Heaven is Waiting

Matthew 13:44, Genesis 24:42

(capo 2nd fret)
D-  A-  G/B-  A7sus-  A7

D               G/B       A7sus A7 
I don't need no wo-man to kiss  me
    F#/A#        Bm              A          G
And   I   don't need no man to stand by my side
D/F#               F#                   G      G/F#
 I  don't need to slake my thirst with whiskey
 Em                     G               A7sus  A7
Don't need to shuffle cards to pass the time

'Cause the stars are bright and silvery
And with the drag of a lone coyote's whine
My Savior's calling, and I'm listening
 Em                   A7       D   A   D
Time to saddle up my pony and ride

                  G                     D
'Cause heaven is waiting just past the horizon. 
               G    D/F#    Em                A7sus  A7
Just over the mesas      a-cross the great di-vide
              G                             D/F#  
And faith is blaz-ing this trail that I ride on 
                      G   D/F#   Em                  A7sus  A7
Up this mountain I'm pray-in' I have the strength to climb 

I ain't looking for no seven golden cities,
But I know there's a fortune somewhere to find.
There's a peace that I hear whisperin' through the pinions
Em                                 G         A7sus 
And a love that's taller than the pon-derosa pines

G                           D            Dmaj7  
So don't ask for no lengthy ex-planation when there 
Ain't no rea-son quite wild enough 
No words could be as tender
It's greater than the fears that we imagine
More than the warmth that we remember
It's always just be-yond the past
          A7sus  A7
And I must go

               D-  A-  G/B-  A7sus-  A7
Oh, heaven is wait-ing 
               D-  A-  G/B-  A7sus-  A7
Oh, heaven is wait-ing
Heaven is wait-ing 

Words and music by Rich Mullins, Beaker, and Mitch McVicker
© 1996 Kid Brothers of St. Frank