The news is so sad, but happy at the same time. Rich is finally Home... God bless you...

Today, Rich Mullins went home to the Lord... .We have tickets sitting on the bar for the concert he was supposed to have this evening..It would have been a first for our kids... As my 15 yr old son said, Rich's death is surely Heaven's gain. God Bless you Rich

I am sure Rich is better off, no doubt there. But our loss is immeasurable.

Our prayers and concern are extended to all family and loved ones.
Joey Watt,
Peoria, IL

I'll miss rich!

We are deeply sadden to here about Rich our loss HEAVENS Gain!!!!!!

I was sorry to hear of Rich's death and I know he will be sorely missed. God and the angels are rejoicing listening to Rich sing in Heaven. God Bless.

I am so saddened that we lost Rich tonight. God has called back the helper of the poor, the comedienne, and now the singer. Why? My heart is broken.

He and his music meant so much to me.
Chris Barrett,
High Point, NC

The news was so sad. I know you must be going through a very tough time. You'll be in my prayers. Rich was a very special man who touched a lot of lives. He will be missed, but heaven is rejoicing at the homecoming of one of its finest. We will see him again someday if we're faithful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. May God bless you.

Mark Nebergall

His music and life touched us all so deeply and profoundly. I am very upset at his passing -- I guess I am being selfish -- it's God's turn to have him now!!!!

I know that Rich is now Singing His Praise to Lord in perfect communion with the One he loved to sing about.

He will be greatly missed. I smile knowing he is with HIM. Love and prayers go with you.

Bad for us but great for him. I guess the Lord gets to enjoy all his new songs. We will hear them when we arrive in heaven.

I will miss such a great musician and apostle of Christ.

Terrible tragedy, and such a loss, but heaven's gain. Praying for all the family, friends and fans.

The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.
Psalm 138:8

I am so sorry to hear about Rich. His songs really minister like so few.
Chris Vanover
Associate Pastor
Calvary Chapel Rivergate
Nashville, TN

I am sure you will probably receive several notes, but the sudden accident involving Rich really struck something. I am only in high school, but for my geography class I have to read the newspaper and keep a journal over world events. The news I heard over the radio today broke my heart. I read about death all the time in the paper. This one completely altered the world of Christian music, as I see it. I hope you are staying well in this sad time. May God bless you and bring you comfort.

Laura G.

My wife, Amy, and I recently worshiped with Rich and Mitch in McKinney, Texas (burb of Dallas). It was a phenomenal evening of celebration and praise, as well as reverence and contemplation. We almost stayed home since it was quite a drive. We are both thankful that God led us there that evening. We will miss Rich Mullins and his music. He made me feel like he was leading worship and not entertaining!

Tim Herbel

We will all miss him, his music, and his talent TREMENDOUSLY! I'm sure you feel the loss more than us. But maybe he got his wish in a way, and went out a little like Elijah - definitely rocking til it was his time to roll.

I didn't know what to say and still don't. My prayers are with Rich's family and all whose lives he has touched. I can only imagine how incredibly insignificant that candlelight in Central Park appears now... although I wept as I gazed upon the stars this evening, I suppose that Rich never really did belong to this world. I remember three concerts ago when he, with three others, sang "... the angels beckon me from heaven's open door, and I can't feel at home in this world anymore." He is home.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and so many others in whose lives Rich has become entwined.

God bless you.

While there are a lot of reasons to appreciate him, I tend to look up to certain people not because of their musical talents, but because of their lives. Michael Card, Keith Green, and Rich Mullins have been three of the biggies in this area.

I was glad to find a great many of his tunes listed with their chords. I played a few of them on my guitar as a sort of salute to him.


I once asked Rich for the chords or a copy of The Way to Love you.... he laughed and said.... you think I have it written down, I'll get it to you... Beth then said... Don't hold your breath. I just heard about the passing of this Godly man.... I will miss him, but am happy for the many memories I have of him.

What a loss to all of us who are Rich Mullins Fans. The world of ccm has lost a great voice and heaven has gained a new one.

your sister in Christ,

Thanksgiving to God for the short time he allowed us to be ministered to by Rich, before taking him home. If it be Your will, Father, we ask that You would extend Your healing touch to all involved, and Your comforting presence to all of us left behind - until we meet on the other side of the cross. Amen. The Jordan is no longer waiting for Rich to cross thru ... He is still an Awesome God!

I can feel for you. Rich is my all time favorite Christian musician, singer, song writer. Someone I feel the Christian music industry has underrated to many times. I can't tell you how many times I have purchased a CD of his to give to someone. Or, how many times I had an opportunity to share with someone because of hearing Rich's music playing in my car. Again, I am sorry for you, but to think he's home with our Lord Christ Jesus. A home where his songs spoke of.

Because of Jesus,

He is with Jesus now and able to sing to his heart's content.

I still simply cannot believe that this humble, honest, man of God who could weave such a beautiful tapestry of poetry and song is gone... I never got the chance to know him personally, but after listening to his songs for so many years and having heard him at so many of his concerts, I felt as though I did and held him in my heart as a dear friend. Even as I write this note, I can't stop crying. I don't know what to say except I will forever miss him... his passion for God, his humbleness, the way his songs can touch the heart and stir the soul, his laughter, the way he'd walk out onto the stage barefoot, everything... I'll remember and carry these things within my heart always. I will forever remember Rich Mullins and the life he lived. He did leave a legacy for us, through his music and through his life, and I know there are many, including me, who will carry on...

Forgive me... sometimes words fail me and I am unable to express the things I feel so strongly inside with the passion and eloquence they so deserve. But I do remember the thought he left us with at the last concert my husband and I were able to see him at in McKinney, Texas...

He had opened the song "Ready For The Storm" with a little story of how in Ireland the women would weave their own special designs into the sweaters their husbands and sons would wear to sea. The reason for this was because the sea there is very rough, and if their ship were caught in a storm and the crew lost, their bodies would be beaten and broken beyond recognition by the time they reached the shores. The only way at times for the women to recognize them would be by the designs on the tattered remains of their sweaters.

In closing the concert his remarked that, you know, one day, after all our trials and tribulations here on earth, we're all gonna wash up on the other shore, beaten and broken beyond recognition... couple of angels will probably come walking by and shake their heads saying, "Man, we really need to get this garbage cleaned up... " They stoop to carry away the tattered figure, then Jesus walks up stopping them in their tracks... stares quietly for a moment... then, with a loving smile he points and says "No, wait... don't you see... that's my sweater... "

It's a bit paraphrased now and I don't think my telling of it does it justice, but I wanted to share it anyway. The story was meant to be slightly humourous at the time he told it, but I think it holds a different meaning for me now. As with everything else he left with us, I will treasure this last little tale I ever heard from Rich's own lips.

May there be a memorial and testimony to the life Rich led as a Christian and the passion and joy with which he sang... My heart and prayers go out to Rich's family, his friends, and all the lives he has touched through his music...

God Bless,
Tracy Guynes

Rich's music has really blessed me and really made me think about what God is really like. His death really brings his music into focus. He truly went out like Elijah

I count Rich as one of my recent ministers and encouragers the past few years. I'll cherish the time I saw him in concert in Oct of 95 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He indeed had a heart for ministry, as his work at the Navajo reservation showed. I am so encouraged by his song "Creed" which is almost the Apostle's Creed, word for word. He sings it in such a faith-affirming way. The part that rings in my head over and again is the chorus, where he says of his faith, "I did not make it; no, it is making me! It is the very truth of God, and not the invention of any man." That song "inspired" a sermon of mine. It also helps move me to see usefulness in a creed. If not a church creed, at least some kind of concrete personal statement of faith.

He was one of the few (along with Kieth Green and Michael Card) contemporary Christian songwriters/performers for whom his concern for good theology obviously mattered in his songs. His seminary background at Cincinnati showed in his work.

Late at night, in the quietness and solitude of my office, as I prepare for tomorrow's worship, it comforts me to share my hurt with another Christian. For me, Rich was much more than just another Christian recording artist. I will miss him.

"Our God is an awesome God;
He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, pow'r, and love.
Our God is an awesome God!"
Rich Mullins, 1988

Don White

"Our God is An Awesome God" is sung often in our church and I will forever remember that God has taken Rich home to himself, whenever I hear it.
Rev. Tim Davis
Pastor, Westside Bible Church,
Victoria, BC, Canada

Dear Mrs. Mullins and family,

My prayers are with you at this time... I don't know if it be of any comfort to you, but I'd like you to know the tremendous impact your son had on my life.

When I was twelve years old (1984), Rich came to sing a concert at our church in Wabash, Indiana. I was blessed in that he stayed at our house, so I was able to meet him, eat dinner with him, and he even played for us on our old clunky piano (though I didn't realize it was actually old and clunky until many a year later). I remember so many of the things that Rich shared, and his big encouragement to me was to practice classical music and work on my piano technique, as that was how he developed his ability to play so many styles. I took this to heart, and when my friends were playing from pop song books, I played Mozart. A concert pianist I will never be, but he helped me develop a talent in ways I otherwise wouldn't have. Today, I have written several songs, mostly because of the desire he instilled in me. Rich came back the next year and stayed with us again, and to a starry-eyed thirteen-year-old, he was the best there would ever be. I continued with that perspective for the next thirteen years, and I still believe it today. It's so much more than just musical, though... he was REAL. When the world lost Mother Theresa, I turned to my husband and said, "At least we still have Rich... " what an example of humility and giving he has been to the world.

I have been to fifteen of Rich's concerts since 1984, and whenever time and crowds allowed, Rich took the time to chat with me and keep up with our family. In 1988, in fact, he made the year of this sixteen-year-old by granting my request to write a forward to a photographic essay I was completing for school. My favorite of his songs was - and still is - "Elijah," so I asked if he'd write a few sentences about the song. I have memorized the words he wrote... "There are those gaps in our lives that are caused by the lack of heroes - people with courage and integrity, and people who inspire those qualities in us. I have been blessed enough to have met a few, and this song is dedicated to the desire they have instilled within me: the desire to be a person with integrity." I know from what he has said many a time that you, his mother, were one of those people. I went on to spend over forty hours completing my photo essay, and my teacher gave the only perfect grade she's ever given on one of these projects... the photo essay (the size of an entire photo album) is still one of my most prized possessions, and if it would be of any comfort for you, I would love for you to have it. I do not have your home address, but my address is Angie Knight, 509 S. Main Street, Upland, IN 46989. If seeing more of Rich's words would be of comfort to you, I can easily even drive down to Richmond.

I am sure you are familiar with the "Choice Lifestyle" team that Rich helped form in Wichita... that is yet another way that Rich indirectly touched my life. A lot of things happened in my family and my life during my junior and senior years of high school, and when I went to church camp in 1989, the Choice team was there. For the first time, I felt that I had a glimpse of what I REALLY needed to do to "walk the walk" instead of just talking the talk. The beauty and sensitivity with which the team presented their message penetrated to my very heart, and my Christian walk was strengthened beyond measure due to the team's influence. I'm sure that Rich had no idea how many lives were touched by the group he helped lead.

I could continue to go on for pages... Rich's speaking, his concerts, his lyrics are such an inspiration. A few concerts ago, Rich and his back-up singers sang "This world is not my home, I'm just a'passin' through... the angels beckon me through heaven's open door, and I ain't got a home in this world anymore." I look forward to the day that we can all join Rich and his father when we get home.

Thank you for giving Rich's faith wings...
Still trying every day to "Be God's,"
Angie Knight

I have heard of many well-known and famous people dying but Rich Mullins death really hit closer to my heart than I ever knew it would. For the first time, I actually shed tears for a person who passed away that I never knew personally. I suppose his passing affected me deeply because it has been his music that has spoken to me on the deepest of levels in my times of greatest struggle in my Christian walk. I know none of us can credit human flesh for our Christian walk but the connection I found in Mr. Mullins' music made the dark times more bearable.

Rich Mullins was a precious jewel in a heap of pebbles, a rare find in the sea of mediocrity. Now perhaps with the passing of Rich Mullins Christians will "discover" the wealth of this man's largely underrated body of work. Hopefully they will come to know him for more than "Awesome God."From somebody who knew of Rich Mullins for more than "Awesome God" his music will be missed but now he is singing that chorus to God Himself.

In closing, I quote Mr. Mullins' song that has been on repeat play in my CD player for twenty or thirty minutes or so now: "Now the storm is fading and the night is through... and now the morning comes and I can see the things that really matter become the wings you send to gather me to my home, to my home. I'm going home."

Jeff Stoneking

He enjoyed life here and he was young at heart. His exuberance will be missed.

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

In one of his songs, your son wrote that you and your husband 'gave faith hands and feet and somehow gave it wings' - thank you for your part in Rich's ministry. My walk with Christ has been changed because of the words and music God gave Rich to share.

We can remember his gift to us. He was the first Christian musician I ever heard after I was born again, and I just met him last month on my birthday in the town where I was born. So I guess now we find a way in ourselves to share Christ's love, though not with the beauty that God gave Rich...

My selfish heart cries out
Why did you take the best?
You answer in patience and love
He gave me all
And I am his reward

I woke up today hoping it was all a bad dream. May God comfort all of us as we grieve our loss and Rich's gain. I am praying that God will comfort you and carry you through this terrible time of loss. Those of us who only knew him through his music can't begin to know your family's pain, but you are not alone. May our loving Father wrap you in His arms and give you peace in realizing that your son is with the Lord we serve. I have five sons of my own and know that it would take a miracle of God's grace to make me willingly accept them going home before me. You will remain in my prayers.

In Christ,
Lisa Schea

The morning of September 20th has passed from its mouth one of the greatest men I have ever known. I used to laugh at the thought of falling in love with someone that you never met, someone you never truly got to know. What is it to love a man who has brought you out of darkness, drawn a tear from the hardest of rock, broken the greatest fortress of a man's soul; that the Holy Spirit might do His work. What is it then that lets us love this man that we have never known.

"In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. There was a man sent from God"

Without the looks of a soap opera star, without the flash of a well tailored suit, picking up hitchhikers as he moved through our lives, this man quietly rebelled against everything that the world told him was success. Listening to the unproduced piano runs and tangled melodies in his early years with Zion, one can hear a subtle rebellious fire that is sheltered by humility, honor, patience, and love a for Christ. All this from a maverick music student in Cincinnati whose claim to fame at that time was his ever-present bare feet. A man that was somewhat confused by why a stranger would want the shake of his hand, a man that dodged the flash of a camera bulb to try and show us the light of Christ. A man who cried in front of us, a man who laughed with us, a man who told us the truth, a man who lived for Christ. He made us pleasantly uncomfortable, everyone from the record companies, to the churches, to those that sat at his feet. That which made us uneasy was our convictions and transgressions, brought forth by the love and brokenness of one man.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

"Love never fails."

He was one of those kindred souls, those individuals, needing no one but Christ. A man that covered all those he passed with a piece of his heart. He held us a night, when the darkest of nights crept through our souls, he made us laugh when we were ready to give up on God, he made us look inwards as his humility bled through each one of us. With our pride shattered and our insecurities opened before the masses, he simply sang us a song. Those songs brought together our torn hearts, healed our broken bones, healed the wounds that this world brings about. His music didn't depend on the steady hands of a Nashville musician, the ring of perfectly tuned accompaniment, or an illustrious light and sound show. He wrote his music for one purpose, to prepare us to come before the Father, not as denominations, not as scholarly men, but as the children of an Almighty God, stripped of our worldly glory, broken and naked. He wanted us to know that we are called to be one thing. The children that sat at the feet of the Master.

"Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray, and he laid his hands on them and departed thence."

I do not believe that he would want us to cry and mourn, to let his passing take away from the direction that our lives need to go. He would want us to look toward Christ even more, that even in the midst of our sorrow, that relentless fire that he showed might be kindled in us. Even knowing this, I struggle to find a minute to which his memory doesn't cross my mind when my tears don't fall from sorrow. I never got to sit down and have a Coke with you, I never got to stay up till 4 in the morning and watch old movies with you, I never got to hear you talk about your childhood, I only knew you heart. but I loved you so very much. My beloved brother in Christ I loved you. I don't know why you are gone, but I know you have saved me so many times. I'll see you soon.

"and I hope that you remember I was your friend."

written by a kid brother of st frank

I am so sorry to hear about Rich. I went to high school and Cincinnati Bible College with Rich. I loved his music. I don't why God decided to take him now, but we are not to question. I am praying for your family. When Rich was in college, he did a concert one night. They sold tapes of the concert and I still have mine. I have played it so many times. He will be missed by many.

Cindy Jurgens Metzger
Bedford, IN

I know that the Mullins family will, no doubt, be inundated with mail for awhile, but I too would like to pay tribute to the influence Rich Mullin's music has had on my spiritual life. I wish I had written when he was still alive, but I guess the idea didn't occur to me until now...

For most of my high school and college years, I have suffered from depression that stemmed from a variety of sources. I have been a Christian for many years, but joy was a hard thing for me to find. Roughly 3 years ago, i picked up "Winds of Heaven... Stuff of Earth" because i had heard one of the songs on the album. Since then, Rich's music has seen me through some of the high and low points of my life. The 3 CDs of his that i own are among my most-played, and his lyrics echo concepts that i have thought but could never put into words. Since i know from his song "Creed" that i share his spiritual beliefs, his other music has been comforting concerning my past and future in this world and the next. And the joy in his music is incredible! It's changed my outlook completely.

I know Rich Mullins was not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, but he was a wonderful artist, and he sang of a faith i share and peace that i long to experience fully. It is a blessing to know that the stuff of earth could not compete with heaven in his heart. If he was the same kind of person that his music seems to indicate, then i cannot wait to meet him someday.

Melanie Heck

His loss is a great loss. May God take the words he gave us through Rich and apply them to our lives. Our prayers go to his family and friends.
God Bless,
Don Owens
KLTY Promotions Director

I'm really sorry. The music community lost a great warrior.

My mother just called me from Kentucky and told me that his parents called the church where he taught me Jesus Loves Me when I was a child. Some of my family still go there and they were told this morning. He directed my childrens choir and he was a close friend of my mom's and her brother. I just saw him a year ago in Atlanta and it is kind of sad to think of him as gone. This is what God wanted though and now he is singing "Awesome God" with the angels.

God Bless,
Chris Howard
Georgia Southwestern State University

God will help us get over his loss, and we can be sure that our friends will continue to make music and dance for Him.
Mike Poliquin

Our loss, Rich's gain! May God use his legacy to honor His son Jesus. "Gone from mystery unto mystery, gone from daylight unto night, another step deeper into darkness, closer to the light"

We'll miss you, Rich. May God bless all of us with faith and testimony like his.

We've lost a good man, but at least he is home with our Lord!

Rich was one of my favorite christian artists and I was fortunate to meet him here in Lubbock about 5 years ago. Knowing that he is with Christ is such a great comfort!
Karen Strange

My heart is broken over his death. He was a big influence on my life. Thank You. 2 Kings 2:11. Php. 1:6
Shane Reed

Now we know he is truly in a better place

Rich is home where he longed to be.
Kelly Hunt

I attended a concert in Dallas at SMU four years ago and at the time I was not truly walking with the Lord. When Rich sang " Hold me Jesus" it went straight to my heart and began a change in me that along with my wife's prayers and several other key things that God orchestrated brought me into relationship with Jesus. My best friend in Dallas was similarly affected. We saw Rich at Grace Chapel, the church we now attend and it was a blessing. I have been intending to write Rich to tell him of the affect that song had on two lost souls but had not yet done it. I know he is in heaven with Jesus and he knows the affect he had on me and my friend, Joe, and the many others who heard his words and music. We will be praying.

Tom C.

My Condolences to the family and friends (which go in GREAT NUMBERS) of Mr. Rich Mullins and I hope he got to go out like Elijah!

I know that Rich's songs will always live deep inside of me and others.
In Christ, Adam

I was saddened to hear of Rich's death. We worked a week of camp together about ten years ago, and his brother was on my wing at Johnson Bible College. Please extend our condolences to his family. His music is wonderful!
Sincerely Yours,
Stephen P. Fierbaugh

I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Mr. Mullins. I am grateful that I was able to see him in concerts, and that he was able to bless the world with his music and desire to bring the world to Christ. I will miss him.
Gene Cole

He was much loved, and will be severely missed by all.
Martin J. Maxwell,
Phoenix, AZ

I hope and pray that God will help you, as he has helped me, to see how blessed we are to be His children and to know that we are somehow forever changed by the work that Rich did on this earth. May you find peace in knowing he is wrapped in the Father's arms and will be a beautiful voice in Heaven's choir of angels.
God Bless You,
Jennifer Cole,
Crandall, Texas

My condolences to you all on the death of Rich. I first met him when he came here to Lincoln, Il and gave a concert at our chapel back in 1987 (I think it was then). Of all the Christian artists I have met over the years, he and David Meece rank up there as the most human. Now he stands in glory, seeing Jesus' face.
Jim Smith
Lincoln, IL

The first song I ever heard of his was Hold Me Jesus. At the time I was going through a conversion experience that rattled me big time and felt like I wanted to get to know the person who sang that song. My husband and I bought a CD of his music and it was more of the same. So many of the songs coincided with things that were happening in my life. The first time that we went to one of his concerts (in San Antonio) we brought my mom and two of my best friends. That's what his music is like. It's so universal. The next time he came here we took our two children and met up with some friends there. I had been to many concerts before, mostly of the secular variety, and nothing prepared me for the experience our family had there. I don't know Rich personally, so I don't know exactly why he came out barefoot, but that simple act spoke volumes to me and my husband. My son, who is VERY conservative, and ironically very self-conscious about his own feet, was uncomfortable at first, and then he thought it was pretty cool that a music "star" would not feel like he needed to dress up for all of us. He was nine years old at the time and he told us that Rich Mullins must have wanted to make everyone feel comfortable at his concert, even people who might not have a nice pair of shoes, kind of like Jesus would do. Also during that concert, someone's child was on stage for a time, Ashley Cleveland's I think, and another child from the audience seemed to decide that it was okay if she went up there too. My seven year old daughter, who genuinely loved most of their songs wanted to go up, but we told her that she couldn't. Soon there were several children up there and I am sure there were folks in the audience who thought it was all staged. Because when we finally did let our daughter go, there was a very real feeling that this was so much like when Jesus told the people gathered around him to let the children come. Rich Mullins just went with it. He even asked some of the children what they wanted him to sing. Later she was disappointed because she could think of several songs that she wished she had remembered then.

Our third daughter will be one year old on the 24th of September. She came into the world hearing the songs from A Legend, A Legacy, and a Ragamuffin Band. She'll be hearing his music for some time to come. Thank you God for sharing him with us all.

William Reich

Peace be to his memory and may his music long continue to impact others for Christ.
Sherri Goodwin
Milwaukee, WI

I have been a faithful fan for many years and will miss him and his music very much. But praise God that he is with Him now!
Bruce Van Horn

"Love is found in the things we have given up, more than in the things that we have kept." - Rich Mullins, from "What Susan Said."

We are sad along with you at this time of grief and loss... Rich will be missed. It is comforting to know that the Jordan no longer waits for him to cross thru.
Jesse Luckado

God has said his work is done here and has called him home.
Regards, Nicodemus Chan

I was devastated this afternoon when I heard the news. I am a relatively recent fan and have grown to love Rich's songs. I play bass in a contemporary Christian group at church - last week we did Damascus Road and Elijah for church! I wanted to express my sympathy to you. It seems a colder, quieter world, although for Rich I guess he finally knows what those stars look like as he "looks back" on them.

Chuck Morgan
Monroe, LA

God has blessed me with Rich's music, perhaps no other Artist, let alone a Christian Artist can I more agree with than Rich. I am sad over his death, but understand he is at peace with the awesome God we serve. I am at a loss of words but I care for those close to Rich.

I am writing to you to send my deepest heart felt sympathies. I was stunned, shocked, and so very upset. I just could not believe what I was hearing, my heart filled with grief and my eyes with tears. Rich had filled my heart to over flowing with his wonderful songs, I sing them with all I have, especially to my favorite "The Creed". I have had the awesome opportunity to see many of his videos, and feel the Holy Spirit at work through his songs. Please remember Rich says "I believe what I believe", so we can have peace knowing he is with our Lord whom he loves so very much. I pray that our Father send His peace and loving comfort to all who mourn this tragic loss,

Love in Christ,

Although tragic from a human perspective, it's not difficult to accept; knowing the faith Rich witnessed to the world and where he is now.

My husband and I have been faithful fans of Rich Mullins for years and are devastated by the news of his death. We are youth pastors for a catholic church in Green Bay, WI, and our youth are often touched by his music. The world will certainly seem a bit empty without his music. May you know Christ's peace

- Teresa M. Sergott

Rich will be a blessed and great presence in Heaven. He will be missed!!

Our condolences - we loved Rich very much & were ministered to by his incredible talent. We know he is with the one he loved the most- JESUS.
Mike & Marti

His songs led me into Christianity. All I know is, he was a great man, and now he is happy. I'll be praying for you. And just remember his most famous song: Our God is an Awesome God... .

Katie Lindsay

"There is One True Love, in this world of lies and after all that I've gone through I've found, I find there's only One True Love." --Rich Mullins

What I really want to say is that Rich is by far my favorite artist. I became a Christian 3 years ago at the age of 16, and about 6 months later, I fell in love with his music, which was probably strange for a 16 year old, since there are so many other kinds of Christian music that appeal more to teens. I had the opportunity to meet him while on a mission trip in Chicago, where he put on a special concert for the students on the trip. I also saw him in concert most recently in Omaha, NE on Valentine's day of this past year.

Rich's music and his incredibly love for Jesus had a huge impact in my life. He lived such a humble life and desired to serve Jesus in everything he did. One of my best memories of him is from the concert in Omaha. He ended with the song, "Sometimes by step," and the last time through the chorus, he stopped playing the guitar and just sang with the audience, "Oh God, you are my God, and I will ever praise you." Every person in the audience must've had their eyes closed, and when the song ended, we opened our eyes, and he was gone. He had quietly slipped off the stage, wanting to give all the glory to Jesus Christ.

I rejoice knowing that he lives on in heaven right at this moment, and can't even imagine the joy he must be feeling right now!! God chose to use Rich to reach many people for the glory of Christ, and continue to praise God for his life and impact on my life.

In Jesus,
Sarah Howard

Christian music lost it's heart today.

In the death of Rich Mullins, it is now time to pray for all who enjoyed his music and ministry!
In Christ,
Wayne Parker

Our prayers are with his family, friends and fans in this time of loss. Surely God knows why He has chosen to take Rich home.
Blessings to you,

We are very saddened about his death -- but know that he is with the Lord, for Our God Is an AWESOME God!
Chuck Shelquist

With my deepest sympathy. I am very saddened that Rich's ministry has been cut short and will miss his music. As I did not have the privilege to know him personally, from all that I have heard It would appear that Rich was dedicated to the leading of the Holy Spirit and therefore truly a born again Christian That being the case then the only sadness that should be expressed is for the family that must live with this horrific loss, as for Rich he has only beaten us all to that perfect place reserved for those who love the lord Jesus and are called according to his purpose. Thank you for taking the time to read this note and know that the prayers of many are being uttered for the family and friends of Mr. Rich Mullins

Timothy Haycraft

He was an awesome guy, and his humbleness was the best thing about him. At least we have the comfort of knowing that he's with the one he sang about, but one thing I know, the world will miss him.

What a tragedy to lose one of Christ's finest minstrels, but I'm sure he's with Jesus.

Kevin Barrett
Memphis, TN

In my prayers I will keep his family and friends. His music has inspired me sooo much.
God Bless.

Rich's music touched and affected my life in a myriad of different ways. I still remember the Promise Keepers event in Texas a couple of years back. The stadium was packed and a very severe storm was moving in. As the organizers took the stage and tried to shuttle the thousands of men through the three exit gates at one end of the stadium, the rain and wind swept over us. The rain was cold, hard, and HEAVY. The wind was ferocious and blew one entire bank of speakers through the back grandstands (luckily -- praise God -- nobody was there). Anyway, the thing I remember most was, as we were trying to leave the stadium, with things crashing around the group and getting soaked with COLD rain. A song erupted over the group of men and rang out above the rain and wind. It is one I am sure you are familiar with:


It didn't matter what happened from then on... we knew who was in control... then... and now... Praise God that he allowed Rich to be with us... and leave us with so many great memories and such fantastic music. I know where Rich is singing now... I know God is happy to have him... I am also thankful I will see him again one day!!!

