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To express my appreciation and to give you a chance to check out the pages of other fans, I have compiled this list of all the individuals and organizations that I am aware of with links from their web site to COYN. I don't screen these at all, with the only criteria being the link to this page, so they are of varied qualities. If you have enjoyed my page and have added this webpage as a link, write me and I'll be happy to add you to the list.

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Danl Blackwood's Music Page
Christian Musical Artists List
CCM Online
Ray-Ray's Filthy Sty
Scott Wright's homepage
CCM Music Vane by Susan Mozzer
KTLI Light 99 FM webpage in Wichita, Kansas
The Music Station
The Omni-List of Christian Links GOLD
Tien's Spot
Kai Joe's homepage
Tim Helvey's homepage
Jenny's webpage
Lux Venit's CCM Corner
Allison McCulloch's Homepage
Life 89.1 FM's webpage
Goldie's Music Links
Becky White's Homepage
C. Curtis Engel's Home Page
Geoff Dillon's Home Page
Sam Spencer's Home Page
Homepage of TollDog
The Monastic Order of Rec.Music.Christian
Today's Christian Music - KTSY 89.5 FM
Phil's Launchpad
Kate's little corner of the web
Chip's Potato Patch
Christianity Net
Shan's Place
Aubrey's O'Fallon's Homepage
David Garn's Little Corner
Trinity Church
Home of Dallas' Very Own Ragin' Cajun (Dave Pellegrin)
Micki Freeman's Procrastination Page
Lee W. Patterson's Obligatory Ego Trip Page
The Lord's Rain
The Crossroads: Jamie Guay
The Gospel Hitsite
Jason Byrne's Homepage
Karrie's Christian Walk of Faith
The Jones Family Opinion Page
Compassion International Ministry
Global Christian Network
Goshen Net
Fish Net, Inc.
Joyce Bright's Home Page
KLRC Radio On-Line
WLFJ 89.3 FM - His Radio Home Page
Evangel.Com Christian Bookstore
Tina Edward's World
Cross Rhythms Music Ministry
Internet Gold-Rush
Kevin Mark's Home Page
Troy Gephart's Home Page
Duane Loken's Page
Cool Bean's Christian Music
Chris Meirose's Web Page
"Hot Platters" Online Music Store
Gabriela Canalizo's Webpage
The Jars World
Christoper Rozel - Who is ned lemn?
Christian Music X-Change
Samson 777's Home Page
OurChurch.Com - Christian Internet Solutions
Kimberly McMartin's Web Page
Christian Artist Links
Christine Hansen's Homepage (a few miles up the road from me! :)
Diana Morris' Rich Mullins Links Webpage
Central Christian Church of Wichita, Kansas
Allison's Tribute to Rich Mullins
In Loving Memory of Rich Mullins
DOZ's Home Page
Christian Music Online
eXtreme Christianity Website
Dana's (CareBear828) Home Page
Kentwood Christian Church, Kentwood, MI
WCTL Life 106.3 FM, Erie, Pennsylvania
Tom Samuel's World
Christian Copyright Licensing International
Sara Pike's Homepage
The Home Page of Zolla Wadsworth
The Christian Music Cabana!
Jesus Connect
Jim Beaver's Home Page
Geoff Chang's Home Page
KVNE 89.5 FM
Decatur, IL Hearld & Review
KSBJ 89.3 FM - Humble, TX
The Wichita Eagle
The Internet According to Steve Ellwein
Ginger Jay's Not My Home...
Rhonda's Rich Mullins Page
Tapestry Performing Arts - Wichita, Kansas
The Giovanni Audiori Page
Absolutely Joe's Place
The Bee Hive of Brenda Winslow
The 'About Shannon' Page
Andy Peterson's Webpage
FBCH - The Bible Study Webpage
Rockford, IL Radio 91
The CCM Lots-A-Links Page
Steve and Mary Ann Dana's Homepage
KJIL - Great Plains Christian Radio
Sleek's Christian and Monkees Homepage
Mt Carmel UMC on the Web!
K-LOVE Radio
Scott and Amy's Webpage
Mitch McVicker's Official Webpage
This Train Official Site
The Rich Mullins Memorial Web Ring Home Page
KZZQ FM Christian Radio Station
James Coleman's Page
Derek and Laurie's Homely Page
WRCM Christian Radio Home Page
Rich's Web Page
Jeff Wolfe's Primitive Man Page
Brothers Under Christ - Texas A&M Gamma Chapter
Stark Raving Sane
Glory Wavs
The ChurchBass Home Page
Christian Teens Online Magazine
Nicole Fain's Web Page
Jeff L Howard's Gallery Plus...
Paul4Jesus Ministry
Ariel's Christian Homepage
Music Ministry
WJQ 99.3 - The Christian Music Leader
Jotain sinulle (This site is Finland -- beats me what it's about! :)
An anonymous guy's Christian Music Page
Quest for Quality Computers, Inc.
