Heaven in His Eyes

  G2         Cmaj7          G2         Cmaj7
[ / / / / ] [  /  / / / ] [ / / / / ] [  /  / / / ]

G                 Am7(4)
  See the Teacher        sitting on a mountain 
Bm7                        C
    See Him walking along the shore 
G(G/D)                       D/E        Em
       Friends and disciples     gath-'ring around Him 
Cmaj7/F                                   C          G/B
        Say, "Never spake a man like this   before." 

Am      G              D
   But why's a man as wise as He 
Am               G         D
   Weeping alone   in Geth-se-mane?
Am                  G       C2(no3)
   Did He know some   would   nev-  er see 
     G   C2(no3)           Dsus
The heav-        en in His eyes?

See the Master walking on the water 
Hear Him speak and calm an angry wave 
Look at Him raising up Jairus's daughter 
And with a word Lazarus comes forth from the grave 

But why is a man as strong as this 
Being betrayed by a good friend's kiss?
Could it be that maybe this man missed 
The heaven in His eyes?

C                       G/B     Am
  I'm not talking about     the pie in the sky 
Dsus  D           Bm                 G/B               C
        That you good girls and boys     get in the by   and by 
G/B      Am                         Am/G
    But rath-er the strength, the strength that we can find 
         F#m7(b5)                 Dsus
If we've   got    the guts to try 

See the Teacher playing with the children 
Hear Him baffle doctors of the law 
Look at the people gathering to go with Him 
Those who see the vision that He saw 

This is why a man as holy as He 
Had to die alone on Calvary 
It was the only way that we could ever see 
The heaven in His eyes 

C2(no3)      G   C2(no3)            G
        The heav-        en in His eyes 
C2(no3)      G   Ebaug           G/D
        The heav-      en in His eyes 
C2(no3)           G/B  C2(no3)           G/D
        Yeah, the heav-        en in His eyes 
D7sus                    G
      The heaven in His eyes 
[ / / / / ] [ / / / / ] [ / / / / ]

Words and music by Rich Mullins
© 1998 Liturgy Legacy Music / Word Music / ASCAP