I went to many of Rich's concerts and was blessed by his spirit and his ministry. I bet a Heavenly choir was welcoming Rich home with "Our God is an Awesome God... " and Rich probably looked up and thought that his song didn't even come close to doing God justice. He was our generation's Keith Green. -Doug

Mr. Rich Mullins.

Our pastor spoke about Rich in his sermon this morning. He said that Rich was a friend of his. I only shook Rich's hand once, but I feel like he was a friend of mine, too. No other Christian artist could translate the unspoken words in my soul. Scriptures became so relevant when set to his music. Rich's talent was truly "a fair and glorious gift" from the father. The words "I'll miss him" just don't even come close.

Trusting Him,

I can't believe that the Lord has called Rich home. I can't believe it for all of us left here, but man wouldn't you love to have been in Heaven for the welcoming home party for him?!?!?! I imagine Rich is laughing and singing with the Lord as we speak. Maybe instead of tears of sorrow, what we've been hearing and seeing are tears of envy since we all have to miss out on the big party being thrown in Heaven.

Okay, I know Rich is home now, but we're all still very sad down here on earth. But I was thinking... if we, as Christians, are seated with Christ in Heaven... well then, in a way... like in worship and stuff... we're kinda all together in a sense. So maybe... we aren't really so far removed from those we've lost after all. And if we're surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, the witnesses being the saints of the past, well then Rich is one of them now. And if the church is truly one, than she is made up of the believers in Heaven as well as the believers on earth. So... we aren't really so separated then. Like, when we take communion and stuff... I dunno, I feel like I'm taking communion with everybody, all the saints and apostles and all the believers all over the world, too. I've only been a Christian for about two and a half years now and I'm not totally sure if my thinking is 100% right in these areas or if i'm being a little silly. But I thought I'd share this with you and if it's helpful you can share it with whomever you like. I know Rich's music has helped me a lot in my faith so far and I'm sure it will continue to do so. I know he did the same for many other people as well.

God bless you. :'o)

My family and I are indeed saddened at the passing of a man who has had a great impact on our lives. Although we never got to see him in concert, we have all of Rich's music, and have listened to it all day today as a tribute to Him and the God to Whom he gave all glory. Rich is now experiencing the awesomeness of our God to the fullest extent! I think God took him Home to write the songs that we will all soon be singing together in Heaven to praise our awesome God! We will miss him greatly, and our deepest sympathies are offered to his close family and friends, but know that he did leave behind a legacy of joy and real compassion.

In the Love of our God Who is never unkind,
-Gary and Jill Leiter and family
Soldotna, Alaska

I'm joyful that he's now in the presence of the Lord, but his ministry has been a real blessing to me. I sure will miss him.

Rich Mullins was someone I never met, and never even had the opportunity to see in concert. But he was a man who touched my life in such a deep way, that once he was in my head, it wasn't long before he found my heart and there was no going back. "when I leave I want to go out like Elijah". I know that's how he went.

God is with you during this time... .and He is still awesome...
-Shannon Murray

it brings me solace to imagine him in heaven playing the dulcimer to god along with keith green playing his piano...
-josh chuang

He was a man with a passion for God and a ministry in music. His legacy of an Awesome God will forever ring in the souls of Gods worshippers from now until we stand at the throne with Rich directing the holy choir. He was a man with love and a message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will not mourn his death because he is with the Father where all of us belong. He will be there welcoming us with his heart of praise and rejoicing. May his ministry live on after his earthly death. His soul is forever in the Lords presence. He will be greatly missed. Our home is filled with his music and the message he so wonderfully gave to the world.

In Christ's service and love for the Mullins family
-Debra Smith
Everett, WA

I share your thoughts on Rich. God gave him the ability to write great songs. It is to bad when we think of all the songs left unwritten. But this is God's plan.
-Scott Goering

"Sorrow is better than laughter, for when a face is sad, a heart may be happy."
-Ecclesiastes 7:3

I would like to remember Rich Mullins, not for who he was, for I know he wouldn't want that, but for what he did.

As a teenager growing up in the midwest, I faced a lot of the same problems that every teenager does - low self esteem, doubt, wondering who I was and how I fit in and what I was supposed to be. Sometimes I would lie awake at night feeling hurt and confused and angry at God, wondering just what He wanted from me.

Fortunately, at that time (the early '80's) contemporary Christian music was beginning to be more and more popular, and many nights I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Bryan Duncan, WhiteHeart and many others. One of my favorite songs (I had a lot of favorites!) was Elijah, by a songwriter turned singer named Rich Mullins.

"When I leave I wanna go out like Elijah,
with a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire.
And when I look back on the stars,
it'll be like a candlelight in Central Park,
and it won't break my heart to say goodbye"

Although I never had the chance to meet him personally, as I did other artists, Rich touched my life many times in the years to follow. I was able to see him play in concert several times, and neither his enormous God given talent - he didn't just write songs and play music, he painted pictures with them- nor the fact that he gave it all back to God, escaped me. My younger sister, after coming home from a Christian camp, was bubbling with excitement over the way someone as famous as Rich Mullins had sat down and eaten lunch with her and her friends, and played soccer with some of the others. "He was just like one of the guys!" she said.

Indeed, almost every time you heard someone say more than a sentence or two about him, some form of the word "humble" was bound to come up. His devotion to those in less fortunate circumstances was remarkable. In a world where big talent is usually equated with big dollars, he stood out as a man of simple means. He chose to build up treasures in heaven rather than a worldly purse, freely sharing the love of Christ with everyone he came into contact with.

Reflecting on the life of this simple man, I realize that I could be doing so much more with what God has given me. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, so we should live each day as though it were our last. Just like Elisha in days of old, my prayer is that God will give me a double portion of Rich's spirit. While I am saddened by our loss, I rejoice in knowing that someday I will meet him and we will join together in singing praises to our King! I am confident that there is no place that he'd rather be than where he is now.

In the meantime, I, like countless others, am left with a glow in my heart from the legacy of his ministry in my life. Funny, but it seems to be a lot like the glow of a certain chariot.

-Shawn A. Key
Ballwin, MO

I have no concerns about where Rich is, but am having trouble with the thoughts of missing his ministry in music and songwriting.

-Kelly Clark
North St Paul, Minnesota

My husband and I, we share the sense of loss and yet there is joy in knowing that he "gave his life to see His face"!

I greatly appreciated the ministry of Rich Mullins. I had the privilege of recently attending one of his concerts. I was tremendously encouraged and blest by his music ministry.

-Brian Martin
Eastland Hills Baptist Church
Choctaw, OK

Rich has blessed me through his music so much. His life was a testimony to faith. He was a messenger reminding us we are not strong as we think we are and that we had to look beyond the wisdom of this age to the foolishness of God so we will find peace. Rich is being held by Jesus, The Prince of Peace. I miss him.
Kevin Price

I will always remember him as a humble servant, gifted musician, and living
sacrifice. May his faith live on in each of us, the lives he touched.

a touched heart,

We are praying for your family for grace and peace to heal the wound that only God can give. The ministry of Rich was inspiring to us all. May God richly bless you and comfort you.

In Christ's love,
-Susan Devereaux,
Junction City, Oregon

He was very inspirational to me in many ways. God truly used him to touch the masses, if not to challenge those he differed with.

-Matt Ohime
-Taylor student and Rich fan

Nobody knows how much Rich's music touched my heart, my soul... my life... I met Rich once on his "farewell tour" for The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume One... He was so nice and wonderful, especially to my son Christopher... In fact, Rich's first words on stage that night was "Hi Christopher"... I will not tell you my favorite Rich Mullins song as there are too many... I guess I should just thank God for him...

As Rich once sang:
"Peace of Christ to you"

I am a young youth minister and lyricist that was and is inspired by Rich's life and body of work. He was the best writer of our time, for his lyrics conveyed and inspired deep emotion and spiritual reflection. Though it seems he would shun such praise and adulation, I must write to tell you that his words move me to a closer walk with the Father. As a writer, it is my goal to be able to write "Rich Mullins lyrics," words that point people to God in a new and different way.Thank you for his life and his legacy. My prayers are with you. May you experience the peace that passes understanding that only our Father can provide.

-Ken Davis
Youth and Music Minister
Calvary Baptist Church,
Dayton, Texas

My name is Jennifer Larson. I'm a DJ at a Christian Hit Radio Station out of Eastern Washington. To the family or our friend and brother Rich, we send our love, all of us here at Way FM play Rich's music every day. I need to tell you that His songs are the most requested during my shift from 6-midnight weeknights. If I can encourage you with these words, I would like to assure you that if you are faithful, you will without a doubt see Rich again. We all will. Won't it be amazing to be in heaven and know time will be no more! We will never have to say "Goodbye" again. Read Revelation chapters 20 and 21. 21:4 says..He (Jesus) will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be NO MORE DEATH, or sorrow or crying, neither will there be anymore pain, for the former things are passed away. Praise God! In the midst of our great sorrow, God wants to give us hope.

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." All the answers and comfort you need are in the bible. The truth, the life, the happiness, and peace we so desire all comes to us through His holy Spirit, and My prayer is that you find your strength in Him, and rest in his arms of love. He can give us all a peace that passes our earthly understanding. I love you all, and you are in my prayers personally, and as a Radio Station. Our Listeners send their prayers, and support as well.

God be with you,

I'd like to say that the time that God allowed Rich to be here and influencing the lives of so many people was a great gift to all of us. What Rich did during his life is precious and important and valuable and can never be lost, because it bound up in the growth and lives of a lot of different people. We, many thousands of people whom y'all have never even met, are all richer because of this man whom you loved. Thank you for investing in his life so that he could invest in ours. I pray that God will be with you and
comfort you now.

In condolence,
Eliza Fulton

I am a transfer student at UNC-Greensboro and I so loved Rich's "Our God Is An Awesome God." His music was so inspiring. Someday we will all be together with Rich.
Edward Senior

I am a fellow ragamuffin, and I thank God for the time that He used Rich to minister to us. The World As Best As I Can Remember It ... was the first CD I bought after I was born again, and Rich and Beaker's music has not let go of me since. I was so amazed there was Christian music that was so real and honest.

My prayers go out to Rich's family and friends;
Eleanor Kastelein

Ever since I first saw Rich in concert in 1989, where I picked up my first cassette of "Winds of Heaven", his music has been with me. I asked him to sign it. He signed "Be God's". That rather sums up his attitude, I think. For over 8 years his music has been there, practically daily. Even when I fell away, I couldn't stop listening to his music, and gently, patiently, God used that to bring me back.

Rich Mullins has been a continuous source of encouragement for me and many dear friends; a role model, a true brother in our faith. We feel a great loss, yet we know and rejoice in that his joy is now made perfect. It makes me smile to think that someday I'll meet him in heaven. But the tears that we now shed are tears of gratitude, of nostalgia, and yes, of pity for ourselves. We shall miss him sorely. My prayers are with his family and friends, and all of those who, like me, were touched by his ministry.

A friend and I went on a long hike on Saturday, and we sang Rich's songs for many long miles -- it is impossible to see the wonders of creation and not think of Rich's lyrics.

Thanks be to God who gave us such a precious gift in Rich Mullins!

Gabriela Canilizo

I loved his music and the talent that he shared with the world to praise God.

Love and Prayers,
Stephanie Eddy

Thanks for sharing with us all the songs the Father gave you to give us.

Oh... ... ..the ironies... ... ... ... always did say it best... ... .

"But when I leave I want to go out like Elijah With a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire And when I look back on the stars It'll be like a candlelight in Central Park And it won't break my heart to say goodbye ... ... ... ... .."

My wife introduced me to Rich Mullins 4 years ago through "a liturgy, a legacy... ." while we were dating transatlantically. LitLeg Rag mirrored perfectly many of our concerns, spiritually and the fear of the awesome steps we were both taking, getting married and I moving from my home country of Ireland. Both the music and the lyrics would move me to tears during my darker moments when all seemed lost, when visa's were not happening, when we broke up and got back together again over the phone. God used that album to hold us together in a way which transcended love on a human plane. I found myself on my face worshipping because of the great power behind the frailty in the songs. (I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me). The music is an amalgam of roots evoking Irish, appalachian, jazz levelling charges that Christ centered music is bland. Sadly, I did not thank him (although he would have given the glory to God anyways), I'll thank him someday soon, please God.

Pax Christi to all of you !!!
Eamonn Mac Crossan
Simpsonville, South Carolina

Thank you Rich Mullins, for your music and for your life. I pray that we will all be inspired and motivated by your real, relevant faith to live our lives focused entirely on Christ. I would also like to tell Rich's family how sorry I am for their loss, and that our prayers are with them.

Rich's songs and life were a blessing from God to those of us who struggle to explain the wonder of God's grace through music.

Our thoughts are with you, and our prayers are for you as you cling to the hope of the resurrection. May god have mercy on us all.

-George Baum
Lost And Found

Mom Mullins,

My wife Celeste and I wanted to let you know that you have been in our prayers since we heard the news of Rich's passing. He blessed us so much through his music and concerts, we will miss him a lot. Dave and his family are very dear friends, through time spent with them we feel like we know you as well as the rest of your children. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you all. We understand the Scripture, "to live is Christ and to die is gain," but the loss of someone still hurts because we will miss that physical presence in our lives. We look forward to the day when we will again!

Longing to be in His presence,
bob gailey

Rich had to be without doubt the single biggest reason that I am going into the ministry. The songs that he wrote have lifted me up when I was down, brought me back to earth when I was getting to stuck on myself, and always have managed to turn my thoughts to the One that should have had them in the first place. I will miss this man whom I never had the chance to meet, yet seemed to be the mentor that I needed as I searched for the Lord's will for my life and career.

-Mark Unbehagen

I met him several years ago at a song writer's conference. His ministry dramatically affected my approach to song writing. I will miss him.

-Doug Clark

To Mrs. Mullins,

Hi I'm a guy from Singapore studying in Hawaii and I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus. Rich indeed has been an inspiration to many and I have heard about the way that he lives his life for Christ and that shows that he is faithful.


In my years of association with Christian music, Rich Mullins has stood out as one of the greatest inspirational songwriters of our time. His honest lyrics have encouraged believers everywhere to live wholeheartedly for Christ. Mr. Mullins was truly a gift from God. Not only have we lost an exceptional poet and musician, but also a challenging man of the faith. Our only solace comes from God and the fact that Rich knew his Maker and perhaps today sings melodies and lyrics that surpass those he penned on earth. Again, to his family and those who knew him best, I am truly sorry. Know that you are in the hearts and prayers of us all.

-Carey Dyer

I just want everyone to know that Rich Mullins' music had a profound impact on my life. I am musician you see and a songwriter as well and as I was forming what and who I am today as a musician, Rich's music directed my course. His writing was so incredible and lifted up our blessed Savior. I hope to have the same impact someday on someone. Thanks Rich... we'll miss you buddy!

James Tallent

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. I'm sure the grief
you feel must be tremendous. If there is any relief it is that many
people are grieving around the country with you.

But thank Jesus that there is joy in the morning! The true comfort,
when all is said and done, is that he is home! I'm sure you have heard
these lyrics before from your son, but I would like to quote them to you

"And now the storm is fading And the night is through And everything you sent to shake me From my dreams they come to wake me In the love I find in you And now the morning comes

And I can see the things that really matter Become the wings you send to gather me home I'm going home"

We love you,
Patrick and Evie Norberg

I too have been listening to Rich Mullins over the last 15 years and have some of his cd's. I know that he is in Heaven now with his Jesus. Father , we pray that you will give peace and comfort to the family of Rich Mullins at this time of their lives as they mourn the loss of this brother. Let them know that they will see him again in Paradise one day soon.

In His Name
James Moffitt

Thank you for this opportunity to honor the life of a dear brother in Christ. I did not know him personally but his music allowed me to look on his life and see Jesus and Rich through it. In dealing with all of my own personal hurts and sorrows, I found that Rich's music (really God's music through Rich) met me with comfort and a reminder of the awesomeness and the power of
God. As one of his songs said,

"But when I leave I want to go out like Elijah With a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire And when I look back on the stars Well, It'll be like a candlelight in Central Park And it won't break my heart to say goodbye"

God has now brought a dear friend home to glory. I just hope that I desire God to the same extent or more as I press on to leave a legacy for Jesus. It will be a great day to worship God together with all of the saints (including Rich Mullins).

Remembrance in Christ,
Aaron Pugh

I have no words to adequately express my feelings. He was a gifted musician and lyricist; both his words and music spoke to me and touched me. He got to the working heart of scripture and expressed it in a way that was real. I will miss the music that he will never write, but I'm so glad I know the music he did write. The Jordan is waiting, Rich, and thanks for everything. I know you were ready; it may not break your heart to say good-bye, but it does break mine. You will be missed.

PS - My 4 year-old daughter's favorite song is "Sometimes by Step", only she knows it as "Oh God, You are my God". "Mommy, play 'Oh God You are my God' for me!" Then she sings and dances around the room with it. A memory to cherish.

Virginia Mayne

Rich's music touched many of us deeply, music of depth, substance, metaphors of heart-breaking authenticity and hope. I never got to hear him in a live performance, but my son did this summer at Cornerstone. he was greatly

God bless you and Rich's family.
-Dr. Bruce L. Edwards
Bowling Green State University

Even though I never met him personally, I feel that I have lost a friend. Please pray for his family and for Mitch but also pray for the truck driver. Even though he and we all know he was not at fault, he will have to live with this forever. He needs to know the love of the body of Christ and of Christ himself.

Susan Clark

His songs gave me hope when I was hopeless, strength when I was weak, and joy when I was sorrowful. His songs will live on after him, still spreading the word of the Lord. In my heart I will carry on his music and in my soul I will try to live his words. Rich is in heaven today and I look forward to the day when I can hear him sing again.
Kevin Ku

In my mind, and in my heart, I consider Rich a modern-day prophet... a man of God, speaking the truth even when it wasn't the most popular thing to say.

Love, from one of your brothers in the Lord,
-John Boor
"Seek first the kingdom of God... "

Rich and his music had such an impact on our lives (as well as the lives of countless others.) Our family met him at a concert several years ago, and it was evident by listening to him sing and by talking to him that he was completely sold out to God. What an example! What an encouragement!

We know where Rich is, and someday we'll be with him again! Praise God!

We must stay focused on Jesus and look to the day when we will all sing together at Home.

In Jesus' perfect love.
Praying for all of you,
-Bob and Carolyn Compton
Canton, GA

Please pray with me: "O God, you ARE an AWESOME God. You reign with wisdom, power and grace. We all too often do not understand that wisdom, power and grace, but Rich certainly tried to himself and he helped all of us in that endeavor. Thank you Lord, for sharing Rich with us if for only a little while, and thank you for his music which will live on until all of us go up like Elijah. You ARE an AWESOME God and we Praise your name! AMEN.

I've been a fan of Rich's for many years. I've just returned from a weekend retreat with our youth group. We sang and listened to much of his music during the retreat and I know it had a great impact on our youth, hopefully, as great an impact as his music has had on me. I had the honor and privilege of seeing Rich in concert just a few months ago for the first time. I sat in the second row and was only 20 feet away from him and was totally impressed with his humbleness. As I read comments from someone else about him leaving the stage while the audience was singing "Step by Step", I realized that he probably did that all the time. That moment was one of the highlights of the concert for me and I have shared with many of my friends about it. I, too, had my eyes closed with my hand raised in Praise to God - when we finished singing, and I opened my eyes and looked on stage - Rich was gone. I immediately had a feeling of overwhelming loss, sadness, and yet, joy. At that moment, I had a flash of the Holy Spirit and it seemed in a way as though I had been looking at the cross, but Jesus wasn't there anymore! What sadness at His loss, but what joy because I knew, HE IS ALIVE. Step by step, I will follow. May we all learn to walk in His way, and may we learn from the humbleness of our Christian brother Rich that it is much more powerful to serve than be served. Rich, you touched my life, and whenever I look up and see pictures in the sky, I shall remember you.


Though I never knew Rich personally, all you had to do was listen to his music to know that Jesus Christ was Lord of not only his ministry but his life! There was a time in my life that I had trouble finding Christ, but then one day I heard Rich sing "Hold Me Jesus". Hearing this song was if Christ had spoken to me, and I too learned to stop beating my head against those walls and found peace in the arms of my personal Savior. Thank you Rich for Loving Christ so I he could come to me through you!

-Scott Yawn and Family

I have been a Christian for just about three years now and I can truly say that Rich has been one of the largest influences in my walk with God. He has been such a tremendous blessing to me and my wife. His music has been and will continue to be a blessing to millions.
-Eric and Stacy Fite and Family

I have at so many times entered into worship while listening to "Our God is an Awesome God"! I praise God for giving us Rich Mullins to lead us to our ultimate source of hope and help! I will miss him and his music! Blessings and peace to his family.
-Lin Joyce
Herndon, Virgina

Rich was an incredibly talented and giving man. He (and Mitch) meant so much to my best friend and I. We've followed Rich's work for many years and he blessed our lives in a way no other has.

Rich always took time even for "the least of these" - always a kind word, picture or autograph for a fan. As I sit here at my desk, I look at a framed picture of Rich, me and my friend, signed "Be God's, Rich Mullins." It is my hope that I can live up to this challenge. God's peace and comfort,

-Lara Schroeder

I weep as I know that Rich is now singing "the song not sung in vain." I tend to think that when God reveals Himself so fully to a mere man, the only means for further growth is for mortality to be changed to immortality. Rich is now before the face of God. His greatest songs were only vague hints at the glory he is now experiencing.

Rich allowed me to see God in everyday life. "Land of My Sojourn" is a superb example of this. We [believers] are all citizens of heaven (Filipinos 3:20).

C. Rompton

The many times he mentioned dying in his songs made me wonder... Now I know that he knew he was leaving. But it's not all sad: now he's hanging out with Keith Green. - Till we meet again Rich.

The DJ put it well, I thought: Heaven has another performer in the Concert of the Age, perhaps its first hammered dulcimer player. His ministry touched me, and I know that it touched countless others. But I also know God and the rest of the kingdom have welcomed him in, and that God freely gives the Comforter in times like these.
-Kim Nies

In June my wife Kathy faced major cancer surgery. Unable to sleep the night before her trip to the hospital we prayed and sang together, and every song was written by Rich and our lord and savior Jesus.

Throughout her stay in the hospital her walkman was playing Rich Mullins albums and was her testimony to the staff of the hospital.

Michael Bowler

Dear Mullins Family,

There were times when I'd cry listening to his music, because it touched me as it brought the Holy Spirit in me to the forefront.

The last time I saw him was a little less than a year ago at a concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. I never knew him personally, but he affected me and so many others very deeply.

I have a video of him and some of his videos that I will cherish forever.

God blessed all of us with Rich, and now Rich is home. I'll never look at the color green the same way again.

-John J. Davis

But as Rich says "I'll meet you in that place where mercy leads!"

We don't know what to say. We don't know what to do. Funny how the death of somebody you never met can sadden you so. It hurts as bad a friend's death. His music has taught us things, lifted us up, and touched our lives in every way. Lord, comfort his family and close friends. I know their loss and pain is far greater than mine. Comfort Mitch's family and minister to his heart and injuries. Rich's life was for God. His death makes no sense. My only real comfort comes from knowing he is home now and happy.

"When I look back on the stars
it will be like a candle light in Central Park
and it won't break my heart to say goodbye." -- Elijah

Rodney and Cindy Grady
Madison, AL

I am reminded of the fact that for be absent from the body is to be present with the Father. If we are saved, we will see him again. Please assure the family that I will be praying for them.

Wes Driggers

Rich Mullins has had more impact on my life than any other songwriter. Looking at the list of his songs you had compiled just reminded me of the impact on my life and the overwhelming sense of loss I'm experiencing.

I play and sing in a country/bluegrass/ballad group (banjo/mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitars) at our church. We played at our church last night (for only the second time). When we performed "Home" by the Gaithers I thought, "This song is about Rich--he's Home." This morning my wife told me that, when we started singing "Home" last night, my 12-year-old daughter turned to my wife and said, "This song is about Rich; he's Home."
I have been playing guitar about 30 years (self-taught when in high school). I enjoy playing many of Rich's songs. I would like to work up a medley as a tribute to Rich, his love, life and music.

Don Seher

My husband and I attended CBC years ago with Rich and have continued to keep in touch with him over the years. We never miss a concert when he is in our area.The angels surely have a new music director. Rich was the most committed, Godly man I have ever known. His purity in motivation was almost inhuman. He truly and intimately knew his Savior, and his faith has given us all hope.
Dee Ann and Ashley Turner

We are so sad for ourselves but so joyful for Rich as he has passed into a better place where he his music will have no bounds and the Lord can smile on him.

Rich's music brings our family hope, love and happiness in a place and time when it seems there is so much darkness in the world. When we feel down or in despair we turn on Rich's music and it gives us the strength to go on. My children also love his music and he is passing the Lord's values to them.

Rich will continue to live in his music. The Legacy, the Music, the Message will never die, it will carry on.... God comfort you in your sorrow and our prayers are with you... ...

Jane, Kevin, Matthew, Melissa, Benjamin, Sarah, Jonathan Ku Overland Park, Kansas

He had such a tremendous impact on my life and I feel so blessed to have been able to hear him in concert. While we are so sad for ourselves, I know the angels are rejoicing in heaven. Can you just imagine Rich leading all of heaven is singing "Our God is an Awesome God"? My prayers go out to his family.

Val McLean

I personally was introduced to Rich's music about 5 years ago, and was particularly drawn to his lyrics about the prairies and the plains and places like Wichita and Nebraska and such. The last Rich Mullins tape I purchased had a Compassion International solicitation in it, with Rich's plea for ministering to Native American children. This too, touches my heart, for my own father is a full-blood Native American Christian (born on the reservation north of Topeka) with a heart for sharing the gospel with his people. Please extend my condolences to Rich's family. We will all miss him greatly.

God bless you,
Darlene Young

My condolences to the family of Rich Mullins. I had never attended his concerts Until this last June in Odessa, TX. It was a benefit concert for Compassion International. What a musician. What a christian. What a testimony for all Christian artists to follow. I sat on the first row and soaked it all in. When he brought the concert home, he was talking about how we spend our days. We don't think about tomorrow. He was a great man. His music is more powerful than any around. He was always focused on the praise of the Father. I will be praying for you.

In The Name Of Jesus Christ,
Julie Wenger

Rich Mullins came to Akron, OH about 2 years ago, and he sang for us even though he was sick and losing his voice. He wasn't up there for money or fame. He wanted to praise God. He seemed to be the most humble down-to- earth guy. I wish I had had a chance to meet him. I wish I could have told him how his music has touched me. Well, perhaps someday I will.

Rachel Scherer

My prayers are with Rich's family. Rich has been such an inspiration for millions and in his passing, he has awakened the true meaning of life. We must all live it to it's fullest!!! God Bless you all.

Rebecca McFaul

For us, Rich was more than an entertainer, he was a vital part of our family. With three teen age daughters in our home, we have grown up with Rich's music and been blessed to see him perform several times throughout the years. His music brought all of us joy, encouragement and a longing for a place called Heaven, and a home we had never seen. He will be truly missed. ... .

The Dix Family,
Royal Palm Beach, Florida

I was so sad to hear of Rich's death. I guess some things in life you just take for granted, and Rich and his music would fall into that category. He and his music were always there, glorifying God. He will be missed greatly.

Tony Inserro

We had worked with Rich at camp in Michigan(Rock Lake Christian Assembly) and he came and did a concert at the high school where my husband teaches many years ago. He truly was a "Pied Piper" with young adults. We appreciated him, his love for the Lord and his ministry through music. He was a wonderful person who we had the privilege to know. We are deeply saddened by his loss and pray for you loss.

In Christian love,
Everett Smith and Family
Elsie, MI

Rich Mullins was truly a man after God's heart. I have been moved and touched so much by his music. We are mourning and the Angels are rejoicing today. May his legacy carry on forever.