KFSI - Christian Radio for Rochester
One Way - Christelijk Trefpunt op Internet (Anyone who speaks Dutch can translate this site for me, please)
Igreja Adventista do Setimo Dia ao Redor do Mundo - Home Page (Portuguese on this one!)
Cornerstone Festival '98
The Lyons' Veldt
Ball State University Campus Crusade for Christ
Guild of Blades
Marty Winn's Front Page
Carla's Web Page
Ten Point Ten
WIBI Christian Radio for South Central Illinois and Easter Missouri
Leslie's Home Page
JamsLine - The Christian Music Information Source
Christian Works: Counseling program, cult information, certified Christian worker and ordination programs (whew!)
Donny D's Home Page
Erin Yorke's Page!
Hong Teck and Madelin's Homepage
Emmanuel Christian Church, Stonesboro, PA
Community Web Design of Franklin, TN
Christian Music From the Mining Co.
Jason Sole's Homepage
Robert Sparkman's Christian Information Center
Christian Teen Web Page
Bathurst Cornerstone Team One
Jon Polk's State of the Art Ministries
101 QFL, Rockford Illinois
Geoff Horton's Ragamuffin Mailing List Page
Sandi Carroll's Home Page
Jeffrey L. Morgan's Webpage
105.3 KCMS - Seattle's Christian Music Station
Quay Dopler's Home Page
Nathan Pace's Homepage
Amy Hsiao's Homepage
CORI: the Christian Online Resource Index
Casey's Christian Spot
One Way Zone
Michelle Wood's Home!
Sweet Music, Christian Music Source, Buy, Sell, Trade
Air Judden's Homepage
CB Ministries
WELCOME to Liz's home page
Tatiana's Little Chunk O' Cyber-space
Minnesota United Methodist Annual Conference Home Page
Lonna's Home Page
Nathan's House of Music
Brett's Procrastinator Club
J.P. and Sheila Piper's Web Page
Nathan Smith's Page
Newsound Concerts
Christian Pirate Radio - The Best Christian Music on the Internet
The Official Web Site of Matthew Nightingale
Forrest Cramer's Brendan Music Site
Rich Mullins Article
Michelle's Christian Music Home Page
Glandons in Florida
The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine
Our God is an Awesome God
Christian Rock Defense Index
First Baptist Church of Ladonia, Texas
Timothy M. Persons' Home Page
Kevin Boen's Personal Information
"Free Rock" with Dan Preston
Tobi and Schematic's Page
Randall Williams' Time of the End Update
St. Nickanuck of the Tundra Memorial Online Hospital
Paul McMillan's Home Page
deJou Family Home Page
Virginia Cailleteau's Home Page
J-Rod's Home Page Hot Sheet
Carolyn Lindenmuth's "My Father's Business" Page
GMA Dove Awards Webpage
Music Lighthouse USA
The Darryl Gonzalez Christian Center
Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky
Ryan Schmidt's Home Page
Ewe Wish Designs
Michelle's Webpage
Indian Christian Fellowship at Stony Brook, New York
Belfast, Ireland Christian Web
WXPZ-FM, Milford, Delaware
Pat Carreon's Place
WRTP - Carolina Christian Communicatons, Inc.
Horus King Presents: Thelema and Esoteric Christianity in the Ĉon of Horus
Neiderfuz's Home Page
Who is Danny Chai?
Rev Tucker's Home Page
Bienvenidos al Hogar de Juanillo (John Kim)
Alex Chen's Art and Randomness
Chris' Lil' Spot on the Web
Ron's Perspective
Doli's Corner
The Ultis Family Website
Chinese Bible Study at the University of Texas
Campus Christians at the University of Kansas
Buzz's Internet Magazine - Dedicated to the worldwide propogation of my ideas
Vernon And Ashley's Home Page
UBU Online - Web site design and marketing services
The Jesus Experience
Eric Landquist's Homepage
Diane Dew's "A Love I Could Not Deny" Page
Josh Sullivan's Web Page
Cindy Mathews' Heaven Bound Page
The New Wine Place
St. Nickanuck of the Tundra Memorial Online Hospital
CrossPoint Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas
The Not-So-Native Danvillian
Phil Fung's Place
GearSearch - Find Musical Instrument and Equipment Dealers
WorldWideBands - Indie Bands and Artists, Free Music, Mp3, Real Audio, and More!
Ripshin's Buzz on the Web
Musicians Management and Referral
Anne's Random Page
Pure Piano Portraits
Christy Frampton's Home Page
Benj's Web Site
Kathy Carman Henderson's Home Page
Trish's Homepage
New Creature - Bob Messer's Homepage
Nay's Homepage
The Wagner Family Page
Christy's home page
James Hoskison's Believers in Jesus webpage
Christopher and Amy Oulette's Webpage
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