn't be lots of people show up. Anyway, sitting close to Kathy were to young girls (she thought about 15 or 16) who got word that Rich was playing, and when they looked at the program and saw what he was playing, they exclaimed loudly, "Hey, he's not playing any of his music!"

The itinerary for Rich's fall tour still is not available.

If you were planning on going to this Wichita concert, and don't have tickets right now, Sorry! I'll be writing a review on this upcoming farewell concert. Expect Kathy's interview to follow soon.

God Bless Your Day!

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