Carole Larson

Rich Mullins' soul communicated with my soul. We shared quiet times of praise and adoration for our Lord. I never met him, but I felt him take a piece of my heart with him when he left this world. He will be remembered and admired. I hope that we will leave as great of legacy behind as he did. Reach people while we can.

A Brother :(
ron b.

I can see him now singing praises to God... sweet, because, quite simply... He's with Jesus... try to imagine that... We'll never know on this side of eternity how many lives, including mine, he touched... Our prayers are with you.

Sam Reyes

The journey just became a little bit more difficult for the rest of us. Rich Mullins was a source of warmth in a cold world - the light of Christ shining through him. Praise God that we will always have his music as a source of comfort and inspiration. Like many of you, I have ben so deeply troubled by Rich's passing - a man I did not know personally. Let us be inspired and catalyzed by the example of his life and his ministry - and keep the CDs playing in the background as we do the work of the Lord. That's the priority Rich Mullins would give to the gifts he gave us.

Rick Martinez

I don't know what to say but after reading everything else I wanted to say something... i just wanted to let someone know that i'm heartbroken too... and i'm praying... and i miss rich.

We have lost a wonderful brother! I look forward to seeing him again one fine day when we will all worship in one holy band before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. My father was one of the people who welcomed Rich home. I look forward to seeing them both again.

A sis in Christ,

Rich was one of many in the Christian Music Industry that lent their hearts to "the least of these" the children doomed by abortion and their mothers who hurt and needed the Lord. While he was one of many ... really he was one of a kind. He always did what he could not looking to what he could get out of it, but what he could do to benefit those of us who have fought so long and hard to bring the Gospel of Life to a nation who allows abortion as it's law. He was one who helped the movement understand that laws and the grande efforts to change the bad ones were doable because of an Awesome God who lives with power and might.

I will pray for you and yours and those whose hearts still long for and hurt for the deep we all share.

Jerry Horn
Sr. Vice President
Priests for Life

"If I sing, let me sing with the joy, that has born in me these songs. And if I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home."

He's longing for his home no more... God blessed him and me through him. "And it won't break my heart... "

Mike Ehret

His songs were poems of a repentant heart, blistering in the heat of struggle. His willingness to share his struggle is what makes his ministry so terribly special to me. I don't think I have ever met anyone with who I could relate so fully. After an hour or so of crying, I am beginning to realize just how much Rich has longed to be with God and how fulfilled he is. While his songs were touching to our ears, his music is now effortless and perfect, directed to the One for whom he tried so desperately to honor.

When I heard my first Rich Mullins song, I recognized a kindred spirit who longed for true understanding of God, and who struggled with the knowledge that there was so much to learn and so little time in which to do it. It seemed Rich strained against the limitations that this world placed on him, and his restlessness to learn and to grow echoed my own restlessness. I can only pray he is in the arms of the Lord, now; and recall the words of St. Augustine who said, "Our hearts are restless, Lord, until they rest in you."

Peace of Christ to you, Rich... see you soon.

Deborah Vornholt

Until we all are around the throne where I am sure we will be singing Awesome God. That song is one that causes the heart to soar and bow before the throne.

Sharyn Baer
San Antonio, TX

He is in the place though were mercy leads.
Sachiko Brown

I hope that doesn't sound selfish, considering his great gain, but my sorrow is for those who are left behind. It's tough to lose a hero of the faith.I still remember being introduced to his music when I was in college. The first Christian music tape I ever bought was one of his. And he was the first Christian artist I ever saw in concert. There certainly was a dazzling clarity about his life, and in an odd way I feel privileged to have the chance to mourn him. He was a lion of the faith and an inspiration to thousands, maybe millions, of people all over the world. But I'm joyfully certain that Jesus has welcomed Rich with an overwhelming hug and that there are tears of joy being shed by both of them!

I hope you will take comfort in knowing that many people share your sorrow, as well as in knowing that the pure in heart shall someday see God and, I think, each other.

Love in Christ,
Laura Risler

Such a man divinely gifted with the wisdom of God! My most favorite line: "Stuff of earth competes for the allegiance I owe only to the Giver of all good things."
Bryan Dickerson

I am still in awe to hear of Rich's death. I did not know Rich personally, although I feel like I did from listening to his music. I was very much ministered to by his words in his music.

My prayers are with the family. I thank God for allowing Rich to minister to us during his time here on earth. I continue to pray that soon we will all be in Glory with God and all of our friends and family which have gone before us.

Rich ministered to adults as well as small children. My daughter who is 6 yrs.old, has learned hand motions to "Awesome God" at the catholic school she attends. She knows all the words and sings it
all the time.

I am very thankful for having the opportunity to hear the ministry of Rich Mullins and the impact it has made on people around the world. He was indeed a humble servant of God.

I can just imagine the joy that he is experiencing in heaven now. With all the choirs, along with his wonderful music ministry.

May God be with you and your family. Remember always, just as Rich said in one of his songs, We will all go through tough times but hold on to Jesus. He will be there for you. May God give you the strength and courage to continue the way Rich would want you to continue.

Dyann Matta
Carrollton, TX

To the family of Rich Mullins:

I offer heartfelt condolences. May it comfort you to know how many, many lives Rich touched through his music. My class of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders have been working on "Awesome God" in their music lessons for the past 3 weeks. This week, they will sing it to honor Rich. Let it also be a comfort to know that this awesome man is with his God.

Susan Baker

I had the pleasure of seeing Rich and Beaker when they came to Honolulu a few years ago. He was so funny. I will never forget what he said when he was given a beautiful lei while he was sitting at the piano. "This smells better than the garlic bread I have been burping!" The concert ended with a wonderful time of worship. After the concert was over he came out and signed autographs and took pictures with people, he was so nice, he always had a smile on his face. I will always be thankful to God for that wonderful experience.

David and Becky Lowery

Lord, Thank you for all the wonderful ways you used Rich and for all the people you used him to touch in a special way. Help his family, friends, and fans grieve for his loss here, but rejoice in Your gain there. Give them all comfort and peace. I know He loved you very, very much. amen.

In Christ's everlasting love
Becky Lowery
Mountain Home, Idaho

His music meant so much to me, and to my friends and family. In January, 1995, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I brought "A Liturgy, A Legacy & A Ragamuffin Band"and she listened to "Hold Me Jesus" over & over again. The song comforted her, calmed her, reminded her of the watchful eye of our Savior. I always meant to write to Rich and tell him how much that song (and so many of his others) meant to us. He was very special

Melissa Kessel

Mrs. Mullins,

I can only image the home Rich grew up in. I am a parent and hope to do as you have done, raise my children in the presence of God, so they will become a servant of His glory. No words can take away pain, simply know his words drew me closer to Christ. May the gently Spirit of God hold you now.

In Christ Love,

I wanted to add my voice to the chorus here of people whose lives have been touched by Rich and his wonderful music and friends. Having grown up in Richmond, I have always felt a special affinity for Rich and his music. I have always been able to related, from the songs about indiana clay to the pounding of creed. Rich challenged, inspired, and pushed me upwards in my walk with God. Now that Rich is gone, I feel the lose of a great brother, and cry but knowing he is in a better place. My heart goes out to Rich's family in their time of loss.

To his mother and the rest of the family, I would like to extend a sincere thank you for allowing the world to share your son. He goes on to heaven having left not the thumbprint of himself, but of his master on countless lives.

Phil Foster

Everyone at our home was deeply saddened by Rich's death. I was just telling a friend on Friday night how blessed we had been by the depth of emotion and spirit stirred by his music. He was so real and so vulnerable, that we see hope in difficult places. Not many are open enough to bless others in this way. I have personally be challenged to follow his example in my testimony to those I reach. The Spirit is interceding on our behalf, with sounds our hearts only feel in Rich's lose. Our sympathy and prayers to his family.

Teri ><>

"AWESOME GOD" was my first taste of Contemporary Christian Music since then Rich Mullins was my favorite.. My 12 year old son loved Rich Mullins as well. His favorite song was "Boy like me", he really could relate to that song. Our prayers are with Rich's family. Rich will be missed by my family so much but his music will live on forever.

Bradley Gibson

I rejoice to know that he is in Heaven writing and singing much better songs than we could ever hear here on earth. And we shall see him again. Praise God!!!!

--Jackie Chapman

You saw the shooting star Friday night. Sunday night I saw a very bright rainbow on either side of the sun at dusk -- no rain.

It is no stretch of the imagination to see Rich fitting in beautifully in Our Father's house and that speaks joy to those of us who were moved by Rich's life. I pray you know God intimately shares your grief.

Gina Blanchette

Rich provoked so much personal analysis through his music.. I could listen to the words of another who had been the road and who knew that it could become ... so hot inside my soul, there must be blisters on my heart. He said the walk was sometimes intense but the reward was great. He was a human example of the triumph of the daily grind. In my heart I felt a connection w/ him because he made himself vulnerable through his music. I hurt for his family and I
lift them in prayer.

David Henderson

Rich Mullins was one of the first christian musicians I listened too!! He was a humble,bright,funny,great ,Godly man!! Heaven has added to it's splendor by adding Rich!! Our God is truly an AWESOME God and now your with him face to face!!

Rich was so very loved for the God we saw in him!! God bless you and take comfort in the fact that he is resting safely in his fathers arms!!!


Rich was a good "pointer". During bouts with cancer, graduate school, the adoption process and any other spiritual low - God used his music to keep me focused on the goal. During the mountain tops of my relationship with God Rich's music pointed me to paths of higher worship. It seems that every time I listen to his music there is something new that flattens me with its simplicity and profoundness. I have not yet adopted his passion for seeing the father beyond most everything else, but I am working on it. I praise God for Rich's example of surrendering to his call to ministry - it couldn't have always been easy (what worthwhile thing is easy). His music and lyrics are counted as some of the most precious treasure that I have laid up in heaven. I will pray for his family and friends as if they were my own. I is the least that I can do.

Susann Breedlove

I am but one person in a big world, but enjoyed Rich's honesty and his ministry. If more people could be like him in their Christian walk... Thank you Rich for your inspiration and your praises. Thank you God for letting him be here with us and showing us YOU!
Lois Steward

May God comfort you and may you be comforted because Rich died knowing that he'll live forever!
Jill Feldcamp

My family and I will miss you greatly Rich. Your songs helped me renew my Faith in the Lord. May God be of comfort to the family you left behind. You were a man who a lot of men wish they could be!

Although Rich will be missed greatly here on earth, can you imagine the welcome home party that they had for him. It gives me chills just thinking about it! I picture a voice calling to Rich from behind a piano and it is Keith Green wanting to have Rich jam with the heavenly band. WELCOME HOME RICH! We will meet you their someday.

-Alan Fuller

As I reflect on his music and his ministry (we saw him in concert only twice), I think of his boldness in doing Christian music his own way--the way God created and lead him to do it. He did it without glamour-- no choreography, no costume changes, no fancy bells & whistles. He appeared real and down to earth, sharing the real him--barefeet, sharing Native American culture through music and dance, the hammer dulcimer, the lyrics--half the time I didn't even understand them--not very "commercial", just from the heart, poetic... .

God's has really impressed on our family this year to be willing to give up all our expectations, dreams (even the "american dream"), the life we're building for ourselves--and give it to Him and let Him take us where He can use us for His purpose. I believe Rich Mullins preached that and LIVED that. Maybe we all should honor Rich not by idealizing him, but by reflecting on his life's message and see if God is not speaking to us about our own lives.

Thank you Father for your child and servant, Rich Mullins


I guess when you're that close to God, the only thing left to do is to meet Him Face to face. He certainly "followed Him all of his days." I can't wait to get to Heaven and hear a concert with David, Keith Green, and Rich.

David Bensenger

He touched so many lives here in central Kentucky. From former classmates at Cincinnati Bible College to staff here at Southland Christian Church as well as our Southland CIY kids, we send our sympathy. What an incredible life he led and what a legacy in music he leaves! We thank God for every remembrance of him.

Cindy Willison

Rich was an "awesome" believer believing in an "Awesome" God. And now he gets to go home to Him.

Mark Robinson

Last September, my father died. We sang "AWESOME GOD" at the service, so I guess the two of them are probably singing together now!! In the midst of pain and sadness for this world, I am so excited at the thought of the party that God is preparing for us when we get to our home! He promised to build us a mansion, now I find out he will supply it with great music, humble servants and compassion!!! May God give us the courage and compassion to help others see God's love in this world on the way to that other one. God bless each one of you as you mourn the loss, in this life, of another one of God's servants. I can't wait to see my dad and Rich again!!!
Daniel Alsop

Rich Mullins was a man who really loved his Heavenly Father. You could tell by his lyrics and how he sounded when he sang-the love was truly there. I met him one time at Central Community Church at a Saturday night service back in 1994, even then, did I know that this was truly a remarkable man who has given his complete self to the Lord. Now he is among that great cloud of witnesses watching us in our walk with Jesus Christ! God bless Rich and his entire family and closest friends.

I was fortunate to meet Rich one day here at WHME FM in South Bend, Indiana when he was introduced to me by Jim Veldhuis. I was very impressed by him, especially by Rich's humbleness. He was like Christ, He was humble. He But we will look forward to seeing him someday soon again when Jesus returns to take us all home forever. God's blessings to his family.

Joe Brashier

Although I've enjoyed the work of many musicians, Christian and secular, few have truly touched my soul like Rich Mullins. His music touched me in what seemed like such a personal way, I was almost surprised to read all of these letters and realize how many people felt the same! Praise God. If there was ever a consistent theme in Rich

Mullins' music, it was that Heaven was his home and he looked forward to going there with great excitement. My prayers are with you.

Amy Burgess

Bittersweet is the word that always comes to mind when I think of the pas sing of one of God's chosen sons. The world's loss is heaven's gain. To know he is home with the Father brings joy in the midst of my sorrow. The music that the Lord gave Rich Mullins lifted me out of many a hole and constantly showed me new heights in the realm of God's love & mercy. I know I am a better person for understanding his soul's song through his music. I can't wait to meet him in heaven. Now God will forever hear the beautiful strains of the hammer dulcimer. The family of Rich Mullins is in my prayers.

Lisa Byers

Thank you Rich, for preaching the Word through your music.

Rob Adelman

I became a father on June 27th and quickly found that little babies cry a lot. A whole lot. One afternoon while he was throwing a fit i put in a Rich Mullins CD and played "Screen Door on a Submarine." He immediately stopped crying and actually started smiling and laughing. Now every time he gets a little fussy all we have to do is play Rich's music and he cheers up. I thank God that he allowed Rich to minister as long as he did. His music meant so much to me and my family. I am confident Rich has heard, " Well done... "

S. Bera

what an AWESOME man he was for he knew an AWESOME GOD. I was thinking of him earlier in the month. I shall see him again in the that place as well.


His ministry has always been a great inspiration in my life. Praise God for such a wonderful life that God gave the grace to change others. Rich Mullin's music reached through many boundaries... he is receiving his eternal reward.

Barbara Wood

Rich's music touched my families life daily and will continue to touch it. I thank God for his gift of music.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Rich Mullins had a way of putting into words feelings of the heart. It was the words to his songs, "Awesome God" and "Step by Step", sung over and over again at Cornerstone Festival this past summer that reached into the heart of one of my youth group kids and brought her to the Lord. While Rich's presence is now with God, his ministry will continue through the words of his songs. What a beautiful Christian witness he was and will continue to be.

Phyllis Hansen

Rich's Fort Worth concert was the only Christian concert that my husband and I ever chose to go to. Something about Rich's music brought the us to a "greater intimacy with God". A few of his songs were so spiritually moving that they were sung in my church as praise to the Father. Rich wrote things unique, and all in order to point us to the "reckless, raging fury that is the love of God".

Rich has meant a lot to me. He was the sole reason why I started to like Christian music. Rich was a man of his word. I think he was the only Christian artist that didn't sell out. He didn't care too much about money, or fame, he just wanted to sing. Rich, I will miss you.

Alex Thomas

I was truly ministered to by your son's music. I feel that he was one of the few christian musicians we could listen to. In a field that it is so easy to compromise in, he stayed true to the end. I believe that it is a testimony of God's faithfulness.

We will be praying for his family. Stay faithful to Him who called you.

Hebrews 13:3,
David Dominick

Rich's music is the most worshipful that we had ever heard. His ministry so blessed us more times than we can count over the past few years that we have been listening to Contemporary Christian music.. Even though we all know that Rich is in Heaven with God, he will be very missed here on earth. Our God truly is an AWESOME GOD for having given Rich to us for the time he was here!

Steven & Stacy Hronec
Casselberry, Florida

May God's peace that passes all understanding be with you all. I cannot help but think that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Our prayers are with you at this time.
The Dunning Family

I first met Rich in '87 in Nashville when Reunion Records put on a "Meet Our Artists" gig at the YMCA. He was a genuine guy (who could shoot some hoops!), and I'll never forget him.

His music touched my life greatly. He inspired me to strive to be one of the "Few Good Men".

My prayers are with Neva and the rest of his family and friends.

Rocky Olive

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I pray that God will wrap you in His tender love and give you His "peace that passes understanding."

My 20-year-old daughter and a friend of hers have travelled many a mile to go to Rich's concerts -- we live in Berea, KY, and they travelled to Athens, GA, for one concert. Another weekend they drove to Columbus, OH, for a Friday night concert and the next day to Indianapolis for another concert that night. When he was in Kentucky, they went to every concert possible, and loved being able now and then after a concert to talk with Rich. I am really thankful for the way God, through Rich and his music, has inspired my daughter and strengthened her spiritually. She is sponsoring a child through Compassion; and as an elementary education major in college is considering the possibility of teaching on an Indian Reservation.

I thank God for your sweet, sensitive son who has been such a great role model for my daughter and innumerable others by his selflessness, compassion and love for God.

Our prayers are with you.
In Christ,
Jackie Thorne

One thing I will remember Rich doing was that he said, "I want to share with you a profound Biblical truth!" He then proceeded to play "Jesus Loves Me" on the hammer dulcimer, surprising and reaching everyone in the theater with this simple truth of God, reminding us of Christ's love and forgiveness, which was always the meat of Rich's message. Thank you, Rich!

Robert & Linda Harris

What a guy! Rich seemed to know where we were in our walk with God and he expressed it so clearly. Rich's music touched all of us, because he was so honest and transparent with the tough and the beautiful parts of life, and finding God's grace in all of it. Maybe he'll write us a homecoming song that we can all sing when Jesus brings us Home.

Thank you, Mrs. Mullins, for raising such a godly young man.

Robin Hackney

I'm an on-air guy at Christian talk KKLA in Los Angeles. I tell you this because I was in contact with Rich's music and his ministry very closely for some 5 years. He blessed me more than words can ever express. Please know that I will keep Rich's family and friends in my prayers. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Rich Mullins. His life affected so, so many souls.

Jim Governale
Los Angeles, CA

(inspired by "Elijah")

the Jordan is no longer waiting for him to cross thru
his heart isn't aging no more
so Lord, we're rejoicing
for one last favor from You
now here's our hearts
take them where you will

this life sure showed him how we're mended
and how we're torn
how it was OK to be lonely
'cuz it was the only way he was free
sometimes his ground was stony
and sometimes covered with thorns
but only You could make it what it had to be
and now that it's done
we can dress him like a pauper
or we can dine him like a prince
we may lay him with his fathers
or scatter his ashes on the wind
he don't care

well, he left and
he went out like Elijah
the whirlwind fueling his chariot of fire
now he's looking back on the stars
thinking it was like a candlelight in Central Park
and it sure didn't break his heart to say good-bye

there's been people friendly
but he only had a few friends
sometimes this bent him to the ground
but now this has all ended
and we want to hear some of his music again

'cuz it's the finest thing
that we have ever found
the Jordan is no longer waiting
and now he can see the other side
he didn't take anything he had here
and on the road of his salvation
he stuck out his thumb and got a ride
from the One whose music filled his ears

there's been people talking
worried about his soul
we know he's still rocking
even though it's his time to roll
and when he died
he went out like Elijah

Jeremiah Smith

We are members of Iglesia Bautista Hispana Unida who attended Congreso '96 in Lubbock, Texas, where Rich gave a concert on Friday night. My youth group and I were greatly blessed by his music, God used him in a special way! Now he's gone home to the Father. We will pray for his family, that God will comfort them and give them peace.

Amelia Rodriguez,
youth counselor & youth group

His will finally be able to praise God face to face after leading us in praise for so long. Soon we will all be praising the Father together in heaven and Rich will be there leading us with new songs.


When I heard the news, I went back to my dorm room and listened to Rich's "Songs" CD. Emotions flooded me when "Elijah" began to play. I am sure that Heaven is rejoicing to have such an awesome person in their midst.

Michael Johnson

I am so thankful for the time we had Rich Mullins. His music has touched my life tremendously. Yet knowing where he is. I smile... Thank You Lord for letting us have him for awhile... ..

Mark McDonald

Rich was one of my favorites, both as song-writer & musician. I am planning to do a medley of Rich's songs next Sunday as my own memorial to Rich. I know many others were as profoundly affected by Rich's music as I have been.

My heart goes out to Rich's family in deepest sympathy. Rich will be missed.

See ya in Heaven Rich... .

He was a friend of a friend. Wichita is my home town, and I knew of Rich as a person and met him a few times. His songs ministered to me, comforted me, challenged me to love God.

Terri J. Welch

"That love is all there is, is all we know of love."
Emily Dickinson

His music has always held a very deep place in my heart. His songs were prophetic like and I could easily come in God's presence as I listened and sung along with him. I will never forget after a long backslide and the grace of God leading me back, the song "home" would make me cry for several years. And on the slopes of the Colorado mountains with my head phones on listening to "with the wonder". Rich's ministry has effected me in a powerful way, I am sure that he will continue to do so. My deepest consonances to his Mother and Family. You have my thoughts, my prayers and my admiration for raising such a powerful man of God.

Chris Sheafer

three concerts... three life changes. from the first song of his that i had heard- growing young, through all of his other works, as an instrument of the Lord, rich impacted my life like few others have or ever will. i didn't know then those times that i waited with family members to get the autographs or shake his hand how much he meant to others because of what he meant to me. with each signing on a shirt, disc, or booklet, he would smile and say hello, and then write to each of us "... ... ... Be God's". rich was then, had been since, and now truly is "God's." prayers and sorrow, and joy and celebration to all of rich's family, friends, and fans.

David Bindel

Our family will continue to pray for the family of Rich Mullins. We are thankful that Rich allowed God to work in his live in such a mighty way. His ministry will continue through his music and we will rejoice, knowing that Rich now is in heaven with an awesome, faithful God.
The Hall Family

As someone who has worked in Christian radio for years, I know the impact that Rich's music had on people. There are too many Christian artist who's music is profit driven, but Rich was different. I remember receiving a letter from Reunion records back in 1986. It was a letter Rich had written to the owners of the company. In the letter Rich shared how he wanted to step back from the spotlight and focus on ministry to churches and smaller venues. That letter made me an instant fan. Our church brought Rich in August of this year. During the concert he said something that really stuck with me. "This is not a Christian nation! A Christian nation would not murder it's children!" He was truly a original, one-of-a-kind gift from God! Pray for his family, band, and the wonderful people who worked in his ministry! The boy born in Indiana has gone home to his eternal home... ... .heaven!

WJBD Radio

I was driving home from doing laundry Saturday night and had just finished listening to one of Rich's songs when I heard. I was incredulous; it felt like a dream. I found myself pulling over to the side of the road and simply weeping. Like so many of those who have recorded their thoughts here, I cannot remember ever weeping at the death of someone I did not know personally. And yet I feel as though I did know Rich personally. There have been times in my life when his music was one of the only threads I hung on to. My freshman year of college I was almost suicidal and there were nights when I would walk to the fountain at school and lay down with my feet in the water and cry in despair. During that time Rich's music was one of the things that got me though. I first came to appreciate Rich's music for his honesty and integrity of emotional expression, and he is one of the few artists I have carried with me as I have grown up. Now I also love his music for its profound resonance with life's hard realities, with sound Christian theology, for his skill as a musician. Rich was one of those rare individuals who both understand the harshness of our lives here and yet see the surpassing beauty and joy around us. He had no illusions about this life, but he loved and lived vibrantly. He knew the blessings that God showers on us in kindness. I couldn't stop replaying the lyrics in my mind, "Nobody tells you when you get born here how much you'll come to love it and how you'll never belong here, so I'll call you my country, and I'll be lonely for my home, and I wish that I could take you there with me." Praise God that Rich is no longer lonely for his home.

Blessings to the Mullins family. You are in my prayers.

With much love and sadness,
Jeff Johnson
Waco, TX

Unfortunately, I was only able to see Rich once at Cornerstone Seeing him live was what made me the fan that I am. I will truly miss him.

May the peace of God which transcends all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord. May Jesus hold the family and friends of Rich Mullins closely at this time. His humility and tenacious love for God was evident in his life and will be sorely missed.

Dear Rich; You were my favorite singer in the whole world. This morning when I found out you had been killed in a car accident I cried and cried,my mom told me don,t cry you'll see him in heaven someday. I hope you are having a good time in heaven right now!
love your number one fan,
Alyson Klees

Dear Mullins family,

I am so, very sorry for your loss. Rich's music helped me out of a dark time in my life and I've loved him ever since. I stood in stunned silence upon learning of the accident (especially since it happened so close to my home) but realized that God makes no mistakes. And even though I wrestled with God and argued that "Rich's work is not done!!", God obviously thought differently.

Please know that you are surrounded with prayer during this difficult time. Personally, I can't wait to sing "Awesome God" one day with all the saints of the ages and have Rich conduct the music! What a day that will be!

In Christian love,

The computer class at Vennard College in University Park, Iowa wishes to send our heartfelt condolences to you and your family at the loss of Rich. Our prayers will continue on your behalf. May God comfort and keep you in the coming days!

Your friends,
Vennard College

The first time I saw Rich in concert was at a high school auditorium where I worked. I couldn't understand why he wasn't in a big concert hall with thousands of people. He showed me that night through his enthusiasm and love for those kids, that it doesn't matter where you are when you spread the good news or to how many, just as long as your heart is right and with God. I had the pleasure of meeting this fine young man and I know he was a man after God's own heart. He will be remembered through his songs and his ministries. WE WILL MISS HIM GREATLY!!!

In Christ
Brenda Zabriskie
Emporia, Kansas

My wife and I have listened to Rich's poetry for years, and now face a large void, where Rich's music enhanced our faith. I heard Billy Crockett say on KLTY (Dallas) this morning that Rich was "clueless and profound". He had no earthly idea what the latest fad or trend was, because that did not populate his mind. At the same time, he could speak some of the most profound theological ideas, or use simple, clear language to express a complex faith. I will miss Rich, and his honesty. He was just so darned honest! As always, I am sad for selfish reasons, knowing he is truly in Jesus' arms. We are the ones who are richer for knowing him, and sad because we are left behind. Prayers for Mitch, and their families. We love ya Rich - thanks for the heart and soul of your

In His Love,

Rich has been my favorite musician, singer, and poet for many years now. His music has been a blessing time and time again. I don't know how many times I have sung "Hold Me Jesus" unto the Lord. I can't believe he's gone. And although I am sorrowful and pray for his family and friends, I do not grieve for Rich, for it is clear that he is with our Lord. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Rich or even the opportunity of seeing him in concert, I feel that I knew him. His love for God was crystal clear in the lyrics of his songs. I only look forward to the day when I can stand with Rich and sing "Awesome God" unto the Lord. Thank you Lord for the brief moment that you allowed Rich to minister to us.
We'll miss you Rich. But God wanted you home. See you soon brother.

Greg Couch

As I write this I am listening to our local Christian radio station, KLTY -- Dallas/Fort Worth. They are playing a medley of Rich's songs. I can't stop crying thinking about what a loss Rich's death is to the Christian community and to the lost world. He was an incredible minister through his person and his music. The message of Christ couldn't be any clearer than when Rich sang it through his music. I had the privilege of seeing Rich in concert while he was in Dallas a few years ago. What a ministry this man had! I also really appreciated all the ministry work he did in New Mexico. I grew up in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Knowing the culture of New Mexico and the way that Rich spreads the message of Christ, I know that God really used him there.

