The Music

Over a span of twenty years, Rich recorded over 100 songs. This section of "Calling Out Your Name" seeks to celebrate and uplift each and every one of these songs. The music is arranged chronologically and corresponding to each title are links to the lyrics, scriptural references, sound clips, guitar tablatures, video clips, and midi files. If you are particularly interested in only one of these categories (e.g. only the guitar chords), click on the heading for that category. Thanks to The Bible Gateway at Gospelcom for making the Scriptures references available.

The song list is also available arranged alphabetically.

Lyrics Scriptural References Sound
Behold the ManZion - Behold the Man
Praise to the Lord  
For Unto Us      
The Way to Love You      
Lord Help Me Be      
Nothing in this World      
You Can Live Without Him      
Hope to Carry On (Behold the Man version)  
Heaven in His Eyes    
Rich MullinsRich Mullins
A Few Good Men    
A Place to Stand      
Live Right    
New Heart      
Elijah (self-titled album version)    
Nothing but a Miracle      
Both Feet on the Ground      
These Days      
Save Me      
Picutres in the SkyPictures in the Sky
When You Love      
It Don't Do    
Verge of a Miracle    
Pictures in the Sky    
Be With You    
Screen Door (Pictures in the Sky version)  
What Trouble Are Giants?    
Steal at any Price    
Could Be a Celebration      
Love that Knows No Bounds      
Winds of Heaven, Stuff of EarthWinds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
The Other Side of the World  
With the Wonder    
Awesome God  
If I Stand  
Such a Thing as Glory      
. . . And I Love You      
Ready for the Storm    
One True Love      
How Can I Keep Myself From Singing    
Never Picture PerfectNever Picture Perfect
I Will Sing      
Hope to Carry On (Never Picture Perfect version)  
While the Nations Rage    
First Family    
Higher Education and the Book of Love      
Bound to Come Some Trouble    
The Love of God  
My One Thing  
World as Best as I Remember It, Volume
OneWorld as Best as I Remember It, Volume One
Step by Step  
Boy Like Me / Man Like You    
Where You Are    
Jacob and 2 Women    
The Howling    
Calling Out Your Name  
Who God Is Gonna use      
The River    
I See You    
World as Best as I Remember It, Volume
TwoWorld as Best as I Remember It, Volume Two
Hello Old Friends    
Sometimes by Step  
The Just Shall Live    
To Tell Them      
The Maker of Noses    
What Susan Said    
Growing Young    
All the Way My Savior Leads Me    
A Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin
BandA Liturgy, a Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band
Here In America
The Color Green
Hold Me Jesus
78 Eatonwood Green  
I'll Carry On  
You Gotta Get Up    
How to Grow Up Big and Strong    
Land of My Sojourn  

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