At the same time I mourn Rich's loss, I also can't help but feel joy that he is with Our Lord right now. What an addition to the choir of Angels in Heaven that are singing and praising God for all eternity!! As I think about the difference that Rich's life made here on earth, I can't help but think of what it is that God wants me to do to make a difference. After all, when God called Rich to spread His word to the world, he also gave us Christians a great example to follow -- an unthreatening, genuine, very real and
uncompromised message of the Gospel of Christ!

My husband and I were in the Chicagoland area visiting with family over Labor Day weekend. One night we went out with some old friends to a movie. As my husband and I were walking toward the theatre to buy tickets, two men were walking toward us out of the theatre -- one had shoulder length brown hair, the other blond. As they got closer I began to squeeze my husband's hand so hard that I almost cut off his circulation. I must have made just a small scene when they passed, because they both looked back at my husband and I, then kept talking and walking their way. My husband asked, "What is it?" and I said, "That was Rich Mullins that we just passed -- at least I think it was." By the time I was convinced and knew it was really him, Rich and Mitch had passed us by and walked into the dark starry night. I had missed my opportunity to stop him and tell him personally how much I appreciated his music and the work he had done to further Christ's kingdom. Upon hearing about Rich's death, that missed opportunity at the theatre in Wheaton, Illinois, just a few weeks ago really struck me with conviction. How many times have people passed me by and have walked off into the dark and I haven't risked a moment of time or risked the fear of rejection to tell them how much God loves them and share with them the good news of Christ?

Thank you, Rich and Mitch, for really causing me to step back and see what is really, truly important.

Amie Adelman

My wife and I send our sympathy to the family of Rich Mullins and our prayers are with Mitch McVicker. We praise God for the life Rich lived, and know that the candle he left will continue to light the world for Jesus.

-David and Michele Boyer,
Indianapolis, IN

About two and a half weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about the death of Princess Diana. I was marveling at the effect her death had on so many people. As I am a cynic of Generation X I told her that I did not think that there was a famous person alive whose death could touch me in that way. Saturday evening as I heard the reports of Rich Mullins death I found out that I was very wrong. Rich's music has been with me for the four years that I have been a Christian. It has helped me anchor firmly to Christ and grow deep in the Spirit. Rich was not a mere singer. He was a bard. His songs expressed the Gospel of Christ in a way that most singers can only dream of. His songs comforted and convicted at the same time. I will be forever grateful that I twice had the opportunity to see Rich in concert. In my opinion he did not perform, he lead worship. I and all those present felt the Spirit of the Lord. I pray for his family and friends. I know that he is in a place that we all long to be. May Christ continue to be found in the legacy that Rich has left behind.

James Jones

I would just like to say that Rich's passing is a tragic loss for the world. I only managed to see him once in concert but was immensely awe inspired by his performance and his dedication to his faith. His concert was not so much a performance as it was a worship service where he managed to draw the attention away from him. He wasn't the worship leader as much as he was merely part of the congregation lifting praises to the King. His songs were an inspiration, never coming across as contrived as many other CCM artists, but he seemed genuinely humbled by the grace and glory of our creator. I will miss him and his music, but I am happy to know that he is in the presence of our Awesome God.

rodney boerm,
San Angelo, Texas

I feel a much greater sense of personal loss over his death than I could ever feel about Diana's or even Mother Theresa's. These famous women touched many lives, but this simple man of faith touched MY life on more than one occasion. There are many of you who can relate to what I am saying. I thank God for the ministry and the message in his music which is giving me HOPE TO CARRY ON. "I'll pray for you always and I promise you this, I'll carry on, I'll carry on." May we all carry on his Legacy.

Rich's was an honest voice of compassion which reached into my heart, bringing words to the cries of my soul. He could express with beauty and joy feelings we all share and lead us from our places of longing into gratefully effervescent thanksgiving. Through the gift of his music that voice will always resonate on earth and in heaven.

Well done good and faithful servant!

Ronald Cox

A profound man who was a life-changing influence in my life. His songs will always be playing in my heart.

Rich was one of my favorites singers/composers. I saw him several years ago in concert--barefoot, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He looked to me like just any ordinary boy from Indiana, but the music that came out of him was extraordinary. "Awesome God" still brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it or sing it in church. I often find myself humming "Step by Step" when I'm at work or doing my household chores. Rich was a truly talented person and we are lucky that God gave him to us for 41 short years, but his music will live on in our hearts always.

Tamara Chapman

The Church has lost a prophet. We have lost a great encourager in the Faith. Because Rich lived humbly in obedience to God, he encouraged me to do the same. I believe the world is a more desolate place with Rich Mullins gone, and I long even more as he did for his home.

L. Argent

My heart is breaking, although I have not yet had a chance to cry. I have recently become close friends with Mark Robertson, Jordan Richter, and Cobra Joe (This Train), at whose studio Rich was recording with Mitch McVicker. I had the God gifted pleasure of actually meeting and briefly talking to Rich about 3 weeks ago. He was such a vibrant and active man. It is hard to understand that he is gone. The Newman Group Bible Study for young professionals and graduate students, here in Madison, WI is praying for Rich, Mitch, and all whose lives were touched by Rich. I have also been asking people to remember all the Ragamuffins in their prayers.

While I don't understand it all, I keep relying on Proverbs 3:5: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, never rely on what you think you know."

Always your sister in Christ,
Genevieve Gorman
Madison, Wisconsin

I am so thankful that our Lord blessed this earth with Rich Mullins for the short time He did. Rich's songs ministered to me in so many ways. When I was going through the very fires of tribulation and I felt so deserted I would sing "Hold Me Jesus" and knew our loving Savior was there and taking care of me. When I was at a Lutheran Women's Missionary League Convention in Kansas City, the Lord had blessed me with such a mountaintop experience and I couldn't stop singing "Step by Step", it just overflowed from my spirit. I feel such a loss for this brother I never met personally. I am praying for his family. Now that Rich is in the arm of Jesus we can sing "Hold Me Jesus" and grasp the Hope that one day we will be with Rich and never have to part.

With great sorrow,
Leesa Well,
Pasadena, Texas

Rich Mullins was indeed a very humble man whose songs inspired many and drew many to a personal relationship with Jesus. The fact that he would come on stage barefoot, allow children to come on stage with him, and would exit the stage after a concert while people continued to sing so that God received the glory, shows that he was not in the ministry for a position or a status. He was a regular man who was just following God's will. I am praying for the family and all those who are deeply saddened by this servant's passing. Let us follow in Jesus' footsteps, as Rich had done, and do just as Christ has called us to do. I do not think that Rich would want us to mourn his passing but rather to rejoice in his home coming. May the Holy Spirit bring comfort to all those who mourn.

Jennifer Zwick

... the world is less Rich and Heaven is Rich-er. I appreciate the opportunity to express our thanksgivings and share our grief. It is so comforting to know that I am one among many who were deeply and profoundly reached by God through the talents He gave to Rich Mullins. The impact his music has had on my life is enormous but obviously not unique. The desire to know the mere mortal behind the words seems nearly universal to those of us who listened. Who was this man who could so vividly articulate our earthly struggles for Heavenly understanding? We wanted him as a friend because we sensed that he would find us acceptable - in spite of our flaws and stumblings - as a kindred spirit. He created a bridge for me to Christ through his music. Coming out of a life that focused on and revolved around secular music and into the new world of Christianity, he was my first and best "friend" after I became a believer. His gift of word and song has been a part of my life's most important moments. I have been affected by it like no other. It breaks my heart to know he's said goodbye and I'm sure that one day these tears will eventually turn to tears of joy... I am sorely missing his "companionship" for the rest of my life's journey but I sense a comfort in knowing that so many of us are Rich-ly united. My prayers go out for Mitch's recovery, the families, Beaker and all the friends and kindred spirits out there.

"His loved ones are very precious to Him and He does not lightly let them die." Psalm 116:15 TLB


I am deeply, deeply touched by the passing of Rich. Although I never met him, never went to one of his concerts, and only own one of his Cd's, I feel I have lost a very close friend. I am crying right now as I write this letter and I will probably be bummed for quite a while. The only Cd I own of his is "Songs" but I am truly one of his biggest fans. I got this Cd a year ago for christmas and since that time I have grown to love his music. According to the May/June 1995 Release magazine Rich was the most underrated Christian singer, he was not however underrated in my eyes and in the eyes of many others. And in our loss three days ago we must remember that heaven has gained a new singer and Rich is in paradise with Christ right now. And although many of us never met Rich, if we nave Christ as our personal savior, we will meat him one day on the other side of the Jordan.

Rich truly was an inspiration to us all and he surely did "rock till it was his time to roll" and I would like to close with a quote from Reed Arvin from the Sept/Oct 1996 Release magazine, "If Rich Mullins were better adjusted and better behaved, a lot of art would not exist in this world, and a lot of truth would still be unspoken."

Rich we love you have a great time in heaven.

William M. Nettekoven

I am stunned and saddened at the loss of such a talented, trail-blazing artist. Rich could say things like no one else... He spoke and sang with such courageous honesty, but it was always tempered by a deep love and Christ-like compassion. I thank God for Rich's life and work. Our human lives are so inexplicable, fragile, unpredictable... Thank God there is another life, one that we can't even imagine. Rich is walking streets of gold, and I'd bet money that he and Mark Heard are working on a batch of new songs. Can't wait to hear them!

Matt Nightingale
Winona Lake, IN

Yes, the world is a much sadder place today but as bad as I feel for myself and the loss of a friend and incredibly great person, I can't help but feel happy for him and where he is right now. My youth minister, another good friend of Rich's passed away in November. They would always have such fun together. I'm happy to know that he now has Rich's company.


Rich's song "Here in America" welcomed me to America in 1993, and made me know I was in the right place, even though my family was so far away. He's far from his family now, but I know that however much they miss him, they'll know he's in the best place of all. I thank God he left us so much of himself in his deeply revealing music, and spoke so well for those of us who were less eloquent.

Dyan Munro

I had seen Rich back in 93 for the first time, and had the wonderful opportunity to interview him. I have been listening to his music since his first album. He somehow knew how to write songs that cut into my heart in an attempt to reshape it according to God's will. I have sung, and will continue to sing, many of Rich's songs at church. His music and ministry will continue. Yes, he is in a MUCH better place, and I'm sure he couldn't be happier, but this is an unfathomable loss for the church. Sincere condolences to Rich's family and close friends. My prayers are with Mitch, that God will see fit to let him carry on Rich's legacy.

Patrick Thompson

"And I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am I did not make it, no it is making me It is the very truth of God and not the invention of any man" -RM

The truth of God has allowed Rich be made a saint.

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" -Jn 8:32

R. Scott Harris

I can just see Rich now in Heaven - teaching the angel band a thing or two! Maybe God needed him to help prepare for the glorious music that will play on the day Jesus takes us all home together and every day thereafter! May that day come soon! I know that - after Jesus - Rich Mullins will be one of the first people I look for when I get there!

Hang in there. It may feel like Friday - but Sunday's coming!

Love from your friend in Tennessee,
Jeannie Goins

My wife and I met Rich and band in Gainesville, Florida. We had already fallen in love with him through his music, and much more so through the privilege of having attended one of his shows. We got to speak briefly with him afterward and he spoke of his love for the richness of the Catholic church, but he expressed a wish that we didn't have to label and segregate our Christianity.

Rich, we want to thank you for your devotion to Christ's love. You have been more than an inspiration, and have left a rich "liturgy and a legacy" in your music - which will continue to lead people to the Savior. Be seeing you, Rich.

Mike & Laurie Cousins

I am so sorry. I only knew Rich as an acquaintance. I didn't have the opportunity to really get to know him. I so wish I had. His life touched me so. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him on stage. I fell in love with his overwhelming love for Jesus. I'll remember his smile always - he had a smile that radiated his soul. Though I know he is where he has always longed to be - close to God - my heart and thoughts and prayers go out to you all. He will be missed. He was dearly loved. He touched the world for the Kingdom of God. May God now touch all of you with His healing balm of Peace that passes understanding.

Peace of Christ,
Pam T.

I want to extend my deepest sympathy to your family in your moment of grief! but I also would like to rejoice with you in the great peace that he is in a wonderful place with his best friend the one he lived his life solely for! I was blessed to meet Rich in '94 at a singles 4th of July picnic at Gordon College in Wenham Ma, He sang Awesome God with us walking down to the beach. And was so much of presence to us all. His concert was so personal and he was so interactive with us. I have yet to meet anyone whose music has touched my spirit such as Rich mullins did.

He will be deeply missed on this earth , but wasn't God wonderful to have blessed us with Rich for 41 years! It was his time to go home, and the angels are rejoicing and Rich is singing right along with them! Bless you all for bringing up a man who lived with the fear and admonition of our Lord. May his spirit rest in eternal peace. You will be in my prayers!

... In His Amazing Love and Mercy!
Tara Fitzpatrick


I just wanted to send a piece of my heart out to those in mourning concerning the passing away of Rich Mullins. I am a worship leader for a church in Michigan, and we sing several of Rich's famous songs. I never met him, but I've played his songs for years and always enjoyed the simplicity and innocent purity of the music God inspired him to make.

--Pete Craig

We lost a man that was obedient and faithful to His father. We are saddened because we will no longer be able to worship our God with Rich in concert. But I thank God for having been so kind to have shared Rich with us. Thank you Rich for writing the words to the feelings I have inside! Thank you Rich for helping me to worship our AWESOME God!

My thoughts and prayers are with the family's of Rich Mullins and Mitch McVicker.

David Rodecap

I was saddened to hear that Rich had been taken from us in such a tragic manner. I only saw him once in concert, but his music has blessed me greatly, and continues to do so.

His heart and gift for worship was incredible. Though his music I could see how the Lord was visible to him in the beauty of His creation, the moving of the wind, the love of a child...

Rom. 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities --his eternal power and divine nature --have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

I pray that God will bring all of us comfort in this loss. I know that Rich is praising God with all his heart at His throne this very day!

Glenn Frank

Rich was a gift to all and I pray for his family and friends now. He will be missed here. Thank-you Lord for this servant of God. We will sing together again in Heaven.

Tell nonbelievers about his death, Share the promise that Rich has received in Heaven.

Our human emotions are raw with the news of Rich. My wife and I first saw him at the last "Farewell" concert he gave (near Dayton, OH). While there were many memorable moments during his concert (including Rich customarily barefoot), his few words have stayed with me through all the trials and low points in my life-especially those times when I KNOW I have disappointed God. Rich said "it doesn't matter that you stopped reading your Bible, because if you have, JUST PICK IT UP and start again-your Father will be there". He loves us so much, that when we stumble, He is steady. And now we are sad but Rich IS being held by Jesus.

TW Braddock

We want to express our sorrow over Rich's death. I have enjoyed his music for a long time, but our 9 yr. old son has just recently become a big fan. After hearing the news, we both cried. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and Mitch and his family.

Gerald, Selena & Caleb Douglass

I know that as Paul wrote, for Christians there's the comfort that a loved one is with the Lord. I also know that often this does nothing to ease the pain of losing them. It sounds awful in a way, but my main feeling is one of envy, as I nearly lost my life in April, but didn't quite made it; but having also been in your place, I also feel deep sorrow for all those left behind, and my prayers are with them and with Mitch's family and friends... May the Lord Jesus bless and keep you all, and provide His comfort and healing. We'll soon be done.

With much love in Christ
Donna Gondwe, London

For years one of my dreams was to see Rich in concert, but he never came to town. Last April he did, but I left town on business that very same day. I thought, "Maybe I'll catch him another time." I guess that dream will remain unfulfilled. He was an awesome song writer. He was my favorite and still is. I'm truly, truly bummed.

I wrote this. It's a tribute to his music

As Best as I'll Remember Him

And now the man who told us to sing to our awesome God is with Him. He is now in such a thing as glory
And he knows the morning can't compare.
And the man who told us that sometime the night is beautiful
Will experience the night no more.
For he is where the winds of Heavens blow.

No more will he write of the wonder of this world
And hear the prairies call out God's name
Or hear the rumble of the buffalo hooves.
No longer will he be a lonely sailor
Ready for the storm.
Or shake like a leaf, cause Jesus is holding him now.
He will no longer meet the Lord in the furnace
For He has met Him in the sky.
And everywhere he goes he will see Him.

For he now lives in the promise that made him stand
And we are left to weep
While he is no longer, longing for his home.
We are left in a place where we are not as strong as we think we are
While he is with his One Thing
In a place where everything is alrightokuhhuhamen!

The Jordan is no longer waiting
And I will sing his songs In the land of my sojourn.

Pasquale R, Mingarelli 9/21/97
derived from the "Songs" of Rich Mullins

this morning (monday) i'm sitting listening to rich sing "the color green"... the weekend was a blur, still thankful the Lord held me up as i gave the message to my congregation yesterday... "he lifts up his arms in a blessing for being born again"... rich blessed us greatly... can't find the words, but the tears are still coming easily... i pray we will all find rich's passion for Jesus and that His light (rich was the best reflector of God's light that i know in christian music)will shine more brightly because of hearing rich... i pray for heaven's comfort for rich's family and for heaven's healing for mitch. "to live is Christ, to die is gain"... we'll see you later rich, we love you!!!!

Johnny Searcy

I wanted to send along condolences from my wife and I to Rich's family and really to all of us who knew him through his music or otherwise. Praise God that Rich is now singing the song that he always tried to sing for us here.

Rich is now firmly in His loving care...
-daniel and laurie goscha

I am deeply saddened upon finding out the news of Rich's departure from this world- A world he impacted profoundly with his faith, his works and of course his gift of composing angelic music. An artist who illuminated Jesus through song. Thank You Jesus, for giving us Rich for 42 years. I know you welcomed home a great friend Friday night- Yours and mine. He will be missed and remembered. Till we meet in heaven- Good Bye :(
Richard Harper

As a writer of a column on Christian Music, I had several occasions to meet Rich. I was always amazed at his down-home attitude and because I grew up on a farm in the midwest, felt a kinship as he talked about Indiana and Kansas. A barefoot, holes-in-jeans kind of guy, Rich never put on airs -- what you saw was what you got! It often got him in trouble with the industry because he was true and sincere. He had to be Rich and that is an attribute I also admired. He and his songs have touched my life deeply and I am saddened by his passing, but rejoice that he is now singing for the one who gave him his tremendous talent. My heart and prayers go out to Beaker, Marshall, Rich's mother and brothers and sisters.

In Christ.
Al Dostal

Where do I begin? I feel such a deep sense of loss for this man I consider my friend though we never personally met. I laughed, cried and grew as a Christian through Rich's ministry. He was real. He was the Love of Jesus puttin' on flesh and bone. As my wife and I weep over his loss... .It would be selfish of us to wish him back from where he is now. We were talking last night after we heard the news and I just had this vision of him in his chariot of fire looking back and laughing that laugh that only Rich had. I can only imagine his thrill and excitement in the fact that he is experiencing first hand the things that he has always sung about. My wife said she could see Jesus and Rich sitting on the banks of the Crystal Sea and scratching their feet on the rocks and laughing together... .ohh how I miss him..... He demonstrated to me the way we were meant to live the Gospel. If only all Christians could live as he lived.

Other thoughts that I have had include:
He lived like he would die tomorrow, and died knowing he would live forever. Rich no longer has to weep as a man who is longing for his home.
He told us it wouldn't break his heart to say good-bye.
I am almost positive that God granted his request to go to Heaven in a chariot of fire.
Jesus is now holding him... .no longer will he have to shake like a leaf... he is in the presence of the Prince of Peace.
He is no longer lonely... .and he is more free than he ever was here on earth.
I know that He will raise him up on the last day.
He is with the Father of hearts, the Maker of Noses, and the Giver of dreams.
He will be made anew out of the stuff that lasts... stuff that is purer than gold is and clearer than glass could ever be.
He has been gathered to his home.
He encouraged us that we should reach out to Jesus and hold on tight... when we experience trouble in our lives.
He is experiencing the reckless, raging fury, they call the love of God.
... .somewhere... (Never Picture Perfect)... has been a strong encouragement to me since I heard the news.
All of his questions about Jesus have been answered... .(Did He ever wrestle with a dog and lick his nose?)
Rich knows now for sure... this makes me smile.

Again I will miss him... .but I can't wish him back... it just wouldn't be fair... .and though I don't understand God's timing... I know that I have been made better for the all too brief time that God allowed me to have been ministered to by my friend Rich.

To Rich's family... we are praying for your comfort in this time of sorrow... .your son and brother changed lives for Christ... .he can leave no greater legacy. We know there is no past tense in God's kingdom... Rich is more alive now than he ever was on earth. "And all the way my Savior leads me oh the fullness of His love, perfect rest in me is promised in my father's house above. When my spirit clothed immortal wings it's flight to realms of day this my song through endless ages... Jesus led me all the way." Amen... .so be it. Rich sing with all your might until Jesus leads us to where you are... ... .we will join you in the chorus ... someday.... I don't know when.

---Michael Peterman

I know you have heard many times by now how Rich touched lives all over this country, indeed all over the world, with his music his walk with God and his work with Compassion USA.

My wife and I are no exception. Your sons' music , specifically his song 'Awesome God' will continue to have great meaning to us and our family. It really touched our hearts and drew us closer to God. His music had that effect on many people. I am certain that his music and work will continue to touch people in a profound way, even in his absence.

My wife and I were both saddened very deeply by the news that Rich was gone. It was too soon by our way of measuring. God, however, has a different way of measuring time. We are consoled in the knowledge that Rich is home with the Lord now.

Please accept our condolences and our prayers.
Christopher and Shea Pratt

We send our heartfelt condolences on the death of your son Rich, whose ministry impacted the lives of so many.

He will be missed. Thank you for raising him to be a light in the darkness. We considered it a privilege to meet him. He has always been a favorite with our listeners and his humility to be a musician who characterized his ministry as being a "Clown" in Christ's Kingdom. We look forward to the day when we shall renew a relationship with him at the foot of Heaven's throne. We mourn the loss of your son with you.

Isaiah 41:10 "Fear thou not, be not dismayed, for I am thy God. I will strengthen you, yea, I will help you, yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness."

The staff of the Dick Staub Show on the Salem Radio Network -- Dick Staub
Lori Solyom
Dan Brokaw

My husband and I met Rich a couple of years ago after a concert in Erie, PA. He graciously agreed to give us his autograph. He signed simply, "Be God's." I guess summarizes the point of all the lyrics God had ever placed on his heart. That is the bottom line.What a precious gift God gave us in Rich. What a precious gift God gave Rich on Friday... the beginning of his eternal reward. If each of us can touch even one heart the way Rich touched millions, we will have lived a full life! Looking forward to meeting you again someday, Rich.

Jane Stiller

Dear Neva and Brothers and Sisters, (I wish I knew all your names, I would call you all by name... .)

To each of you, a great big hug, some tears as I write this, and a heaviness of heart that make all of this seem unreal. I lost 3 family members this last year, 1 of them tragically, so I can identify with the pain and sorrow you are feeling.

This tragedy rings a familiar tone in me for another person who died tragically 15 years ago, Mr. Keith Green, along with 2 of his children in a plane crash. I was a part of last Days Ministries that He had founded, I was in Lindale, TX where it all happened.

I wish I had a formula for you that would ease the pain, but I can only offer my compassion, the fact that I identify so much with this painful sense of loss, and offer my time to talk if any of you should ever choose to do so. Each minute, every hour and day can only be lived and dealt with as it comes, and trust me on this, You will see Grace upon Grace from the Father touch each of those moments, and you will see how Lovingly and closely He is walking with you.

I believe that the Father shares your grief, and his heart is broken at this tragic moment for you, but at the same time, He is joyful that Rich is now Home, safe and embraced closely in the Father's presence.

Finally, I just wanted to say to you, Neva, That you brought an incredible blessing into the world through your son, Rich, who reached out and touched me, and millions of others in a humble, direct, and honestly loving way.

Thank you for being the fountain of blessing that brought forth this wellspring of talent, Christ-like servanthood, and a true example to follow in how to be a true Christian in every sense of the Word. The fruit of your labors were not wasted, his legacy will continue for many years to come. He can never be replaced, but I hope his spirit of service, compassion, dedication and integrity will be multiplied a million-fold. That would be the greatest tribute to his life, and a worthy honor to our Lord Jesus Christ.

May the arms of Father God surround you all, embracing each of you in His tenderness, that He may minister to your every need in this challenging time.

With Great Love and Respect,
Michael David S. Severson

Around 1988 a friend gave our family a homemade copy of "Awesome God," from that point on his music became a part of our spiritual lives. Yesterday at church the same friend who introduced us to Rich Mullin's relayed the sad news. I was touched as I shared it with my 16 year old daughter; she reminded me that as a 8-10 year old, she would sing "Awesome God" or listen to one of his tapes when she had a bad dream or trouble going to sleep. As our church entered into worship I was filled with thankfulness for the all that God had enabled RM to give to the body of Christ, for the exaltation and wonder that filled his heart toward God. Who among us could sing yesterday without picturing Mullins enjoined in the praises to God? Thanks to the Father for all the unique aspects of this servant's life and music. Rich Mullins' passionate, winsome, and honest effort to reveal the marvelous mystery of God's love and grace brought a taste of the eternal to a groaning creation. He drew us nearer to the Supper Table and his music will surely continue as a sweet aroma of the glorious Feast to come.

Our loss from a human standpoint is understandably selfish. I wanted to have years of being ministered through Rich's music, to allow his words and rhymes soothe my soul, to share with others the incredible music but closure came too soon. May God continue to use this wonderful talent, may we be open to growth through tragedy, may we continue to reach out. Thanks, Rich

K Haight

Whenever I think of Rich Mullins, I will always remember the sight of his footprint on a church wall. Let me tell you the story...

My wife and I convinced my parents to take us to one of Rich's concerts in Minnesota. We arrived early because we didn't have tickets yet. We hoped that our vigilance would not be in vain, that there would still be tickets available.

About an hour before the concert, Rich walked out and looked at the crowd gathered in the lobby. He walked away, but returned shortly with Mitch McVicker and their guitars. He said that they would play some songs for us while we waited.

We sat and listened to them sing and play; what a special treasure! While they were performing, Rich leaned against the wall behind him. And, in order to hold his guitar up, he placed his foot against the wall, leaving a very distinct footprint.

I have often thought about that footprint. Most people would be appalled: "That is no way to show respect in the house of God." "Didn't he ever learn how to behave in a church?" "Can't he show some common decency?"

I don't know if Rich ever learned the proper etiquette for performing/praising in a church lobby. But I've listened to his music; I've read his lyrics; I've watched his videos; I know his Jesus. And I do know that Rich knows about the Love of God; he knows the Grace of the Father; he knows how to live victoriously in Christ.

Rich may not have known that putting his foot on the wall was "wrong," but I thank God for sharing Rich with us. I'm glad he was there to put that mark on the wall and to put a footprint on my heart that I will never forget. It will take me a long time to mourn this loss.
Karl Lehrke

I am deeply saddened by the news of Rich's death... ..the loss is a very personal one to us, as his music was so powerful and influential in our growing closer to the Lord. We listen to a lot of Christian music, but none has touched us as much as Rich Mullin's music has... .we have a 4 year old son who adores his music, has memorized much of it, and sings them almost constantly wherever he goes. I would say Rich's music has caused my son's love for God to grow stronger and has given it an outlet, and for that I will be forever grateful. I am conscious that Rich is rejoicing in the presence of the Savior, and that provides much comfort, but I can hardly think of the depth of loss, we, and so many other fans whose lives he has touched, will feel each time we remember him. Our prayers, sympathy, and love go out to his family and friends.

With love in Christ,
Michelle Wuesthoff

Though I only met him once backstage at a concert, Rich was like a best friend to me. His music has a way of reaching into your heart and becoming a part of you, like a best friend. My wife and I and our 5 year old son are deeply grieved. We all felt the same about him. As I drove my son to school this morning, we cried all the way and sang "Hold Me Jesus"(my son's favorite song) and I told my son that now Jesus is holding Rich, forever. As a songwriter, I had hoped to attain the level of spiritual depth and maturity that Rich so fluently expressed. He was my mentor, and I will greatly miss him. But, like he said: "Here is my song, listen if you will, but I have no heart for it anymore, I've just half-a-mind to cut it loose, and if it sails off into the blues, then I'll just let it soar, in the sky's better keeping. And I won't be any poorer for giving it it's freedom... .here's one for freedom." Now, we all must let him soar into the sky's better keeping, where he is truly free. There are really no words that can adequately describe the sense of loss we all feel. You cannot listen to his songs for as many years as we have, without feeling like you know him personally, intimately. That's just the way he wrote. Good-bye old friend... ..I'll see you when I get home.

David Drennan

I know that this is a hard time for the families and friends of all involved. However, in dealing with the loss of my grandfather, I have learned that death is a part of life. Rich is home now. His heart's passion has been fulfilled. He can now sing his praises at the throne of the God whom he so adamantly loved. The question "why?" has and will be asked many times over. However, God was calling home one of His own. I celebrate today, not Rich's death, but his passing into the gates of Heaven where he is finally at home.

In His Love--
Leah McMullen
Student at Oklahoma Baptist University

How sad. He was here in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago, and I missed the concert because I didn't find out about it til after the fact. "Hold Me, Jesus" was the first Contemporary Christian song that hit me where I lived. It knocked me deeper into salvation than I had any idea I could go. Thank You, Jesus, for allowing us to share his gifts. Our prayers are with his family and friends for their immeasurable loss. There will be an eternal Moment of Silence in the Contemporary Christian Music world. But the show must go on. We love you, Rich, and we'll sing with you for eternity, ol' friend.

Your Brother in Christ
Tirk Wilder
Edmond, OK

I would like to offer my condolence to Rich's family and friends. I was deeply saddened by the news, but we all know he is in a better place. I know Rich will be "Singing His Praises to the Lord" hallelujah. He will be greatly missed.

As i heard off the press on fri about his death i was filled with joy only that he would be with his maker of whom his songs speak. Rich sang with a longing to be at his home that this place now is his country but his home was where he desired to be. I met him at a concert in syr.ny last year. Rich was shy and down to earth and yet he seemed like again this was a place he was just visiting distant but privileged to be used by god. Well he has and we rejoice in his life and his music that draws us near to a god who saves and gives life. Thank you rich and to his family who in ways i'm sure influenced him and shaped him thank you as well.

Katie Clarke

I interviewed Rich in April of this year and I found him to truly be the humble servant of God that everyone said he was. He can never be replaced but his example and influence will live on!
David Wang

I thank God Rich shared a part of him self with the public. I am a different person because of it. Thank-you Rich, you will be missed, until we meet in paradise, Sing your praise to the Lord, in person.

Al Antosca
Hudson, New Hampshire

Our loss is Heaven's gain.. He will be truly missed here, but I rejoice in knowing that he is in the Lord's presence now!! What a blessing that is. I pray that the Lord will give his family peace and comfort and I also pray that Mitch will recover fully and continue to do the Lord's Will.. In His Name I Pray, AMEN!

Kim Zeller

In my mind, Rich received the mantle of Keith Green. I cannot begin to put into words the encouragement that his music is to me. It put my mind on Jesus Christ and the grace and goodness of God. God has been so good to me through Rich's music, I know the hole will be filled, but today I can't quite see how. It all makes me want to go to heaven, just that much quicker, so I can join Rich and Keith in singing praises to the Lord. Maranatha - Lord come quickly! I am praying for his family.

Gordon Dykstra

It was just recently that I discovered the music of Rich Mullins. His "Songs" and "Brothers Keeper" albums really touched my heart and the heart of my family. Like a much-needed neck massage, his music massaged my soul and helped me to continue on in my ministry. His willingness to deal with his own weakness and to point out ours in songs such as "We are not as strong as we think we are" and "If I Stand" really touched me and encouraged me. We are praying for his family that God will hold them close and carry them through this time of grief.

Jerry Reeves

Not since hearing the news of the death of Keith Green in the tragic airplane accident over 15 years ago have I felt like this.

But somehow, Rich's death is different...

I thank God Almighty that, unlike Keith Green, I was able to see Rich and Beaker in concert. I was taken back to find that before the concert, he was walking around in the crowd before the concert dressed in just a T-shirt, blue jeans, and old tennis shoes. I had never really gotten a close look at him before so I didn't recognize him when he walked right past me and said "hello." I said hello back to him in the usual, courteous manner. It wasn't until I saw him up on stage that I realized that it was him. He was still dressed in the manner I had seen him before, both him and Beaker. In that short second, Rich spoke VOLUMES to me about what it was like being real in your walk with God. As I saw the concert progress, Rich didn't seem to care about having to put on a show. Here was a guy, dressed in T-shirt and blue jeans, and on a stage with hundreds of people watching, giving the best concert I had ever seen in my life. With no back vocals or music except for Beaker, Rich literally poured his heart out onto the stage and let it flow into the audience.

I'm in tears now...

I would suppose that Rich's death is different by the simple fact that I feel much closer to Rich and his music than I did with Keith Green's. I've had the opportunity to grow in my walk with God because of Rich's simple but powerful songs as they have been composed over the years. Songs that were written from a aching heart. Songs that were written from an overwhelming sense of God's awesomeness and utter majesty. Songs that reflected hopes and dreams. Songs that were written by someone who was real.

I would like everyone to know how much I love this man and his music. I have often wanted to write Rich and let him know how I felt about his music and ministry, but now I can't--at least not in this lifetime--and that's sad! Now, I can't encourage him and let him know how much I appreciate the countless hours he spent drafting and redrafting songs that I know were birthed from pure heart searching. Searching--not just for words, but for the RIGHT words. Not just for some music, but for the right music. I am so glad that my life has been affected. And I've grown. At least for me, Rich has left a "liturgy and legacy" to remember and be contemplated while listening to his songs.

To his family, I would say "thank you." I will remember and love him too. I too am sad that he is gone.

With all my love for Jesus,
Mike Dunbar
Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to add my sentiments about Rich Mullins as the rest of his fans and friends in Christ have done here. I went through the Friends University Music Education program with Rich as well as sang with him my freshman year in college. I know that the impact on the University itself is overwhelming. Rich was a truly devoted man of God.

Rich was a person that if you never even met him, you felt close to and those of us that got to know him were truly blessed. Rich was very clear on the fact that he was just passing through this world and looked toward the day that he could meet the person he looked up to the most... God. As we all mourn the loss of our friend, just know that he was ready. He knew that death did not mean the end but that his 41 year journey was just in preparation for the moment that he had "lived" to see.

In Christ's Love,
Mindy North

Once upon a time a lonely sinner with nowhere else to turn heard a song on the radio filled with words that could only describe exactly how she was feeling at that time in her life. That song was by Rich Mullins and was only one of many that touched my heart over these years as I grew in my faith. I offer my sincere, heartfelt sorrow for the loss of this great Christian soldier. I feel Jesus is at this very moment is rejoicing because his brother has joined him in heaven. May the Lord our Father be with Rich's family during this time to comfort and uplift. We love you, Rich

Trey Raybourn

I first met Rich when we were college students in the late 70's and had the honor of being the drummer in his 1977 band at Cincinnati Bible College. I was only in the group for the first year, but in that time, I got to know a truly remarkable person who I knew would turn the world upside down wherever he touched it.

Some of my personal memories of Rich:

The joy he expressed when he got his first recorder. And how quick he picked up any instrument. One week a beginner, the next week he making beautiful music. Experimenting with different instruments and even furniture, etc. trying to find that unique sound that complimented the lyrics and lifestyle of Rich Mullins.

Going down the hill to the midnight "Dollar Flicks" at an old theater in Cincinnati. Later, talking into the night, spending the rest of the early morning hours sleeping on the couch in an apartment which was practically bare. Rich never had many worldly goods. But what he left behind were treasures beyond measure. His witness will shine in our hearts for many years to come.

Playing music with Rich was an incredible experience. So much creativity and talent in one man. He certainly found his niche. His ears were tuned to God's leading. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. Maybe that very exuberance contributed to his early departure, but if he hadn't lived more cautiously, it wouldn't have been our Rich.

I remember he was anxious for us to see a movie called "Brother Sun, Sister Moon". This was an old scratchy movie about a man (that at the time I knew nothing about) named St. Francis of Assisi. That simple man, maybe even a "simpleton" who left all worldly goods behind became one of Rich's role model. As St. Francis kept that simple goal in front of him, so Rich Mullins never forgot that simple goal, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor more than yourself.

Rich loved the legend of the young Prince Arthur, humble and strong, kind and generous, his life cloaked in magic and mystery, and not even knowing he was a child of the King and destined himself for the throne. I think we found out that the musical "Camelot" was based on "The Once and Future King", read it and fell in love with that book. I've recommended that book to many since then and recommend it to you.

We both went our separate ways and only saw each other a few times since. But, these memories have always been special to me. Especially as I saw so many other folks embrace this odd, humorous, abrasive, expressive, emotional, lovable and loving child of God. Someone who bared his soul to the world. Someone who came to mean
so much to so many.

Rich, we'll miss you. Thanks for everything. You've been a friend to the least of God's creation. Give Peter, Paul, Keith, Francis and the rest of the "Saints of old that have gone on before" a high five for us. And pray for us still down here. Our stories about *your* faith will help keep us strong!

Jon Hagee
- Lexington, KY

I saw Rich on the Brothers Keeper tour in Knoxville, it was wonderful. No trappings or gimmicks, just a man singing about His love for the Lord. I have been a fan of Rich since 1990, his music has meant so much, it has caused to think, cry, and inspired me to write. I don't know what to say. I love you Rich, Goodbye my friend.

Bill S.

I thank God Rich shared a part of himself with us. I am a different person because of it. Thank-you Rich, you will be missed, until we meet in paradise, Sing your praise to the Lord, in person.

Al Antosca
Hudson, New Hampshire

Rich's music always had such depth and understanding of God and almost an insight to how God really is and how He views us humans. His music always lead me to think a little deeper and a little harder about many of the things God did. I was always so challenged and inspired. I'll be forever grateful for his impact. I feel that i've lost a friend and a mentor... praise God for all who shaped his life so he could shape mine...

I was so blessed to see him many times. But the last time I will not forget. His music has been a big part in my life. Songs like Sometime by Step and Allrightokahamen was two of the greatest song out there. I know Rich is in Heaven and he is now Singing his praise to the Lord. We all know that we are just visiting and we are not of this world, But it hard to see people pass away. But it time to say Goodbye and as one of Rich's friend sang with his other good friend "Friends are Friends forever when the Lord is part of it" We know God has a reason for everything. So Rich ... my prays are with our love one's . And I will always remember his Music and what he left us.

Thank You Rich

Helen Radkiewicz

I am almost in tears as I'm typing this. I just wanted to let you know that Rich also touched my life in a special way. There aren't many Christian artists that do that to me. He seemed so humble and honest. But, praise GOD, he's home! And for now, his music will live on and continue to touch many.

I am praying for his family, friends and those who hear his music.... that lives would be saved, many would be comforted and encouraged, and that God would use this for His Glory. I know He will.

God Bless You,
Laura D.

Condolences May the Holy Spirit show Himself as the Comforter to the Mullins' families. None of us know how you feel, but we somehow share your grief. Thank you family, for lending us part of a remarkable man who was on loan to you from the One who still leads Rich "... step by step." How his following God days have changed! We pray with you for the recovery of Rich's friend as well.

Ray Williams

I just wanted to add a few words of my own to the list about Rich's life. Rich's music was so filled with the joy of knowing Christ that one couldn't help but smile whenever hearing his songs. My sister and I have both been uplifted and encouraged innumerable times by the love of Christ that Rich expressed through his music. His life was a blessing to us all and his music will continue to be for a long, long time. Thank you Rich for giving us so much, and thank you God for sharing Rich with us.

Sheryl Soukup

Heavens choir is sounding much better today

I feel this would be a wonderful epitaph for Rich:

Just as these words were written about the life of king David; "He served God's purpose in his generation, and then he died."

I think that says it all.

God bless you Rich.

Wayne Cameron

I knew Rich through a handful of his songs, through his Creed video, and a concert at GMA several years ago. A truly creative, joyful man. He struck me as a man comfortable with being who God intended him to be. We should all learn from his example. He has left us a lasting legacy in his songs, man of which will remain standards for worship. I look forward to getting to know him better when I too get to go home.

J. Larimore

I know Jesus loves me because he gave me Rich Mullins! Rich was my favorite musician: The songwriter/singer/musician I had been looking for my whole life. I think it's great that some of the best things I've found in life are direct gifts from Jesus. He was a wonderful, willing vessel through whom Jesus worked. Yes, to everyone else on this list, that humility was beautiful!!! My wife and I loved how, at the only time we were blessed to get to see him perform, on 11/24/95 in St. Louis, he went to the back of the stage to sing with the backing singers and let someone else take the lead. I miss him. You know, believers, another beautiful thing about knowing Jesus is that there are no goodbyes ... only see you laters. I look forward to personally meeting Rich and the rest of you as we enjoy his new songs in New Jerusalem. We all must re-energize ourselves with Jesus to "carry on" the legacy of one of his finest saints, to show non-believers the "real life" of joy, because "there's still room for one more at the foot of the cross." See you soon, Rich. Thank you Jesus!

Cordially in Jesus,
Mike Finley

an authentic Christian with a keen sense of where God was leading him, rich will be missed here on earth. he was definitely one of america's great balladeers. i'm grateful to have been one of those touched by his music. for that i say thanks to God. God bless the mullins family in your time of grief.

robin young

Disbelief, tears, numbness, why?, I hear Rich's answer in my head "God knows what He is doing". Mixed feelings. Selfish longing to keep him here. Pain in the loss of his example & inspiration, not to mention his extraordinary musical talent. Pain for the loss felt by his family, friends & fans. Conviction that God is in charge. Joy for Rich.

To Rich's Family- My thoughts and prayers are with you. I do not pretend to feel the loss you are going through. I know the loss of a child, no matter the age, is devastating. Perhaps knowing how important Rich was to so many of us & how many are grieving his death with you can bring you some comfort. May you feel Gods presence as you all walk through this pain.

Rich-Thank you for:
All the music you shared with us---we'll "carry on"
Motivating us by making us uncomfortable
Standing as an example, pulling us closer to God
Sharing your true self with us, rebel and all I will miss you---for now

William Hubble

Please convey my prayers and condolences to Rich's Family at this very sad news. It reminds me when I heard about Keith Green. Rich was a humble man and one of the best songwriters that I have listened to over my many years! We will miss him! I was struck by his song "Awesome God" Truly Rich is in the hands of his Awesome God, he is with Jesus in "heaven above."

Bill Mason

Dear Family of Rich,

I wanted to write to send my heart felt sympathies today. But all that keeps coming into my mind is the impact this wonderful person had on my life. I once told my husband that Rich Mullins was the bard of Christian music. You may be surprised to know that I am a Mormon, but he touched me as deeply as he touched anyone else in the world. The reason is simple, his songs were from the deepest part of his heart. The message was love, not preaching who was right and who was wrong. He simply wrote about the love that filled and overflowed his heart for the Lord.

I wanted to share with you the sweet story of how he touched a babe still in the womb. I was pregnant with my first child and throughout the pregnancy I would listen to Rich, we own most of his albums. I would feel refreshed and able to keep trudging along. My husband worked 3 part time jobs and I was managing an apartment complex in south city St. Louis, so we were rarely awake at the same time. I was terrified and I had very rarely been alone in my life. Now I was alone most of the time and pregnant with my first baby. But Rich got me through it with those words of faith, devotion, courage and love.

But the most miraculous thing happened after the baby was born. I came home from the hospital with all the dreams of a first time mom. A sweet baby that would coo and smile and sleep through the night. Boy was I surprised, and I must say he was my most difficult baby. He would start crying at about 9 pm and cry for hours. I was sure I was the most horrible mom in the world. I began to suffer from Migraines and was hospitalized when they became so severe I could not function.

One night as I sat crying my husband, grasping at straws, Put my favorite Rich Mullins CD on hoping it would at least calm me. Ethan (the baby) got the most serene look on his face, he immediately stopped crying and fell asleep. Needless to say, our Rich Mullins collection and CD player lived in the Nursery for a long time. Ethan and I would rock every night as Rich would sing my son to sleep.

I know nothing can bring him back but maybe through stories like mine we can all know that he will live forever through all that he did for others.

From the things he did that everyone saw, to the babies he never knew he sang sweetly to sleep.

God Bless you all,
Kathleen L. Grubb

i am truly saddened about the news of rich's death. the greatest thing that i learned from him was about compassion. i saw a man who wasn't afraid to love or try to change people's opinions about conditions of love for those who we unfortunately push away. i will truly miss him, but i know that he is in a better place and that i will see him again.

Brendan Gould

This summer at the Cornerstone festival in Illinois God brought a Louisiana boy to the eyes and ears of one of God's greatest servants... I met Rich backstage after his surprise performance with 3rd day... I poured my heart out to him concerning some wrong choices I made in my life... rather than just telling me to pray for repentance and telling me Jesus loved me, He just put his arms around me and cried with me... No one has ever shared my pain with me before... he truly showed me a real Christ... not a historic figure... Now I guess by faith, the Holy Spirit shares my tears and sense of loss... Thank You God for sending an Indiana boy into my life for a few brief minutes that changed my views for a lifetime...


We have lost a great musician as well as a great thinker and a man we could all try to pattern our lives after. The Lord gave Rich great talent, and in a day where so many are using those talents for their own selfish gain, Rich instead used his to the glory of God. I cannot say that I am not saddened at the news of his death, but I know that I will see him again, and no matter how hurtful the heartbreak, that soothes even the most broken of hearts. I admire Rich for his willingness for God to use him, his dedication to quality music, and his unerring dispensation of the truth. He was truly a special man among men. I was only able to see him one time in concert, but I remember the impact that one concert had on my life, and how impressed I was at God's blessing on his life, as it was shown through his talent and his boldness for Christ. He will be and already is missed terribly. Please pass on my condolences to his family, and know that I will be praying for his friend in the hospital.

Jennifer Smucker
Austin, Texas

My wife and I hated to hear the tragic news. We are praying for the Rich Mullins family and all of his friends.

Keith and Brenda Carr/Tulsa,OK

"If sing, let me sing for the joy
that has born in me these songs.
If I weep let it be as a man,
who is longing for his home"

Though I'm sadden by our loss of Rich, I'm glad that the longing of his heart has been realized which is to be home with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Death always come too soon and those who are left behind grieve for that loss. I'm glad that I can also rejoice (through tears) because he I know he is in Christ and I will see him again. I look forward to the music he would have composed. Awesome!

Carol Jones

Our family sends our condolences to the family of Rich Mullins. Just as he wrote "O God, You are my God, and I will ever praise you", so he is doing right now. Perhaps we should think of his "untimely" death as a reward from God for his faithfulness.

Pat Keating

May we continue to pray for rich's family as they move through their loss. Also to the fans who will greatly miss his talent. Continued prayers for Mitch and the medical staff as they tend to his needs. I also ask that people who read this pray for the semi tractor driver who was also involved in the accident. I pray that he has received the Lord as his personal Savior and if not, that this be an instrument for his to allow Jesus to be Lord in his life. Even though it is an accident this poor man must being going through so much. God bless you Rich as you now enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lee Ann Wirick

Rich's songs and concerts spoke openly and truthfully the wonder, the struggle, the rejoicing and confusion that comes when a finite person attempts to live in relationship with an infinite God. His music and writings are like modern day Psalms - showing how we try to understand the winds of heaven, while living among the stuff of earth. The church often needs a massive dose of "Realness" as we so easily drift into separating the truth we know from the truth we live. Rich was as "Real" as they come, and helped me to connect those two truths in my life. He will be missed.

Be God's,
Larry Boss

I really appreciate the honesty and sensitivity with which Rich always sang and wrote his songs. Time after time in my life, I have often found myself 'down on my knees' in prayer after hearing one on the radio. While I know that he will be missed as a father and a husband, just remember that as a songwriter, Rich changed and impacted the life of thousands upon thousands of those just like me. And I thank God for that!

My heart goes out to you in prayer... may God console your fears and ease your pain. I hope that you see Rich's smile in everything that you do. God Bless!


Rich Mullins was an extraordinary musician, but more importantly, he was a solid Christian. I'll miss the opportunity to hear his music live and his new music, but I'm sure that he's in a much better place now!

God Bless his family!

At first I was in shock. And then it settled in as a fact of life. Now, looking back on Rich's life, his ministry, his songs, I ask why God decided to take him now. though I was not around when Keith Green had died, I wonder if the effect is the same. His zeal for the Lord and for the Church has left a legacy to us. I pray that we may take up from where he has left off and continue advancing the Kingdom. My prayers are for his family, mother, and friends. May God's peace and the assurance of His perfect timing and sovereignty give comfort to us all.

Someday we will see Him again and we will never depart from each other's company. Someday we will all finally be Home.

Janet Yoon

I always wanted to write Rich and tell him what a powerful force his music had been in my life. I never did, thinking that he was probably already burdened with letters from adoring fans, and another one probably wouldn't make a difference. I guess, for now, I've lost my chance. Maybe in another place, in another world...

It has long been a dream of mine to attend one of Rich's concert. I have long awaited the day when he and I would be in the same place at the same time. I guess I won't be doing that...

I've always said that Rich was a psalmist in the order of King David. Sick of mamby-pamby Christian music with cute lyrics and catchy beats, he was one of the few Christian artists who challenged my faith, forced me to look beyond the veil of this present reality, and at the same time brutally exposed his own humanity in a way that made me feel a kindredship with him. And packaged in a musical style and artistic ability that was exciting and challenging in itself, due to its uniqueness, its style and its originality. More than once a line or a verse in one of his songs seemed to be ripped from my own life, perhaps from a current or recent moment in my life. I remember thinking, "So, someone else has experienced that as well," or "How did he know that?" And how many times did the uncompromising music itself challenge me in worship! The opening strains of "Calling Out Your Name" have always seemed to paint a picture of one struggling to break free of earthly bands and break loose in unfettered, utterly abandoned worship, the hammer dulcimer, at the end of each phrase, coming a little closer to freedom until it suddenly breaks loose and breaks forth and breaks out... How many times, driving across the fields of South Texas, I have raised my heart up to God to the strains of that song!

At this moment, one can't help remembering Keith Green. Brian William wrote, "a shooting star streaked across the starscape, slicing nearly from one horizon to the other. Returning home and hearing the news of Rich's death, I know that surely that star was for him and the life he lived." It seems that there are those among us in whose graces and gifts we are allowed to share for a short time. Then, almost as if they are, in some sense, "too good" to continue here, they are taken away. We grieve. For our loss, not so much for theirs. Rich was one such. Perhaps his work here was done. It doesn't seem fair to us. We can only patiently await the day when we are allowed to see from the other side...

I never did convey to him what his music, his ministry, his God-given gifts, meant to me; how Jesus, through Rich's submission to Him, through his honesty and poetic gift, touched my life. In small atonement for that, I offer these words to you, his family and friends. Thank you for sharing Rich with us, and may we all enjoy a joyful reunion in that day when we all meet together.

With most heart felt sympathy baptized in my own selfish tears,
A. Scott Clement

Rich really touched my life, he was such a wonderful Christian man and singer. I am grateful that I became saved in 1991 and am thankful I had the opportunity to know Rich's wonderful music, he sang with the Holy Spirit, He truly was a wonderful man and I want to tell you lots of people will miss him but we will all see him again :) those who are saved and know the Lord , just as Rich did, praise Jesus for giving His life so that we could have eternal life... ... Your family is in our prayers and Keep your eyes upon Jesus. I can't tell you how it feels to lose a son, I do have 2 young children and can truly sympathize with you... I pray that my children too will accept Christ as Rich did. Amen

N. Gamaine

Rich wrote in Elijah "the Jordan is waiting for me to cross through" He looked forward to going home, to finally crossing that river into the land of Promise and rest with our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. His music has truly blessed my life and lifted me up in times of need. He knew his time would come and knowing that he wrote, "it won't break my heart to say goodbye." We miss you Rich, see you at Heaven's door.

Rich, now I know what it means to be shaking like a leaf. I will miss you brother.

I was so sorry to hear about his death. Sorry because we have lost one of the best song writers but happy that he is finally home, were we will see him again. My prayers are with his family, as well as Mitch's family. I can not tell you how many times his music brought me back from the edge of despair to remind me that my God was and is and will always be an awesome God, who holds me and loves me. I thank him for that incredible gift that he so willingly gave in son. Mr. & Mrs. Mullins, you continue to be in my prayers, you're son was one of the best men God ever created and I look forward to meeting him when I make it home.


For the past couple of years I've listen to christian music exclusively. I've come to recognize Rich Mullins as an incredible songwriter. I've talked to members of my church and we are all sadden by the lost of this great man of God. The christian music world will not be the same without him. We can take comfort in the fact that he is with his best friend and lord, Jesus Christ. My family prays that the Rich Mullins family can cope with this loss.

-- Perry M. Ball

I know that my sadness today is merely born of human selfishness, and that it will pass. I cannot imagine the beauty of new songs in heaven now that God's complete glory is hidden no longer from a ten-talent soul. Rich, that for providing "a hope to carry on your legacy of real compassion and joy". Praise be to the One who invented the color "Green" for having revealed to us the color "Rich"... we will miss you for now.

Lexington, KY.

Last month, my nine year old daughter Rachel and I had the profound pleasure of seeing Rich Mullins in concert in the Detroit Metropolitan area. I have seen him in concert several times... each time was a new blessing. Rachel and I were deeply moved by his music... his talents... his love for Christ.

We have lost an apostle... a friend of the poor... and one of the most gifted Christian song writers and performers the world has ever known. I feel I have lost a dear friend.

To Rich's family and friends... Rich gave us more that anyone could imagine. His music radiated from the heart of Jesus. He had a special gift to "preach the Gospel to the whole world". We share in your grief of our loss but also in your joy knowing that he is with the Lord he served so well. Rich can finally sing his music at the feet of Christ with the choirs of angels!

To Mitch, his family and friends... Our prayers are with you for a full recovery. We pray for strength and total healing for you. You, like Rich, are anointed and blessed.

Greg Palmer

I rejoice that Rich is now "putting on the Ritz" with God, and experiencing first-hand what an awesome God He is. My prayers and love are with the families touched by this tragedy ... and I believe God that they will know His grace & peace, which passes our understanding.

CJ Snellen

I cried and cried and I sometimes felt silly, but my sister reassured me that it was OK because we probably knew Rich's heart and life better than some people we know personally. He will be greatly missed. I am happy and blessed to have been to several of his concerts and no two were ever the same. He had a way that cannot be expressed in words. We will miss him so much, and pray for his family and Mitch and his family. I'm going to have to go and buy that hammer dulcimer I have been wanted for so long and learn how to play it. It is a sad day for Christian music and those that have been touched by Rich and his music. My younger sister said it this way, how can we live without his music. I used to say, I need a Rich Mullins' concert fix and we'd drive for hours/miles to see a concert. Once we drove to Indiana, about 7 hours one way. Hold Me Jesus!!

Betsy Westfall
New Martinsville, WV

I just wanted to express my deepest condolences to you and your family. It is hard to believe that Rich is gone. I know that he is doing well, seeing the face of God and praising his name - like he has done hear on earth. He was the most humblest - christian man I have ever seen. He was truly an example like Christ. I know that he would want all of us to give glory to God instead of him, so I will. I thank God for allowing Rich to reach out and minister to us through his words and songs. They were all so touching. It is good to see Rich finally at home with his father! He will be missed terribly, but his legacy will live on through the music that we hear from him and the memories that were made. Good-bye Rich! One day we will all be together again! May God Bless you and your family through this devastating time.

With my deepest sympathy,
Emily Chamberlain

For me, Rich's songs articulated God's heart, and what it means to be a child of God. I admired his reluctance to play the fame game, and his heart for the native peoples, who are among "the least of these." Although I never met Rich or attended one of his concerts, I feel I've lost a good friend, one able to put just the right words to things I couldn't express, and one whose actions affirmed those words. My heart goes out to Rich's family, to Mitch and his family, and to the others involved in the accident. I am praying for you.

"... and I'll meet you in that place where mercy leads."

Coram Deo,
Steven Crane

Having worked at a large contemporary christian station in Pennsylvania for over a year, I know what an influence Rich's life and work had on the lives of people around the world. His music touched the hearts of people near and far, and though Rich has been taken to be with the Lord, his message will live on forever.

Rich's family and friends are in the thoughts and prayers in our home.

Lora L. Twichell,
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Rich's music will continue to reach people for our Lord and Savior. May we look forward to seeing him in Heaven.

In His Mighty Grip,
Dan - Deuteronomy 31:6

I first learned who Rich Mullins was when I read the credits for "Sing Your Praise To The Lord" on Amy Grant's Age To Age project. I didn't see the man until Spirit Song '95 at King's Island. When he walked out onto the stage barefoot, I was taken aback - I was surprised at his "just one of you" attitude. I was instantly a fan. I was at church Sunday morning leading my Lutheran congregation in Awesome God, not knowing that he had been gone for over 24 hours. It was not until that evening that I heard about a tribute Monday morning "... to the memory of Rich Mullins" on a Cincinnati station (WNLT). I almost ran off the road here in Dayton in total shock. I've been in tears, or on the verge of them, ever since. To me, this is more or a loss than a Princess. Rich still is a true disciple of Christ, an example of how to follow Christ, regardless of how far you've fallen...

"I'll carry the songs I learned when we were kids
I'll carry the scars of generations gone by
I'll pray for you always and I promise you this...
I'll carry on, I'll carry on"

J Rowe

One of the members of our worship team said it best, "Nobody put the Gospel to music like Rich Mullins!" AMEN!!!


Like thousands of others, I was shocked and saddened to hear of Rich's death. I do believe, however, that Rich is a Christian who is not afraid to stand before the throne of God. I could prattle on about his accomplishments, but I believe Rich would prefer to be remembered by a simple epitaph: "He served God".

Tim Shelfer

Rich's ministry can continue on through the recordings he leaves behind. I never met the man, nor attended one of his concerts. I was touched by the Holy Spirit at work through his art though and am thankful for it. As one other respondent observed, many a congregation sings his music and extends the Lord's providence of which Rich was only a tool. My prayers are with Mitch and both men's family's. Their loss (and ours) is truly heaven's gain.

Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry, Inc.

My name is Rhonda Eudaly. I worked for KLTY in Dallas for a couple of years and now have a music column in a Christian news magazine here in Dallas. Rich was an important part of the path God has put me on, as he has with many many others. I and many others within my church and the Christian community all keenly feel his loss. My music minister, had he been given more time, was of the heart to redo the entire Sunday morning worship last weekend to tribute Rich.

Please tell his mom that I am writing a tribute for her son that will hopefully run in the November issue of my publication. I am getting some thoughts and feelings from musician friends of mine national, international and regional to add to my own feelings of Rich's passing.

His loss has impacted us all. Though just imaging the music in Heaven right now with Rich and Keith Green together is enough to bring tears to the eyes. Rich was only on loan to us, and we are all much better for having him for a short time.

Rhonda Eudaly
Dallas, Texas

I am even now finding comfort in his lyrics, comfort for the loss of a friend I never met, yet felt I knew.

The peace of Christ to you
Patrick Lane

Sovereign God,
You have blessed all of Christianity with your faithful servant. Thank you for the time Rich had on earth to submit to your will and thereby show the love of Christ. May the Holy Spirit comfort the family, the friends, the admirers. May we truly not sorrow as those without hope, for we know in whose hands he now resides.

Jim Napier

Hold Me Jesus is the first song of Rich's i heard that i was aware of as his. how many times have i been shaking like a leaf? at a time when i was without words to pray, i happened across that song.. a gift from a friend.. and i found the words to pray... just hold me Jesus. since then i've found many things to pray in his words. i heard him at Cornerstone '97. now i'm even more homesick for a place i've never been.

-- the krying muse

Imagine the chorus of angels singing "Our God is an awesome God" as he stepped through the portal!

Rev. Bill Scott

I truly am sorry for your grief. I have had a child die. I can relate to your pain. If you would like to call me sometime to talk, the number is 918-825-6514.

Please know that I thought a lot of your son. He was truly a talented young man.

Let me know how more I can help.

-- Lloyd Colston
Pryor, OK

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Rich Mullins death. While the world has lost a man of great faith and talent, heaven has gained an exceptional voice to add to His choir. I share the grief his family feels at this time, I lost my mother and a nephew in a similar accident and fully understand what they are going through. At the same time, I also share the joy of knowing where my mom, nephew Sean, and Rich are at this very moment! Let's all "Sing our praise to the Lord" in his memory!

Kelly Boyd

I'm so sorry to hear of the death of Rich Mullins, what a great man he was. His music and ministry touched so many people that his name will not long be forgotten. We had him on this earth for 41 short years, and then the Lord called him home. We are all better for better people for his ministry and music.

God bless and you are all in our prayers
Nick Covello

As you begin to recover from the shock of losing your loved one; I pray that you will see how precious his life was and all of our lives are to the Lord.

This weekend the Lord was showing me many scriptures regarding the temporariness/temporal of this life and how this life is but a dream. We will all awaken in eternal life, the true life, one day if we choose to accept Jesus as our Lord.

I pray that this exit by Rich will affect many young people even further than his music ministry, by showing them the frailty of humanity and the fear of the Lord.

I am not a normal fan of Christian music even though I live in Nashville, Tn. but I own several Rich Mullins CD's and the Lord has used them in my life.

I believe Rich had tapped into true worship by separating himself from the "music industry,"; by serving others,; and by prophesying and ministering to the Lord in worship. I see in him what all true worshippers of the Lord are called to do. And even though he left this earth at such a young age; I see that he fulfilled his calling and his destiny.

I'm sure the Lord is greeting him now with, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

I pray that you be comforted in your time of loss and that the Lord grant you peace. I also pray that you would draw near to God and that HE would draw near to you.

Bless you,
Christi Ray

I would like to extend my condolences to the Mullins family.

I have always been touched by Rich's Awesome God, and my wife and I sing it out loud whenever we hear it.

The world has lost a great brother, friend and a ministry for our Lord. God has gained another voice in the Heavenly Choir.

From this Canadian family to all of you, accept our sympathies and may we all meet one day in Heaven, with our " Awesome God"..

Carlo Klemm

The song, "Our God Is An Awesome God" is one of the most beautifully written songs that I have ever heard. I praise the Lord for a man like Richard Mullins. I know that for many of the people that I know, it was music like his that brought people back to the Lord. God used him to lead others to the Lord. Our lose is Richard's gain. He is now singing those beautiful songs to our precious Savior now. We will miss you Richard. Thanks for sharing your Jesus.


I first came to know Contemporary Christian music through Rich Mullins and his music. It was Good Friday in 1993 and some friends & I were driving to a special Good Friday service at a Monastery towards Big Sur, California. It was a beautiful day with the colors just vibrant. We came upon some hills just south of Carmel we saw how full of green they were. At the same time the song "The Color Green" came on and it was just powerful imagery for what the day represented. That was my introduction to the incredible humble man that Rich Mullins is along with his incredible music. When my wife and I saw him in concert 2 years ago we were so moved by his music, his words, and his example.

I rejoice that he is now home with the Father but I grieve for a world that is so badly in need of the Father's work through Rich. Rich you have been an incredible influence on so many here on Earth. Thank you for your talents and your humbleness.

- John Brooks

Just a note to mention how shocked I was hearing the tragic news of the death of Rich Mullins. Although we have lost a great musician and lyricist we have reaped the benefits of music that draws us closer to our Lord. He now plays his music in the very presence of God in heaven. Amen!

Anthony Doheny
Kent, Washington

To Rich's family,
We share your loss, though it is only temporary. May you be comforted by the One who Rich sang so beautifully about. Our daughter, Carrie, at Wheaton College, wants to send her prayers as well. May He cushion you as only He can.

In His love and with gratitude for the gift Rich is,
Jim and Susan Richmond, Yakima, WA
Carrie Richmond, Wheaton, IL

I don't want to lose the eternal for the things that are passing 'Cause what will I have when the world is gone If it isn't for the love that goes on and on with My one thing You're my one thing And the pure in heart shall see God

Rich had a keen awareness of things eternal, and losing him so unexpectedly reminds us that the things of this world and life are so temporary... may his message of the hope that is ours in Christ deeply touch us in these days, reminding us to run the race for the joy set before us.

Kelly Mirone

We weep with those who weep, and mourn with those who mourn. But we are not like those without hope. Our hope is in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Even as Rich's music will continue to live in each of us, it would be his greater hope that God's Holy Spirit would live in each of us.

At our wedding, my husband and I incorporated the powerful testimony "Creed" into the ceremony. We will celebrate our third anniversary this Wednesday, Sept 24. We will remember Rich's family in our prayers and pray for the healing of Mitch.

Janice Andrews

Several years ago, just into college, an old high school buddy made me sit down and listen to a song off a goofy looking LP with a yellow cover... they didn't even get the guy's head in the cover's picture. The song was "Save Me". It sliced through years of crusty religion to touch something inside of me that longed for something to be real about God. Rich Mullins... that guy that interned at a church across town one summer? He was the one!

Our sovereign God, has continually used those quirky songs from Rich to draw me to Himself and challenge the box that I tend to want to put God into. To challenge my ever-present tendency to build walls around myself to make my Christian world a comfortable place to live with a God I have all figured out. When I think of Rich and the songs he passed on to us, I think of Colossians 3:3 - "For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God." (The verses that sandwich this one are good & relevant, too.)

All through these comments, what I really see is the hand of God more than the life/music of Rich. I bought Rich Mullins CDs but when I played them I found them to be Jesus CDs instead. When I listen to his music, I do so to meet God, and surprise, God shows up. When I mourn now, I do so longing for God to hold my shaking heart and assure me that He won't leave us (me) without a voice singing out of simplicity & purity of devotion to Christ (2 Cor 11:3).

And since it's all about God, I pray His hope will surround Rich's family, and His sovereign hand will carry Mitch forward in healing and joy.

Later, Rich...
Todd Holloway

His music and ministry had the most significant impact on my life of any other artist. I met him once, and found he was just as genuine in person as he was on stage. God used his music to touch my spirit in a powerful way, always bringing it to me in times of my greatest need. My prayers are with his family, and with Mitch and his family as well.


Dave and Robyn,
Our Prayers are with you. Your brother was a very great man, and Dave you too are great! Be strong - I will miss him.

Tony Stokes

I never met Rich Mullins in person, but his music has touched my life in a profound way. When I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, Rich's song "Awesome God" would play. That song would give me the strength in the spiritual battles that I faced then and now. He is with our Lord now and someday I will meet him and thank him for expressing his love for Jesus in his songs the way I would have liked to.

Remember: He is not gone... .just away


Thank you Rich. How is it that you could speak to me so clearly when I've never even met you? Lord, I know this brother is with you; help him to see clearly the lives he has touched for you, help him to hear my thanks. Thank you Lord for this man's life. Hold me Jesus.

Debby Law

I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and fans of Rich. We are all his brothers and sisters, and we will all miss the way he took the thoughts in our hearts and made them alive through music. His music helped me to hold on to Jesus when all seemed dark. He truly reflected the light of our Lord Jesus Christ in his service. I know that he is now with the "one thing" that he desired, and that he no longer has to weep as a man longing for his home - he's there, and one day we can all stand together and sing to our Awesome God as one.


God is good to those who love him. Rich was a great man. I heard of his death at a Bryan Duncan/Bob Carlisle concert. I truly am sorry for your loss. But at least know, you no longer have to worry about him getting hurt! And he isn't hurting right now.


Rich Mullins music touches my heart and soul like no other Christian artist. To hear the news took my breath away and ran chills down my body. Last night I found comfort in listening to one of his songs "If I Stand", where one verse stood alone in my head. He sang "So if I stand let me stand on the promise that You will pull me through, And if I can't let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You, If I sing let me sing for the joy that has born in me these songs, BUT IF I WEEP LET IT BE AS A MAN WHO IS LONGING FOR HIS HOME." Rich will be missed but he is Home now and that is a far greater place.

Please let his family know that he touched my life and I will be praying for their peace.

In His love,
Jami Lyons

I saw Rich twice in Colorado Springs. Both times, it was the way he played the Hammer Dulcimer that really intrigued me. He could play that so well, it was like he was the dulcimers' creator. I never realized what a beautiful instrument it was until I heard him play. Even from the first time I ever saw him, I could tell he was a very humble person... not in the business for himself, but for God. I will always admire him and he will be missed!!

Jackie Flies

Rich was such a powerful man. He devoted his life to the service of others, and he will surely receive his reward for his work. Rich's music was so powerful because of the humbleness with which it was written and presented. For Rich wrote and sang not for his fans, but for his Lord Jesus Christ. I am sure Rich is busy singing his praise to the Lord.

Grace and Peace to You,
Ian Dickey

You all have probably received hundreds, maybe even thousands, of letters talking about Rich and what his life meant. I am probably just one more, but I wanted to share with you a story. I had the privilege of seeing Rich perform in Joplin, Missouri last summer. The concert really changed me. I am a college sophomore who had been struggling with my faith and was about ready to give up. But, when I went to the concert and saw Rich sing, I was deeply moved. Here was a man who had given his life to God. He didn't sing for himself or for me, he sang for Our Father. At the same time, Rich related to the entire audience as a human being. When my Mom told me the news of his passing, I thought of where I was when the accident happened. I was at a meeting of College Crusade - the Christian group on my campus. Without the influence of Rich, I don't think I would have been attending that meeting. My prayers and thoughts go out to you. May our Awesome God get you through this time of loss.

In Christ's Love,
Amanda Ross

Goodbye Rich - I will continue to "Reach out to Jesus and hold on tight. He's been there before and he knows what it's like." We all will "find He's there."

To Rich's family: Thanks for sharing Rich with all of us who loved his music. He taught us a lot about the Christian life and daily walking with God. We will miss him, and our hearts ache for you right now. May the God of all comfort keep you in His peace. Only He can.

Karen Crowe

My condolences to Rich's family and friends. I have always admired his musical workmanship. It is a tragedy to lose such a humble man, and I pray that God will use this sad time for good--especially since that is what Rich would have wanted. We miss you Rich, but we will see you up in heaven leading the worship there. I praise God for the life that you lived!!!

John Hutt

I just wanted to thank you for all the years you put into your Rich's life.

What an Awesome Man of God. I know how it hurts to lose something so precious and to have all the millions of Questions come to mind of How and Why. But the Maker of the Universe is a Father to all and He knows what we need far better than we ever could. This Life we now know is by no means the Big Picture. Rich has open my eyes to see the fullness of why we should not get wrapped up in all the "stuff" we create in our day to day living. This life is not what we often think it to be. All that matters is the restoration of our relationship with our Father, through Jesus Christ. I am reminded of the last line of one of his songs, "It won't break my heart to say goodbye". What a Homecoming there was, as Rich was reunited with the Father he had been Separated from his whole life. Joined now, not just in spirit, but in person, forever. Lord, I pray that you minister to this family and give Peace that only you can, for your peace passes ALL understanding and brings the fullness of Joy. Blessing, Honor and all Praise be to our Awesome God who is totally in control. Thank you Lord for being in control. Neva, I speak the Peace of Christ to You.

Rich, we will see you on the other Side and say Thank You face to face!

Chris Brown
Kounzte, Texas

In two weeks I am getting married to a man a love deeply. I had told Rich Mullins after a concert in St. Louis that we were planning on beginning the ceremony with Step by Step - I am not sure if I can still do this. My heart is broken.


Lord Jesus, thank you for the gifts and abilities you gave to this man. He has ministered to so many people, and I want to personally thank you for the words to his songs that have been so effective in keeping my heart, soul and mind stayed on you. Comfort his family and friends as they adjust to life without Rich. During this time, we know that you are still awesome, and you still reign, as Rich often reminded us.

David Dameron

Rich's music touched all. 7 year old Jessica died 2 years ago and her favorite song was Awesome God. Now she is singing in Heaven with him. May his songs live on in our hearts forever and comfort all he left behind. Our prayers are with his friends and family we know the loss. Thanks Rich for all your songs!

Laura Melton

God has really touched my life through the songs He gave His servant, Rich Mullins. My prayers are lifted to God on behalf of the Mullins family, Mitch and his family. May God continue to use the anointed songs of Rich Mullins to strengthen and edify the Church, praise and glorify God, and pierce the darkness with the light of His word. See you in Heaven Bro (in Christ)!

James Grille

He wrote so many beautiful songs that have inspired me. He truly was a talented songwriter. In his songs he talked about being with Jesus and as sad as his death has been we know he is finally in heaven with our Lord. I pray for God to give you comfort in this extremely difficult time. Just remember that his legacy lives on through his music and through his music he will continue to inspire many for years to come. May God Bless you!
With love in Christ,
Yolanda Villanueva

Dear Mrs. Mullins

Your sons music has been a part of ours family life since our oldest daughter was 13 She sang Awesome God!and God Put a call on her life for Missions. She is now a missionary with Ywam and our whole family want you to know that we know someday soon We will all sing together at the Marriage supper of the Lamb.I know knowing he is home with Jesus gives you great peace as we lost out younger daughter years ago .We wept for the Lord took our little girl but we rejoiced knowing she was in Jesus Hands.He is too!!! Blessings to your family.

Love in Christ
Lynnette Davis and Family

Like all of the Rich Mullins fans, I am deeply saddened by Rich Mullins' death. When my grandfather died last November, my family received a card with something close to the following message I thought I would share it.

As you look at the back of a hand craft (particularly anything involving thread), all you can see is chaos and a mess. It is not until you see the front that the craft becomes beautiful and you can see the purpose of all the mess on the back. As we live our lives on earth, we are looking at the back. God is the master. He is looking at the craft from the front. Sometimes we don't know why such terrible things happen in life to such good people, but God has a plan. God has a plan to make things beautiful in the end.

My thoughts and prayers are with the everyone far and wide who have been affected by the passing of a truly beautiful person. God Bless

As I sit and muse about Rich's passing I think of a concert in South Bend, IN where I first heard the song "Everywhere I Go I See You." I remember the feeling of the presence of God that I felt as I sang the echo part. It is my prayer that we would follow Rich's example of practicing and seeing the presence of Christ everywhere we go and in everything we do.

Thanks so much for the effort that you put into the Rich Mullins Fan Page. My husband and I really appreciated it. We share the sense of loss and yet there is joy in knowing that he "gave his life to see sing His praise"!

Elisa M. Kephart
Albuqeruque, NM

Rich was an awesome man serving an Awesome God. He will be missed.

He was, and will always be my favorite christian musician and performer. His music, compassion, and sincerity connected with me in a way no other kind of music has. I was fortunate to attend several concerts when he visited South Bend, and most recently at the WHME TV station where he performed to an smaller group of individuals for 2 hours. I know that as christians we should accept his death with grace, but I can't help but feel he was taken away too soon and feel somewhat cheated in not being able to witness future contributions from Rich - he always gave so much of himself to others. My brother was having a difficult time and when Rich heard of his hardship, he took time out to pray with him and extended an invitation for him to spend Easter with him in New Mexico. My prayers go to his family and friends. I miss you Rich!

Lora Tatum

Rich will be missed. There will be a void left forever in Christian music. I thank God that another mansion has it's full time residence. Rich is home... awaiting the arrival of the rest of his family.

Dallas, Texas

I am a college professor in Texas, and the advisor to a Christian organization started here on campus by my students. I heard the news of Rich Mullins' passing as I was on my way to our Sunday morning meeting. As none of the students had yet heard, it became my responsibility to pass on this news. Their response was beautiful; we sang songs of worship and praise (lamenting the fact that we had not planned an entire service of Rich Mullins tunes), prayed for Rich's family and for the family of Mitch McVicker, and spent the majority of our worship service sharing stories about Rich and his music ministry. In contrast, we had devoted approximately 20 minutes to the death of Princess Diana, and 5 minutes to the news of Mother Teresa. Why and how did Rich Mullins touch my students so deeply? Simple, he was one of us. Grounded in truth, uplifting and praiseful, and, most of all, giving. I was encouraged that my students have recognized those traits in Rich to be ones they would like to emulate. Praise God. Finally, as we were about to leave the building after the service, one student stayed behind, and offered a final thought. "I guess the choir in Heaven will be rocking out today!" Amen.

Brad Baker

We are all devastated by Rich's loss. By the same token, we cannot wait to sing the music he is writing now, now that he's seen Jesus face to face. What he must be singing now... .

Lori Cullen

I loved the fact that he was so humble, not at all pretentious. I loved the fact that he always had a Diet Coke with him. I loved the fact that he talked politics at his concerts. I loved when at the end of the show he would leave and we would all still be singing and worshipping God and not knowing that he was gone. I think I am really going to miss him. But I believe that I will see him again.. which is cool...

Leslie Ramusack

I recently took a driving trip alone on the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco all the way down to San Diego. It was an opportunity to appreciate God's creation, being in the midst of the mountains, woods, forests, and ocean. I took Rich's music with me, and listened to his songs all along the way. His music only magnified my appreciation for the splendor of God's creation. My faith was renewed, and my soul was refreshed. I appreciate Rich so much and look forward to the day when I can personally thank him in Heaven. May God richly bless his beloved family.

Liang "Lee" Hsia
Dallas, TX

I just wanted to extend my condolences to Rich's family and friends... .he will be sorely missed, but at the same time, his life has been such an amazing witness to the depth of love that God has for us and that a person can have for God. Just listening to Rich's music, and seeing the world through his eyes, gives a glimpse of the world as it should be - a beautiful place that glorifies God - rather than the tired world the rest of us see. Rich's music led me closer to God through some really terrible times in my life, and for that I will be forever grateful to my brother in Christ.

May God's comfort be upon you.
Cathy Clark

Rich's music touched my heart like no other artist's in the world. The Lord used it mightily in my life and my soul. My first reaction is sorrow for me and for those who will miss him on earth, but we know that he is in heaven with the FATHER. I saw him in concert the two times he was in the states of SC and GA. As a teacher, I was most impressed by Rich's desire and ability to get a degree to teach music to children on the Indian reservation where he spent the last two years. To him, the life and soul of a child outshone the fame that he never sought but could have had from his music ministry. As we pray for his family and friends, please do not forget the students he taught as well. At his concert, his love for the Lord and his love for children were seen as he discussed his passion- Compassion International.

Sharon Hamilton

Mrs. Mullins and Family,

I cried last night as I sat in bed listening to "The Creed." I found out about Rich's death at my singles class Sunday morning. I was and still am in shock.

I have been a back-slidden Christian lately, Rich's death was a slap in the face I much deserved. To think that such a wonderful man of Christ gave life his all was a reminder that I need to do the same.

I saw Rich in Dallas a few years back. When he asked the audience to sing it was wonderful. You could feel God's Spirit in the harmonious sound. I am pleased that Rich is with a choir that has no end and I look forward to meeting him.

He was a true talent, thank you for your part in the gift of his life.

Brad Cutsinger
Houston, TX

What an honor to have Rich in our lives... his songs have touched the heart of all who hear them. In our sadness, we must rejoice for Rich will be celebrating his first Sunday in heaven!! May God bless his family.

Dear Mullins Family,

I just wanted you to know my heart is with you in this great time of sadness. I've lost family members in my lifetime and I can feel the grief you are going thru. I learned of the tragic news on the way to church Sunday morning and my first thought was he is with the Lord. I know God is going to comfort you in this great time of sorrow. Rich has been a blessing to all of us out here in radio land and I know his music will continue to be a blessing. Just keep looking up to the heavens and know he is smiling down on you. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. We will all miss him, but one day we will all be going home to be with him and the Lord. May you find comfort in the things I've said and may you feel the love that is coming from my heart which can only come from the Lord.

Take care and stay strong,
Sandra Bryant

Indeed, our God is an awesome God! I appreciated the ministry of Rich and his devotion to our Lord. His life will live on in the legacy he left behind.

May the God of all peace comfort and guard your hearts in Christ Jesus until that great day of reunion!

Rev. Jim Taber
First Advent Christian Church
Morganton, NC

I am so sorry at the death and loss of Rich and we are praying for each person in his family and friends that they would draw close to the Lord and rejoice at the beautiful music that Rich is now making to our Lord. We all look forward to the day of our reunion with loved ones and being together in the presence of our Lord. Let's be inspired by Rich's life and serve the Lord and do His will to the utmost of our ability until the day we are reunited. Thank You Lord for the gift of Rich for the time we had and thank you he served You so wholeheartedly. May we learn to serve you with the same zeal.

You truly are an awesome God!
Lia Bergen

I am on the Kansas West Conference Council on Youth Ministry... the group that was hosting the concert Rich Mullins was traveling to do the night he died. We are all deeply moved by Rich's ministry and music. We lament at his sudden death and pray for his family and for Mitch and his family.

We also celebrate Rich's life and music. The rally we planned for the day of the concert... was great... it's what Rich would revel in... .youth and adults coming together for fellowship and celebration in the name of the Lord!

Step by Step Rich... .you have show us way of living for Christ. You will be physically missed but never forgotten. You're ministry and spirit continue to grow in us.

Heidi McAllister

My husband and I were saddened by the news of Rich Mullins' death. It hit us harder than did Princess Diana's death. Rich was a remarkable man and no greater love did have than for God. My husband has been inspired to create his own music, reflecting some of Rich's work and choice of sounds and percussion influence. A great Christian man was taken from here, but we rejoice in knowing where he has gone!!

By His Grace -
Tony and Mellany Archer

I am very sad to hear of Rich's passing. I know he is in a much better place now. One that he was looking forward to with great anticipation. He would have us be happy for him, I am sure.

Just wanted you to know that his music touched me personally. He was very instrumental in getting me back to the Lord after I had put Him on the shelf in my life. I praise the Lord for Rich and his music, and now I pray for the family and friends. The Lord be with you all. Thank you.

Douglas Brininstool

I have been working with youth/teenagers for about 9 years now. I have yet to come across a song so very powerful as Awesome God. I say that because it has reached so many youth (and continues to do so) with its message of who God really is. Rich had such an unbelievable God given talent to weave a song that truly represented the Spirit of God. I am also thankful to God that he loaned Rich to us for a time. Even in death Rich will still touch many. My prayers and thoughts go out to Rich's and Mitch's family, friends, and fans.

Wayne Waffird

Sorry to write so late but I've only just received the news here in Singapore thru' e-mail. Though I've never had the opportunity to meet him face to face, I have always been moved by what Rich has to say thru' his songs and his interviews and articles. He has been a great encouragement to me in my Christian walk and I will always remember him most of all for his humility before the Awesome God that he knows and shares with us.

Thank you Rich Mullins, and hope to really meet you over Jordan Someday!

David Poon

Rich has been my favorite artist for years. When I had my first child, I had just purchased my first Rich Mullins CD "The World As Best As I Can Remember It, Vol. I". I must have played that CD several hundred times in the first few months of my daughters life. Often with tears running down my eyes as I tried to sing with him "Step by Step you'll lead me, and I will follow you all of my days." This was a real turning point in my life, and Rich's ministry through his music was a big part of it. "Step by Step" is my daughter's and my special song. Since then, I have bought virtually every CD Rich ever put out. Time and again He has put into words things I barely knew I felt.

When I was blessed to hear him in concert a couple of years ago (with an unsaved friend who was intrigued by Rich's music) I saw that Rich was as wonderful a person as he was an artist. I thank God for him. I know that Rich is home. And I know that I can use his words, sincerely, with many others as I say, "If I weep, let it be as a man who is longing for his home."

In His Love,
Ken Auer
Fuquay-Varina, NC

Six or seven years ago I was involved in the Music Ministry at Bethany Community Church in Tempe, Arizona, and was privileged to be able to provide some of the back stage support for one of Rich Mullins' concerts at the church. Right before the concert was to start, Rich came running through the back stage area in his bare feet and grabbed all of us "go-fers" and asked if we would please pray with and for him. During that time of prayer I got to see the heart of a true servant of God. He was a man unaffected by the trappings of fame who truly sought to do the will of the Father. His total concern was not for the details of the concert but that someone in the audience might be touched by the message and receive the Gospel.

Throughout much of Rich Mullins' music is a deep understanding of the rich tapestry of the history of Christianity and a reverence for the role we all play. If Isaiah were alive today and writing songs, I believe he would write music much the same as that written by Rich - prophetic, inspiring, and grounded in the scriptures.

The only comfort I can take in the loss of Rich Mullins is the faith that when it's "my time to roll" I will get to meet him again and once more listen to him sing his music live.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences and my prayers.
Jim York
Glendale, AZ

My husband and I just loved Rich and his music so much. The two concerts we attended were like going to Bible school. And it's funny, as I listen to his songs now I understand them ever better and my heart is even more open to their messages. I want to play and sing Rich's songs for my son and daughter as they grow and hope they, too, want to be a kid like Jesus, just like Rich did.

Love to family and friends...
peace of Christ to you.
Sarah Shaver,
Charleston, WV

This past Friday night, the Christian population here on earth suffered a terrific loss as Rich Mullins was called home to the Lord. While this loss brings great heartache to those of us left behind, it is an incredible gain for Rich, who is now surely in the presence of the Almighty God. I was privileged to see Rich in concert during Texas A&M's Resurrection Week in 1996. As I sat near the front of the auditorium, I beheld Rich giving was perhaps the most unique and special concert I have ever heard. It was obvious that God was working greatly in this man's life, as I am sure He will work in his death.

The awesome talent that God had bestowed upon Rich was wonderful to see. Rich's love for his savior was evident. God used him to touch many lives and reach many hearts, including mine. No, as it has already been said, the Jordan is no longer waiting for Rich to cross. We will miss him here, but at the same time excitedly await the day we will be reunited with him on the other side, in the full glory of our Awesome God.

Michael Kirschner

Dear Mrs. Mullins,

When I heard about the death of Rich, the first person I honestly thought of was you. I am a 35 year old woman with 2 21 month old boys and another child on the way. As my two precious boys laugh in the other room, I couldn't image the loss of them.

But, your Rich did something really special in this world -- he was honest.

When I first became a Christian (only 4 short years ago), I wanted to listen to Christian music. What I found was most of it was "Isn't life wonderful now that I'm a Christian?" Well, it's not always wonderful. In some ways, it's more difficult now that I follow Christ than when I was part of the world. I'm from New Jersey, the sugar sweet music I was hearing, wasn't for my life.

My future brother in law, who was only 17 at the time, played for me Rich Mullins. I couldn't believe what I heard. Rich spoke the truth about life here - how we love it here and yet how we really don't belong, how life can be so difficult and so precious, and how Jesus is so wonderful and how we need to live up to his standards, despite being human.

I went out and bought 6 of his albums that day. A few months later, the whole family (my future in laws, 2 future brother in laws, and 2 future sister in laws and myself & fiancee) went to see Rich in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Here was ages from 55 to 18 and all enjoyed the music.

But, what I really remember about that concert is how vulnerable he was. How he talked about his own faults and short coming and how he made himself real for all of us. He not only spoke of how important his Indian heritage was to him, he showed how he was trying to bring his people to Christ with "The Jesus Way."

It was a great concert and we were blessed enough to see him a few months ago at Philadelphia Bible College.

I cannot express my feeling of loss that I feel, and know it must be so difficult for you. My husband Joseph cried when he heard Rich was killed, it really devastated him. Your son was a great lyricist and a wonderful person.

God bless you!
Marci Palumbo

To Rich's mother may I say that I am very, very sad for you. I, too, lost a child but I never got to hold her. God has blessed me with three other children, and I pray that their lives will reflect the Light of Jesus just as your son's did. Rich must have had countless prayers being prayed for him even before his birth. Truly he was a witness of God's power, love, grace and mercy. Rich's gentleness and willingness to laugh at his own mistakes in front of enormous crowds were qualities that endeared him to me. The first time my husband and I saw him in concert in Maryland he talked about the many times he would get lost in wonder at the awesomeness of God as he sat on the tractor as a farmboy in Indiana. He taught us, the audience, how to make the sounds of a midwest thunderstorm. But more than that, he taught us how to worship, how to sing our praise to the Lord and he brought us into God's presence with him. Unlike other musicians, Rich never gave me any impression that he was "performing" but, rather, was humbly worshiping His Savior with all he had to offer. I thank you, his mother, for the love you poured into Rich's spirit and soul as only a good mother can. My heart aches with you and I sincerely pray that you will feel Jesus holding you, too.

Pat Zubrowski

We have just learned of the untimely death of Rich Mullins. Our hearts are saddened by this tragedy. As teachers, we have seen the impact that Rich has had on our young people. He always allowed God to work and to speak through his music. Some of our kids are testimonies to that fact. I know that I have lost a brother, but oh where he his today!! Our loss is surely Heaven's gain! Our prayers are with you and Rich's family in this time of loss. Now, we must ask God to heal Mitch McVicker, if He sees fit, and in HIS own time.

We will miss Rich very much, but we do applaud the life he lived and we rejoice in the fact that he is at the feet of Jesus! What a place to be!!

With our love,
Forrest Quattlebaum
Hoover High School
Birmingham, AL.

If it weren't for Rich's songs, my husband would never have listened to Christian music. We thank God for Rich's gifts and how well he shared them with others. We're dismayed that we'll never again see him in concert but are joyful that he has found his home.

Wendy Lee

I was in shock when I heard the news about Rich. I know he is in a better place, but he will be so missed. I have had a christian homepage on the net and a lot of my pages have his music on them. I am always getting email about how wonderful his tunes are. Please let his family know they are in our prayers, and thank them for allowing us the beauty of having this angel with us. He will always live on in us through his music.


To the family of Rich Mullins,

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of a loved one. I prayed and mourned for Rich Mullins. I also said in my prayer that even though he died I'm still one of his fans. I like his CD The Songs. I know there's a concert in heaven every day and Rich is probably leading the concert. I'll keep his whole family in my prayers. Rich Mullin was a great singer. Why was it his time to go to heaven? Maybe it's a sign that Jesus is coming back to get all his children and take them to heaven.

Emily Rhodes
North Carolina

Please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss of a wonderful Christian man. Rich touched all of our lives in many ways and his music will live on for years and years to come. He was once in our church to perform a concert and my husband was able to help with the security and he came away with a deep sense of Rich's love for God. What a blessing Rich was to so many. May God comfort you and hold you at this time of loss.

Vicki Webb

As chaplain at Eastern Nazarene College, I had several opportunities to talk with Rich. I fondly remember the numerous times he led us in worship in his concerts, to be followed by the preaching of Brennan Manning. The two of them allowed us to see the texture of grace God was weaving in their lives. For the last four years we have used his music as the prelude for our chapel services, and Step by Step is our theme chorus for this year. Rich's integrity, reflected in his music, presented a relationship with Christ which was real, honest, and filled with grace. We will miss him.

Grace and peace,
Mike Schutz
Eastern Nazarene College

To the family of Rich Mullins, Although we can no longer enjoy the immediate joys of having Rich around, his music and ministries will live on forever through the Grace of God. Rich remembered the world as best as he could and now its our turn to remember him "As Best as we Remember Him." You are in our prayers.

God Bless.
Phillip Lorenzon
Blacksburg, VA

I offer my heartfelt sorrow at hearing of the loss of Rich Mullins. I am saddened by his going away from earth but gladdened to know that he is with our Lord. I saw Rich perform for the first time this summer at Cornerstone Festival. he was everywhere helping other artists to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior. From his helping out Caedmon's Call when most of the band was unable to attend due to their commitment at home and feeling God's call to be with their families, Rich stepped in and played a few songs and made a great impression upon me. He helped out others while there and the night he played the mainstage, he played the late part of the show and then went to perform the midnight portion of the Coffeehouse show doing the Canticle of the Plain. I chose not to go, now i regret that decision. I am a youth minister in South carolina, and although I never sat down and talked with Rich he deeply has affected my ministry through the use of his many songs praising God. He will continue to live on in Christ through his wonderful use of song in our God's service. I will miss him and I just want others to know that you can make a difference if you stand for Christ like Rich.


I'd like to express my sympathy at the loss of a wonderful man. His music is what brought me to the Church, culminating in my conversion to Catholicism. "Creed" is a powerful song, something that has great meaning in my life, and every time I hear Rich sing it, my heart fills with joy and peace. May God grant you, his family, His peace; may He comfort you with the knowledge that you will meet again.

God bless you.
Kim O'Connor

Rich will be missed, but will always be apart of so many lives. He lives on in all of us. God gave him such a blessed life. My thoughts and prayers go to his mother and his friends. Through God and his gift we will always have a piece of the kingdom until we are united again.

Tina Emerick

I never knew that I could feel as if a piece of my heart was taken away with the death of a man that I have never met, but the heartache that I feel now is unbearable. Rich was such a blessing to so many lives, including mine. I always felt that God was speaking to me through Rich's songs. And although I never had the privilege of meeting him, my heart feels as if it is breaking into a million pieces. I know however that we will all "carry on" and Rich's life has taught me so much about living for God. He was truly a "good and faithful servant" and I miss him already. I also pray through all my tears that God will spare Mitch. I saw him perform at the last concert that I was privileged to attend and it was so evident that, like Rich, God is working through him. Please get well soon Mitch. Finally, here is a poem that I wrote this morning about my feelings...

I don't know why my heart is breaking
I never met him face to face
Yet he spoke to me through the words he sang
Piercing me with God's sweet grace

So talented, so young, so full of life,
God spoke to me through him
The tears have been flowing since I heard
But how happy he must be in Heaven

I loved him, though I did not know him,
He challenged me with every song
He gave me the confidence to stand
And to proclaim my love for Him

For convincing me to "seek Him in the morning"
And to praise Him for the "Awesome God" He is
To "let mercy lead" my life
To hold on to the One that is true

I praise you God for him and his life
And I pray that someday I will
Be able to spread Your word like he did
To be a "good and faithful servant"

Thank you for all the memories, Rich
You will be greatly missed,
But you are in the place where"mercy leads"
And one day I'll meet you there, face to face.

I am praying for everyone who was touched by Rich and his awesome ministry...

Cherie Peterson

Rich was a real person. I remember when we saw him in concert in Orlando this past April how he just seemed so approachable. He shunned the star's persona and embraced one of a man who was just as ordinary as could be.

His life, music, and death has impacted our generation in the same way as Keith Green's did. Rich Mullins is the Keith Green of the 90's and his legacy will be remembered for years to come.

John Boghos
Orlando, FL

.. I found out this morning at work that Rich has gone home. I never met him, never saw him in concert but yet am dumbstruck with a sense of loss. I am shocked.

But I have one lingering thought: Think of the music in heaven this weekend. Truly, our Lord is having one of the best concerts he has had. I will feel this loss continually, as each CD is played... and as Doubly Good to You is sung on my wedding day next month. But I rejoice in his returning home and in the inspiration and example Rich has been (and will continue to be) in my life. Thank you, Lord.

Please give Rich's family my love. Know that they will be in my prayers through this time. Please express my love for the folks involved with his work on the Navajo reservation. I will be praying that what has been started will not be forgotten.

In Him,
Kelley Oliver

I had the great privilege to tour with Rich as a bass player on the 1988 Winds of Heaven tour. Rich's life and art had a profound impact on me. He is one of the very few that I have met that could merge his art and his spirituality in a natural and comfortable way. Rich could care less if he sold records or received acclaim -- he made his art because he HAD to. There was just too much in him to keep inside.

I last spoke with Rich in 1993 when he and Beaker were here in town (Ft. Wayne, IN). He recently returned to town on this tour, but my work schedule made it difficult to even stop in and say hi. I planned to catch him "next time."

Life is short folks -- DON'T take your relationships for granted.

To Rich: Goodbye, my friend. You touched me for life, and you got to find out the big answers before the rest of us. I know that you approached your moment of death with the same sense of adventure that you approached each moment of life, and I'm sure you are having a great time! But you will be missed down here. See you when it's my turn.


As I write this I am listening to Creed, which I think was his life long anthem. I miss him so much, although I never met him. Through my tears I am strengthened by his powerful witness and even more powerful lyrics. The world has lost a great poet, musician, and person. His legacy will not soon be forgotten. We love you Rich!

David Sparks

Rich was a much needed fresh wind to the CCM scene.

The first time I saw Rich was at the Christian Artists Seminar in Estes Park Co. I was there working with Compassion Canada. Rich was hardly into his set when someone called out for him to sing the song "Our God is a Awesome God", the audience clapped its approval for the request. Rich was trying to get into a another song at the time, he looked up from his dulcimer, smiled and said, "lets get this over with now" and played the request then and even now he did not seem like a artist stuck on his work but rather driven by God to teach us what he was leaning about God.

The music of Rich was not just for us it was for God. The part of the music that was for us was to teach us how to live out the values we saw in his life.

I only got to visit and work with Rich a few times and in that few times he touched my life deeply, I will miss his music, his voice for the poor in spirit who like him are trying to give expression to their Christian life.

Paul Sharrow

To the Mullins family,

I do not know how to express in words what Rich and his music meant to me. We roomed together one summer in Cincinnati. I went to your house in Richmond and he came to mine in Wilmington. Of the hand full of memories I carry with me today, Rich has a part in them. Patched up jeans, a ready laugh, a song sung to break your heart and change your life. Parking lot attendants, the no soap phase, after all these years and faces he still knew me. Seminary girls, songs in the practice room, living in the projects. If there can be any comfort at this time please know his life, his work and his music will run down the years and decades touching others for Christ. And when we join him in heaven and God enjoins all to stand who are there by Rich's hand, certainly a sea of souls will roll.
My life and the lives of thousands and thousands are better, richer and nobler from knowing and being touched by him. We will pray for you.

Rich Griffith
Myrtle Beach, SC

My heart struggles between the sorrow of loss and the joy of knowing that a brother in Christ I never knew is home with our Father. His music has gone beyond just ministry in my own life and reached into the hearts of my family. His music was a powerful instrument in the opening of their hearts to the love of Christ. How wonderfully the Spirit of God worked through Rich's music. It began with a three-year-old insisting on listening to it in the car because he thought Awesome Dog was about his dog, yet through that his dad, my brother began to hear and respond to the love of God. I am so grateful for his commitment to serve God with his music.

Paul McCullough

I was saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of Rich. Though I never met him, or saw him in concert, his ministry has meant so much to my life. I know that at this very moment Rich is basking in the glory of his savior. I have no doubt that even with his passing, the music your son made will continue to minister to me and to many others. My prayers are with you. Praise God, Rich is finally home.

In Christ,
Mike Adams
Mustang, OK

i am truly amazed at the outpouring of love, sorrow, but most especially joy on the tribute page for rich mullins. i am a part-time dj in a college radio station, and used many of the comments here during a tribute hour this morning. i am also deeply saddened by the blow to christian music that rich's death brings, but joyful that he has made it home from the land of his sojourn, and is no longer a stranger. i am not prone to tears at any time, but am moved by the heartfelt messages posted for rich, his family, and the extended family that is constructed of his friends and fans, although he would not like to call them fans. a legacy is left behind in music. thank God for the technology we have to record and listen to the singer, even after his passing. thank you for taking the time and giving the effort to allow the nation to express it's sorrow, sympathy, and celebration at the passing of the singer.

tj reeves

I have been listening to his music since I was about 10. I grew up with it. I was able to attend a two day conference that Rich gave in Holland, MI. My best friend and I ran into him in a hallway in the church and got to spend a little while talking to him. It was a few hours later, we were coming back after dinner, as we passed Rich heading out of the church. As he passed he called out, " Sara and Sara, right?", which happens to be the names of me and my best friend. We were shocked because he remembered our names! It meant so much to us teenage girls that we will never forget it. Rich Mullins let God speak through him in so many ways.

We went just a few years ago to the Brother's Keeper tour and at the end of the concert he started us singing a hymn, can't remember which one. Every one started singing, it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. He walked off stage, then came back and had us sing it again. God was surely there with us that night, you could just feel Him surrounding you. It brought tears to the eyes of almost everyone in the audience. Rich Mullins has done some of the best concerts that I have ever seen because he was so personable.

Rich will be missed greatly here, but I know that God is so very happy to have him home.

Sara Fisher

What can I say, Rich Mullins was a true prophet of God. Every time I listened to his music, I found something new and inspiring. Like Keith Green, he will be missed dearly by the world as a brother in Christ. Be we must cherish the knowledge that he is playing music for the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

Rich is home now, may we all go on with all the wonderful memories we have of him as a friend, musician, counselor and above all, brother in Christ.

In Christ,
Craig Carlen

I had the pleasure to host Rich and his band for dinner this past June. I am a pastor's wife at a large church where he played a concert. I was very nervous to meet him, not only because I am a major fan, but because I was afraid I would discover he didn't live up to his lyrics. I was even more impressed with him after our meeting! His humility was overwhelming. What impressed me the most was the way he discipled the young members of his band. He was teaching them how to live a hectic lifestyle on the road and keep Jesus at the focal point. (After dinner he and his band went back to their hotel and spent time in prayer before the concert.) I know God has already told him "Well done, thy good and faithful servant."

To Mitch: we are praying God's healing upon you.

M. Queen

This past Friday I sat at a campfire at a Christian women's retreat in Lexington, KY singing "Awesome God." Little did I know that Rich had died that night. That song has touched my heart so many times throughout my life. I met Rich several years ago when he returned to my church, Erlanger United Methodist in Kentucky, for our Centennial Celebration. He sang one of the songs he wrote for Amy Grant. He was invited because he had served as our youth director years before. I remember him as a very kind person who didn't care at all that a very young girl just wanted to meet him. It is sad that he is gone but he is truly home now. God bless him. He brought so many to the Lord. I pray for his family and for the young man that was with him.

JA Brown

Rich's music always has ministered to me, we never met, YET, but I'm sure we will! I feel like I've lost a friend; as a country boy who now ministers in the heart of the city. Rich would minister to me with music that spoke to my heart and spirit, His midwestern, rural rooted, praise and priority-check-music gives me the renewal my soul needs and a trip to the country my heart desires where I can see and relax in the places his music takes me to.

Thanks Rich and to his family - We will keep you in our prayers! Your grief is shared by all of us in the body!

MQ Jensen

Rich's music taught me about the incarnation and helped me to see the truth of the Catholic Church before I was received in. God has called him to the heavenly liturgy now. Rest in peace, Rich. And pray for us left here behind that we would learn to love each other in peace and to love everyone you're with now.

In Rich's death is a call from God to me; a call to value each day, each relationship, each person I meet... The stuff of this earth and the stuff of my own world can never hold me so much any more... .

Marie Hansen
Steubenville, OH

I am so sorry to here of the loss of such a great man of God. As we all know He is in a better place. I will continue to pray for mitch that he will be made totally whole. My prayers ar with you and All the families involved and the many people whose hearts are grieving over this loss. God Bless and be with you all during this time. We find our comfort in HIM!!


Rich stands before an Awesome God and now is tasting the glory that he so wonderfully sung of. My family, friends and church all have heavy hearts for our loss and the loss to Rich's family, but I know heaven is even more excited to have him home to sing there. He will now have more inspiration to write from than he ever could have here. Peace is with him and love abounds. I know that Christ greeted him and they both smiled and cried... I am only sorry that my young daughter will not have any of Rich's music to look forward to as I have for so many years. Since seeing Rich in concert a dozen times (first in 1985), I have praised God through his words and songs. Thank you to he and his family. Our prayers and sympathies are with his family. Yet for the Christian, death is no victor for we trust Him who has overcome its sting. Rejoice!

F. Knox

I felt the same sort of shock when hearing about Rich's death as when I heard about Princess Diana. However, I felt comfort in knowing that Rich loved the Lord and lived a life that showed his love for his God!! When Diana died, my 8 year old son asked if she had been a Christian, now I don't claim to be God and do not know what was in her heart, but the way in which you live says a lot of what you believe, and I feel that Rich led a life that SHOWED what he believed and what was important to him. He will be greatly missed by my family and our prayers are with his family as well as with Mitch and his family. God bless you all during this time of grief.

Jim Woitt

Rich was the greatest musical artist the world has ever known. His music is truly a living legacy and will continue to witness to people in years to come. The words to his songs give me chills as I listen to them- they are obviously God-inspired. May Beaker and his other friends continue his wonderful witness through music. We will miss his beautiful smile but we know where he is now- right at home. My little girl will grow up listening to Rich's music. I know she will be touched by it just as we all were and will continue to be. Rich was "a good and perfect gift from above" (James 1:17) to us all.

C. Decker

At his last concert in Philadelphia (and probably at other concerts), Rich told this story about, of all things, those Irish wool sweaters that are decorated with intricate stitched patterns. He explained that the sweaters were created centuries ago when the Irish took to the sea for food. The wives of the sailors would knit these for their husbands, praying over each stitch for their safety on the seas. The purpose of these sweaters was not so much for warmth as it was for identifying the remains of the sailors who would inevitably wash up on shore after their ship went down. The Irish were not good seafarers for quite a while and would more often than not sink or crash rather than return home.. The sea and its inhabitants would mar the bodies of the sailors beyond recognition but could not eat the wool. The sweater would often be the only form of identification the wives would use when they went to the shore to claim the bodies. One of these days, after we have spent our lives tossed in a sea that beats and ravages us to the point where we are no longer identifiable, our bodies will wash up on shore. And Christ, who knit for each of us a sweater, praying over each stitch, will come down to the rocks and see His pattern on each of us and say "That one's mine." Then He will kneel down, take us in His arms, and carry us Home.

And Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and he that liveth and believeth in me shall never die." --John 11:25-26

In Christ,
John Inverso

What a joyous reunion it must have been!! My heart grieves for those of us who are left behind. I never knew I could miss someone so much who I haven't yet met. Will Rich ever know that he was like a best friend to me? My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Good night, Rich!! And thank-you!!

Sherry Reiser

Lines Written on the Death of Rich Mullins
By C. D. Fincher (9/20/97)

Words take me, dear friend.
These tears are for you
That you are Richer more
Than you were ever Rich on earth.

Who thought words could shine glory?
Who thought music?
But my heart never sang a finer word
Than when your words were on my tongue.

Gratitude's a simple line
When it comes to such a mystery,
How I could find you such a friend,
Though our earthy exchange was but moments.

Yet glory peels away mortality
And we touch each other's hands;
Ragamuffins joint together
By nails and a thorny halo.

I hope I may weep for my home, as you,
Which is closer than I know
When all the mountains I love are gone
My heart won't break in good-byes.

But Somewhere, beyond my dreams
My mansion will be pitched by yours
We'll sing along eternally
Knowing that Jesus brought us home.

Farewell, my friend, for now
I'll see you at the Gate
Until then, I thank you, my hero,
For in Him you have truly won.

Delivered with sorrow and joy, this pair,
I only regret that you beat me There!

During my life I have had many lonely times. Rich's music has brought me out of that and helped me realize that God is always there and loves me! I'm sorry that he is gone. But in a way, it's a happy time. Rich is now in heaven, doing what he likes to do best, singing with for the Lord. Rich - Thank You!


Dear Mrs. Mullins,

We express our very deepest condolences to you and your family. You raised such a very fine and wonderful son. He meant so much to our family even though we never knew him personally. He was definitely used by God to make people think and to make them appreciate more the incredible wonder of God and his creation. Rich was so incredibly gifted. We loved him so much. We are so extremely sad and feel such a huge loss. But we know it is nothing compared to the loss you must feel. We are praying for God's comfort and peace for you during this time.

With our sincerest sympathy and shared grief,
Chris and Melanie Castleberry

Dear Mullins Family,

My name is Kyle Brock. I am sending my condolences and my congratulations. Rich's death is a tragedy and I am so, so sorry that you must go through such a horrid time; and yet the fact that Rich is returning to our awesome God. I am listening to one of Rich's many wonderful songs that touch the lives of many people. This particular song seems to fit what has happened--some of the touching lyrics or the meanings that are put forth in his songs what this song is trying to say is that when you fall, our savior will pull us through and he will help us get through what ever wall that stands in our way.

I am very sorry about your beloved family member. I went to CIY this summer and I was blessed by the joy and the power that was set forth by his concert. Rich is my favorite christian singer and I will send my prayers to you all. And stay strong in God because though you may have lost someone who is very important to you, you can know that he is in a better place.

with love,
May God bless you.

I saw Rich last in Naperville, IL on August 9 of this year. I gave him a hug before the show and then saw him again after the concert. I asked him to promise to rest in God's love that night and get better because he mentioned he wasn't feeling well. I'm glad I got to meet him then -- in a way it makes me feel a little less grieved.

I prayed for him from then on, and now I pray for you. It is no stretch of the imagination to see Rich already fitting in beautifully in our Father's house. That speaks joy to us who were fortunate enough to know him through his music and the example of his life. Even so, the labor of deep grief over his absence from this world will not pass without great pain in the hearts of those who were touched by his love for God, his humility, his honesty, and his wondrous way with words and instruments.

I pray you will know with great assurance that the Jesus who Rich was so committed to intensely shares your grief. There are many broken-hearted ragamuffins thinking of you.

In Christ,
Gina Blanchette
Manteno, IL

Maybe it was time for Keith Green to take a break from leading God's worship.. so now Rich has taken over.. singing his praise to the Lord!
Darrell Combs

I pray that God is giving you the strength and courage to make it through this terrible time. God's plan does not always make sense to us, but I trust that Rich's death has a mighty purpose in God's eyes. It was at one of his concerts that I first experienced the power and excitement of the Holy Spirit. I feel that night was the start of my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. My life has been deeply touched by Rich's life and music, and I hope that many more lives will continue to be changed by his ministry. My prayers are with you.

Erik Parmenter,
Milford, Illinois

Our love to his family and friends... Some people leave behind no legacy or joy - Rich was someone who left behind plenty of both. I remember singing "If I Stand" with some Hungarian Christians on a recent missions trip and "Awesome God" with some Ukrainians in Eastern Europe last year. There was so much joy to sing of brought forth by the songs, and we thank God for Rich's legacy of music. My family also first began sponsoring a child in Ethiopia following a concert at which Rich spoke passionately of Compassion International's ministry. After four years, we have a wonderful relationship with this child. That relationship is a testimony to Rich's desire to mean more to this world than just as an entertainer. His life illustrated the love of Christ in a world so much in need of it. I will miss him and his songs, but we are joined together for eternity with Jesus. Rich is now being held by the Lord...

J Escrow


I would like to express my sympathy on the tragic death of Rich Mullins. I did not know him personally, I feel as though I have lost a friend. What I knew of Rich, I knew through his wonderful music & through a mutual friend who was a member of the Ragamuffin band.

After listening to his music & seeing him in concert many times over the last decade, I got to meet him in early Aug at a concert in Waterloo, IA. Sitting in the front row, mere feet from him, watching his expression as he sang was wonderful. The glory of God lit up his face! Seeing the smile as he watched my roommate as she signed the lyrics to his songs. He was a very caring man. I can only hope that someday I can have the kind of relationship with God that Rich did. I had been spending years blaming God for my life. That night in Aug, listening to Rich talk about how he viewed God, I realized that I have nothing to blame God for. I am grieving over his death & shocked at the suddenness of it, but I have began to realize that the best tribute I can leave to Rich's memory is to fulfill what he told me that night. "Be God's"... two simple words from a man who didn't know me, but could sense my turmoil. In life & in death, Rich has taught me a great lesson. I can't blame God for my being in a wheelchair, I can only give myself to Him & use my infirmities to reach others & glorify Him in all I do & say.

I pray that you can find comfort in the fact that Rich, a man who loved God so deeply & who projected that love to other through his ministry, is now in the arms of the Savior & is at peace... no longer in pain or suffering from the depression he said over whelmed him at times.

Rich... you will be greatly missed. Your message & your life have touched many people. I pray that as you look down on us from heaven that you are finally able to see the impact you had on this world. Until I cross the Jordan to God's loving embrace.

In Christ,
Wendy Nelson

As Rich himself sang in 'Sing Your Praise to The Lord', "Life goes on and so must the song", we, his fans will miss him dearly. But we must also make sure that the legacy he left us in his songs goes on and is passed down to those friends and family of ours who will never see him walk barefoot onto a stage and pour out his heart as he let us share in his worship sessions, more commonly referred to as 'concerts'. I even purchases a hammered dulcimer after being inspired by the wonderful music he made with it. Now, I vow to learn to play some of Rich's songs and try to carry on the Message. I will miss him greatly, and I pray that Mitch makes a full recovery and can pick up where Rich left off.

I thank God for the way these men have touched so many and will pray for both their families and friends. Heaven is no longer waiting for Rich...

Julie Norris

As a radio station we have been blessed to be able to share his music daily with our listeners! He truly was the poet for the common man. His honesty and insight will be missed. We are thankful that his music will continue to inspire those who listen!

The Staff Of K-LOVE Radio

Requiem R

He stood alone,
By the sea,
In the plains,
On the peak,
And saw God.

He watched the waves,
Counted the stars,
Read the faces,
Felt the needs,
And thought of God.

In his bold heart,
He heard the song,
Captured its tune,
Rehearsed it for us,
And spoke of God.

Now he stands,
In glorious white.
He dances with angels,
Converses with Paul,
And communes with God.

Vanessa Howard

Rich Mullins was an early inspiration for me to write and play my own music... I knew him from local church concerts and camps. My husband attended college with Beaker... we always went to see him when he was in the area. I remember when I was a Freshman at Bible college, my sister and I went to see him at a local high school gym. After the concert, the band let us help load their equipment, then we all went to a local church for pizza with some youth groups. Rich was always available and approachable. He was kind and always had a smile for everyone. He will be greatly missed.


Rich, I know you said that, "... it won't break my heart to say goodbye," but you sure broke our hearts when you did. Even though you're gone, I'm still learning from your Christ-likeness. I have a greater appreciation for the fact that this world is not MY home, either. So until I get home too, THANKS FOR YOUR EXAMPLE.


I wish to all those who loved Rich a comfort and peace in this time of sorrow. Rich was a great man, never drawing attention to himself in order to show himself off. Everything he did was to God's glory, and not to his own. Rich was a great musician. He had talent that many of us can only dream about. I truly wish I had gotten the chance to meet this wonderful man and strong Christian. Nothing I can say can tell how my heart feels now. The Christian community has lost a strong leader and a man we took for granted though we had no right to do so. But in the minds and hearts of thousands of people, the words and music of Rich Mullins will play and he will never be forgotten.

Love to his family in light of this tragedy. I am truly sorry.

Matthias Shapiro

I never knew Rich Mullins, but he was one of those people who seemed like a friend. Unlike many of the other Christian musicians, he seemed reachable; you looked at him and you thought, hey, there's a real friend!

Rich's music touched me deeply; his praise was always to God and God alone.

Rich's death was peculiar; God really did call him home, though we all wonder why. He will be missed, but we WILL see him again someday in paradise.

Cara-Joy Powell

I was at one of Rich's concerts recently and I was really touched at the way he connected with his audience in a very personal way. Our only comfort now is knowing that he is with Jesus who apparently couldn't stand to be without him any longer. God Bless You Rich and I'll see you soon!

R. Mowery

I am so sorry for your loss. Rich's music has been such an inspiration to me, in good times and in bad. His ability to share his faith through his music, was truly a God given talent. He will be greatly missed.

I was first introduced to Rich's music a little over a year ago. My friend Steve and several other friends have been real fans of Rich's over the years. His music had and still has the ability to reach out to all people. Over the past year, I personally have gone through some really bad times, in fact, as much as I hate to admit it, I was drifting away from God. But somehow, every time I listened to Rich's music, I realized that God was there for me too, and that I wasn't as alone as I thought that I was. The words to his songs, were able to touch my heart in such a strong way, that he was able to bring me back and accept God.

Rich is home now, and as wonderful as that is for him, nothing can take away from the pain of losing him. Remember that God also knows what this kind of pain feels like, for he has to see his Son go through difficult times and eventually be crucified. Even though that was part of the plan, it is never easy. Keep the faith and know that God is there waiting to help you.

Take care and remember how much Rich has been able to touch so many lives.

In Christ,
Rebekah Seng

Rich Mullins was truly an inspiration to me and many others. He lived a life that any Christian should be proud of. As a musician myself, I looked up to him for his musical talent and his lyrical inspirations. He has blessed me and many others and will continue to do so with his music and the life he lived.

Jon Blundell
<\\>< Psalms 40:1-3

Your journey complete. Yet, your legacy and inspiration live on. We will always cherish your humble humanity and admire your great artistry. While we are saddened that we no longer will hear your distinctive voice and gifted lyrics or talented musicianship, we will praise God at His handiwork He made in you and how you used it to His glory. Thanks for leaving your work behind for us to remember you and draw us closer to God until we as well cross the Jordan in out Chariot of Fire.

Kemuel E. Travis
Cherryville, NC

I just heard about Rich's death on Monday. I feel very out of the loop. He loved the Lord in a way that I cannot understand, but a way that was real and that attracted others to his Heavenly Father. My wife and I are just in shock as our favorite musician, Christian or secular, is no longer with us. The grief is so unlike having Mother Theresa die. I feel as if I know Rich. It is not mere sentiment to say that he is in Heaven praising his Father.


Rich Mullins music has helped my faith be rekindled, has helped me through some really hard times recently, and has given me new avenues of musical thought to explore. I praise God for the life of Rich Mullins.
Bob Coats

Mrs. Mullins:

I am a talk-radio producer in Detroit, Michigan. On August 15, 1997, I had the pleasure of spending time with your son, my good friend, Rich. I met him twelve years ago at a Christian Music Festival in Kentucky -- you know, the ones where you tent out for a week in the rain! Rich tented next to my friends and I -- and we didn't realize he was a performing artist until three days later when he took the stage -- until then, he was just a new friend. Mrs. Mullins, that is what he still is twelve years later -- a good friend.

We just had your son in our studio on August 15th, before his concert in Detroit, and our phone lines were just jammed with callers who had been so impacted by his servanthood. He taught all of us to look to Heaven and serve on Earth.

Today we spoke with some of other friends and opened the phone lines, and again they were overflowing, with not just "fans", but friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord.

I know what is like to loose a family member, my family has been hit by tragedy, too. But please take condolence in the fact that a very loving Father has called him home ... and has not left you unnoticed. That same very loving Father is holding you and your family in his arms. Our prayers will be with you and yours for many years to come.

May the peace of Christ rule in your heart
-- Jennifer

Words cannot express how I feel about Rich's death. My prayers and sympathy go out to his family and to all whose lives he touched as he did mine. I remember being at Christ in Youth Conference in 1985 in Denver where Rich was the worship leader for 800 youth from all over the country. He was at the piano and said he wanted to "try out" a little song he wrote on us. The hand written words on a transparency were projected on the screen. AWESOME GOD was used to lead us in worship. I have been a fan of Rich's ever since, having heard him in Denver, Milligan College, TN, Luftkin, TX, and Tulsa. I hardly ever buy tapes, but I own all of Rich's. Sorry about all those people I have left shaking their heads by saying, "Hey, listen to this Rich Mullins song!" There have been many converts along the way. See you in heaven Rich. Only then could you possibly know how much your songs and life have been an encouragement and inspiration to me. (There goes "Sometimes by Step" on KXOJ in Tulsa. Gotta go wipe some more tears.)

First Christian Church
Tulsa, OK

The Jordan is no longer waiting!!! Praise God for the time he let us have Rich Mullins. His music and life is one to look towards. He was the most Christ-like person I have ever known. We love him and adore him. We will always remember him. He touched our lives so fully and deeply, all the way to the core of our beings.

In Christ,
Juanice, Mark, Justin & Jared

Though I never met face to face with Rich, I do feel I met him heart to heart. I can truthfully say that no one has ever touched my heart through simple words and a song like he did. I can't begin to imagine it, but I can almost guarantee that the greatest concert in heaven has just taken place, as the Lord has decided to call Rich home. I truly believe that he was one of God's greatest gifts and messengers to this world. We loved him while he was here, and God, as he has always been, is loving him now. My heart and prayers go out to Rich's family. I know how incredibly sad this makes me, and I know it is even harder for his family and closest friends. I too, hope he had the chance to go out like Elijah. God bless him.


I had discovered that my marriage was in serious trouble; my spouse had made some terrible mistakes. I had thought we had an ideal marriage. I had thought to myself, "what a terrible loss, loss of innocence", and believed it would be forever gone. In these dark days (and they were dark), I believe the Lord spoke to me clearly and powerfully through Rich's song "Growing Young". It is a song about a loving, forgiving God that accepts us with loving arms when we fail. And somehow, in the process, restores the lost innocence. This song meant... .and means... .so much to me.

I don't know if all this makes sense to you like it does to me. It was four years ago, and the Lord has been good. Incredibly good. I believe that Rich was right, and my wife and I have been able to once again "grow young".

Please believe that God is good, and that Rich is in the presence of the One that meant the most to him. Through Rich, the Lord has really spoken to literally thousands of people.

I know.

I am one of them.

There's a wideness to God's mercy... ... ... .


The staff of TCMR Communications, Inc. (The Church Music Report) joins thousands of other church and contemporary Christian musicians in expressing our profound sadness in the loss of a great Christian musician. So many of our subscribers said they either changed their order of worship on Sunday or planned a special tribute to Rich this coming Sunday. Our sincere sympathy to his family and friends everywhere. We are poorer but Heaven is richer.

TCMR Staff

My heart is grieving at the passing of our brother. Rich's music spoke to a part of my heart that no other Christian artist could. In a world of watered-down lyrics and profit-driven compromise, Rich stood firm. We have lost the greatest poet in Christian music. I have seen souls saved as an effect of hearing Rich's songs. I myself have cried, laughed, and been challenged by his words. Though grief is overwhelming, I hope his family and friends find comfort in the true legacy Rich left behind. We will never know, this side of Heaven, how many lives were forever changed by his faithfulness. Rich has demonstrated to us what the Christian life is all about. I praise the God who was unmistakenly Rich's "One Thing."

Though our hearts hurt, we know without a doubt that Rich is singing Awesome God at the bare feet of our LORD!

William H. Rayborn

Rich Mullins was one of the first artists that impacted my husband's life when he became a Christian shortly after we were married. Keith Green was one of the first that impacted me as a young Christian. We both feel sad and yet very grateful for Rich's ministry. One of the things I loved best about Rich was his humility. He seemed a "reluctant troubadour" and that made him that much more powerful to me as a messenger of Christ.

My heartfelt condolences to his Mom and sisters and brothers for their loss. And to Rich: "Bless you, brother. You're finally home where your heart has longed to be."

In Christ,
Susan Conwell

We are so sorry to hear about Rich's death. Rich was one of those Christian artists whose music I knew and loved from the radio but didn't know who was singing. I realized today when I heard the radio playing his music who he was, and he will be deeply missed. I was moved by many of his songs. I praise God that he is now in heaven.

The Kramer Family

I had many opportunities to share with Rich over the last few years. I always found him to be honest, straight-forward and simple. What strikes me most is not that this is a great tragedy. He will be sorely missed, this is true, however he is in that place now that he so longed for when he was here. He has not only left us an archive of inspirational songs and thoughts, but he has left us with a challenge. I feel challenged by Rich's death to gather the pieces and carry on what he has begun. I think this is what he would have us do. As Ecclesiastes says so eloquently, there is a time for everything, including a time to weep ... which we must now do to bring us to a healing from our great loss. However there is a time to rejoice in the fact that Rich is waiting with our Father in Heaven. Can you imagine God, sitting barefoot by a river and listening to Rich singing to him? I can, and it is both a joyful and a dear thought to me. Lets not let our time of weeping carry on so long that we forget about the time to rejoice, and the time to pick up what Rich has left us with and carry it to its completion. May God bless and make his face to shine upon you all as you work through your pain to His peace. I love you with the love of my Father and his precious Son Jesus Christ.

Lisa Cantrell

Rich's Family,

I met Rich at CIY this summer in Colorado. He is an awesome man. He devoted his life to what God wanted him to do. My brother also met him this summer. Matt had always loved Rich's music. He had always dreamed of being on stage, at a concert, playing guitar, and singing with Rich.My families hearts and prayers reach out to you. We also are praying for Mitch. At least we there is a huge concert going on in heaven right now.

With much love,
The Compton Family

Rich's music has been special to me for the past decade. In junior high, I learned "Awesome God," (who didn't?). In high school, I drove my parents crazy with that "song about the pictures floating by, by, by" and Screen Door. My freshman year in college, a friend taught my roommate and I the words to a new song that went "Oh God, You are my God...", and we were overjoyed to hear it on the radio the next year. That year, we drove an hour and a half to Sweetwater, Texas (such a big town), to hear Rich and Co. in his last concert before he went back to school. We BARELY made it back in time for 11 PM curfew!! Four years later, I had the opportunity to see Rich and Mitch in concert for the last time, which was last year. He autographed a CD for me, and a shirt with the words from "Step by Step" for my now former roommate, which I sent to her. She and I took the opportunity at the time to reminisce the THOUSANDS of Rich Mullins memories which enriched our friendship which each other and The Lord.

Thank you Lord for these memories; and I just want to say that I envy Rich right now, because he is with You!!

Can't wait until I am there too!!!!

Sarah Vonheimburg

Rich was a true light in the darkness -- an example for all Christians. We'll never forget him.
The Winkers

The most difficult challenges and heartaches in my life were soothed and calmed by Rich Mullins' incredible music. I could always put one of his tapes in my tape player and depend on the effect it would have on my spirit. Rich's music strengthened my resolve to fight the good fight of faith many, many times. Thank you, Rich. And thank God for the gift of music He put in Rich Mullins. You will certainly be missed.

I Praise Jesus today that He put Rich Mullins in the path of my life. He came to Rock Lake Christian Assembly one summer over ten years ago and touched the lives of so many lost teenage souls. I know that it was God's plan for him to be one of the 'few good men' this Earth's had but also to leave behind his legacy of Love for the Lord. I will greatly anticipate seeing him again in Heaven. I will be praying for his Mother, what a blessing God gave you in this man! God can comfort the hearts of all of us and we will hold dearly to the memory and works of this Awesome man who serves an Awesome God!!

J Dartis

We have certainly lost a very talented musician and artist. Rich Mullins used his talents to praise God. His music was uplifting; reaching and touching people's lives. I don't think I have shed tears for the loss of someone I didn't know personally. However, the news of Rich's death affected me because his music affected me. His music and lyrics were "real" to me. I will always remember the one time I had the privilege of seeing him in concert. It was nothing short of great, and I left giving the glory to God. That was definitely an awesome experience.He will be missed greatly. Not only has the Christian music industry lost an artist, whom, in my opinion was underrated, but the world has certainly lost a good Christian man. However, because we know Christ, we can celebrate Rich's life, and know that one day, we will ALL be in heaven singing praises to our Heavenly Father together.

My prayers go out to his family and friends, and fellow fans all around the world. Rich, we will see you soon! Thank you, God, for giving us Rich Mullins.

Nightingale Ngo

"So if I stand let me stand on the promise
That You will pull me through
And if I can't let me fall on the grace
That first brought me to You
And if I sing let me sing for the joy
That has born in me these songs
And if I weep let it be as a man
Who is longing for his home" -- If I Stand

Awesome God, awesome man ,awesome life. My daughters and I feel so saddened at the loss of our favorite contemporary artist. We hoped to see him in concert soon. Now we'll wait to sing our praises unto The Lord with him, when we cross the Jordan.

Shanda Sinnott

"I am the resurrection and the Life, he who believes in Me, though he be dead, yet shall he live."

I guess the Lord wanted Rich to go sing for him, now.

It's just starting to sink in after two days. At first, I was so sure that the friend who told me had heard the news incorrectly. It couldn't be true! Why does life have to deal us these blows once in a while and shake us from the day-to-day routine? I have such conflicting emotions right now. If I focus on the fact that Rich is with the Father, I am so very overjoyed and almost awestruck. But as I'm trying to go on with my daily life, I find myself feeling so heavy and just sort of going through the motions. I imagine everyone out there is probably feeling that.

I have, however, felt such an urgency to commune with Jesus. I want so much to have my eyes on Him, and to give Him 100% of my heart. Every wonderful, creative, profound, beautiful aspect of the person of Rich Mullins was a reflection of his Creator. I want to be closer to this Creator! He is every wonderful thing we loved about Rich and more!

I'm also feeling really sad for Mitch. I keep praying that he'll be completely fine. I wonder if he knows about Rich. Mitch seems like such a neat, young "thinker" with so much to contribute to the Body. I hope we get to hear from him for years to come.

Melanie Castleberry

"When the sky is crossed with the tears
Of a thousand falling suns
As they crash into the sea
Can I be with You
Can I be with you" -- Be With You

We heard the news driving home from school/work this afternoon ... so sorry to hear of the loss to the Christian "community" and we will all certainly miss Rich's work/ministry... but we know Rich himself is now rejoicing in the presence of the One he loved and served ... and we praise God we will all see him again one day. Our sympathy to his family, and prayers for strength and encouragement in a troubled time ...

The Webers

I keep hearing the words, "... it won't break my heart to say goodbye ... "

So seldom does a person come along with the strength to be so honest. Often the things Rich said seemed so profound, but when you stopped to think about them they were really so very simple. We have tried to make knowing God and serving Him so complex that Rich's simple, devoted pursuit of His Lord was like a breath of fresh air. He knew this was only the land of his sojourn -- he didn't plan to stay here forever.

I will miss his honesty and his rare sense of humor. I know that now he is witnessing how awesome the God we serve really is. Death has not silenced Rich -- he sings louder and more joyfully and more clearly now than he ever could while he was confined to this human body. Now, he knows the name that God has for him on the precious white stone he longed to see.Thank you, Father, for the life Rich lived as a testament to You and an encouragement for all of us.

Angela Hawker

My husband and I heard about Rich's death over dinner at some friends house. We both stayed up late listening to Rich's songs and watching his 2x4 video. We saw Rich many times in concert in Dallas. Rich through the Lord touched our lives. He is one of the few that lived out his life what he sang about, and he was blessed. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Especially to his Mom. I too lost a child and this has brought up all those old feelings. I am thankful that God is merciful and true, I now can look forward to not only seeing my daughter in heaven but also getting to know Rich on a personal basis in the Kingdom of Heaven. Rich will be missed greatly but Heaven is rejoicing. We love you Rich, Thank You for giving to the Lord.

Lisa Herschelman

When I found out about his death, I was absolutely shocked. It is another reminder of how life can be so unpredictable. That is why it is so important to really reach out to the world and tell them about Jesus. Rich was and still is a great example for all of us. It is a wonderful thing to know that we can find comfort in knowing that right now he is with God in heaven. He has truly been one of the greatest inspirations to all Christians and there is no doubt that the messages and preaching of his songs live on.
Tom Eudaly

While I never met Rich Mullins in this life, I would like for his mother to know what an encouragement he was to my husband and me. His music and especially his lyrics constantly challenged us to walk closer with our God, something that few musicians can do effectively and consistently.His love for God was so clear and I've often used his lyrics for meditation on the love of God toward us.

We will miss him. We will pray for his family in this time of sorrow, and look forward to that day of joyful reunion.

Ellen Hinsch
San Diego, CA

Rich touched a world with the love of Christ, and now he lies in the arms of the King. With the biggest smile he ever donned on this earth, he is playing the Dulcimer for the one true Savior. We will always love Rich ... Thank Jesus we were allowed the time we had together.

S. Toribio

I was discipled by Rich's music during college. His words pierced to my heart time and time again, challenging me to a deeper faith and trust in my Savior. I now find myself in full-time Christian ministry and God used Rich to a large extent to get me here. I praise God for Rich's life, his music, and his legacy. I will miss him so much.

Nathan Dunn

Dearest brother Rich,
I never met you. I saw you in concert only once. And yet you have touched my heart so deeply that I feel as though I have lost one of my closest, most precious friends. I can only pray ... "may the angel of His presence keep your heart".

Earlier that Friday morning before Rich & Mitch's accident I too was involved in a fairly serious auto accident. Fortunately I wasn't hurt but I couldn't help but be moved when I heard of Rich's death. I remember waving goodbye to my 2 year old the evening before as I headed off to work, I can only thank the Lord that it wasn't our last goodbye.

I was listening to a popular Christian radio program that morning just shortly before my own auto accident where Pastor Pat Hayden (I hope that's right) was giving a sermon on God's plan for us. "Before we were born," he said "God had a plan for us." "Within our genetic building blocks," Pat preached that God had special talents and gifts he wanted us to use for his purpose. Rich's music is proof of what God can do if we truly follow God's plan for us.

I've listen to Rich's songs on KLTY down here in Dallas/Fort Worth and I was always inspired by his words and music on my long ride between home and work. In his interviews he sounded so down to earth and humble. As a songwriter and artist myself, I've often felt that I've let the trappings of the world send me down misguided directions. Rich's death is a sad but hopeful reminder that, God has a set time for the just and unjust alike and it is up to us to make the most of it for our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My deepest condolences,
Jeff Leuthart

We should be celebrating the life of Rich, such a spiritual icon, and strength for many looking for a way home to Christ. Why is it so difficult to feel like celebrating? Such a gift his life was to all who knew him! After listening to his faith through his music for more than 25 years, and listening to him whenever I needed some "Advil for my soul" I can't imagine that I won't see him perform again here on earth. For all you helped us see and feel, Rich, we are deeply grateful ... you always seemed to be seated in the Lord's palm, how wonderful that you can now enjoy HIS presence forever!

To all Rich's family, friends, and to his band we extend heartfelt sympathies!

Kathleen Jagger

As I sit and read this page, I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and gratitude for God's gift to us through Rich's music. I've been wondering why I have been crying -- I didn't know the man. But his music ministered to me when I came to the Lord a few years ago. For many of us there is a call in his music to go deeper, to pursue the Lord passionately. Rich is an example of a love for the Lord and for others that we all need to prayerfully, passionately pursue.

Thanks for the legacy, Rich. Thank you, Lord, for Rich. He plays for you now.

David Peirce

I saw Rich before World Youth Day in 1993 in Colorado. I purchased a hammer dulcimer soon after. I just saw Rich in concert in Green Bay not even a month ago. It was sincerely the best concert I have ever been to. We showed up 2 hours early to get a good seat. Rich and Mitch came out and played for us early. We were moved at how sincere and loving he really was. I spoke with him about my 3-month experience in Kenya and how I taught my 4th graders Step by Step and gave him a video tape of it. He listened intently, we talked for a little while, he was a genuine article. I, too, hope he will be remembered for more than Awesome God, but for ALL the incredible albums that came after that. Especially Never Picture Perfect, Liturgy, Legacy ... He is the Lennon/McCartney of Christian music. His music will stand the test of time because of the inspiring lyrics and creative music. I pray his tribute to St. Francis will someday be recorded ... when Mitch comes through all this.I have felt an emptiness in my heart, but I know that Rich is Home. Oh the Love of God

... Peace to you
... Nathan Vande Hey

Please express our love and prayers to the family.

I guess in an unexpected way, he really did go out like Elijah. It's a joy to think of where he is now.

The Steele's in Kentucky

Just to let you know that RICH'S song "AWESOME GOD" made me decide that it was time to become a Christian. The words touched me so much. What a great singer we have in him. Now he can sing for GOD all day and night. What a beautiful way to live eternally. Singing for GOD. What a Wonderful person that he was. and will always be

In His Love,

In his life and in his death, Rich has touched me more that anyone I have not known personally. His songs have helped me through painful times, and I trust they will help me now through his death.My three-year old daughter adores his music as well. She used to listen to lullabies at night, but now requests "Rich" every night. I stay and sing a few songs for her, and then she asks me to put the music on "repeat" so it plays all night.Thank you God for giving us Rich and his music; he brought Your message to us and through it he comforted and inspired the souls here on earth. We look forward to hearing his new music when we're finally Home!
Wendy Leighton

Rich's music was of special significance to me, He was one of a few Christian artists I could honestly recommend to others both saved and unsaved! The body of Christ has lost one of it's finest!

It is interesting that with the loss of others, i.e., Princess Diana and Mother Theresa, Rich's death will probably not be viewed in this world's eyes as very significant, however a verse from Hebrews comes to my mind --" Of whom the world was not worthy ... " Hebrews 11:38

Certainly, Rich was one of the above, therefore the world does not hold him any longer, our Father does.

Our thoughts and prayers for peace and comfort are with you all!

The Hansen Family

My husband and I looked forward to a new album from Rich Mullins every year. He has been a very large influence in our Christian walks. We are very saddened by the news of his death. I remember the one time we saw him perform in concert and look forward to the day we all meet in heaven and we are able to hear him play once more.

I first learned about Rich in 1982 when I was a freshman at Cincinnati Bible College. Amy Grant's "Age to Age" had just been released. As a backward freshman, I was in awe one morning to find myself playing Boggle with Rich on a friend's living room floor. I was spending the night and Rich had shown up sometime in the night looking for a place to sleep. I remember going out to eat pizza with him (he forgot to bring money!) and even watching "A Man Called Horse" on television at his house on W. 8th St. in Cincinnati. He was the most Christlike person I ever knew, simple, profound. We've lost a true poet. I remember when I heard Amy Grant's version of Sing "Your Praise to the Lord" on "Age to Age". I was disappointed because they left out the "from the rising of the sun" part. I'm so glad he recorded it the way he wrote it. What a loss for us all! What a gain for Rich!

Marty Andry

I can't even put into words the incredible impact Rich's music had on my life. And the incredible loss I feel at his death. There is always a glorious hope and a certain sorrow when a saint passes: that they are in the presence of Jesus, but that they are no longer with us til the resurrection. My condolences and prayers go out to Rich's family and to Mitch and his family. As his fans, we didn't know him personally, but he shared his music with us and so he shared his faith and himself with us too. Rich will be greatly missed until we cross the Jordan to join him at Home.

Ben Lawrence

My friend is going to be in New York City this weekend and he'll be lighting a candle for Rich in Central Park.

I last saw him at Cornerstone three months ago ... Even then his face seemed to say "tired." Surely he sighs with relief now that his race is done, his fight has been fought. Oh, the crown ...

His music has ushered me through melancholy times and into exultant ones.It will be hard to sing "If I Stand" again without tears.

Patrick Lafferty

I loved him and I never knew him. His music filled my heart spilled forth out of my lips. His heart taught me about Christ; his words constantly challenged and delighted me. I can barely speak ... his songs took me through the happy and the sad; he was the soundtrack to some of the most amazing moments of my life. His songs are a gift from God. We can thank Jesus for lending him to us for a time; we can rejoice that he has finally find rest, finally found the Home for which he no longer need long. He taught me much. I will miss him.

Jesus, please be with Mitch now, heal him, keep him whole. Grant him the healing he needs. May he continue to sing.

Jonathan Powell

I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and for Mitch and his family. Thank you for raising a son like Rich. His music has meant a lot to me in the five years I have been a Christian. I had the enormous pleasure of seeing him in concert twice -- most recently in August for my roommate's birthday. It was the fifth time she had seen him in concert, by the way!

His interaction with the audience was as inspiring as his songs and we have often talked about things he said since his concert. In keeping with who he was, my roommate, who is a youth pastor, pointed our high school kids toward God after announcing Rich's death. She challenged them as Rich would have to think about death and what in their lives could be more important than to spend eternity with Jesus.

I pray that you will know God's peace and mercy in the coming months as you grieve. I hope knowing how many thousands of us loved him will be of comfort to you.

God Bless You.

Kelley Schmidt

I'm very downhearted by the loss of this pilgrim. On this side of heaven it is a HUGE loss but Heaven is all the more richer! No wonder he went by the name Rich! He was rich in compassion, love, sincerity, kindness, all the fruits of the Spirit! I'll never forget upon seeing him in concert and thinking to myself ... "Ahhh ... this is my kinda man!" cuz he wore no shoes! I always looked at that as a outward sign of humility. Didn't know him personally but his songs touched you in a personal way. He went right to the heart of any matter in which God showed him to sing about! I lost a dear friend just about a month ago. I know those two are up there singing their hearts out to the "Awesome God" which both lived to serve.

Mrs. Mullins, God gave him to you for this short period of time and I know you will soon be able to rejoice over that blessing!!!! For you WERE surely blessed!!!!!!

Dad, I ask that You wrap Your strong arms around this mother right now. Comfort her at this time of grief. Whisper to her the truth that she will see this child servant again in GLORY!!!!!! Hold her Jesus, as she shakes like a leaf, be her King of Glory, and her Prince of Peace.

Be with the rest of this family, Lord. Use even this event to further Your Kingdom as Rich would so have wanted it. Touch souls again and again as many gather to show their last respects.